21 Unique Gender Reveal Gifts for Mom, Dad, and a Baby

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Got an invitation for a gender reveal party but don’t know where to find gender reveal gifts for mom, dad, and a baby? Read on; we have unique gender reveal gift ideas to make new parents happy.

Pregnancy is a time of celebration for new parents. Frist pregnancy announcement to husband, then parents, grandparents, and then, of course, social media.

pregnant woman holding gender reveal gift

Once you know someone in your circle is expecting, you can’t wait to know the gender of the baby. And revealing gender to family and friends is a huge deal among new parents. Also, those parents-to-be are against the traditional gender reveal party and concept, they still find an alternative way to throw a fun party.

From finding a perfect theme, perfect gender reveal quote to go with the theme, and decorations keep new parents busy with party planning.

While attending a gender reveal party is a lot of fun for the guests, finding a perfect gender reveal gift for new parents and a baby is a huge task.

If you got an invitation to a gender reveal party and don’t know what gift to bring, this article is for you. We have included gender reveal gift ideas for mom-to-be and dad-to-be. In addition, we have also included gender reveal gift ideas for a baby if you want to give the gift to a soon-to-be-born baby.  

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Do Guests bring Gifts to a Gender Reveal Party?

The gender reveal party is where parents-to-be announce the gender of their baby in a fun way to their friends and family. And there is no obligation for the guests to bring gifts. It’s a celebration of their pregnancy with their loved ones.

So, if you are invited to a gender reveal party, you are not obligated to bring a gift. In fact, you will get an opportunity to bring gifts for a soon-to-be-born baby in a baby shower function that follows right after the gender reveal.  

However, guest usually brings gift as small gesture to contribute to the gender reveal celebration. If you are planning to bring a gift for a gender reveal party, it is highly recommended that you bring a gift for parents-to-be rather than a baby.

The reason is, guests don’t know the gender of the baby, and parents usually do not shop for baby items until they know the gender of the baby.

Often, parents are forgotten once the baby is here. So, make parents-to-be the center of attention by getting them a gift for gender reveal rather than a baby.

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas for Mom-to-be

Gender reveal party is the time when you can pamper the mom-to-be with a gift that she will actually love and use. Pregnancy comes with many discomforts for a pregnant woman, so when you think about the perfect gender reveal gift for mom, think about making pregnancy easy and comfortable for her.

Here is a list of gender reveal gifts for mom-to-be that she actually needs but doesn’t know she needs until you give it to her.

1. Maternity Gown

Your pregnant friends can absolutely use a good, stylish maternity robe now and once the baby is here. What is amazing about this gift is that it comes with a matching swaddle blanket for a newborn. So, once the baby is born, pregnant women can match it with their newborn at the hospital after birth.

The matching gown and swaddling blanket set will make their hospital photography or their first picture at the hospital very special. I gave this set as gender reveal gift to my pregnant friends, and it was well-loved during pregnancy, beyond. And their first picture after birth in this set made it to the baby book.

2. Pregnancy pillow

Sleepless nights are common for pregnant women once they are in their second and third trimester of pregnancy. The growing fetus makes it difficult for an expectant mom to sleep comfortably without tossing and turning. So, the best gender reveals gift that your pregnant friend will actually use is the organic pregnancy pillow.

Non-toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillow
Photo Credit- The Woolland

The Woodland U-shaped pregnancy pillow is filled with 100% natural Oeko-tex certified wool. That means the pillow is free from toxic chemicals, bleach, and dye. The great feature of this pregnancy pillow is that it is mouldable and can be wrapped completely around the curvature of a pregnant woman keeping their neck, shoulder, spine, and pelvis aligned. It will help them minimize neck, back, and hip pain.

3. Spa Gift Box

Who wouldn’t love a spa at home gift box? After a long day of work, your pregnant friend will love the relaxing, soothing aromatherapy experience that comes with this spa gift box.

mom to be spa gift box
Photo credit – MoGiftBox

The spa gift box contains essential oil soap, bath salt, shower steamer, organic lip balm, and organic rose tea. Even better, you have 8 options to choose from when getting a spa gift box for your pregnant friend.

The all the items in the gift box are handmade with naturally inspired skincare ingredients. Here is another such gift box that you may like.

If your friend is candle lover, then give her a gift of these pregnancy-safe, non-toxic and natural candles. These candles are luxury candles and made of pregnancy safe ingredients.

4. Infinity Bracelet

Infinity silver bracelet with A letter stamped charm
Photo credit – Sharkifyy

Encourage your pregnant friend on how good she will be as a mother with this special Infinity bracelet. This modern 14K or 18K white or yellow (you get to choose!) gold bracelet comes with an add-on personalized circle charm. In addition, you can get a stamped letter or number charm for the bracelet.

The adjustable satellite chain will fit most wrist sizes. Make your expectant friend feel special with this adorable Infinity Bracelet on a gender reveal occasion.

Check out the other design of the bracelet here.

5. Pamper Hamper for Mom-to-be

Pamper your mom-to-be friend with this cute eat and treat gift box. The gift box comes with a refreshing face mask, collagen eye masks, bath salt and delicious biscuits (4 kinds), pregnancy tea bags, hot chocolate for an evening of pampering and self-care.

mom to be gift box with biscuits and skin care
Photo credit – Dluxgiftbox

The Pamper Hamper also comes with a ‘You deserved to be Pampered’ print card and handwritten personalized message card.

6. Ultrasound Picture Frame

If you are looking for a unique gift for your pregnant friend on a gender reveal, give her this cute, wooden ultrasound photo frame that she can keep as a keepsake.

This semi-handcrafted ultrasound photo frame is shaped like a pregnant woman with has a space for ultrasound picture right where it belongs in the wooden frame. It will make a super cute keepsake that your pregnant friend will treasure for years to come.

7. The All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal 

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

A pregnancy planner/journal can be a cute gift for a pregnant friend if she doesn’t have one yet. This printable pregnancy journal/planner has space for pregnancy milestone photographs, trimester-to-do lists, blank pages for journaling, weight tracker, space to write a birth story, newborn pictures, breastfeeding, and diaper logs. The great thing about this pregnancy journal is that it is a digital copy, so your expectant friend can print what she needs. Find out more about it here.

Gender Reveal Gift Idea for Dads-to-be

Dads are often a forgotten part when it comes to pregnancy celebrations. All the attention is on the mother, but actually, dads are the one who is caring for the pregnant woman and all the running around the house. So, dads-to-be needs special attention on gender reveal party too!

Here is the gender reveal gift ideas for dads-to-be to make them feel special and important in this pregnancy journey.

8.Sonogram Keychain

Dads-to-be will be thrilled to carry the baby’s sonogram picture with him everywhere he goes with his keychain. The keychain is double-sided: one side for sonogram picture and wording on another side.

keychain with ultrasound image and message for the dad
Photo credit –MagnoliaTreeandCo

The great part is that you can personalize your wording. For example, use something like “You will be a great Dad” to make it a gender reveal friendly gift.

Note- This gift does require an ultrasound picture for the keychain, so you need to get a picture ahead of time.

9.Dad and Baby Onesie

black superdad written t-shirt and white sidekick onesie
Photo credit –WithOurWorld

The dad t-shirt and baby onesie duo gift will be well-loved by a dad-to-be in your life. And, of course, the dad-to-be will proudly wear his Superdad t-shirt once his Sidekick is here!

10.Dad you got this Bodysuit

white onesie with labeled arm with arrow and dad you got this written in middle
Photo credit –CottonConfettiShop

Often dads-to-be needs written instruction on how to dress a baby. So, why not start training him now with this adorable bodysuit. I am sure this bodysuit will be a conversation starter at the gender reveal party.

11.Dad Milestone Gift for a dad-to-be

dad to be 6 beer bottle label
Photo credit –TheRitzyRose

Dad milestone 6 pack beer label is what you need to give him some preview of fatherhood at a gender reveal party. This 6-pack of beer label gift for a dad-to-be hit for a gender reveal party or baby shower party.

These labels are easy-peel, top-coated, and easy to stick to a beer bottle. In addition, they are resistant to water, tear, abrasion and solvents.

12.Dad’s Diaper Duty Apron

 Daddy’s diaper duty apron is a fun gift for a dad-to-be, and it will surely get some good laughs at the party. Dad’s inborn aversion to changing a poopy diaper is well known.

So, with this apron, he will be ready with a face mask, glove, distraction toys, and two hilariously placed bottle nipples.

Gender Reveal Gift for Parents-to-be

If you don’t want to individually give gifts to mom-to-be or dad-to-be, there are equally good options for gender reveal gifts for parents-to-be.

13.Gift Box for Parents-to-be

gift box with mommy,dadddy written white mug and white once with baby miller written on it
Photo credit –HeartstringsStudioCO

This gift box can make a perfect gift for parents-to-be at a gender reveal party. The gift box comes with 2 white ceramics, mommy and daddy mugs, a personalized white baby onesie, and a congratulations card.

Here is another gift box option to consider large coffee mugs to keep parents fueled through their days once the baby is here.

14.Instant Pot

New parents do not have time to cook meals once the baby is here. So, why not give them something that will save them time for cooking? Instant Pot will make their life super easy once the baby is here.

15.Printable Baby Book

My Baby Book - Baby memory book

The first year of a baby’s life goes by super quickly. But, before you know it, you will be invited to their first birthday. So, give expectant parents a gift of a baby book to jot down the important milestones of their baby’s first year. This printable baby book has space for monthly milestones, newborn photographs, birthday milestone pages for years 1-5, and more. Find out about it here.

16.Keychain set for Parents-to-be

This two-piece keychain set is the perfect gift for expectant parents if you are on a budget. The stainless-steel keychain comes with ‘mama bear’ and ‘papa bear’ engraved into the keychain with a little bear illustration.

 17.Munchkin Brica Out-N-About Collapsible Trunk Organizer & Diaper Changing Station

If you want to give something practical that parents will use to make their life easy when the baby is here, you will like this Out-N-About truck organizer and diaper changing station.

The organizer comes with multiple pockets to organize baby’s things whether they use them at home or in the car. This collapsible design includes a diaper changing pad, wipes case, and disposable diaper bags.

Gender Reveal gift for a Baby

If you want to give the gift to a baby on gender reveal, you have endless options to choose from. But the only thing is you have to get a gender-neutral gift for the baby! No, worries. There is plenty of cute gender reveal gift for babies.

18.Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Baby monthly milestone blanket is something that parents can use to keep their baby warm and for the newborn’s monthly photography. The blanket is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. The blanket measure 47×47 inches, so it can be used for swaddling a baby too!. This unisex milestone blanket is super soft and perfect for tummy time.

19.Gift Box for a baby

brown bonnet, bootie, rattle gift box
Photo Credit- ForestTalesDesign

This super cure newborn booties, hat, and rattle gift box are perfect for a gender reveal party. The botties are crocheted with 100% merino yarn, and the hat is made of merino wool.

The items in this gift box are absolutely handmade. The botties and hat size are perfect for a newborn so that parents can dress the baby in this cute hat and botties on the way home from the hospital in winter.

20.Night light with White Noise

 Night Light Projectors

Baby sleep well when they have comfortable sounds like they are used to in the womb. White noise machine provides similar sound effects at the womb for babies to sleep. Not all cute night light projectors with white noise are great for babies.

In fact, projecting light with any other color than red interferes with night sleep for the baby. Here is one with white noise that will help the baby sleep and give some light to the room to help mama change the diaper and feed the baby without waking them up.

21.When the World was Waiting for you – Baby Book

No expectant parent should be without this baby book in their nursery library. When the World was Waiting for you is such a great book to read to a baby when they are in the womb and after they are born. This book talks about what it was like before they were born. So, parents can read this book to their unborn babies and talk about the excitement and anticipation of their arrival.


Usually, you do not have to bring the gift to the gender reveal party. But, bringing a gift to a gender reveal party means that you are contributing to the celebration involving a pregnant mother and a baby. So, I hope you find these gender reveal gift ideas for mom, dad, and a baby meaningful.

And if you have any other great ideas for a gender reveal gift for mom, dad, and a baby that they will actually love, please leave your comment below

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