25 ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents who are already Grandparents

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Can’t wait to share your big news with your parents again? Here are 25 fun and sneaky ways to announce pregnancy to parents who are already grandparents.

Once you surprise your husband with pregnancy news, you will want to share the news with your parents and family. 

25 ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents who are already Grandparents

Whether you’re pregnant with baby number 2, 3, or 4, pregnancy announcement to parents is always emotional. So, take your time and plan an epic pregnancy announcement to parents who are already grandparents.

Gone are the days when you had to phone call or write a letter to announce pregnancy to parents again. Instead, ETSY has made it easy for moms-to-be to come up with creative ideas, from pregnancy reveal mugs to the personalized gift box to fake lottery cards to personalized wine labels.

So, for parents who are about to get promoted to best grandparents again, here are 25 sneaky ways to announce pregnancy to parents who are already grandparents.

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When to Announce baby #2 to the Parents?

Depending on how close you are to your parents, you can either tell them right away or wait for 12 weeks until the risk of miscarriage reduces. So, it all depends on you when you want to tell your parent that you’re pregnant again.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that your husband is the first person to know about your pregnancy, then your parents, and then the rest of the family and friends.  

25 ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents who are already Grandparents

There are some of the best ideas to announce baby # 2 to grandparents.

Pregnancy Announcement Digital Print

This digital print stating “The Only Thing Better than One Grandchild is Two” is a great way to surprise your parents with a second pregnancy announcement. I surprised my parents with this digital print. You can get this digital print customized with your own picture, baby name, due month/year. Check out the details here.

Custom Printable Pregnancy Announcement Wine Label

Custom Wine label is a fun and low-key way to announce pregnancy to second-time grandparents. Invite your parents over dinner and bring out your parent’s favorite bottle of wine with a custom label. Wait till they read the label.

You can also bring them a bottle of wine with a custom label casually and surprise them.

You can edit these custom wine labels with the Baby’s Last name and due month to give it a personalized touch for your pregnancy announcement to parents. The labels are easy to edit at home and very affordable. Choose your design and click on the link above to find out more.

Now, look at the other ideas to surprise your parents.

1. Grandparents Pregnancy announcement Mug

pregnancy announcement mug to announce pregnancy to parents who are already grandparents
Photo credit- HeartstringsStudioCO

The grandparents’ pregnancy announcement mug is a cute way to announce your pregnancy to Grandparents again. It’s a great way to let them know you’re expecting a baby 2 to the family.   

This personalized mug set says, “promoted to grandma and grandpa.” Customize the text with the word “again,” and your pregnancy announcement to a parent who is already grandparents is ready.

Make it fun for your parents by pouring a hot coffee into this mug and wait for the reaction when they find out. 

2. Sneak Pregnancy Announcement in a Mug

pregnancy announcement mug to announce pregnancy to parents who are already grandparents
Photo credit- GiftmugsStore

If you don’t want your announcement to be so visible on the mug, sneak your pregnancy reveal the message inside a mug. Parents won’t know when they are sipping until they are done with their last sip of coffee.

3. Color Changing mug

pregnancy announcement mug to announce pregnancy to parents who are already grandparents
Photo credit – HandmadeHarrisburg

The temperature-sensitive mug will be the sneakiest way to announce pregnancy to your parents, who are already grandparents. Leave your mug in front of parents and when you are ready to reveal your big news, pour hot coffee into it.

4. Pregnancy Announcement personalized wine bottle

pregnancy announcement vine bottle
Photo credit –TheWaxandWoodCo

Upgrade your coffee delivery to wine because wine is better than coffee when parents are becoming grandparents again. So bring them a bottle of wine with this personalized label to go on a wine bottle.

5. Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Card

Pregnancy announcement scratch card
Photo credit – KNcustomprints

Scratch cards are great for pregnancy announcements if your parents live far away. They might look like a normal greeting card, but the best news appears when you scratch the card.  Customize the card with “A promotion to Grandparents again.”

6. Pregnancy Announcement Gift Box

pregnancy announcement gift box with card and cookie
Photo credit- Parcelly

Reveal your pregnancy to your parents again with this epic care package. This specifically curated gift box comes with a treat, card, a customizable ceramic mug, and a “#1 Grandparents Award” tote bag that your parents can proudly use outdoor.

7. Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

puzzle saying 'you are going to be a grandparents again
Photo credit- FJ4LifeCreations

If your parents like to solve puzzles, this puzzle will bring tears to their eyes as they slowly put it together. Invite them over for dinner and then let them solve the puzzle.

8. Pregnancy announcement during dinner

There are plenty of things you can do to reveal your pregnancy to parents again during dinner. For example, you can get a customized ceramic platter and fill it up with food. Once the food is over in the platter, they will read the fine print, revealing that they are grandparents again. You can also bring out the wine with a custom label during dinner and wait until they notice the label in the wine bottle.

Or let them find out while eating a dessert with this customizable spoon.

9. Bake them Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

green cookie in shape of onesie, heart, and baby written on it
Photo credit – DaniellasDesserts

Who doesn’t like cookies, especially when shaped as baby onesies, rattles, diapers, cribs, strollers, and other baby items? They look and taste delicious and serves their purpose.

If you are a baker yourself, whip one batch of cookies in the shape of baby items using this cookie cutter and surprise them with the news.

10. Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie with fortune teller  white paper
Photo credit- JazzyAppleGal

Let the fortune cookie reveal the news to them. But, of course, they won’t be expecting such exciting news from a fortune cookie.

11. Baby Onesie

baby one with promoted to grandma message
Photo credit- Capstoneplace

You’re going to be Grandparents Again” onesie will undoubtedly grab your parent’s attention. 

12. Onesie Pregnancy Announcement Box

pregnancy announcement box with onesie saying grandma and grandpa
Photo credit- StylishLittles

This cute onesie box is a cute way to announce pregnancy to parents who live far away. You can mail this directly to your parents and let them open the box in front of the video call.

13. Send them Box of diaper

If your parents live far away, you can get a diaper box delivered to their house with a note saying, “you will need them when you visit with baby#2”.

14. Frame your Ultrasound photo

Ultrasound photo frame for announcing pregnancy to parents
Photo credit- EightSeasonsDesigne

This grandparent-themed frame with the baby’s ultrasound photo will get the message across, and grandparents can keep it as a keepsake. You can also customize the text on the frame with the word “Again” to announce baby # 2.

15. Grandparents T-shirts

man and women wearing  promoted to grandma and grandpa tshirts
Photo credit- StaycaySupplyCo

Grandparents will proudly wear their Grandparents-to-be t-shirt everywhere they go to share their joy of being grandparents again. 

16. Personalized Grandparents Socks

white and black socks with promoted to grandma grandpa message
Photo credit- IfTheSockFitz

These comfy and cozy socks are great for announcing baby # 2 to your parents! It will keep them warm, and the message on the socks will keep their heart warm.

17. Personalized Grandma Necklace

grandma necklace for pregnancy announcement
Photo credit- FamilyWeddingJewelry

Grandma will adore this special necklace or bracelet as a pregnancy announcement gift. It will be perfect for a sentimental pregnancy announcement to parents.

18. Christmas Tree Ornaments

promoted to grandparents Christmas ornaments
Photo credit- TasselledTwine

Your parents will be thrilled to receive this pregnancy announcement Christmas tree ornaments that they can treasure for years to come.

19. Grandma Journal

A grandparent memory journal can make a wonderful pregnancy announcement gift to your parents. Grandparents will enjoy recording stories of your baby once he is here.

20. Crack the Egg

hands holding box with pregnancy announcement egg
Photo credit-GoodNewsCompany

Whether you want to announce pregnancy to your husband or parents, crackable eggs are a sneaky way to hide your message and fun for them to crack and reveal the message.

21. Baby Hat Box

box with baby hats for note a white note
Photo credit-0BabyOnboard0

A baby hat box will make an excellent pregnancy announcement for your parents, and the baby can wear it when she visits grandparents.

22. Play a game of Scrabble

Invite your parents for dinner, and after that, you can play a game of scrabble. Play a few rounds and when your turn comes, spell “You’re going to be a grandparent again.”

23. Play a game of Charades

Show off your acting skills to your parents by giving them a clue about your pregnancy. Check out the video, how parents reveal their pregnancy to their parents.

24. Let your other Kids Announce Pregnancy to your Parents

Dress your kids in a cute “Big brother or Big sister” outfit and bring them to grandparents’ house. Then, wait for your parent’s reaction when they figure it out.

25. Golf ball pregnancy announcement

box with red filling and golt ball saying promoted to grandpa
Photo credit-CRMdesignsShop

If your parents are into golf, invite them for golf and sneak in “promoted to Grandpa” golf ball, among other balls. And let the fun begin.

Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents who are already Grandparents: Final thoughts

Pregnancy announcement to parents is always fun, and their reaction to the news is priceless. So now that you have ideas on how to announce pregnancy to parents who are already grandparents, check out ideas on how to announce pregnancy to your family.

Also, check out ideas on announcing pregnancy on social media. Next, surprise your husband with a gender reveal and gender reveal gift ideas.

Let us know in a comment below how you are planning to announce pregnancy to your parents.

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