27 Unique Christmas Gifts for Pregnant Women Under $50

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Looking for a gift idea for a pregnant woman in your life without breaking your bank? Check out this post for the best Christmas gifts for pregnant women under $50.

The first-time mothers are on a shopping spree from a bassinet to a nursing chair to the endless supply of diapers to welcome the baby. In addition to that, expectant moms get lots of new baby must-haves from friends and family, not only at her baby shower but during holidays too.

While she appreciates all the baby gifts she is getting, the person who is ignored during this excitement of welcoming a baby is – mom.

Her body is going through a lot from impending nausea to body aches and pain during pregnancy and even after the birth of the baby, she will be busy trying to soothe her baby day and night. So, she deserves some pampering while she is still pregnant and what is better than the Christmas holidays to get her a special gift that is for her and not for the baby.  

You will have plenty of time to pamper the baby when he/she is here, but now it’s time to spoil the mom-to-be with a couple of these best Christmas gifts for pregnant women under $50.

The gift ideas included in this post include some sentimental, fun, and practical stuff that she is going to appreciate.

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27 Best Christmas gifts for pregnant women under $50

1. Labor and Delivery Preparation Course

Going through labor is a scary process. Although they don’t talk about it, most first-time mothers have an internal fear of giving birth to a baby. The best way to relieve her fear of birth is by giving her a gift of an online childbirth preparation class like Birth It Up. This online class is designed by a labor and delivery nurse. She is amazing in relieving the fear of birth from the first-time expectant mother.

Often time an expectant mother does not invest in their labor and birth education because of a hefty price tag. You can help your beloved pregnant friend by giving this gift of education and she will appreciate you more than ever. Check the detail Here.

2. The All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal 

Help your pregnant friend document every single detail of her pregnancy to the day baby finally comes home in THIS printable cute pregnancy journal. This 78-page pregnancy planner/journal has space for photographs, baby shower invitations, a page for brainstorming a baby name, a monthly to-do list, and trimester checklists, and much more.

This planner/journal is truly unique and serves as a planner, journal, medical logbook, weight tracker, and one-stop station to record your weekly pregnancy milestone.

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

This 78-page planner/journal has to-do lists for each trimester, a baby shower planner, a birth plan, a space to write your birth story, plenty of space to put your belly pictures and sonogram images, breastfeeding, and diaper changelogs, and much more.

Learn More Here

3. Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Gift Box

First trimester Bump box is a perfect gift for a mom-to-be. This gift box is designed to help alleviate some of the challenges associated with the first trimester of pregnancy. The box includes a very cute water bottle with straw, a nausea band to help with morning sickness, Stickers for bump photos, and nine energizing bath bombs. Check the price here.

4. Pink Stork Morning Sickness Bundle

Pink stork Morning Sickness Bundle is another thoughtful gift for a mom to be that will help her combat nausea, morning sickness, dehydration, indigestion, and other discomforts. The bundle contains hard candy in two different flavor combinations and ginger-peach morning sickness tea, probiotics, and vitamin B6 to battle the most common and very uncomfortable challenge of the first trimester. She will internally thank you as she reaches to her gifted morning sickness tea or hard candy. Check the price here.

Also, you can pair this with on-the-go nausea relief spray like this one so she can have one in her purse for those awkward moments while commuting to work.

5. Comfy Pajamas

The second trimester is the time where pregnant women are feeling a little better. It is still tiring for her as her body is going through so much. It is the best time for her to sleep as much as she can. So why not get her a few pairs of comfy pajamas as her old pajamas won’t fit her anymore. I like this nightdress that will keep her cool while she sleeps and it has hidden breastfeeding access!!

Or you can get this 3 in 1 Labor/delivery/nursing gown that she can use now and pack it in her hospital bag in the third trimester.

6. Maternity leggings

 Pregnant women always want something comfy to wear and what is better than maternity leggings as a gift. It goes with every outfit and as she is growing day by day, this legging can make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

7. Bumps First Christmas Maternity T-Shirt

This humorous t-shirt will surely be a hit as a Christmas gift. This shirt is cotton, lightweight, and stretchy, so she will have no problem fitting into it.

8. Belly Cast Kit

Let her pregnancy be memorable for the rest of her life with THIS belly case kit. This kit comes with the needed casting material, cloth for easy cleanup, and natural lubricant.

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9. Pregnancy Necklace

This beautiful sentimental necklace contains 2 interlocking rings and a sparkly gem reminding her about the precious little one growing inside. This simple necklace can also be worn every day.

The chain and interlocking circles are made of sterling silver and it 18’’ long.

10. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massage

This high-tech back and neck massager is great for easing your pregnant friends’ aching upper and lower back muscles. This heated massager fits perfectly behind the neck and other body contours including calf and thigh areas. She will appreciate you for your thoughtful gift every time she will use it.

11. Maternity Band

The belly band makes a great gift for pregnant women. It accommodates abdominal growth throughout pregnancy. It is made from breathable multi-layered fabric and comes with reinforced hooks. This product is designed or walking or standing support and is available in different sizes.

12. Pregnancy Pillow

You can’t go wrong gifting a pregnancy pillow to a pregnant woman. It is great for a good night’s sleep and she must be looking to buy it for herself. So, before she goes and buys it for herself, buy her THIS pregnancy pillow.

This C-shaped pregnancy pillow has adjustable polyfill material that adapts to the belly and back during sleeping, reading, nursing, or watching TV and comes with a 100% jersey cotton cover.

13. Earth Mama Gift set

Earth Mama products are favorite among expecting mothers. These organic and natural herbal products are specifically made for pregnant women.

 This gift set comes with Morning wellness Castile body wash, Ginger fresh deodorant, belly oil, belly butter, and orange ginger lip balm.

14. Organic Body Oil

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are profound. While it is inevitable for the growth of the fetus, it causes significant changes to the skin, hair, and nails of mom-to-be.

This organic, vegan, non-GMO body oil contains a perfect blend of extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond, grapeseed, Vitamin E, and Lavender essential oil to moisturize and nourish the body from head to toe.

15. Organic Spa Gift Basket

This all-natural, organic spa gift basket makes a perfect gift for an expecting mom. Pamper your pregnant friend with this ultimate at-home spa gift basket to help her nourish and rejuvenate her sensitive skin and her soon-to-be-born baby.

This spa gift basket contains a deep moisturizing and reparative body oil that she can use to prevent stretch marks, buttercream moisturizers to help nourish skin, a rejuvenating foot balm to help her hard-working feet, and two soap bars will help keep her skin fresh and soft.  If you are a DIY type and like to make something by yourself and give it as a personalized gift, then check out this post on how to make body scrub from scratch.

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16. Cold Therapy Socks

Cold therapy socks are great for immediate relief from swelling and inflammation of feet.  And it makes a perfect gift for an expecting mother because her feet are working hard carrying extra weight around her belly.

This cold therapy sock comes with two pairs of reusable different size gel pack inserts. Before using it, freeze the gel pack in the freezer overnight, and upon wearing it will help relieve sore feet, tired feet, aching feet within seconds.

17. Compression Socks

Another solution to help pregnant women feel comfortable is compression socks. The compression socks help eliminate swollen ankles and feet by improving blood circulation in the feet.

These medical-grade compression socks feel snug and provide required compression at the ankle, middle of the feet, and bottom of the feet to relieve major swelling and aid pain.

18. ReTone Stretch Mark Removal Kit

Getting rid of stretch marks is the biggest challenge of pregnancy. So help your pregnant friend overcome this challenge with this amazing stretch mark removal kit.

This kit contains a body scrubber, ReTone exfoliating cleanser, and stretch mark cream. The ReTone method takes a 2-step process to tackle scars and stretch marks at a major part of the body. The exfoliating cleanser needs to be applied at the shower with a body scrubber followed by stretch mark cream on dry skin.

19. Aromatherapy Candles Gift Set

Her body is working so hard to grow her little one, so help her relax with this cute aromatherapy candle gift set. This gift set contains four scented candles- spring, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean fig. The candles are made of 7% essential oil and 93% soy wax and provide more than 30 hours of burning time.

These vintage-designed scented candle jars come are packaged in a beautiful colorful box to keep up with the spirit of the holiday season.

20. Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Regular nail polish has many harsh chemicals so she may not be using it to paint her nail. Give her this set of non-toxic nail polish so she can paint hair nail guilt-free.

21. Pregnancy Water Tracker

There are so many things that pregnant women need to keep track of, don’t let water consumption be one of them with this water-tracking bottle.

This BPA-free bottle of water comes with inspirational quotes and time markers to keep you encouraged about drinking enough water for the day.

22. Memory Foam Slipper

There is nothing more comfortable than having a good pair of clog-type slippers. These memory foam slippers are perfect for all-day wear and have anti-slip grips to prevent sliding or slipping. This cozy and comfy clog is a perfect gift for a pregnant woman.

23. Mom-to-be Mug

This is the coolest and most unusual gift for mom-to-be in your life. Your friend will laugh out loud when she opens her mom-to-be mug, which is kind of her replica and comes with a heartfelt mother tribute coaster.

This high-quality 14 oz ceramic maternity mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and comes in a colorful design box.

24. Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

This resin sculpture honors the beauty of a new beginning and is great for permanent display at home. This sculpture is 8.5 inches tall and is hand-painted. The original mold was hand carved by artist Susan Lordi.

25. Womb Music Deluxe Pregnancy Headphones

These headphones let pregnant moms connect with their unborn babies via music. This state of art Womb music speaker system gently sticks to the baby bump to allow mom-to-be to connect to her baby with music and sounds.

The deluxe set comes with a premium Bluetooth controller, one premium large speaker with adjustable volume control, and reusable silicone gel pads to securely keep belly speakers in place.

26. Preggatinis: Mixology For The Mom-To-Be

While alcohol is off-limit during pregnancy, give your friend a choice of just as good a mocktail.

This book has 75 original Preggatini recipes highlighting fresh juices, herbs, and garnishes as well as contains an idea for a modern baby shower.

27. Traditional Medicinal Organic Pregnancy Herbal Tea

For pregnant women who are trying to cut out caffeine, this organic herbal tea will surely help. This plant-based tea contains different herbal blends to support the expecting mother at a different stage of pregnancy. Check the price here


Here you go! Our 27gift idea for Christmas for pregnant women under $50 ranges from fun to sentimental. Your pregnant friend will appreciate you for your thoughtful gift this holiday season.  

Do let us know what your favorite Christmas gift was in the comment section below.

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