21 Unique Places to Host a Baby Shower: Free to Low-cost Venue

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Are you looking for places to host a baby shower? Make it fun and memorable for your pregnant friend. Here is a list of affordable and fancy venues that are perfect for hosting a baby shower plus a free baby shower planning checklist. We’ve done the research for you!

Pregnancy is a very special time for a couple. The mother-to-be should be made to feel special at this time. One of the ways you can make a pregnant friend special is by organizing a baby shower.

Planning a baby shower can be quite a chore. You need to choose a theme, baby shower cake and wording to go on a cake, a food menu, a gift list, a guest list, and most importantly, a venue.  

Before you start planning a baby shower for your pregnant friend, you need to decide on a venue to host a baby shower.

Whether you are looking for a free or low-cost venue to host a baby shower or looking to throw a luxury baby shower on a budget, we have done all the research for you.

But before we list the places to host a baby shower, let’s look at things to consider when selecting a venue for hosting a baby shower. And scroll to the bottom of this article to get a Free Baby shower planning checklist.

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What is the Reason for a Baby Shower?

A Baby shower is a party to honor a pregnant woman and celebrate the happiness that a new member is going to bring to the family. It is basically a time for pregnant women to be pampered and treated like royalty.

And also a way to raise the fund for a new family to get everything they need for their soon-to-be-born baby.

The baby shower may be a new term from the last couple of decades, but the tradition of celebrating mother, baby, and giving gifts prevail from Ancient Greeks and Egyptians’ culture.

It was the Victorian era when ‘Baby Shower’ became more popular. The party provided the opportunity for family and friends to raise funds to help parents financially.

How to choose a Venue for Hosting a Baby Shower?

If you are looking for a perfect location for hosting a baby shower, you need to keep certain things in mind to ensure that venue you choose meets your need.

Size and feel of the Venue

When you are selecting a venue, do not select a venue solely based on the size of the room. In addition to the size of the room (based on the number of guests you are inviting), look for the feel of the room. I usually like a venue with bright lights and plenty of windows.

If you choose an outdoor venue, you don’t need to worry about the brightness and space.

Location of the Venue

Also, the geographic location of the venue is also important. You need to choose a venue that will be easy to find for your guest.

You also want to make sure that there are plenty of parking spots available for your guests. Also, look for wheelchair accessibility in case you are inviting guest with that needs it.

It is always a good idea to tour the venue before you book the venue for hosting a baby shower.

Services offered at the Venue

If you are going for a popular venue, you want to know their services before you sign the contract.

You need to know whether they allow you to bring outside food and drinks if they provide a catering service because usually, they won’t.

You also need to know about the decorations and clean-up rules.

Cost of the Venue

Cost is the most important factor to consider when booking the venue. The price of each venue varies based on the size of the room and the services they provide. They also have different pricing for the days of the week, the weekend being the most expensive.

Also, ask about any additional cost if the party went over the scheduled time or if you need to cancel the party.


So, when to book a venue for a baby shower?

It depends on the type of venue you choose. If you think of hosting a baby shower in a popular venue, you might need to start planning well in advance. Usually, popular venues get booked 4-6 months in advance.

If you decide to for a low-cost or free venue, you may not need to book in well in advance. For example, a baby shower in a park or farm can be pulled off instantly.

How to Find a Venue for Hosting a Baby shower?

If you are looking to host a baby shower in a big venue nearby, you can google “baby shower venue near me,” and you will get plenty of local venue options based on location proximity.

Or you can host a baby shower in a local park or farm you have visited before. We have plenty of low-cost, free venue ideas for hosting a baby shower below.

21 Best Places to Host a Baby Shower

There are plenty of places for you to host a baby shower based on your budget and needs. So whether you want an intimate baby shower or a fancy baby shower party, we have got you covered.

Free Venues to Host a Baby shower

1. Home

room decorated with pink baby onesies and pink treats for a home baby shower_places _to_host_a_baby_shower
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

It doesn’t get easier than this in terms of budget and planning.

Planning a baby shower at home is the most cost-effective way to throw a baby shower to your best friend or your loved one.

You can host a baby shower at your house, a family member’s house, or a common friend’s house. As a host, all you have to do is arrange food, some decorations, plan games, and you are done.

You can get affordable baby shower decorations and digital baby shower games from Amazon or Etsy quickly. They have a huge collection at a fraction of the cost.

Also, serving food on paper plates and disposable cutlery will make clean-up easier at the end of the party.

The only thing with a home baby shower is that you need a house to yourself for the party. That means you need to plan something for your partner and kids (if you have any) for a couple of hours.

When I hosted a baby shower for a friend at our house, I sent my husband and my five years old to watch a movie for the afternoon.

2. Backyard Baby Shower

If you are living in a house and have a backyard, you can host a baby shower or a diaper party in your backyard rather than your house. It will save you from cleaning up after your in-house baby shower party.

It is again very cost-effective and doesn’t involve too much planning. With a couple of cute balloon decorations or a baby-themed backdrop, a few rented chairs, and a table (if you don’t have backyard furniture), you can pull off a great baby shower for your pregnant friend.

However, have a backup plan ready if the weather changes for the desired day of a baby shower.

3. Drive through Baby shower

thank you sign for drive-through baby shower
Photo credit-ETSY-PixelPerfectionParty

Drive-through baby showers were trendy during the pandemic. Drive through the baby shower is hosted in the front yard or driveway of your house.

For a drive-through baby shower, you will need to decorate your driveway with a baby-themed backdrop and balloons. In addition, you need to arrange packed food or finger food that visitors come, grab and go.

In the drive-through baby shower, the guest comes and spends a couple of minutes wishing mom-to-be. Then they get their packaged food, return gifts, and leaves.

Drive-through baby showers do not allow time to play baby shower games, but it is a great way to meet friends and family if you have a small space and no backyard.

4. Virtual Baby Shower

The virtual baby shower is another option if your family leaves far away and can not travel due to travel restrictions amid the pandemic.

Hosting a virtual baby shower is pretty simple. All you need is a room decorated with a baby-themed backdrop or balloons and a defined time and date for google meet or zoom call.

You can also plan games with your guests in your virtual baby shower. You can also set up your online baby registry, so guests can buy gifts and send them to you well in advance. Finally, make virtual baby shower fun by opening gifts in front of the camera.

To make it more exciting for your guests, you can also plan ahead and have the meal delivered on the day of the virtual baby shower. Then, you and your guest can enjoy the same meal in front of the camera.

While a virtual shower may not sound as much fun as an in-person baby shower, it is still a way to host a baby shower in these unprecedented times.

5. Beach

Beach is another venue to host a baby shower for almost free. You just need to arrange a table, chairs, some decorations, and you are done!!

Ask your guest to bring foods and beverages to enjoy while you are celebrating the mom-to-be.

A hot summer day would be perfect for getting soaked in ocean water, and a late afternoon party would still be great to enjoy the sunset with your loved ones.

6. Picnic

A picnic is a great way to spend your day in nature. So why not turn it into your baby shower venue with your friends and family?

It doesn’t involve much planning at all.  Choose a local park and invite friends and family. You can set up a picnic table (foldable picnic table) under the tree.

Decorate the table with baby-themed decorations and balloons. Get some props for guests to take pictures.

You can also ask the guest to bring food items and drinks that they can enjoy during the picnic.  

7. Park

people enjoying gettogether in a park
Photo by Mason Dahl on Unsplash

Park can be another free or low-cost venue to host a baby shower. It can be completely free if you are hosting a baby shower at the local community park.

But if you are looking into a provincial park, it may cost you little to book the spot for the private party. Some provincial parks charge a few bucks per person, and others charge a certain amount per park entry.

The great thing about the park is that they already have wooden benches that you can decorate with balloons. You can ask your guest to bring folding chairs for them to sit in, in addition to benches available at the park.

But before you pick the day for your park baby shower, check the forecast. And even when it shows a clear forecast, have a backup plan. Because it always almost rains when you have planned something big outdoor.

Low-Cost Venus for Baby Shower

8. Farm

Who doesn’t like the natural rustic place to hang out for a couple of hours?

Everyone does!

Farms make an excellent venue for hosting a baby shower. With lots of greenery and farm animals, you can pull off a woodland theme baby shower for your special friend.

The guests with kids will appreciate the venue if the farm offers an animal petting service for kids.  

Look for a local farm and call them to book the place for a baby shower. You might want to start looking for a farm well in advance to get the date you want.

And while you are going to have your baby shower on the farm, plan a maternity photo shoot on the farm as well.

9. Botanical Garden

trail with lots of tall trees
Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

Botanical gardens are a great alternative to a party venue. They are typically not as busy as a restaurant and allow you to have more personal time with your guests.

There is also more space, and you can set up tables and chairs however you like.

Additionally, botanical gardens often have a beautiful view of greenery and flowers, an excellent backdrop for a celebration.

10. Community Centers

 Restaurants, rooftops, and boat cruises all sound elegant, but it can turn into an expensive baby shower if you are not careful. But there are alternatives.

Community centers are community-based, non-profit organizations. The center’s mission is to use community resources to make your event a success without breaking the bank.

They have many private rooms of varying capacity available for hosting a baby shower, so you don’t need to worry about the number of guests you are inviting.

The only thing with hosting a baby shower at the community center is that you will be responsible for decoration, food, games. And you have to be mindful about the time you have booked the rooms for.

11. Church Hall

For those who are religious, a church hall can be a great venue to host a baby shower. Just like a community center, religious places have separate rooms or halls to host a private party.

Church halls are usually low-cost venues where you will be responsible for food, décor, and games.

12. Vineyards

While alcohol is off-limit for a mom-to-be, she can still enjoy the beauty of vines in an outdoor event. The vineyard can make an awesome outdoor baby shower venue with lots of opportunities to take pictures.

Check out the local winery nearby; they do have lots of options (indoor and outdoor) for hosting a private party.

13. Breweries

Just like vineyards, breweries are another option to host a baby shower. They do offer space for hosting a private party.

Breweries are unique venues that are created to be shared. Some are designed for hanging out, community events, private parties, and some are designed for all of these.

So, if you are planning a private party, you should definitely do some research before you book your space.

They are often built in an outdoor setting so that guests can enjoy the fresh air and beer.

14. Tent in your backyard

If you want to fancy up your backyard baby shower, set up a rental tent. Arrange tables and chairs in a tent plus decorations, and you are set for your private baby shower.

The tent can also be a great option if you have a location in mind and looking for a shade. For example, a rental tent with a closed side could work great if you plan for a spring or fall baby shower when the weather is a little cold. And tent with an open side works great for a summer baby shower.

And if you don’t want to be bothered with decorations, you can ask the rental company for the service.

Medium to High-Cost Venus for Baby Shower

15. Restaurant

We had our first baby shower in a small Indian Restaurant. We booked the whole restaurant (40 guests)  for ourselves and decorated it the way we wanted. Then, after a small religious ceremony and games, guests enjoyed a delicious buffet-style meal.

You don’t have to book the entire venue for yourself if you have a limited number of guests. You can book 1-2 tables depending on the number of guests you are inviting.

Most of the restaurants also have a small party room that you can book for a private event. Private rooms are more convenient as you are separate from the crowd and decorate the room the way you want.

Usually, restaurants book private parties hourly. So, you might not have enough time to play all the games you planned, so get the best out of the time you have at the restaurant.

Restaurants also have different pricing for the day and time (lunch or dinner) you are hosting an event. For example, we booked the restaurant for the morning on the weekend as it was significantly cheaper than weekend evenings.

16. Bed and Breakfast

Another option you have is Bed and Breakfast. If you have Bed and Breakfast nearby, you can also consider hosting a baby shower there.

They do have dedicated space for private gatherings, and they offer other services as well.

Before you book your favorite restaurant for hosting a baby shower, check out the nearby Bed and Breakfast or call them to inquire.

17. Tea Room

If you are looking for an elegant place to host a baby shower, it doesn’t get better than a Tea Room. We went to a Tea Room for a Christmas party, and it was the best afternoon spend in a quiet, elegant venue.

It could be fun to host a baby shower in a Tea Room with exotic tea and English muffin treats. They do have a wide variety of finger foods that you can enjoy.

If you have an intimate baby shower with your close friends and family, I would highly recommend considering Tea room over a Bed and Breakfast or a restaurant.

You can also decorate your table with subtle baby-themed decorations and play games with your guests while sipping exotic flavored tea.

18. Rooftop Terraces or Patio

If you haven’t considered the Rooftop terrace as an option to host a baby shower party, start thinking now. In warm weather, nothing beats a summer rooftop terrace party.

If you have an office or business with a rooftop terrace, it will be easy to host a baby shower party.

There are many rooftops with gardens, water fountains, and city views if you don’t have one near you. In addition, many hotels, restaurants, and bars have rooftop terraces.

The view from these terraces is extraordinary. The view can include a cityscape, a beautiful sunset, a river, a harbor. It would make a unique venue to host a baby shower for a special friend.

19. Harbour Cruise

boat cruise in a lake
Image by Jochen Schaft from Pixabay

Harbour cruise is the perfect alternative to the traditional baby shower. If you live near a lake, a boat cruise could be a unique venue to host a baby shower. It is indeed a bit pricey than some of the options on this list, but it is indeed a unique venue to celebrate your baby’s arrival.

Boat cruises do have different packages to celebrate your private event. Some cruises provide three-course lunch or dinner menu, option beverage package to match, or even an afternoon tea

And you can also ask for exciting addition like a baby shower-themed entertainment package or even Karaoke night for your baby shower.

If you are considering a harbour cruise, book in advance as cruises are very popular for all kinds of private parties, including weddings, corporate events, prom nights, etc.

20. Hotel Room

A hotel room can be an excellent venue for a baby shower if you only invite close family and friends. This is usually a stay-over baby shower party.

This option requires the minimum planning effort as the hotel will provide food, drinks, and décor for your event.

The stay-over baby shower at a hotel room could be a unique experience to bond with your friends before your baby’s arrival, as you might not have many opportunities once the baby arrives.

21. Banquet Hall

If parents-to-be are planning their baby shower and have a long list of guests (like we did), Banquet Hall is the way to go.

You just have to find the Banquet Hall nearby and visit the place before you book. They usually provide decorations, food, games, and other services you desire.

Baby shower in a Banquet Hall is the most expensive venue on this list, but if money is not prohibitive, why not celebrate the mom-to-be in a way that will be memorable for her. After all, she is doing the hard work of carrying that child!!!


When should you Host a Baby Shower?

Baby showers are hosted by friends or family of a pregnant woman, and there are no hard and fast rules about when you should have a baby shower.

They are typically hosted at the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the third trimester.

The pregnant women would be in their 24-34 weeks of pregnancy. That way, the host has a better idea of planning a baby shower for a girl or a boy if you have decided to find out the gender of the baby, and the guest has clear pictures of gifts to bring.

How much does a Baby Shower Cost?

The cost of a baby shower is based on several factors related to the venue, food, games, and the number of guests.

It is important to note that the price can vary greatly depending on the season, the time of the year, and how elaborate the party is.

You can go as low and as high you want, depending on your budget. The average price of hosting a baby shower can range from $100 to $1000.

If you are hosting a baby shower at home, all you have to do is spend money on food, decorations, gifts, and games.  Even with decorations, the price varies depending on your choice.

Hosting a party at home will be the cheapest option you have. But cleaning up after the party is the price you pay for hosting a baby shower at home. 

When we hosted a baby shower in a church hall, it cost us $2600 with decorations, food, games, and return gifts (back in 2017).

So, depending on your budget, you can go as little or as high as you want.

Who Pays for a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, whoever hosts a baby shower pays for the event. But nowadays, the pregnant couple hosts their own baby shower if they want a big party to celebrate the occasion.

And that’s fair. You wouldn’t want close family or friends to pay for the big party you desire for your baby shower.

In our case, we hosted a baby shower party in a church hall and paid for the venue, decorations, games, and food.

I also was fortunate to host a baby shower for a dear friend at our house. It was a small gathering of ten women to honor and appreciate a pregnant friend. We have all contributed to the baby shower cost (games, food, decorations, and return gifts), and it wasn’t expensive at all.

The only thing is that you have to organize a day out for your partner and kids so you can have your home to yourself for the baby shower.

Yes, cleaning up after the party took a little time, but I didn’t mind it because this is the least you can do for your best friend or loved one.

Unique Places to Host a Baby Shower: Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best baby shower venues.

When you are planning your baby shower, it’s essential to consider the size of your guest list, your budget, and your overall expectations.

By considering these factors and finding a venue that meets all of your needs and expectations, you can guarantee that your baby shower will be a fun and memorable event for you and all of your guests.

We hope you found this list helpful, and we wish you the best of luck with your baby shower planning.

To make your Baby Shower planning easy, here is a FREE BABY SHOWER CHECKLIST that you can use while planning. The checklist includes the pre-filled checklist, guest log, and gift log to keep you organized for your shower. Click the link below to DOWNLOAD your FREE BABY SHOWER CHECKLIST today.


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