50+ Names That Mean Lust for Girls and Boys

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Are you currently looking for some names that mean lust? If you are, then you are in the right place. Continue reading to learn cool names that mean lust for girls and boys with meaning.

While it can be overwhelming for some people, searching for the perfect name for your kid can be both fun and exciting.

Part of the fun is that you get to explore a wide array of names. It also widens your choices and opens you to new and creative ideas.

With all these new choices of names that you get to know and research more, picking a potential name that has a peculiar or more interesting meaning is bound to happen.

One of these interesting names that you can choose to pick means lust. Naming kids with such meaning has become a thing for the new generation.

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It may seem unconventional for most people, but giving a name to your baby means lust will make your little one’s name more unique.

Picking such a name is more evidently important with all the many names with different meanings. Undoubtedly, your baby’s lustful name can make them stand out among the crowd

If you are determined to choose such a name, then this article will be your ultimate guide. Not only will it give you choices, but it will also provide extra information that can help you in deciding which name to go with.

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Why Choose Names that mean Lust?

The normal reaction that would be coming from other people is that they will be surprised upon hearing one.

For most, giving your baby girls and boys names that mean lust would seem very unusual, especially among conservatives in some societies. 

If you are contemplating on and sure of giving such a name, one thing you need to accept is that other people will have a different take on such names.

Nevertheless, in giving names to your babies, what other people think should not be prioritized over the interests of you and your little one.

Giving a name to your baby is a very personal and intimate part of your relationship. Therefore, such action should only be focused on you and the baby.

As much as other people’s opinions matter, they come secondary as they are not directly involved.

At the same time, with all the billions of names out there, it is understandable why there would be times when people would like to have a name to be extra unique.

Part of looking for and giving a name to your baby is exploring and picking names that connect you and your baby’s identity, interests, and even personality.

Choosing a name for your loved ones that are out of the radar is acceptable to make their names one of a kind in a world among numerous common names.

Indeed, if you want an eccentric name with an interesting meaning, surely a name that means lust can make your baby stand out.

So, when someone asks you why give a name that means lust, the best response would be is asking the question to them, why not?

Names that mean Lust for Girls

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Having a baby girl is probably one of the best things besides having a boy. Most parents want a baby girl with an interesting personality and identity.

If you are one of them, one that could help you with that is giving a name that means lust to your baby girl. Take a look at some of the choices below.


In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. She is often depicted as a beautiful and sensual goddess associated with love, lust, and fertility.


Aalka is a name of Hindu origin, and it means “lustrous” or “bright” in the Sanskrit language. In Hindu mythology, Aalka is often associated with beauty, grace, and radiance, and the name is considered auspicious and positive.


Abha is a name of Indian origin, derived from the Sanskrit language, and it means “luster,” “splendor,” or “radiance.” In Hindu mythology, the word Abha is also used to describe the beauty and radiance of the gods and goddesses, and it is associated with light, brightness, and brilliance.


Aiko is a name of Japanese origin, and it means “love” or “affection” in Japanese. The name is often given to baby girls in Japan. The name is associated with qualities of love, affection, kindness, and empathy, and it may reflect the parents’ hopes for their child to possess these qualities.


Aloki is a name of Bengali origin and it means “lustrous” or “brilliant” in Bengali language. the name Aloki is associated with the qualities of radiance, brilliance, and splendor, and it is considered to be a positive and auspicious name for a baby girl.


The name Amia is of Latin origin, and it means “beloved” or “dearly loved.” The name is derived from the Latin word “amare,” which means “to love,” and it is often given to baby girls as a reflection of their cherished and beloved status within their family.


Aziza is a feminine given name of Arabic origin, which is derived from the masculine name Aziz. It means “beloved,” “dear,” “loved,” or “adored” in Arabic, and the name Aziza is the feminine form of this name.


Cliodhna is a name of Irish origin that is associated with the goddess of love and beauty in Irish mythology. In mythology, Cliodhna was a queen of the Banshees, who were supernatural beings known for their beautiful singing voices.


This cute name is derived from the Sanskrit language. The name Kishu means “lustrous,” “shining,” or “radiant.”


Lofn is a lesser-known goddess in Norse mythology, and there is not much information about her in the surviving mythological texts. However, she is generally regarded as a goddess of love and marriage. In addition, she is sometimes depicted as a mediator between lovers or as a goddess who can help smooth over romantic conflicts.


The name Neha is of Indian origin and is commonly used in Hindi, Sanskrit, and other Indian languages. Its meaning is often interpreted as “love” or “affection” in Sanskrit. It does not directly means ‘luster.’


Of Greek origin and considered to be an old word. Rhea was known to the Earth mother that gave birth to all of the gods in Greek mythology.


This cute name is of Indian origin, and it means desired and wished.


In Sanskrit, the word “Shri” has multiple meanings and connotations, including “radiance,” “glory,” “beauty,” and “divine grace.” As such, “luster” is another valid translation of the name Shri, which is often used as a title or honorific in Hinduism to show reverence and respect to a deity, holy figure, or respected individual.

Names that mean Lust for Boys

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If you also want to make a unique impression on your little boy, a name that means lust can help.

On top of a masculine name, lust names can make your boy sound interesting and outshine other boys around. If you are into this, try gleaning some of the options given.


Aahwaanith” is an Indian (Sanskrit) name which means “one who is wanted and wished.” The name is formed by combining the Sanskrit words “Aahwaan” which means “to call” or “to invite” and “ith” which means “desired” or “wished for.”


“Abeesht” is a name of Indian origin (Sanskrit) which means “one who is wished upon and craved.” The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Abhishtha,” which means “desired,” “longed for,” or “craved.”


“Aakanksh” is an Indian (Sanskrit) name that means “craving” or “longing.” It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Aakanksha,” which means “desire,” “aspiration,” or “longing.” The name is often associated with qualities such as ambition and perseverance.


Another  name of Indian origin which means “desired,” “longed for,” or “craved.” The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Abhishtha,” which has the same meaning. It is a gender-neutral name, meaning it can be given to both boys and girls.


The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “Abhilasha,” which means “longing for,” “wish,” or “desire.” It is a popular name for boys in India and is often associated with qualities such as ambition, determination, and a strong will to achieve one’s goals.


Aziz” is a name of Arabic origin which means “beloved,” “dear,” or “loved and adored.” The name is derived from the Arabic word “Aziza,” which means “precious” or “highly valued.”


In Jewish and Christian tradition, Asmodeus is sometimes identified as the demon responsible for tempting people to engage in sexual sin and other immoral behavior. The name is derived from the Hebrew words “Ashmedai” or “Ashmodai,” which means “destroyer” or “harmful.”


“Kaamaari” is a Sanskrit name that means “the enemy of lust.” The name is derived from two Sanskrit words, “Kaama,” which means “lust” or “desire,” and “Ari,” which means “enemy” or “adversary.”


This cute name is of Sanskrit origin, too, means fire of love and passion.


“Leif” is a name of Scandinavian origin which means “beloved” or “dear.” The name is derived from the Old Norse word “Leifr,” which means “heir” or “descendant.” It is a popular name for boys in Scandinavia and is also used in other parts of the world.


“Samael” is a name that has its origins in Jewish and Christian traditions, and it is often associated with the fallen angel of lust.


Smarajeet” is a name of Indian origin that means “one who has conquered lust” or “victorious over desires” in Sanskrit. It is a combination of the words “Smar” meaning “lust” or “desire,” and “Jit” meaning “conquered” or “victorious.”

Mythological Names that Mean Lust

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Countries all over the world have their own respective cultural and traditional beliefs. These systems of beliefs necessarily have the names of their gods too.

Some of these cultures have names for their gods or deities of lust. Read the following choices if some of them might be fitting for you and your little one.

Anansa (Efik) – of Western African origin that means goddess of the sea, allure, and beauty.

Astarte – Caananite goddess of sex and war.

Min – Egyptian god of reproduction, love, and sexual pleasure.

Hausa (Zamani) – god of sex and beauty.

Inanna (Ishtar) – Mesopotamian goddess of sex, love, beauty, wine, and war.

Nanaya – goddess of voluptuousness, sexuality, and sensuality.

Prende – goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

Jarilo – Slavic god of fertility, lust, and passion.

Babalon – god of lust, carnality, and liberated woman.

Voluptas – Roman god equivalent to Hedone of Greece.

Venus – the Roman equivalent of Greek Aphrodite.

Aurora – Roman equivalent of Greek Eos.

Turan – Etruscan goddess of love and vitality.

Azrul – god of seduction and sex.

Astghik – goddess of fertility and love.

Kamadeva – In Hindu Mythology, Kamadeva is a Hindu god of love or desire.

Rati – goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion, and sexual pleasure.

Ushas – Hindu dawn goddess.

Bangan – Kankanaey goddess of romance; a daughter of Bugan and Lumawig

Obban – Kankanaey goddess of reproduction; a daughter of Bugan and Lumawig

Jiutian Xuannü – A Chinese name that can be translated in a few different ways depending on the context. In Chinese mythology, Jiutian Xuannü is a goddess who is associated with war, sex, and magic.

Yue-Lao –  In Chinese folklore and mythology, Yue-Lao is a god of marriage and love who is responsible for bringing couples together and arranging marriages.

Tu Er Shen – n Chinese mythology, Tu Er Shen is a god who is often associated with matchmaking and love. In some traditions, Tu Er Shen is also associated with same-sex love and is worshipped as a patron of LGBTQ+ relationships.

Ixcuiname – a Native American goddess of carnality.

Teicu – goddess of sexual appetite.

Tiacapan – goddess of sexual hunger.

Tlaco – goddess of sexual longing.

Kurupi – a South American god of sexuality and fertility.

Rudá – god of love.

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Greek Names that mean Lust

If you love Greece and its rich history, this could be an excellent selection.

The following are names, names of gods, and simple words related to lust.

Lofn – Greek goddess of lust.

Lena – Greek origin that means alluring

Himeros – Greek god of unrequited love and sexual desire.

Dionysus – Greek god of wine and pleasure.

Eos – Greek dawn goddess.

Anteros – god of requited love.

Hedylogos – god of sweet talk and flattery.

Hymen – god of marriage.

Pothos – god of sexual longing and yearning.

Hedone – goddess of pleasure.

Peitho – is known to be involved with persuasion and seduction.

Philotes– either goddess of affection or a daimon of intercourse.

Priapus – god of sexual intercourse.

Selene – records show that lovesick women would pray to her.


Names that Mean Desire

Aside from lust, other closely similar names are such that mean desire. Lust and Desire are two words that are closely related to one another.

If you are interested in also checking the list of names that mean desire, consider these choices.

Eros – Greek winged god of sexual love.

Esha – Indian name means “desire.” Not literally meaning lust but largely attached to it.

Caratuc – Old Welsh origin

Caratacos – known to be Brythonic

Carwyn – means “blessed love” in the Welsh language.

Cupid – is known to be the Roman god of love and believed to be so romantic that it is unfitting for mere mortals.

Desiderius – means “longing, desire” in Roman.

Désirée– the female version of the name Desire in French.

Désiré– the masculine name of Desiree in French.

Ishana – a beautiful Indian word that means “desire.”

Dearbhail – an Irish origin that means “true desire.”

Uduak – an Idibio origin that connotes “will” and “desire.”

Kama – a known Hindi-Sanskrit word that means “love” and “desire.”

Uduak – another Idbibio word that means “will” and “desire.”

Names that mean Lustrous

Does not mean lust at all. Lustrous means it is bright or shining in appearance. Nevertheless, it sounds similar to the extent of lust.

If you want to consider names that mean lustrous, you can choose from the following, mostly names of Southwest and South Asian origin.

  • Harshan
  • Ratna Prabha
  • Ratnajyoti
  • Shrikirti
  • Shrilata
  • Shrilekha 
  • Tejasvini 
  • Tejaswini
  • Lamia
  • Bhaasvan
  • Deeptimoy
  • Prabhas
  • Tej
  • Hiral
  • Jyothishmati
  • Jyotirmayi
  • Jyotirmoyee
  • Risluna
  • Shri Kumari

Conclusion – Names that mean Lust for Girls and Boys with Meaning

Choosing the best name for your baby is an important part of being a parent. The name that you and your significant partner will choose will have a lasting impact on your child.

This part of parenting life does not have to be too difficult or overwhelming. In fact, it can be an opportunity for you to unleash the artsiness and creativeness within you.

Giving a name that means lust for boys and girls is one way of showing the creativity of every parent out there. Not only does it validate your creative mind, but it will also give your baby a unique name.

As long as you consider some important factors along the way, you will surely end up with the perfect name that means lust that you have been longing for.

Keep up the good work, Mama!

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