180+ Fantabulous Nicknames for David that you will love

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Do you have a little one named David? Are you looking for good nickname choices to give? No worries. Keep on reading this article to learn the best nicknames for David.

It is common knowledge to most that the name has deep and very significant Biblical roots. This is because it was the name of an important character in the Old Testament – a shepherd boy becoming king.

The name David is famous for being a humble shepherd boy who defeated Goliath, the giant in the field, using a slingshot and eventually becoming the Second Ruler of Judea and Israel.

It cannot be denied that the name has significant ties to important languages and literature, religions, and even history, both in ancient times and modern times.

This name has been a crucial part of the teachings of Judaism and Christianity, where kids as young as in nurseries or kindergartens have been told the story of David and Goliath. The name is also seen in Islamic traditions.

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While the name is apparently well-known to be based on a particular language and religion, such a name is widely used by all kinds of people with different backgrounds.

The name David is currently one of the most used in a number of countries. It is arguably one of the most common names in Europe, the United States, and other English-speaking countries.

In this article, not only will you be getting some handpicked selection of nicknames for your David, but you will also get to know why your little one should have a nickname in the first place.

In actuality, it pays well to know extra information concerning the name and the nickname, too, as it will surely add more meaning once you finally choose and assign a nickname for your loved one.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name

Now that you know where the name came from, it is equally important, or even more, to know exactly what the name means. Let us explore the meaning behind the name.

The name David is time and again regarded as of ancient Hebrew origin. Ancient Hebrew is the language that was used during the biblical days of Israel.

The name simply means “beloved.” It is said to have been derived from the root dôwd, initially meant “to boil,” but understood to be only in the figurative use of “to love” in Ancient Hebrew.

Also, the name is intimately attached to Jewish culture. This is because the Star of David is also known to be the great symbol of Judaism.

Despite being greatly influenced by Jewish, the name was adopted as a Christian name during the early period. David of Wales was the first monarch to use such a name in the 6th century.

Most Popular Nicknames for David

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Being a popular name itself, you can surely expect to see that the name also has very common nicknames used.

If you want a classic nickname for your little loved one that still means “beloved,” you can choose any given here.

  1. Davo
  2. Daffy
  3. Dai
  4. Bae-Vid
  5. Dav-Vinci
  6. Davy Dovy
  7. Davey
  8. Dav-Olipop
  9. David Amit
  10. Diggles
  11. Davi-Jiggy
  12. Daveth
  13. Davud
  14. Davidoff
  15. Dev
  16. Davis
  17. Davinchi
  18. Dudi
  19. Davi-CoCo
  20. Dav
  21. Davidew
  22. Davit
  23. Dashing Davi
  24. Davilocks
  25. Davith
  26. Lil-D
  27. Davidde
  28. Dawood
  29. Daven Haven
  30. Papi D
  31. Dawid
  32. Dandy David
  33. Davey Boy
  34. Davy-Jazzy
  35. Dawid

Most Unique Nicknames for David

As much as there are popular ones, there are also less-used ones that have contributed to them being more unique.

If you want a nickname for your David that can help them to stand out among the many Davids out there, you can consider these:

  1. Dayvid
  2. Davidoc
  3. Dai
  4. Dex
  5. Dawn
  6. Copperfield
  7. Daven Haven
  8. Dawood
  9. Daveth
  10. David Dolittle
  11. Navid
  12. Diamond
  13. Dravid
  14. Darwid
  15. Thomas
  16. Davon
  17. Big D
  18. Davidek
  19. Davey
  20. David Grant
  21. Davicito
  22. David Aaron
  23. David Curtis
  24. Da-Alpha
  25. Davicho
  26. Dazizzle
  27. David Theodore
  28. Davian
  29. Davidoff

Most Creative Nicknames for David

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There are so many ways to have a creative nickname. You can be the one to create a cute or unique nickname.

The samples below will give you an idea of the most used creative nicknames.

  1. David Arthur
  2. Diggles
  3. Davith
  4. Doo Doo
  5. Taavid
  6. Davilicious
  7. The King David
  8. Davicillo
  9. William
  10. David Alejo
  11. David Alexander
  12. Dubba Hubba
  13. Davico
  14. Dave Man
  15. David Felix
  16. Davisito
  17. David Liam
  18. David Attenborough
  19. Delvid
  20. Davilocks

Cute Nickname for David

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Undoubtedly, you are already a sweet parent by looking for the best nickname for David. However, if you are considering giving one, you can pick the ones below to see if they are cute enough.

  1. Boo’D
  2. Bae-vid
  3. My D
  4. Davy Dovy
  5. Dav-olipop
  6. Dubba Hubba
  7. Dav-Fav
  8. Diggles
  9. Davidew
  10. Davie-Pie
  11. Davilicious
  12. D-Bug
  13. Dashing Davi
  14. Daa Dreads
  15. Daven Haven
  16. Davidy-Bear
  17. Coolio-Davio
  18. Dave Patootie
  19. Davi-CoCo
  20. Davilocks
  21. DaGrin
  22. Davie Bun-Bun
  23. Davidde
  24. Davey boy
  25. Ta-Da
  26. Dawid
  27. Davi-Jiggy
  28. Davidy Woobly
  29. Davy Babyface
  30. David Caramel
  31. David Dibble-Dabble
  32. Dawidy

Funny Nicknames for David

Aside from having a unique or common nickname for your David, you can be creative by choosing funny ones too. Try checking these names’ funny nicknames and see if it fits your humor.

  1. DVD
  2. Davon
  3. Davido
  4. Davin
  5. Psychodave
  6. Dave Claws
  7. David Haye
  8. Diva
  9. Dawidy
  10. David Dibble
  11. Doofy Ball
  12. Davy Babyface
  13. Davidy Woobly
  14. Davi-Jiggy
  15. Da-vil
  16. Dry-vid
  17. Da-witch
  18. Da-wig
  19. Dave-hid
  20. Wave Dave
  21. Diva
  22. Davideck
  23. Davilicious
  24. Dollar Dave
  25. Da-Bling
  26. Dicy Dave
  27. Drooly D
  28. Dive-id
  29. Shave-id
  30. Dav-mid
  31. Gangsta Da-Da
  32. Dumble Dave
  33. Freaky Dave
  34. Davy Dufus
  35. Da-Voodoo

Sweet Nicknames for David

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Indeed, there are many alternative nicknames that you can choose from.

While you looking for a nickname for your David is also a sign that you are a sweet and loving parent, you can choose to be extra sweet by selecting some of the options here:

  1. Davidew
  2. Doughnut
  3. Bud-D
  4. Davie
  5. Dawberry
  6. Fav Dav
  7. Dumpling
  8. Darlin’ D
  9. Becks
  10. Lil D
  11. Dreamy D
  12. Daffy
  13. Dee
  14. D’amour
  15. Double Chocolate
  16. Kid Vid
  17. Bae-vid
  18. Cupid
  19. Dollipop
  20. Baby D
  21. Duffy
  22. Daisy

How Popular is the name David?

The name is very popular, specifically in several English-speaking countries.

In the United States, it has been documented that the name ranks third in the most used masculine names. At the same time, it is recorded that there are about 92,597 Davids each year.

The name is so popular in the country that it was the top 1 boy name in 1960. Nevertheless, it dropped and stayed within the top 10 in the following years.

The name is also very popular on the other side of the Atlantic, in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, where it was the most given boy name in Northern Ireland for newborns in 1975.

Aside from countries with English-majority speakers, David is also unsurprisingly famous in Israel. It has been observed that Jewish baby boys were most likely to be named David in 2018.

Similar Names to David

To further give you the additional background of the name, you can also take note of some similar names.

Here is a list that is somehow similar to David for being the other masculine names mentioned in the Old Testament:

  • Abraham
  • Aaron
  • Bnejamin
  • Daniel
  • Jonathan
  • Noah
  • Jesse
  • Samuel

Variations of the name David

Now, because of its long and wide history in many of the world’s great religions and languages, many variations of the name exist up to this day.

Some of the added reasons for such variations of the name also have to do with the places, traditions, and local dialects.

These variations also seem very popular to be assigned to newborns aside from the original name, David. Below are just some of the most known if you are curious:

  • Davina
  • Davida
  • Diva
  • Davi
  • Davide
  • Davito
  • Davey
  • Davy
  • Daveed
  • Dauf
  • Davidek

Famous People Named David

It is no surprise at all for how common and popular the name is; many famous people have the name David.

This famous David comes from different fields and industries that you might take note of to be inspired more to find a suitable nickname.

David Attenborough – famous English Naturalist, Historian, and broadcaster. They are also known to be the face of the BBC.

David Beckham – world-renowned football player.

David Bowie – a very popular artsy rock star and created the song ‘Starman (1972)’.

David Williams – English comedian.

David Tennat – a known TV actor.

David Spade – an American TV actor.

David Henrie – A TV actor known for his role in  ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ (2007) and That’s So Raven’ (2003).

David Mazouz -A TV actor known for his role in ‘Gotham’ (2014) and ‘Dear Dumb Diary’ (2013).

David Boreanaz – TV actor, is known to have appeared in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (1997).

David Dobrik – a famous Slovak Youtube celebrity known to be the leader of a group of influencers called The Vlog Squad.

David Hasselhoff – is known for being one of the characters in ‘Byawatch’ (1989).

David Duchovny – A singer-songwriter and actor.

David Foster – Grammy-winning rrrrrrrr and composer.

David Lynch – a multi-warded director.

David Letterman – a famous talk show host called ‘The Late Show’ (1993).

David Spencer – an English YouTube vlogger more commonly known for being Squid famous for his Minecraft tutorials.

David Schwimmer – a famous actor best known for his role in the popular series ‘Friends’ (1994).

David Harbour – is a movie actor best known for appearing in ‘Stranger Things (2016) and Suicide Squad (2016).

David de Gea – a famous football player and football club member called ‘Manchester United.’

Female Versions of the name David

While primarily used as a masculine name, here are some female versions if you want to be extra unique.

It may be different from the original, but some of these female version names still possess the meaning “beloved.” This is most especially the case in the given two languages earlier.

  • Davetta
  • Davida
  • Daveigh
  • Davina
  • Davinia
  • Devin
  • Dana
  • Daphne
  • Daisy
  • Dain
  • Enid
  • Frida
  • Amy
  • Carina
  • Cara
  • Ingrid
  • Sigrid


Is the name David gender-neutral?

No, David is not a gender-neutral name. The name David has been used as a masculine name. Since ancient times, it has been historically assigned as a boy’s name and even in European monarchs.

Nevertheless, female versions of the name have been practiced more recently. Moreover, these David female version names are more apparent in two notable languages, namely Scottish and even of Hebrew origin.

Hebrew Nicknames for David

Given that the name itself is of Hebrew origin, there are also some Hebrew nicknames that you can choose from.

The nicknames below are some of the ones being used within the Jewish culture:

  1. Dov
  2. Dovi
  3. Dudi
  4. Dovid
  5. Davo
  6. Dato
  7. Davit

Spanish Nicknames for David

The name David has been a popular choice for many Christian-majority countries, including Spain. This has been the case since the name was adopted as a Christian name.

Here are some David names that are in the Spanish version:

  1. Davidillo
  2. Davidito
  3. Davido
  4. Daviduelo
  5. Davidsito
  6. Davidicillo

Conclusion – Nicknames for David

What is a good nickname for David? This article has given you samples and some factors that you need to consider in picking one.

Choosing a nickname is a process, but it should not mean to be overwhelming. On the contrary, it can be fun and exciting; it is the nickname you will call your little David.

Whether or not you choose a popular or unique one is up to you as long as you feel good about it and have researched some information behind the name.

Hoping that this article served its purpose of being a mini-guide to you in searching for the perfect nickname for David.

You are doing well. Keep it up, Mama!

A baby seemed surprised.

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