150+ Space names for Boys and Girls with Meaning

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The love, curiosity, and thirst for adventure for what is out there are some of the most passionate things one could have. If you are seeking space names for boys and girls with meanings, then you are boarding the right spaceship.

The idea of the endless space and infinite possibilities that it holds has fascinated many for decades now. This was only highlighted in the 1950s to the 1960s, during the Space Race between the US and the Soviet Union.

From then on, the space genre has been absorbed into our popular culture in films, series, books, and stories and has even shaped how we perceive ourselves within the infinite Universe or shall I say, the Multiverse.

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Whether you like space because of astronomy, astrology, or even science fiction, thinking of a space name for your baby sounds exciting.

Looking at the stars and charting the names of celestial bodies in all constellation maps make you think how these interstellar and intergalactic names sound so cool and meaningful.

No wonder you are considering giving a space name to your little one. Worry no more; this article will be your ultimate guide to finding the best out-of-this-world name for your cute baby.

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Why Choose Space Names

If someone asks you why you choose space names, the proper response to this is also asking the question of, why not?

One can easily argue that naming your baby after celestial bodies in space is actually an interesting choice. This is because we tend to name every discovered star, planet, comet, and other objects out there with iconic names.

In fact, before the establishment of naming conventions like the International Astronomy Union (IAU) in 1919, people named every discovered celestial object either with divine names or with those with special meanings or even after themselves.

This also explains why the planets within our own Solar System were named after the ancient deities of some of our great civilizations, including the Greeks, Babylonians, Chinese, and of course, the Romans, to name a few.

Aside from choosing space names with mythological characters, space names are also named after the ones who discovered them in the first place. This was especially the case back then in the 20th century.

These people who named such discovered celestial objects after themselves were usually cosmologists, astronomers, or other persons that have proven to have a great contribution to science or society.

In short, if you are still torn between selecting the best name from diverse choices, you can never go wrong with choosing a space name for your baby.

Space Names for Girls with Meanings

girl with flying rockate costume loking up the galaxy

If you have a baby girl and you like space names, you can select from the below. Below is a compilation of space names for girls with their original meanings.

Ariel – The name assigned to one of the moons of Uranus.

Aylin – A Turkish name that means “moon halo.”

Astrid – A Scandinavian name meaning “divinely beautiful.”

Astra – means star, the feminine version of Astro.

Aurora – Comes from the Roman goddess of dawn and is also known to be an awe-inspiring atmospheric event caused by the Earth’s magnetic field seen in the North and South poles.

Bianca – is said to have the literal meaning “white.”

Cassiopeia – a name for one of the constellations derived from an ancient Greek queen.

Celeste – a beautiful name meaning “celestial.”

Columba – means Noah’s dove.

Cordelia – A Welsh name assigned to one of Uranus’ moons that means “Jewel of the Sea.”

Cressida – Cute name for one of Uranus’ moons.

Diana – Roman goddess accompanied by Luna, meaning moon.

Estella –means “star” in the Latin language.

Esther – A Persian name for girls meaning “start.”

Elara – A name assigned to one of Jupiter’s moons.

Europa – One of the famous moons on Jupiter.

Faye – One of the craters in the Moon.

Gaia – derived from the Greek goddess of the Earth.

Helene – One of the moons of Saturn.

Jacira – A Brazillian name from the Tupi meaning “honey” and “moon.”

Juliet – one of the moons of Uranus.

Larissa – means a Greek nymph.

Leda – Greek mythology name.

Leia – is taken from the popular franchise, Star Wars.

Libra – star sign and constellation.

Lyra – named after one of the constellations seen from Earth.

Maia – Roman goddess of spring.

Miranda – a cute name that means “worthy of admiration.”

Nevaeh – heaven spelled backward.

Luna – The name for the Roman goddess of the Moon.

Ophelia – an ancient English name.

Rhea – means “flowing” and mother of Zeus.

Sally – first American woman in Space.

Soleil – the French word for Sun.

Sunshine – very common that relates to the Sun.

Pandora – One of the tiny moons of Saturn that means all gifted.

Portia – A name for one of Uranus’ moons.

Phoebe – A Greek name that is assigned to one of the moons of Saturn. It also means shining.

Selene – Means the ancient Greek god of the Moon.

Titania – a feminine version of the name Titan as one of the moons of Uranus.

Vesta – Roman goddess of Home.

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Space Names for Boys with Meanings

little boy wearing cardboard space helmet holding play dough earth

For the boys, here are some of the well-known masculine names that have in relation to space. These are taken from popular culture or even those celestial objects with mythological meanings.

Aldrin – from one of the first astronauts on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin.

Altair – is a name of a star in the Aquila constellation.

Apollo – Greek god of sunlight.

Armstrong – named after the first man on the Moon.

Astro – means star, the male equivalent of astra.

Aquila – the name of one of the constellations observed from Earth.

Buzz – after the popular cartoon character Buzz Lightyear and the second man to walk on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin.

Galileo – a well-known astronomer.

Glenn – An astronaut and a named spacecraft.

Callisto – one of Jupiter’s moons.

Calypso – one of Saturn’s moons.

Han – is named after the Star Wars character Han Solo.

Hercules – a Greek hero and star.

Neil – named after the first man to walk on the Moon.

Orion – a well-observable constellation.

Pallas – a known large asteroid.

Sirius – is one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Gender-Neutral Space Names

2 students in space costume with background of rocket ship moon star

If you prefer a safe name that is gender-neutral, here are some cool and awesome names that can be given to your little one without considering a specific gender or sex.

Atlas – a moon of Saturn.

Aries – the first sign of the Zodiac.

Cielo – means “sky” in Italian.

Comet – is a celestial object that goes near Earth with a bright tail.

Cosmos/ Kosmos – the word meant the Universe or Multiverse as a whole. 

Halley – the name for one of the famous comets that come near to Earth every 76 years.

Moon – the name of the Earth’s lunar satellite.

Nova – means an exploding star.

Oberon – a moon of Uranus.

Polaris – the North Star.

Sky – self-explanatory.

Star – a hot burning celestial object like the Sun.

Sun – our Solar system’s star.

Sol – another name for our Sun.

Vega – This cute name means brightest star in the constellation of Lyra.

Virgo – means the Earth sign of the maiden.

Zenith – the highest point in mapping out the constellations or a star map.

Names that mean Space

This article also got you covered if you are eyeing specific names that particularly mean space. But, again, you may choose from the compiled list of diverse sources available.

Alheimur – Icelandic word for cosmos.

Alkawn – meaning cosmos in Arabic.

Agbaye – means “Universe” in Yoruba.

Cruinne – the Irish word for “universe.”

Even – Turkish counterpart for the word “universe.”

Sansinukob – The Filipino word for “universe.”

Semesta – Indonesian word for “universe.”

Vesmir – Czech word for “universe.”

Uchu – Japanese word for “universe.”

Visata – a Lithuanian word that means “universal.”

Yuzhou – The Chinese word for “universe.”

Unique and Timeless Space Names

two boys with white and blue astronaut costume

Alula – means celestial wisdom in the Celtic language.

Alya – is an Arabic word used as a beautiful name for a star.

Cosmo – a Greek word meaning “order and beauty.”

Infinity – means never-ending.

Meteor – those celestial rock formations that enter the Earth’s atmosphere, also called shooting stars

Meridian – known as the celestial equator.

Eclipse – a natural occurrence when one heaven object moves into the shadow of another.

Perseus – named after a Greek god

Pollux – an observable star.

Sidra – Goddess of the stars meaning in Arabic.

Sitara – a Sanskrit word meaning “morning star.”

Solstice– an occurrence which is the day and night that are their longest and shortest period.

Vulcan – Greek god of the volcanoes.

Planet Names For Babies

According to NASA, they are celestial objects that orbit a star, have enough gravity to have a spherical shape, and have their gravitational path to orbit the Sun.

If you are looking for planet names for your kid, you can choose from the list below.

AEgir – This unique name means the Norse god of the sea.

Arion – named after the ancient Greek poet.

Arkas – named after the son of Zeus and Callisto.

Ceres – a small planet and a Roman goddess of corn.

Dagonm – According to Levantine mythology, Dagonm means fertility god.

Dulcinea – This cute name is inspired after the character from Don Quixote.

Eburonia – a name from the Celtic tribe.

Eris – Eris is a commom name given after dwarf planet in Solar system, like Pluto.

Haumea – This unique named after dwarf planet that is shaped like a football shape.

Hypatia – This cute name is inspired after a Greek astronomer/philosopher.

Hämarik – This is a planet named after the Estonian word for “twilight.”

Jupiter – Jupiter is a gas giant planet in our solar system, named after the Roman god of the sky and thunder

Mars –  Mars is a fourth planet in our solar system, also known as the “Red Planet”.

Mercury – the smaller planet linked to communication and thought. Also known as the Messenger among Roman gods.

Neptune – is the eighth planet from the Sun in our solar system. It is a gas giant planet and is the fourth largest planet in the solar system by diameter. Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea and is often referred to as the “blue planet” due to its striking blue color.

Orcus – a planet named after the Roman god of the underworld.

Pluto – a dwarf planet in our Solar system.

Saturn – a planet synonymous with work and life lessons.

Sedna – Named after the Inuit goddess of the sea.

Venus – another planet in our Solar system close to Earth.

Star Names for Babies

Stars are self-luminous celestial bodies of gas that shine and release radiation in outer space. They are a perfect name for your baby if you want them to always be the show’s star!

Below are some cool names associated with stars you can pick from in assigning to your kid.

Alzir – means that your baby is sensitive and kind.

Antares – a star in the Scorpio constellation.

Archer – means “skilled bowman.”

Astro/ Astra – means “one of the stars.”

Astrophel – means “star lover.”

Caelcum – means “stars in heaven.”

Canis – associated with individuality, independence, and self-confidence.

Castor – a seafaring Greek god.

Citlai – Native American word meaning “star.”

Cyrus – means “heir to the throne.”

Dara – means “star” in Turkish.

Felis – means “lucky.”

Finlay – means “fair-haired hero in the Celtic language.

Gunay – Turkish origin meaning “sun moon.”

Hesperos – Ancient Greek name meaning “evening star.”

Hoku – Ancient Hawaiian word meaning “star.”

Hydrus – the name of a star observable in the Southern Hemisphere.

Indus – named after the river delta in the Indian subcontinent.

Itri – African word originally meaning “star” in Tamazight.

Izar – word for “star” in the Basque region.

Leo – a Zodiac name.

Lintang – Indonesian word for star.

Lynx – means “keeper of the secrets of the forest.”

Mehr – means “friendship.”

Namid – meaning “star danger” in North American culture.

Star – just like that, it’s a simple yet great name.

Galaxy Names for Babies

Galaxies are known in layman’s terms as a group or system of stars. They are known to be mighty as they can attract stars within their orbital direction.

If you have a deep love for all the other galaxies in our observable universe, you can choose some from here to name your baby.

Andromeda – the name of the closest large galaxy to ours.

Almajara – the Arabic word for the galaxy.

Bode – take from the Bode’s galaxy, after Johann Elert Bode.

Circinus – a galaxy name taken from a constellation.

Eunha – the Korean word for the galaxy.

Galaeth – the Welsh word for the galaxy.

Galassia – the Italian word for the galaxy.

Galaxy – from the Greeks, meaning a system of stars.

Gokada – Turkish counterpart for the word galaxy.

Halaktyka – a Ukrainian word that means galaxy.

Lindsay – name after the Lindsay-Shapely Ring galaxy.

Realtra – the Irish word for the galaxy.

Mayall – Mayall’s Object meaning the result of colliding galaxies.

Malin – named after David Malin.

Xingxi – Chinese word which means galaxy.

Popular Space Character Names

Without space character names from your popular films and series, our list will never be complete.

You can consider taking a name from this list if you want your baby to be popular too.

Anakin – the old and original first name of Darth Vader.

Buzz Lightyear – named after a character in Toys Story.

Darth Vader – is one of the main characters of the Star Wars franchise.

Palpatine – is the core villain in the Star Wars franchise.

Furiosa – one of the female characters in Max Max: Fury Road.

Klaatu – a main character in The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Amidala – is one of the main female characters in Star Wars.

Khan Noonien – a character in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

Marty Mcfly – a main character in Back To The Future.

Rick Dickard – is a male protagonist in Blade Runner.

James Kirk – a character that is the main protagonist in the Star Trek franchise.

Hal/ Hal 9000 – an antagonist character in 2001: A Space Odyssey movie.

Rocket – a raccoon-like main character from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Leia/ Princess Leia – is a female character from the popular franchise Star Wars.

Master Yoda/ Yoda – one of the Jedi masters in the Star Wars movie series.

Groot – is one of the protagonists in the Guardian of the Galaxy franchise.

Skywalker – a cool name taken from Star Wars.

Spock – is named after a main character in Star Trek from planet Vulcan.

Trek – is the popular term for Star Trek fans.

Han/ Han Solo – a Star Wars main character.

Space Names from Famous Astronomers

Eratosthenes of Cyrene – a known Greek mathematician, astronomer, and geographer that used the Sun to measure the size of the round Earth.

Claudius Ptolemy – a Greek mathematician and astronomer that set up a solar system model known as the Ptolemaic system.

Abdl Al-Rahman Al-Sufi – a Persian astronomer who made the first known observation of a group of stars outside the Milky Way galaxy.

Nicolaus Copernicus – famous for proposing that the Earth revolved around the Sun and not the other way around.

Johannes Kepler – a Danish astronomer who determined that planets traveled around the Sun in circles and ellipses.

Galileo Galilei – famous for improving the existing models of the optical telescope.

Giovanni Cassini – Italian astronomer that measured how long it took Mars and Jupiter to rotate.

Christiaan Huygens – Dutch scientist that proposed the earliest theory about the nature of light.

Isaac Newton – an English physicist and astronomer known for his most famous work on gravity.

Edmond Halley -British scientist that reviewed comet sightings and where Halley’s comet originated.

Charles Messier – French astronomer that composed a database of nebulae objects.

William Herschel – famous for discovering the planet Uranus.

Henrietta Swann Leavitt – is known to be one of the Harvard women considered a “human computer” in identifying images of variable stars.

Carl Sagan – most famous as an astronomer and a popular science educator.

Conclusion – Space Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings

Choosing a name for your little one is one of the most fun and exciting things to do as a parent. However, note that it is also a process that needs time and effort.

With all the possible names you can choose from, considering having a space name for your baby can never be a bad move.

This is because space names sound awesome and cool and have beautiful meanings behind them, be they mythological, science-based, or just came from a popular movie.

I hope this article serves its purpose in being your interstellar guide in giving you an idea of space names for boys and girls.

Have fun, Mama!

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