100+ Cute and Unique Nicknames for Catherine

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Catherine is a very popular given name, and having a nickname sets you apart from others having the same name. Here are cute and unique nicknames for Catherine.

Catherine or Katherine is a common royal name that has been given to a girl for many centuries. It is one of the most popular girl names all over the world.

Catherine is a feminine given name of Greek origin derived from the words ‘katharos’ and ‘enekleisthai,’ which means ‘pure’ and ‘chaste.’

The name Catherine has been in use for a very long time now. It has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks, in the year 412, when Saint Catherine of Alexandria was martyred.

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Despite its popularity, it is still endeavored by many parents for their daughters. And Catherine is one of the top 100 names for the girl!

So, while being the most popular and common name for the girls, you can set your Catherine apart from others by giving them a middle name or unique nickname.

I love the way Catherine sounds. It gives a royal feeling to the personality.

In this blog post, I have searched the internet and complied cute and unique nicknames for Catherine to give you some inspiration. You can choose the nickname depending on your baby’s personality, the sound of the nickname, and most importantly, the one that resonates with you.

Do you need nicknames for Catherine?

Nicknames are given to a person out of affection for them. It is usually a short form of their given name. Sometimes, when a child grows up, they like to be called by a nickname rather than their given name.

The name Catherine is cute and has a romantic feeling, but it can be a bit long to pronounce every day. Also, it is one of the most popular and most loved names by parents for their daughters around the world. So, giving them a nickname will set them apart from other Catherine, and who knows, your daughter may like to go by a nickname rather than Catherine!

So, take your time and choose a cute, unique nickname your baby will love when she grows up!

Nicknames for Catherine

Nicknames become your child’s identity as they grow up in your household. So, let’s look at the most common and unique nicknames for your Catherine.

Common Nicknames for Catherine

These common nicknames are usually short forms of Catherine or names that should be similar to Cathine. They are common and easy to pronounce.

  1. Cat
  2. Cathy
  3. Cath
  4. Kathryn
  5. Kathy
  6. Katy
  7. Kate
  8. Cait
  9. Caty
  10. Cati
  11. Caterina
  12. Katherina
  13. Katrina
  14. Catalina (Spanish Variation of Catherine)
  15. Carina
  16. Karina
  17. Katya (Russian variation of Catherine)
  18. Cather
  19. Carry
  20. Karry
  21. Trina
  22. Trin
  23. Rina
  24. Erin

Unique and Rare Nicknames for Catherine

If you don’t like the common nicknames for Catherine, then you can choose a unique or rate nickname for your baby girl.

But when you choose a unique nickname for Catherine, keep in mind what works for you and whether your little one will like when they grow up.

You also don’t want to choose a nickname that will embarrass them when they grow up. So here are some unique and rare nicknames for Catherine.

girl in a white dress wearing pink hat
  1. Rine
  2. Reny
  3. Rain
  4. Rany
  5. Rani
  6. Ryne
  7. Renna
  8. Rynie
  9. Cay
  10. Cary
  11. Caine
  12. Athere
  13. Athy
  14. Eri
  15. Ery
  16. Catya
  17. Cata
  18. Cai
  19. Cah
  20. Cane
  21. Cari
  22. Cahere
  23. Cahy
  24. Caca
  25. Cia
  26. Ceya
  27. Cany
  28. Canzy
  29. Kanzy
  30. Canna
  31. Catrin
  32. Catkin
  33. Catfin

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Cool Nicknames for Catherine

Cool nicknames are very trendy. And that’s what kids want when they grow up. In addition, having a cool name gives them a boost of confidence. So, think out of the box and come up with a cool nickname for Catherine. Here are a few inspirations.

Girl in a pink dress and pink headband crawling
  1. Caca
  2. Cucu
  3. Cuki
  4. Cara
  5. Coco
  6. Koko
  7. Cuckoo
  8. Catho
  9. Kit
  10. Kat
  11. Kit kat
  12. Caju
  13. Kitty
  14. Kitty
  15. Cats
  16. Caths
  17. Canthy
  18. Cantry
  19. Candy
  20. Canry
  21. Cayce
  22. Kayce
  23. Cee-cee
  24. CC     
  25. Duchess
  26. Saint

Funny Nicknames for Catherine

The nickname does not have to be serious. It can be something silly too. For example, I have a couple of funny nicknames for my baby.

I don’t use them every day, but they do come out when he is silly or funny.

Baby girl in a white dress and white head crown with basket on side
  1. Cat in the Hat
  2. Cathesta
  3. Caster
  4. Cathro
  5. Roo
  6. Kitten
  7. Cathsper
  8. Casper
  9. Cassy
  10. Kicker
  11. Cobra Kai
  12. Kai
  13. Cat-bat
  14. Kandy K
  15. Corny
  16. Capsicum
  17. Cancun
  18. Cathabaska
  19. Cathedra
  20. Cathero
  21. Cathesto
  22. Cath Lab
  23. Cath
  24. Catfish
  25. Cupcake
  26. Cake
  27. Catka
  28. Catie-Betty

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Catherine Bach – An American actress

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Catherine Deneuve – French actress

Catherine Ringer – French pop-rock singer

Catherine Bell – British actress

How to Choose a good Nickname for your Child?

Just like you put lots of thought into deciding the first name for your child, it takes the same effort to come up with a good nickname for your child.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when deciding on a nickname for them.

Think about your baby’s personality

You do not want to decide on a nickname when you select your baby’s first name. You can shortlist the ideas, but once the baby is with you, you will better understand the perfect nickname for your baby.

Every child is different, and when you pay attention to the specific trait of your child – like how he eats, how he sleeps, and how he acts or behaves, you will get some clue about his personality. Then, you can choose the nickname on that basis as well.

My baby used to pee, especially when you take their diaper out. So, I gave him the funny nickname ‘pee-pee pant.’ That was one of his nicknames when he was a baby.

That was a funny nickname but you can concentrate on the positive personality of your child and come up with a unique handle that resonates with you and your child’s unique identity. That way, you will have a more meaningful nickname for your baby.

Think about your child’s liking and Future

Your child’s liking matters when you decide the nickname for them. You don’t want to give a funny or unique nickname that they won’t approve of or be embarrassed by when they grow up.

It happens. My sister’s nickname was ‘Chewing gum.’ One time my parents called her by her nickname in front of her friends. She was embarrassed, and her friend started calling her Chewing gum at school too.

So, be mindful of choosing a nickname for your baby. Funny or silly nicknames when there is a baby are fine, but they will mind the funny ones when they grow up.

Choose a short form or first name as a nickname

When choosing one official nickname for your baby, choose the short form of their first name. So, for Catherine, choose Cathy, Cat, Athy, Rine, or Reene. They are cute and easy to pronounce.

These nicknames are part of their first name, so they won’t mind when they grow up. Also, shortening your first name is the easiest way of finding a nickname for your baby.

From the above list, choose the common or unique nicknames close to their first name if you are worried about your baby’s liking when she grows up.


Are Kathrine and Catherine the same name?

Yes, Katherine and Catherine are variations of the name. They are popular names in Christian countries because of the first Christian saint, Catherine of Alexandra.

Can Catherine be shortened to Kate?

Catherine or Katherine can be shortened to Kate because Catherine and Katherine are a variation of the same name. So, you choose Kate as a nickname for Catherine or Katherine.

Is Erin a nickname for Catherine?

While Erin is a name on its own, you can still use it as a nickname for your baby girl Catherine. If you are looking for a nickname that is a short form of Catherine, then Erin can be a nickname for Catherine.

Is Cait a nickname for Catherine?

Cait is an Irish and Gaelic variation of the name Catherine. It can be used as a nickname for Catherine. It is pronounced like ‘Kate.’


I hope you have shortlisted a few potential nicknames for Catherine in your life. Whatever nickname you choose for your little baby, make sure to account for their opinion and, most importantly, choose the one that resonates with you and your family.

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