100+ Unique and Cool Nicknames for Brooklyn

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If you are thinking of giving your cute little one with a popular name a nickname, this is the article for you to choose from the best nicknames for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is currently one of the most common names out there. Now, depending on your sources, some say it is on the rise, while others will say it is on the decline.

But whether or not it’s becoming popular or not, it is without a doubt that Brooklyn is most commonly used among Americans compared to other nationalities in other countries.

According to the New York Post, Brooklyn is one of America’s most popular baby names. Its popularity has risen from being No. 912 in the rankings for the past twenty years to being top 30 in each of the past three years.

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On the other hand, some would argue the opposite, which is, in fact, in decline as a girl’s name. Furthermore, some have cited that the name declines significantly every year. For example, in 2018, it was seen to decline 8 spots within the Top 50.

Becoming increasingly popular or not, it is still currently one of the most common names in the United States. So with that, it is understandable to have a likewise cool nickname to set your baby apart from the rest.

Choosing a perfect fit nickname for your baby is fun. However, it being fun does not necessarily mean that it is easy.

Let this article be your mini-guide toward considering all the things and other factors you need in choosing Brooklyn nicknames for boys and girls.

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The Origin and Meaning Behind Brooklyn

A lot of people nowadays are aiming for nicknames for their children. If you are one of them, then finding a perfect nickname for Brooklyn can be exciting.

The name traces its origin to the Dutch. It comes from the Dutch town of Breukelen, situated in the Western portion of Long Island near the border with Queens.

Its English meaning is something like water, a small stream, or even a beautiful brook. With regard to its meaning, the name connotes “one who lives near the brook.”

Why Do You Need a Nickname?

Having a nickname is a relatively common practice in several cultures. So it is usually when other people around us use an alternative, often shortened, name as a substitute for our original given first name.

Nicknames have been around ever since people have been talking about them. When people have them, it is impliedly understood that it is a sign of belongingness, cordial and intimate affection, and, most of all, a very effective way to stand out from the rest.

When you give a nickname to your child, it signifies their belongingness not just to you and the family and at home but also, in the broader sense, their connection to friends, classmates, and teachers at school and the rest of the community as a whole.  

In terms of relationships, giving your kid a nickname is one way of showing affection. It clearly manifests familial love, intimacy, trust, and even just cordial friendship.

Remember that whatever nickname you give will have an emotional impact on your baby. Giving your little one a nickname is one way of showing your love and care. You would want to make your baby feel valued and loved.

Lastly, nicknames are also important to have for reasons of convenience. More often than not, there are thousands of other people with the name of Brooklyn. So having a unique and cool nickname can help your baby shine among the rest.

It will not only help other people in trying to pinpoint him or her. But it will also help your little one in how he or she introduces him or herself to friends and other people in the future.

Common Nicknames For Brooklyn

Newborn baby wrap in pink blanket and sleeping in a basket

Let us start with the common nicknames for Brooklyn. Here are the Brooklyn nicknames for boys and girls.

  1. B
  2. Brizzy
  3. Beanie
  4. BBQ
  5. Bookin
  6. Brookie
  7. Bree Fire
  8. Brooke
  9. Broccoli
  10. Brook
  11. Lynnie
  12. Baby B
  13. Roo
  14. Bookie
  15. Lynn
  16. Brooky-Pooh
  17. Queen Bee
  18. Brookster
  19. Lynn
  20. Brooky-Pooh
  21. Queenie Bee
  22. Brookster
  23. Brock
  24. Booboo
  25. Brookie
  26. Broke-lyn 
  27. Lynnie
  28. Rooky
  29. Bro
  30. BL
  31. Brookie Baby
  32. Brookline
  33. Brookes
  34. Roo
  35. Lyn
  36. Bee
  37. B-Kay
  38. Lin
  39. Book
  40. Keely 
  41. Rook
  42. Rooky
  43. Brooks
  44. BB
  45. Bookie 
  46. Bryn
  47. B-Lyn
  48. Bree 
  49. Beanie 
  50. Broccoli 
  51. Brookster 
  52. Brookie Bear 
  53. Crooklyn 
  54. Brooklyn Nets 
  55. Queen B 
  56. Brooky-Pooh 
  57. Mighty B 

Unique Nicknames For Brooklyn

baby girl in pink and white dress posting with hat on her head_nicknames for Brooklyn

Now, if you prefer more creative and extraordinary nicknames for Brooklyn, you might want to check the list below for your choosing:

  1. Bracks
  2. Brackstar
  3. Bro-Lyn
  4. Tortoise shell
  5. Lynster
  6. Spot
  7. Sunflower
  8. Maze
  9. The Beebs
  10. The Brooklyn
  11. Marilyn Monroe
  12. Dennis Rodman
  13. Roo
  14. Charming
  15. Funny Brooklyn
  16. Gummy
  17. Mutter Nut
  18. Cat fish
  19. Brooklyn Zombie
  20. Pepper
  21. Brooklyn Brooklyn
  22. Brooklyn hair
  23. Wade
  24. Sun Shine
  25. Brooklyny

Cool and Creative Nicknames for Brooklyn

The name Brooklyn already has that eccentric and diverse vibe. If you want to push it further. Give your little one any of the cool and creative nicknames for Brooklyn.  

  1. Brooklyn Rod
  2. Brooklynie
  3. Bee’s Knees
  4. Brooklyn Bomb
  5. Brooklyn Fish
  6. Brooklyn Star
  7. Barbie
  8. Coco
  9. Blush Brooklyn
  10. Bee
  11. Brooklyn Dork
  12. Brooklyn Locks
  13. Brooklyn Princess
  14. Brat
  15. Brook Bee
  16. Bumblebee
  17. Dip Brooklyn
  18. Brooklyn Curls
  19. Boo
  20. Boo Boo

What are some Funny Nicknames for Brooklyn?

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with having a humorous nickname. Aside from making people smile or laugh a bit, it will be certain that they will remember you.

Make sure to check these funny nicknames for Brooklyn:

  1. Brooklyn age
  2. Brooklyn Boo
  3. Finn
  4. Eye Candy
  5. Lynnie
  6. Duckling
  7. Peanut
  8. Bab
  9. HardHead
  10. Jonas
  11. Sunny
  12. Geranium
  13. Sweet Brooklyne
  14. K-line
  15. Ok
  16. Okey
  17. Brik
  18. Roo
  19. Rook
  20. Rookie
  21. Bree
  22. Brooklyn Strawberry
  23. Bleach Head
  24. Brooklyn Head
  25. Apollo
  26. Peaches
  27. Bitsy
  28. Bisque
  29. Brooklynie
  30. Tay
  31. B-Roo
  32. Biscuit

How To Pick the Perfect Nickname?

baby boy holding his feet and laying on a carpet

Choosing a nickname that can be a perfect fit for your baby is exciting and fun. However, some people will not say that it is easy.

This is because you will be solely responsible for whatever nickname your baby will ever end up with. The fact that your little Brooklyn will be using that nickname in the future adds pressure to that thought which is normal to feel. 

Being familiar with the importance of choosing a nickname is okay, so you will also be careful and give additional thoughts on it. When picking a nickname, it is best to consider a set of factors.

Uniqueness and Popularity

This should be a no-brainer. Yet, the commonness and uncommonness of a name are some of the factors commonly considered by most.

For instance, a significant number of people prefer having popular or common names for practicality because it is often easy to spell, write, pronounce, and even remember.

Ultimately, having a popular or common name or nickname allows a person to blend in conventionally in an easy manner. While on the other hand, it can be the opposite for people with unique or uncommon names or nicknames.

It is true that having a less common or unique can give disadvantages like difficulty in spelling and pronunciation, but there are also advantages.

For one, people will tend to remember you easily. But, at the same time, having a unique can surely help you stand out from the rest, especially when you have a relatively popular or common name.

Personality, Character, and Identity

Did you know that names or whatever we call people can affect their personality, character, and even identity?

A 2000 research study confirmed that people who disliked their names tended to have poor psychological adjustment. In the given study, some specific causes were a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Indeed, this is a helpful thought to remember from time to time. In addition, it serves as a reminder that choosing a random nickname is not the best way to go without proper consideration.

We want to make sure that the nickname we choose is not only cute, cool, and whatever. But that is also very much good for the well-being of our loving child. 

As correctly understood by most, the name or nickname of your little one is one of the strongest connections to their identity and individuality.

Literature, Religion, and Cultural Background

Picking just a random nickname is not generally recommended. Even when choosing a nickname just because it sounds cool alone can have some unintended negative effects.

This is because many cool nicknames out there are actually coming from different and old languages influenced by religion, literature, and other cultural factors.

One of the last things you would ever want is for your baby to have a nickname that has an offensive or insensitive meaning to other cultures and beliefs—especially living in a time and place with many people with diverse backgrounds. 

Conversely, considering these factors is also very helpful as you know the special meaning and origins of the nicknames you are interested in and avoid the demeaning ones. 

Brooklyn, for one, originated from the Dutch language used by the early settlers that could either mean one who lives near a brook or, in some cases, broken land.

Lastly, would it not be better to know the general background of your baby’s nickname? This is so in the future, when they ask you about it; you will surely have a very interesting answer.

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Name of other Family Members

Consider this if you want to make sure the best dynamics for the family are at home. 

It mostly concerns picking the nickname choices that are best coupled with the other names in your family. I would recommend this if you have other little ones.

Doing so is indeed very cute and wholesome. But more than this, it can also shape the sibling bond and the overall family relationship at home.

After all, as one of the parents, you would always want a comforting and welcoming atmosphere at home. And that includes simply calling your babies by their nicknames out of bed in the morning.

Famous People Named Brooklyn

Selecting the best nickname is more complicated than randomly choosing one in one swift. So to help you, here is a list of famous people named Brooklyn to be inspired.

  • Brooklyn Decker
  • Brooklyn Dreams
  • Brooklyn Lee
  • Brooklyn Sudano
  • Brooklyn Proulx
  • Brooklyn Mack
  • Brooklyn Peltz Beckham
  • Brooklyn Chase
  • Brooklyn LcKnight
  • Brooklyn Freed
  • Brooklyn Rae Silzer
  • Brooklyn Weaver
  • Brooklyn McLinn
  • Brooklyn Vaughn
  • Brooklyn Joseph
  • Brooklyn Proulx
  • Brooklyn Blue
  • Brooklyn Bailey
  • Brookklyn Camm
  • Brooklyn Daniels


How Popular is the Name Brooklyn?

Overall, the name Brooklyn is very popular. Aside from becoming increasingly popular in the United States, the name is also becoming trendy in other countries.

While there is a decline in girls using the name in the United States, the opposite is happening in other countries worldwide.

In Canada, the Brooklyn name has been included among the top 500 names for girls between the years 2000 and 2019. Additionally, in New Zealand, it is within the top 100 names for girls between the years 2000 and 2018.

When it comes to the boy’s version, Brooklyn name is strongest in the United States. However, while it is usually found that boys in America use the name, it has been a consistently popular name in England and Wales since 1999.

Is Brooklyn a Boy or Girl’s name?

The name Brooklyn is not exclusive to one specific gender. It is largely considered to be a gender-neutral name. Brooklyn is observed to be popular with both boys and girls.

However, there has been a decline in girls being named as such in recent years. Meanwhile, it is now more common to meet someone named Brooklyn, that is a boy.

This said, the decline was seen in the United States, where the girl version of Brooklyn is decreasing while the use of the boy version is increasing, and it is even suggested to enter the Top 1000 names potentially.

Examples of Middle Names for Brooklyn For Girls

If you named your little girl Brooklyn, you might want to give her a middle name to set her apart from other Brooklyn she will meet in her life.

  • Brooklyn Louise
  • Brooklyn Audrey
  • Brooklyn Avalon
  • Brooklyn Avery
  • Brooklyn Beatrice
  • Brooklyn Caitlin
  • Brooklyn Carmel
  • Brooklyn Caroline
  • Brooklyn Cassandra
  • Brooklyn Cecelia
  • Brooklyn Celeste
  • Brooklyn Celia
  • Brooklyn Charlotte
  • Brooklyn Chelsea
  • Brooklyn Cindi
  • Brooklyn Claire
  • Brooklyn Constance
  • Brooklyn Cosette
  • Brooklyn Dahlia
  • Brooklyn Daisy
  • Brooklyn Danae
  • Brooklyn Daniela
  • Brooklyn Danika
  • Brooklyn Daphne
  • Brooklyn Darlene

List of Middle Names for Brooklyn For Boys

If you have Brooklyn as a Boy, here are a few middle names to set him apart from other boys or girls with the same name.

  • Brooklyn Daryll
  • Brooklyn Austin
  • Brooklyn Dean
  • Brooklyn Charles
  • Brooklyn Abe
  • Brooklyn Dennis
  • Brooklyn Dan
  • Brooklyn Daniel
  • Brooklyn Daniels
  • Brooklyn Edward
  • Brooklyn Edgar
  • Brooklyn Ernie
  • Brooklyn Arnel
  • Brooklyn Josh
  • Brooklyn Jason
  • Brooklyn Mark
  • Brooklyn Ellen
  • Brooklyn Luis
  • Brooklyn Vincent
  • Brooklyn Carl
  • Brooklyn Jon
  • Brooklyn Eli
  • Brooklyn Marc
  • Brooklyn Raymond
  • Brooklyn Mark Louie

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Conclusion – Best Nicknames for Brooklyn

Selecting the best-fitting nickname for your baby is not an easy task. At first, it may sound easy, but during the process of doing some research, it can be complicated.

No matter, there is always fun and excitement in doing so. Plus, you hold the opportunity to give your little one the nickname they will use in the future.

As long as you research and keep some essential factors in mind, you will be able to find a perfect nickname for Brooklyn in your life.

You got this, Mama!

Cute Baby Boy Named Brooklyn

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