200+ Cute Middle Names for Eloise

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Eloise is a French name and if you are looking for cute middle names for Eloise, read on.

Middle names are very popular these days, and almost every child has a middle name. Having a middle name sets your child apart from others sharing the same first name.

Giving your baby a middle name also gives your child a choice of what they like to be identified as later on in their life.

If you are looking for a cute middle name for your Eloise but don’t know how to choose the best middle name, this article will guide you.  

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What is the meaning of the name Eloise?

Eloise is a feminine name of French origin, meaning “healthy.” The original version of Eloise is Heloise, the wife of French philosopher Peter Abelard.

Eloise was a popular girl name in the early 19th century, but then it declined in its popularity. However, according to the Social Security Administrator, Eloise gained popularity as a baby girl name after 2008, and it was tops 200 baby girl names in 2020.

Eloise name Pronunciation

Origin French
 Pronunciation ell-oh-eez

Cute Middle names for Eloise

Here is the list of cute and popular middle names for Eloise. The middle name should be any name that goes well with Eloise as a first name. You can also choose the gender-neutral middle name as a middle name for Eloise. I have put together middle names in alphabetical order to find the name easily if you prefer the middle name, starting with a specific letter.

Middle name starting with letter A

Eloise Ana

Eloise Ace (one syllable middle name)

Eloise Arch (one syllable middle name)

Eloise Ash (one syllable middle name)

Eloise Alexa

Eloise Annalisa

Eloise Annabelle

Eloise Ariel

Eloise Amelia

Eloise Alia

Eloise Ashley

Eloise Amaya

Eloise Amelia

Eloise Adele

Eloise Arianna

Eloise Aspen

Middle name starting with letter B

Eloise Beth (one syllable middle name)

Eloise Brea (one syllable middle name)

Eloise Belle (one syllable middle name)

Eloise Blythe (one syllable middle name)

Eloise Brianna

Eloise Brook

Eloise Bridget

Eloise Bleu

Eloise Bianca

Eloise Beatrice

Eloise Bijoy

Eloise Beverly

Eloise Bristol


Eloise Clara

Eloise Caroline

Eloise Catherine

Eloise Charlotte

Eloise Chloe

Eloise Celeste

Eloise Candice

Eloise Camille

Eloise Camay

Eloise Canty

Eloise Clementine

Eloise Casey


Eloise Dorothy

Eloise Daisy

Eloise Daphne

Eloise Dawn

Eloise Delilah

Eloise Destiny

Eloise Deborah

Eloise Daria

Eloise Dalilah


Eloise Emma

Eloise Emily

Eloise Elenore

Eloise Emilia

Eloise Eden

Eloise Elaina

Eloise Elis

Eloise Everest


Eloise Faith

Eloise Fiona

Eloise Francesca

Eloise Fallon

Eloise Fuchsia

Eloise Flora

Eloise Fawn

Eloise Fern

Eloise Frost


Eloise Genesis

Eloise Gillian

Eloise Genevieve

Eloise Gianna

Eloise Georgia

Eloise Gloria

Eloise Garnet

Eloise Greta


Eloise Hazel

Eloise Hannah

Eloise Hope

Eloise Heather

Eloise Hailey

Eloise Helena

Eloise Hyacinthe

Eloise Henrietta

Eloise Harlow


Eloise Ivy

Eloise Ingrid

Eloise Isabel

Eloise Ireland

Eloise India

Eloise Iris


Eloise Joselyn

Eloise Josie

Eloise Julia

Eloise Jelena

Eloise Jane

Eloise Joy

Eloise Joanna

Eloise Jillian

Eloise Jemima

Eloise Jasmine

Eloise Jolly

Eloise Jesse


Eloise Kasey

Eloise Kristina

Eloise Karina

Eloise Katherine

Eloise Kelly

Eloise Kyla


Eloise Lisa

Eloise Loren

Eloise Laine

Eloise Lydia

Eloise Luna

Eloise Lana

Eloise Lawry

Eloise Leanne

Eloise Lorelei

Eloise Legacy

Eloise Lillian

Eloise Leilani


Eloise Maria

Eloise Meredith

Eloise Mariel

Eloise Mabel

Eloise Margaret

Eloise Makayla

Eloise Melody

Eloise Melanie

Eloise Mackenzie

Eloise Milena

Eloise Megan

Eloise Mia

Eloise Molly


Eloise Naomi

Eloise Nadia

Eloise Naima

Eloise Nora

Eloise Natalie

Eloise Nicole

Eloise Nevada

Eloise Norah

Eloise Nova

Eloise Naina

Eloise November


Eloise Odilia

Eloise Olivia

Eloise Ophelia

Eloise October

Eloise Opel

Eloise Opera


Eloise Paige

Eloise Priscilla

Eloise Pearl

Eloise Piper

Eloise Peyton

Eloise Preita

Eloise Pretty

Eloise Piera


Eloise Quincy

Eloise Quinn

Eloise Quinley

Eloise Queena


Eloise Rehana

Eloise Reta

Eloise Racheal

Eloise Rose

Eloise Rosalie

Eloise Reagan

Eloise Ruby

Eloise Riley

Eloise Rebecca

Eloise Ranee

Eloise Ria

Eloise Railey


Eloise Sophie

Eloise Samantha

Eloise Seirra

Eloise Sophia

Eloise Susanna

Eloise Sadie

Eloise Skylar

Eloise Sarah

Eloise Saige


Eloise Tess

Eloise Tia

Eloise Terrain

Eloise Terry

Eloise Teagan

Eloise Tabitha

Eloise Trinity

Eloise Trish

Eloise Tennessee

Eloise Tessa

Eloise Tamara

U, V

Eloise Unity

Eloise Uriel

Eloise Uriah

Eloise Vivian

Eloise Victoria

Eloise Violet

Eloise Virginia

Eloise Valarie

Eloise Vera

Eloise Vanessa

Eloise Veronica

W, X, Y, Z

Eloise Winona

Eloise Winna

Eloise Waverly

Eloise Willow

Eloise Yasmin

Eloise Yvonne

Eloise Yvette

Eloise Zoey

Eloise Zarina

Eloise Zanele

Unique Nicknames for Eloise

While you are deciding on a middle name for Eloise, why not choose a cute nickname for your little Eloise too! So here are cute nicknames that Eloise.











First Names that Go well with Eloise as a Middle Name

If you consider Eloise as a middle name, then these first names will go well with Eloise as a middle name.

Axelle Eloise

Audrey Eloise

Ariana Eloise

Ashley Eloise

Bianca Eloise

Beth Eloise

Bethany Eloise

Cathy Eloise

Casey Eloise

Destiny Eloise

Dory Eloise

Emery Eloise

Elena Eloise

Fiona Eloise

Gabriella Eloise

Genette Eloise

Geneve Eloise

Gianna Eloise

Henrietta Eloise

Harlow Eloise

Ivory Eloise

Ivy Eloise

Jelena Eloise

Janie Eloise

Jamie Eloise

Kaira Eloise

Kenna Eloise

Karina Eloise

Kasey Eloise

Lisa Eloise

Loren Eloise

Leilani Eloise

Meira Eloise

Miesha Eloise

Maeve Eloise

Nina Eloise

Naomi Eloise

Opal Eloise

Pipa Eloise

Piper Eloise

Paisley Eloise

Roselia Eloise

Reina Eloise

Reith Eloise

Riley Eloise

Simone Eloise

Saige Eloise

Scarlett Eloise

Tegan Eloise

Tiara Eloise

Vienna Eloise

Vivian Eloise

Willow Eloise

Sibling Boy Names that go well with Eloise

Eloise and Andrew

Eloise and Austin

Eloise and Bennett

Eloise and Carl

Eloise and Declan

Eloise and Emmett

Eloise and Grayson

Eloise and Harold

Eloise and Isaac

Eloise and Isai

Eloise and Jason

Eloise and Kalen

Eloise and Kaysen

Eloise and Liam

Eloise and Mason

Eloise and Marcel

Eloise and Noel

Eloise and Otto

Eloise and Piper

Eloise and Parker

Eloise and Roland

Eloise and Ryan

Eloise and Samuel

Eloise and Sawyer

Eloise and Tyler

Eloise and Teston

Eloise and Wes

Eloise and Willie

Eloise and Zyair

Sibling Girl Names that go well with Eloise

Eloise and Adele

Eloise and Amelia

Eloise and Abigail

Eloise and Bianca

Eloise and Bailey

Eloise and Carmen

Eloise and Callie

Eloise and Daniela

Eloise and Diana

Eloise and Elanor

Eloise and Elsie

Eloise and Elaina

Eloise and Finley

Eloise and Gracie

Eloise and Gemma

Eloise and Harper

Eloise and Hailey

Eloise and Iris

Eloise and Jenna

Eloise and Jocelyn

Eloise and Kenny

Eloise and Kaylee

Eloise and Loise

Eloise and Lyla

Eloise and Mackenzie

Eloise and Maddie

Eloise and Nevaeh

Eloise and Piper

Eloise and Payton

Eloise and Riley

Eloise and Sadie

Eloise and Sienna

Eloise and Sloane

Eloise and Teagan

Eloise and Trinity

Eloise and Tessa

Eloise and Wynter

How to Choose a Middle Name for Eloise

Any name can be a middle name as long as you like it, but here is what you need to pay attention to while choosing a middle name for Eloise.

The best middle name should be one that goes well with the first name and the last name. So when you choose a middle name, say it out loud with first name and last name. If you like the sound of it, then that’s the perfect middle name for Eloise.

Middle name can be your family name (perhaps mom’s maiden name) or your great grandparents’ name. This is a great way to pay homage to someone you admire.

You can also choose a middle name based on your belief or religion. For example, if you are living far away from home or you are an immigrant, something that reminds you of where you grew up would be nice as a middle name for your baby.

Once you decide on the middle name for Eloise, type the full name on google and see any weird things are not coming up. But, of course, the last thing you want is your baby’s name, similar to most wanted criminal.

You also want to check the initial and see if it goes well together.


Is Eloise a common name? 

Yes, Eloise was a popular name back in the early 20s. But then it fell off the radar for many years and now back as a popular girl name after 2008. According to the Social Security Administrator, in 2020, Eloise was the top 200 popular girl name.

Is Eloise a Catholic Name?

The first, Eloise (Heloise), was a philosopher and nun in the Catholic church, but later she got married to Peter Abelard. So, you can associate Eloise as a Catholic name.

Middle Names for Eloise: Final Thoughts

Eloise is a super cute name, and many middle names go well with Eloise. I hope you have shortlisted your favorite middle name that goes well with Eloise. If you are still not sure about the middle name for Eloise, check out this list of gender-neutral names or Nature-inspired baby names that could go well with the first name Eloise.

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