100+ Cute Nicknames for Angel

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Angel is one of the simplest yet most endearing names out there. If you have named your little one Angel and are looking for a fitting nickname, here are 100+ nicknames for Angel for your inspiration.

There is no doubt that Angel is one of the most popular names in both Spanish and even English-speaking countries. Given how mainstream it is, you should definitely pick the best nickname to help your child stand out among the rest.

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In the United States, it is currently ranked as the 67th most popular name among males for the year 2021 and ranked 491st among females in the same year.

The name is also very common abroad, such as in other countries like Spain in Europe and Chile, Puerto Rico, and Mexico in Central and South America.

Before we get into the considerations of picking the best nickname for your baby, let us start first with the meaning and origin of the name.

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The Origin and Meaning of Angel

The name traces its origin back to the Greeks, where it is used as the word for the name of divine beings. Angel translates to the Greeks as Angelos, which means “Messenger.”

Being derived from the Greeks, the same name was also used back then in medieval Latin. However, it was more commonly used as a masculine name Angelus during that time.

Through time, the name Angel has evolved into both masculine and feminine. This is most especially the case for English-speaking countries in our modern times.

Why You Should Have a Nickname for Angel

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Aside from setting your baby apart from the many persons with the same name, having nicknames is also cute to have.

Moreover, having a nickname can also be treated as a sign of familial love, intimacy, trust, and also friendship. Finally, having nicknames can also be for purposes of convenience.

Nicknames can also be interpreted to indicate belongingness to a specific group, in this case, your child’s belongingness to your family at home.

Giving your little one a nickname can also be a way for you and your family to showcase your genuine love and care. To make your baby feel that they are valuable and loved.

True enough that having nicknames is not mandatory, but it never really hurts to have one, especially with a very popular name.

Additionally, nicknames have also been observed to affect the child’s self-esteem positively or negatively.

Remember that nicknames exist for a reason. Nicknames reflect how other people view the person, which may also affect how the child sees themselves.

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Here are the Unique and Common Nicknames For Angel

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Here is a list of the most mainstream and one-of-a-kind nicknames for all babies named Angel. These nicknames are variants coming from different regions of the world.

  1. Ange
  2. Angie
  3. Angelino
  4. Angelito
  5. Anj
  6. Ange (Angeh)
  7. Angy
  8. Angu
  9. An
  10. Anny
  11. Anghelo
  12. Anghela
  13. Angel Life
  14. Angellena
  15. Amir Starr
  16. Anl
  17. Anara
  18. Angelette
  19. Angelisa
  20. Anaya
  21. Andie
  22. Andi
  23. Anastasia
  24. Analize
  25. Anaiya
  26. Anali
  27. Analia
  28. Angila
  29. Analina
  30. Analiese
  31. Ane
  32. Angelique
  33. Angeline
  34. Angelina
  35. Angelie
  36. Angelica
  37. Angelika
  38. Angela
  39. Angelia
  40. Angelique
  41. Ania
  42. Aniah
  43. Aniela
  44. Aniella
  45. Anika
  46. Anca
  47. Ankie
  48. Anise
  49. Anissa
  50. Ankielita
  51. Aniston
  52. Anne
  53. Ann
  54. Anja
  55. Anjo
  56. Anghelia
  57. Anjali
  58. Anna-Gel
  59. Angies
  60. Angelimo
  61. Anghelio
  62. Chibi
  63. Chelito
  64. El
  65. Ella
  66. Ela
  67. Ellie
  68. Eli
  69. Eala
  70. Ellah
  71. Gel
  72. Gelo
  73. Gelai
  74. Gellia
  75. Ghel
  76. Gela
  77. Gelai
  78. Geloski
  79. Gelos
  80. Gelly
  81. Gelina
  82. Gelisa
  83. Gellie
  84. Gelmo
  85. Gels
  86. Giez
  87. Gee-gee
  88. Gia
  89. Gi
  90. Hasu
  91. Jel
  92. Jelly
  93. Jeliah
  94. Jelly
  95. Jello
  96. Luay
  97. Laika
  98. Laykah
  99. Lyka
  100. Rangga

What are some Nicknames of Angel In Spanish?

Since Angel is very common as well in Spanish-speaking countries and of people with Spanish descendant background, here is a list of nicknames of the name in Spanish.

  1. Ángel
  2. Ángelo
  3. Ángela
  4. Angelita
  5. Angelina
  6. Angella
  7. Angélica
  8. Angelito
  9. Angelino
  10. Angello

A List of Cute Female Nicknames for Angel

If you are going to give a nickname for your baby girl, make sure to have one that is both adorable and cute. You can check out the examples here:

  1. Agnolla
  2. Angeliana
  3. Angelea
  4. Angelie
  5. Angele
  6. Angelaina
  7. Ageletta
  8. Angelette

What are Examples of Nicknames for Angel (Boy)

  1. Angelo
  2. Angelu
  3. Ang
  4. Anj
  5. Anghel
  6. Abaddon
  7. Kafziel
  8. Zadkiel
  9. Raziel
  10. Gelo
  11. Gello or Gelio

 How To Pick the Perfect Nickname For Angel

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While at the end of the day, it will be totally up to you, it is also best to have some considerations in choosing the nickname for your child.

This article will provide you with a number of factors that you might want to consider. After all, whatever nickname you will choose for your baby will be used throughout their growing years.

Popularity and Uniqueness

Popularity does not always mean that you should opt for the one most well-known or familiar to all. This is because some parents actually prefer less-known nicknames.

If you are one of the people that want to have a popular nickname for your child, then there is surely plenty to choose from when you have a name like Angel.

One advantage of having a popular nickname is the likelihood that it will be easier for most people to read, pronounce, and spell. At the same, some would even argue that the more common the name, the easier to remember.

When your child grows up and introduces themselves at school, classmates will not ask twice once they hear it.

On the other hand, having a unique nickname can also have its benefits. For one, the uniqueness of the nickname can also help other people to remember you easily. Since chances are, your baby will be the only one to have such a distinctive nickname.

However, do not expect people to get the correct spelling or pronunciation on the first try.

Your Child’s Personality

Personality can be affected by different factors. For example, your child’s nickname can also shape their personality, as whenever other people call them, it will have a specific psychological response.

Just like their given name, the nickname of the baby will also determine psychologically in terms of how to socialize at home and with other people. Some even say it can also say something about their career.

Remember that whatever nickname you will use, it is going to be special both for you and your child. As much as possible, that special meaning should translate to the energy and dynamics you and your baby have.

If your baby is named Angel, the first impression for most is that your baby is a good and God-fearing child. If that is indeed your baby’s personality, then you can pick a nickname that will extend that kind of characteristic.

Now, this consideration does not just talk about your child’s personality. But it also goes both ways. This means that whatever you pick will also reflect you.

Some people say that when you pick a nickname that has a different spelling, it could mean that you are creative. If you chose a unique short name, it could also reflect that you want some spotlight. On the other hand, if you choose a religious or an old family nickname, people might see you as conservative or sentimental.

Religion, Literature, and Cultural Background

Aside from the meaning, you should also research the background of the nickname you plan to call your child.

This is because there is always a chance that a simple or innocent nickname can have either positive or negative connotations with religious beliefs, traditions, cultures, and significance in literature.

One of the last things you would want is to have a nickname with some negative stereotypes or an embarrassing or offensive meaning to other people.

For apparent reasons, Angel is a familiar name in most Western countries. Fortunately, having a nickname derived from Angel gives you a safe point to start thinking of a good nickname.

Names of other Family Members

Parents often forget this last factor in giving a nickname. However, if your baby has a brother or sister with your name and your significant other, it is worthwhile to look at what nickname goes well with other names in the family.

You should check if the nickname will flow well with your family’s other names or nicknames. This not only makes it cuter but will also help strengthen the family bond and connection.

That is why you run through all your options and check if that nickname reads and sounds well with other names in the family.

List of Famous People Named Angel

Contrary to popular belief, deciding the best nickname for your child is not easy. This is one of the reasons why it is best to have some essential factors to consider.

This time, here is a list of some famous people named Angel to help you be inspired in coming up with the best nickname for it.

  • Angel Di Maria (Male) – famous football player associated with Manchester United
  • Angel Locsin (Female)– a Filipina actress
  • Angel Parker (Female) – an American actress
  • Angel Charisma Carter (Female) – American model
  • Angel Paz (Male) – American actor
  • Angel Orsini (Female) – American wrestler, bodybuilder, and mixed martial arts fighter
  • Angel Sanchez (Male) – Dominican baseball player
  • Angel Correa (Male) – Argentinian football player
  • Angel Cabrera (Male) – Argentinian professional golfer
  • Angel Olsen (Female) – American songwriter


Is Angel a Rare Name?

No. The name Angel is most common in Spanish and English-speaking countries.

It is widely known to be in the top 100 names for boys in the United States and is also included in the top 500 for girls.

The name Angel is also common in the Latin American region, including but not limited to Central and South America.

Is Angel a Unisex Name?

Yes. The name Angel is largely considered a gender-neutral name.

The name came from the Greek word Angelos, which means “Messenger, ” with no gender or sex assigned to it back then.

While the name also came from medieval Latin, which has a masculine origin called Angelus, nowadays, it is widely used as a given name for both boys and girls in English-speaking countries.

What names are similar to Angel?

Several names are considered similar to Angel coming from different languages and places. The following are some examples:

  • Angelina
  • Angelika
  • Angelica
  • Amethyst
  • Amy
  • Alicia
  • Aphrodite
  • Amanda
  • Andrea
  • Amber
  • Casey
  • Lolita
  • Archangel
  • Evangeline
  • Michael
  • Gabriel
  • Laila
  • Gabrielle
  • Michalea
  • Micaella

Conclusion – Top 100+ Nicknames for Angel

Choosing the perfect nickname for your loving Angel is one of the most exciting things to do as a mother.

It is not as easy as others think, especially when deciding on one. Sometimes, doing research can make your feel overwhelmed.

However, I hope that this mini-guide helped you narrow down your choices. At the same time, it provided some interesting points to consider in picking the perfect nickname for Angel.

By the time you have decided, head to my next article to have cool ideas on the best ways to announce new family members!

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