15 Fun Diaper Party Games for Guys + FREE PRINTABLE (Low prep and Enticing!)

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Traditional Baby Shower games are fun, but when having a diaper party for guys, you need to come up with fun diaper party games that will interest even the biggest naysayer. So here are fun, low prep diaper party games for guys + FREE PRINTABLE

Traditional theme-based baby shower parties are lots of fun, but I like the simplicity and low-key nature of a diaper party. And you do not need to find a venue for hosting a diaper party as you can host it in your house or backyard.

While beer and BBQ or Pizza is the staple of a diaper party, you can certainly plan fun diaper party games for guys to get them into action.

If you have planned a diaper party or a co-ed diaper party and looking for fun games for guys to get involved in the party, we have listed low prep diaper party games for guys that are fun to play and enticing.

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What is Diaper Party?

A diaper party is a baby shower for men. It is also known as the Beer and Diaper party or Pamper Party.

Unlike a traditional baby shower, a diaper party is casual, low-key to celebrate dad-to-be. The dad-to-be and his buddies spend the day drinking beer and eating food at a diaper party.

It is usually hosted while the mom-to-be is having her baby shower. And you do not need to worry about decoration or fancy food at a diaper party. As long as you have beer and pizza or BBQ or takeout, you are good to go.

I like the simplicity of the diaper party, not only for the host but also for the guests. They don’t have to worry about dressing up for the party or putting their thoughts into buying a gift. Instead, the guests bring diapers of any size or wipes as a gift for a dad-to-be (almost like a diaper raffle activity minus prize draw for a baby shower). If you have a request for a special brand of diapers, like non-toxic disposable diapers, then you have to let your guest know about your preference during the invitation.

And if you are extra thoughtful and want dad-to-be and his buddies to be involved, planning some diaper party games will be a bonus.

Here are fun, low prep, enticing diaper party games for guys to keep them engaged during the party.


Diaper party game invitation

15 Fun Diaper Party Games for Guys

A diaper party should be low prep, and that’s what I have tried to do by coming up with these simple yet fun diaper party games for guys.

1. Baby Bottle Chug

Beer and bottle -bottle chug game instruction page

Get this Bottle Chug Table Sign Printable HERE

A diaper party is all about drinking beer and eating food. So why not turn it into a drinking beer contest to entice the game naysayer. The only twist here is that they will be chugging beer from the baby bottle with a nipple. So whoever finishes their beer first- with a nipple on- from the bottle wins. Or make it into a minute to win a game where they will have one minute to chug the beer from the baby bottle, of course with a nipple on.

The game is easy to setup.


Baby bottles for each player on the team


Printable sign with Instruction

2. Sort the Candy

colored candy sorted in three while paper bowls

Parenthood is hard, and at one or another point, parents experience anxiety. So why not put their anxiety to test with Sort the Candy game.

Put the different colors of M&M candy in a cup. Invite the men and ask them to use only one hand for this game. Once they are ready, ask them to sort candies of the same color into a different cup.

You can play this game head-to-head or give them a 1 minute to sort all the candy.

If the player places the wrong colored candy in a cup, he is out of the game


M & M Candy (4 colors)

Cup to hold the Candy

4 Cups to sort the candies

3. Baby Food Guessing Game

guess the baby food game instruction page

Get this Guess the Baby Food Table Sign Printable HERE

Put your guest’s senses to the test with this baby food guessing game. Invite guests to play a game and blindfold them. They should use their smell and taste senses to recognize the baby food. You can use five different kinds of baby food jars for them to identify.

The person who identifies the most food jars correctly wins!!

You can also play this game without blindfolding the players but make sure you remove the label on each baby food jar. 


Printable Instructions for the game


5 different Baby Food Jars

Spoons for each player

4. My Water Broke

Why would women only get to say ‘My water Broke.’ This game will let guys say ‘My water broke’ without carrying a baby for 9 months.

For this game, you need to purchase tiny babies from Amazon. Then freeze each tiny baby in a water-filled ice cube tray. When guests arrive, give them ice in their drink. Whoever’s ice breaks first with a tiny baby in their glasses can scream ‘My water Broke’ and then you can declare him winner!!


5. Pin The Sperm

Pin the sperm game printable on a wooden display

Get this Printable HERE

Draw a picture of a Vagina on cardboard or get this vagina printable (24×18”), and get it printed at a print shop and stick it to the wall for the diaper party. Cut the sperm (color or black) from the printable for the guest to stick it on the vagina.

Now invite players and blindfold them. Next, have them pin their sperm onto the eggs in the middle of the vagina. Now watch who gets their sperms on eggs correctly.


Printable (Vagina + Sperm)


Paper to make Sperm

6. Take the Wipes out

This game is relatively easy and fun to play. You can either play head-to-head or play it for a minute to win it.

Invite the players and ask them to keep one hand behind their back all the time. When the timer starts, players should remove one wipe or one Kleenex at a time in one minute. Whoever has pulled the highest number of wipes wins!


2 pack of wipes

Or 2 boxes of Kleenex

 7. Pregnancy Twister

Let the guys feel what it is like to be pregnant with this game. First, blow a balloon and ask guys to put it on their belly underneath their t-shirt. Then, tie a ten-pound weight to their wrist. Now invite them to play a twister game. Let them feel how difficult it is to move around as pregnant women.


1 Twister board game

2-3 ten-pound wrist weight

2-3 balloon

 8. Diaper the Baby

Blindfolded diaper changing game instruction page

Get this Diaper the Baby Table Sign Printable HERE

Test your guest’s ‘Putting a diaper on the baby skill’ with this game. Blindfold the guys and ask them to put a diaper on a baby doll. Whoever put diapers first on their baby wins!!


Diaper the Baby Table Sign

2-3 Baby doll

2-3 Diapers


9. Diaper the Partner

This game is perfect for playing at a co-ed diaper party. Instead of diapering a dummy baby, invite couples to play this game. This game is played head-to-head where a girl partner puts a diaper on their partner using toilet tissue. Whoever is successful putting a diaper on their partner first wins!!


Toilet tissue for each participant

10. Who knows Daddy the Best

who knows daddy the best_diaper party game with questions on white paper
Printable Diaper party games for guys

Test your guest on who knows the daddy best. Write down the general questions about daddy, like when he was born, which university he attended, his first job, his favorite sports, etc., on a piece of paper and photocopy it before the shower begins.

Then ask all your guests to fill out the questionnaires. Whoever has the most correct answer wins!!


Pre-photocopied questions from a dad


Get this DIAPER PARTY GAME TEMPLATE FOR FREE at the end of the article.

11. Name the Animal Baby              

Baby animal diaper party game on white paper
Printable Baby Animal game for Diaper party

Write down the name of the animals on lined paper. Then, ask your guest to write down the name of baby animals corresponding to the animals written on the paper. The person with the most correct answer wins.


Pen or pencils for each guest

Lined paper

Get this DIAPER PARTY GAME TEMPLATE FOR FREE at the end of the article.

12. Baby ABC

Baby ABC diaper party game on white paper

Take a lined paper and write down letters A to Z. Invite your guests to write down baby-related items starting with each letter from A to Z. Whoever comes up with the most baby-related items from A to Z wins!!



Pen or pencil for each player

Get this DIAPER PARTY GAME TEMPLATE FOR FREE at the end of the article.

13. Baby Name Race

Baby name race diaper party game on white paper

If you have a hard time coming up with a baby name, then this game will give you plenty of ideas coming from your guests. Take a paper and write down letters A to Z. Invite your guest to come up with a baby name corresponding to each letter from A to Z. This game can be played head-to-head. You can also turn it into a minute to win the game. Whoever comes up with a name for each letter from A-to-Z wins!!



Pen or Pencil for each player

Get this DIAPER PARTY GAME TEMPLATE FOR FREE at the end of the article.

14. Stroller Racing

If you are hosting a diaper party in your backyard or the park, stroller racing is fun to get guys involved. First, define the area from point A to B for stroller racing. Now place the baby doll in a stroller and invite players to take the stroller from point A to B without dropping the baby doll. Play this game head-to-head.


2 Umbrella stroller

2 Babydolls

15. Don’t Drop the Balloon

For a co-ed diaper party, the balloon race is fun for couples to play. For this game, invite couples and have them face each other. Then put a blown balloon between their stomach and let them hold on to the balloon only by their stomach. Next, have them race to the end line without dropping the balloon. Whoever crosses the end line without dropping the balloon wins!! To make it extra competitive, players could try to drop competitors’ balloons without dropping theirs until they reach the end line.


Balloons for each participant

16. Diaper Pong

Diaper pong instruction page

Get this Diaper Pong Table Sign Printable HERE

Diaper Pong is a fun game to play at diaper party. Guys will have fun testing their ‘hit the target’ skill. To play this game, you need big cardboard. Then attach diapers to the cardboard with a pushpin in a way that it makes a basket to score the ball. To make a basket of diaper, you are going to fold the diaper the way you diaper your baby. Attach diapers at equal distances on cardboard.

When you are ready to play this game, divide guests into two teams. In the first round, each member of the team throws 2 balls. The players with the highest scores advances to the next round. In the second round, each player throws 2 balls. The 2 players with the highest score from each group advance to the next round. In the third round, each player throws 3 balls, and the highest score wins. In case of a tie, each player will throw 1 ball, and the highest score wins!

Diaper pong was hit at our Diaper party. This game is low prep. You just need cardboard, diapers, pushpins and balls. To make it easy for you, I have a printable with game instructions. You can print out the instruction at home and set up a table with game materials and instructions.


Game Instruction Printable






How long do Diaper Parties Last?

Diaper parties are more casual than the traditional baby shower and last between 2-4 hours. It is a casual party, so you can come and stay as long as you want. If the host plans diaper party games, it takes 2-4 hours to play the game and eat. If you only drink beer and eat pizza/BBQ party, you can come and go as you like.

Do you Bring Diapers to a Diaper Party?

Yes, Diaper parties are casual events to celebrate dad-to-be. Rather than buying other baby gifts, guests buy diapers and wipes to help parents financially, as diapers cost lots of money.

What Size of Diapers to bring to Diaper Party?

You can bring any size you would like to the diaper party. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so it is hard to decide which size of diapers to bring to a diaper party. I usually get newborn or size 1 diaper at the diaper party, so even when the baby is preemie, parents can use it after the baby is a few months old. Size 1 diaper is suitable for babies that are 8-14 lbs.

Here is a diaper size chart so you have an idea of what size diapers to bring to a diaper party and what size diapers are most needed.

DIAPER SIZEWEIGHTDAILY USEAverage age baby will wear the diaper size
Preemie< 6 lbsAs neededUntil baby gains more than 6 lbs
NewbornUp to 10 lbs10-12 diapers/dayFirst 3-4 weeks
Size 18-14 lbs8-12 diapers/dayFirst 3 months
Size 212-18 lbs8-10 diapers/day3 to 8 months
Size 316-28 lbs8-9 diapers/day5 to 24 months
Size 422-37 lbs6-7 diapers/day18 to 36 months
Size 5>27As needed24 to 42 months

Do you get a card for a diaper party?

Getting a card for a diaper party is not necessary. A diaper party is a casual event to celebrate dad-to-be. Guests usually bring diapers and wipes as a gift. So, it is totally up to you if you want to get a card to a diaper party.

If you don’t want to bring a diaper box to a diaper party, you can choose to get a diaper gift card to parents to encase it whenever they want once the baby is here. In addition, there is a diaper subscription gift card available at Amazon.

What is Baby Sprinkles?

Baby Sprinkles are similar to diaper parties but hosted to celebrate second-time parents or second children. The gifts are often diapers and wipes for diaper parties instead of other baby stuff or gear as most second-time parents have most of the baby gear they need.

How do you gift diapers in a cute way?

You do not need to gift wrap your diaper box for a diaper party. But if you want to diaper box to look cute, you can have it gift wrapped and put a ribbon around the pack. But, if you want to put in some extra work, you can turn your diaper box into a cute diaper cake. You will find tons of ideas on Pinterest on putting diaper cakes together with additional little baby essentials like a rattle, pacifiers, and baby spoons.

Do let us know if you have fun games for a diaper party for guys in the comment section below.



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