9 Best Alternatives to Traditional Gender Reveal Party

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Not into Pink or Blue or Touchdowns or Tiaras? If you are against gender stereotypes, here are the 9 best alternatives to traditional gender reveal party.

Gender reveal is a fun celebration for many expectant parents, and they look forward to announcing the gender of their baby to family, friends, and social media. But if you are not into the old tradition of gender reveal or don’t want to reinforce gender stereotypes, you do not have to.

The gender reveal started out as plain cake with telltale pink frosting not so long along and is now modernized into pink or blue color cannons, confetti, and even pink or blue fireworks.

As long as people can keep it to themselves, it’s not a problem, but there are gender reveal parties that have gone horribly wrong in the past, causing forest fires in California and Arizona.

So, suppose you are environmentally friendly or simply does not want to label your baby with personalities, color, or traits even before they are born. In that case, there are alternatives to traditional gender reveal parties to celebrate your pregnancy milestone.

Here are the 9 best alternatives to traditional gender reveal party to share your joy with friends and family.

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9 Best Alternatives to Traditional Gender Reveal party

1. Gender Reveal without Pink or Blue Color

Do you know why pink is for girls and blue is for boys?

In the 1900s, pink was the preferred color for boys, and girls were dressed in blue because it was considered a delicate shade on the color spectrum. But apparently, it was Hitler who feminized the pink color. According to BBC, when he shipped gays and lesbians to concentration camps, he ordered to suffix pink triangle on those who could be “cured.”

So, I don’t blame you if you are not into labeling your baby girl pink.

Purple and teal balloon and royal gender reveal backdrop with gifts on the floor and pregnant woman standing beside it
Photo Credit- MissSassyPartyPro

You can have a gender reveal party without typical Pink or Blue. Instead, celebrate every color of the rainbow in honor of your baby. You can decorate the venue with any color you like. Go with gender-neutral colors like Purple or Teal, or Yellow or Orange, or Golden and Red and get creative with your own gender reveal quote to rhyme with it. And for the final gender reveal, spell it out or use blocks to announce whether “It’s a boy” or “It’s a Girl.”

Gender-neutral gender reveal party is a great idea when you don’t want your guest to bring a Pink or Blue gift for your baby.

2. Pregnancy Announcement Party

You will have plenty of chances to celebrate your baby once they are here. So, rather than throwing a gender reveal party, invite your friends and family for a surprise pregnancy announcement party.

I know it’s hard to keep big news to yourself for 12 weeks, but if you can, then it is an excellent way to surprise everyone with your pregnancy news.

If you are announcing pregnancy to your family, then there are plenty of ways you can casually sneak in the news of your pregnancy while they are busy chatting or eating. For example, you can have pregnancy announcement news hidden in food, or pregnancy announcement label on a wine bottle, or announce pregnancy while playing a game with your family after dinner. Here are fun ideas on announcing pregnancy to family, first-time grandparents or parents who are already a grandparent, or long-distance family.

3. Name Reveal Party

Many parents can not wait to choose the baby’s name as soon as they know the gender of the baby. However, if they don’t have a final name of the baby before the birth, they, at least, have a few picked out.

baby name suggestion white cards
Photo Credit- ohhappyprintables

If you don’t want to have a gender reveal party but still want to celebrate, you can throw a name reveal party or name suggestion party. There are plenty of ideas for a name reveal party – you just have to choose one that is fun to pull off.

You can plan a name reveal game with the clue hidden all over the place for your guest to find. Once they find the clues let them put it together to reveal the name of the baby.

Alternatively, you can order a custom puzzle with your baby’s name on it and have your guest work on it to reveal the name.

You can also put a baby name on a whiteboard and let your guest cast their vote on the name you have chosen. Then, once dinner is over or snacks are eaten, you can reveal the baby’s name and choose the winner!!

Another fun idea for name reveal is to give your guest celebrity baby name and animal baby name match printable to work on. You can customize those printable to include your chosen baby’s name as one of the options.

You can also tell your guest that your baby’s name is hidden somewhere in the printable. It will be a fun activity for your guest to do.  At the end of the party, reveal the name of the baby and see who won!!

4. Let guests Guess the Gender

There are many folklores about the gender of the baby, and many people can tell the gender of the baby by looking at how you are carrying a baby. Give your guests old wives tale gender reveal game to guess whether you are having a boy or a girl. Then, at the end of the party, you can reveal the gender of the baby and see who guessed it right.

Or you can set up a chalkboard for your guests to cast a vote on whether you are having a boy or a girl. At the end of the party, tally how many guests think you are going to have a boy or a girl. Then announce the gender of your baby.

5. Godparent Reveal Party

Rather than hosting a gender reveal party, have an intimate Godparents reveal party. Just invite family that you want to be godparents for your baby over dinner and ask them whether they are ready to take a role.

6. Zodiac Party

If your guests do not know your due date, host a zodiac party instead of a gender reveal party. You can decorate the venue in your baby’s Zodiac sign or have decorations including sun, moon, space.

You can have a space theme cake and decorate it with your baby’s zodiac sign. You can have your guests guess your baby’s zodiac sign and let them right your baby’s future that you can read it out loud at the end when you are revealing your due date along with gender.

7. Holiday Reveal

If you find out the gender of your baby closure to holidays, then host a holiday reveal party. You can use green and golden confetti to reveal gender on St. Patrick’s day, orange and yellow color for fall or Halloween gender reveal, yellow and green for easter gender reveal – options are unlimited.

You can also choose a theme of the party based on your baby’s due date. For example, if your baby is due in December, throw a Christmas holiday reveal party in July.

8. Birthstone Party

Hosting a Birthstone party is another great idea if you don’t want a gender reveal party. A birthstone is a gem that represents the birth month of a person. You can decorate your house with a baby’s birthstone color and order a cake in the shape of a gem with colorful filling.

This will give guests hits about the baby’s due date.  And when you are announcing the due date, you have the choice to reveal the gender of the baby.

9. Gender-neutral Baby Shower

orange 'oh baby' baby shower cake with on a white table clothe
Photo by Ajeet Singh on Unsplash

Once you announce your pregnancy, skip the gender reveal and throw a gender-neutral baby shower or a diaper party, and celebrate your baby instead of focusing on the gender of the baby.

There are plenty of gender-neutral theme ideas for you to choose from. Then, you can plan the baby shower game according to the theme so your guest can participate and have fun.

When I was pregnant for the first time, we didn’t want to know the gender of the baby, so there was no fuss about hosting a gender reveal party. Instead, we hosted a baby shower party to bless the baby and celebrate motherhood. Not knowing the gender of my first baby was special as we couldn’t wait for labor and delivery to find out the gender of the baby.

You can also host a diaper raffle activity, where guests bring any size of diapers pack for a chance to win a prize at the event.

What can you do Instead of Gender Reveal Party?

Having a baby is an exciting, life-changing event for parents-to-be. And there is nothing wrong with celebrating your joy with friends and family. But why make a big deal about it when your fetus does not know anything about expressing gender?

If you still want some kind of fun party, then the ideas listed above are still a great way to celebrate your bundle of joy without giving importance to the gender of the baby.

And if you totally want to ditch the gender reveal party altogether, here is what you can do instead.

Tell the people when they Ask

You can choose to tell people whether you are having a boy or a girl when they ask.

Don’t find out the gender

The best option is not to find out the gender of the baby. Let the baby be a baby without putting a gender tag on them until they are born. We set up our gender-neutral nursery and bought gender-neutral clothes for the baby. Actually, not knowing gender kept us excited about labor and delivery and finding out the gender then.

Take a Childbirth class

Having a baby is very expensive, with everything you need to buy to get ready for the baby. In addition, throwing a party is not cheap either. So rather than spending money on revealing the sex of your unborn child, use that money to take a childbirth class. This childbirth class ( + $10 Amazon Gift card) will not only prepare you for your impending labor and delivery but will teach you how to care for a newborn baby.


It is up to parents-to-be on how they want to celebrate their joy with family and friends. Some like to have a gender reveal party, while others are not into a gender stereotype. There is nothing wrong with going either way. And for those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional gender reveal party, I hope you have plenty of ideas now.

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