31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family

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Looking for ways to share the big news with your family? Here are 31 creative ways to announce pregnancy to immediate family.

Congratulations, mama!

Now that you have bun in the oven, have you yet decided how are you going to announce pregnancy to immediate family.

No, problem! We have got plenty of clever ideas to make it exciting for you.

If you have the patience (unlike me!) to keep the news to yourself while managing your morning sickness, announcing pregnancy to your husband can be one of the most memorable moments of your life.

When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I just went to my husband and showed him the line on a pregnancy test. It wasn’t as exciting as I liked it to be, but the damage was done!

So, if you haven’t told your husband yet, take your time and plan something special to make this moment memorable.

While you are planning a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband, you also need to do certain things when you find out you’re pregnant to help you manage the overwhelm of the first trimester.

Another most important thing that you also need to consider doing is – changing your daily skincare products like body wash, face wash, body lotion, shampoo to non-toxic natural brands to avoid the absorption of toxic chemicals affecting the growth of your fetus.

Next, announcing pregnancy to family members is exciting! When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to see the reaction on my parent’s faces when I tell them they are going to be grandparents, especially after I was diagnosed with PCOS.

Before your parents find out from the third person, you need to tell them that they are going to be grandparents.  To make it as exciting as possible for you, we have put together creative and fun pregnancy announcement ideas for your immediate family (depending on who you have).

First, we will talk about when you should announce your pregnancy and then talk about the creative ways to tell your family you’re pregnant.

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Table Of Contents
  1. When to Announce Pregnancy to Family?
  2. How to Announce Pregnancy to your Family?
  3. 31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family
  4. Pregnancy Announcement to Your Husband
  5. Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents ( The Grandparents)
  6. Clever ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents in Person
  7. Clever Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents Who live Far Away
  8. Custom Card or Package Announcement
  9. Virtual Pregnancy Announcement Idea
  10. Ways to Announce Pregnancy virtually to Parents who Lives Far away
  11. Ways to Announce Pregnancy to your Grandparents (The Great Grand Parents)
  12. Pregnancy Announcement to Family In-Person
  13. Ways to Announce Pregnancy at Family Dinner
  14. Second Pregnancy Announcement to Family
  15. BONUS : Announce Pregnancy to Family via Text
  16. Pregnancy Announcement Captions/Quotes
  17. Second Pregnancy announcement Captions
  18. What do you need to Consider While Announcing Pregnancy to your Immediate Family?
  19. Announcing Pregnancy to Immediate Family: Conclusion

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When to Announce Pregnancy to Family?

Red wine bottle with second time grandparents pregnancy announcement label

The answer to this question differs from person to person. It largely depends on who you are and what you are comfortable with.

Some will wait for 3 months to tell their family while others declare news to the family as soon as possible. Your husband should be the first person to know as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Obviously, you can take a day or two to plan a surprise pregnancy announcement for your husband, but he should be the first one to know the big news!

Announcing pregnancy to your parents or grandparents depends on what you are comfortable with. If you are close to them, then you want to share the news as soon as possible because, in the case of a miscarriage, you get their mental support.

But if you are not dependent on them emotionally, you can wait it out for the first couple of weeks until you have passed the red zone in pregnancy.  

How to Announce Pregnancy to your Family?

There are tons of ways to announce your pregnancy to your family. Whether you want it to be funny, emotional, or a puzzle to be solved, you will find many ideas in this post.

No matter which idea you end up picking, make sure you have lots of fun breaking news for your loved ones. Keep your camera and cell phone ready to capture the reaction on their faces.

Letting your immediate family know that you are pregnant is a special occasion, so make sure you pick the idea that makes you happiest.

Wait, did you know that Journaling your pregnancy is therapeutic?

A woman goes through a rollercoaster of emotions during pregnancy. And there is no better way than journaling your thoughts and emotions to relieve stress during pregnancy. In addition, there is also the pressure of doing everything on time, as you only have 9 months to get ready before the arrival of the baby.

Leave your overwhelmed behind and start getting organized with this 90-page All-in-one pregnancy planner and journal. It comes with pre-filled checklists, logs, a calendar, space to journal your pregnancy week by week, and tons of space for your milestone photos. Get it today and start journaling!!

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family

Now that your creative juices are flowing, let’s get creative and find a way to tell your family that you are expecting. Let’s start with Husband.

Pregnancy Announcement to Your Husband

Kudos to you if you kept it to yourself until now. But now it’s time to tell your husband/partner. Here are some of the ideas to surprise your husband.

1. Tell Him with the Book

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to husband

Surprise him with a book. Order We’re Pregnant! – The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook and gift wrap it. Leave it on a breakfast table with coffee and wait to see his reaction. It gets the message across immediately.

This fun, modern book is actually very useful for him to learn about pregnancy and what to expect once you have a baby.

2. Surprise Him with Gift Box

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family- gift box pregnancy announcement to husband
Photo credit- Etsy shop- StylishLittles

This gift box will surely bring joy and tears to his eyes. This super cute gift box comes with a newborn size onesie with the print “Hello Daddy”, an announcement message card. It also comes with silk floral decoration that you can arrange the way you like it.

To add a little extra to it, get some balloons, lay everything down on your bed, and ask your husband to come it and let him figure it out. You just be ready with your camera!

3. Tell Him with Funny Mug quote

All you have to do is pour his coffee in this funny Mug and see how long he takes to figure it out. Get it from Amazon here.

4. Tell him over Pizza Dinner

Order a Pizza for dinner and write “We are Pregnant” on the inside of the lid. When you open the pizza box, put your pregnancy test beside the pizza box. I am sure he won’t be expecting that with his Pizza.

5. Video Game Inspired Pregnancy Announcement to Husband

If your husband likes to play video games then what better way to tell him that you are pregnant than this cute “Daddy’s Gaming Buddy” Onesie.

6. Tell him with Chocolate

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family -
Photo credit- WhatCandySays

Surprise him with this edible “You are going to be Daddy” written delicious chocolates. Once you capture his reaction on camera, you are allowed to eat!

Check out awesome ideas for a long-distance pregnancy announcement to your husband here.

Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents ( The Grandparents)

Other than your husband, the people who get most excited about your pregnancy are your parents depending upon how close you are to them. But regardless, it is so exciting and fun to break news to your parent or his parents.

When you are thinking about announcing pregnancy to your parents, think about what’s most personal to them and what will get the most excited. Think about what activities they both are interested in.

This will give you clues on planning a surprise pregnancy announcement to parents. If your parents are already grandparents, then check out these sneaky ideas to announce pregnancy # 2.

Clever ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents in Person

7. Invite them for Dinner

Invite them over for casual dinner at your house. Cook something like a casserole or bake a cupcake with a hidden message in it for them to get a hint.

Make sure your hidden message is NOT small enough for them to swallow if it is not edible. Or you can get this silver spoon with the message “you are going to be grandparents” or “We’re having a baby” and serve dessert along with this silver spoon and wait until they notice it.

8. Play a Guessing Game

Invite them over for a game night. Put noise-canceling headphones on parents and play light music from your phone for them while you mouth the word “you are going to be grandparents”.

Check out this cute video. Make it more fun starting with casual talking and add this sentence in between and see their reaction. I love the reaction of grandpa in this video. Grandmother caught it too quickly.

9. Wait for a Special Occasion

Reveal your big news on your parent’s birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. Invite them over for occasion celebration.

While you are wrapping a gift for either of them, hide your sonogram picture. Also, include a card with the gift and write something that makes them curious to open the gift.

In the above video, the couple announced the pregnancy on dad’s birthday. They gave shoes as a gift, a card, and a sonogram picture to the grandpa. Grandma’s reaction is epic. Warning: There are chances to go deaf if you are wearing headphones.

10. Invite them for Sport

If they are into playing sports, depending on what they like, golf, water sports or tennis, invite them. It has to be something they are interested in otherwise they won’t play along.

Now plan on how you are going to hide your message in an activity that they are invited to. You can write your message on a tennis ball or something like messages written on the golf balls.

11. Give a Keepsake that they will Cherish forever

How about unique Christmas ornaments if your parents love and cherish the holiday season? These super cute Christmas ornaments with the message “We are expecting Baby” will fill joy in your mom’s life and she can remember the day every year she decorates her Christmas tree.

Check out this post for 28 cutest first grandchild announcement ideas.

Clever Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents Who live Far Away

Nothing can replace the joy of telling your parents that you are pregnant in person. But don’t worry if they live far away, long-distance pregnancy announcements can just as thoughtful and special. 

Custom Card or Package Announcement

A personalized card or gift box is a fun way to share your pregnancy news with your parents when they are far away.

12. Card – Premade or Custom made

A pregnancy announcement card can be the easiest way to announce pregnancy to a long-distance family. All you have to do is order a premade or custom-made card and have it delivered.

But be careful in picking pregnancy announcement cards because they often reveal what they are from the outside of the box. Pick something like this or a scratch card so your parents won’t have a clue until they open the card.

13. The Grandparent Starter Kit

31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family - gift box with onesie, baby bottle, pregnancy reveal message
Photo credit – NJHboutique

A grandparent started kit is a great idea to break news to your parents even when they are far away. You can order it from ESTY or Amazon and have it delivered wherever they are. The kit includes a jumpsuit, bottle, pacifier, pair of socks. The box lid has a heartfelt message.

Also, you can ask them to open the gift while you are on Facetime with them. That way you can capture their expression to cherish for the rest of your life.

14. Pregnancy Announcement Gift Box

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family - baby gift box for pregnancy announcement
Photo Credit- EliAndEmery

This incredibly super cute pregnancy announcement gift box is sure to excite your parents! It comes with confetti so they can have a real celebration when they find out the news.

You can also send this gift box with a note that says – DO NOT open the box until they Facetime you. To make it even more fun, get yourself some confetti and celebrate it together when they call you. Celebrating your big news with them with this gift box is sure to bring you guys closure.

15. Send them Puzzle

31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family - puzzle for pregnancy reveal
Photo credit- LetsEngraveIt

Why just give away your special news, let your parents work for the news by sending them this adorable, personalized puzzle. Once they realize what they are putting together you are sure to get a FaceTime call.

Virtual Pregnancy Announcement Idea

If your parents, siblings, or grandparents live far away from you, calling them on Facetime or phone and catching up is what you always do. For your pregnancy announcement, all you have to do is slip in the news in one of the casual calls and surprise them.

You can simply call your mom for her recipe and tell her that you have been CRAVING for it for a couple of days. She may be able to figure it out. Or you can reveal that it’s a symptom of pregnancy.

Or If you want to do something entertaining, make a video.

16. Musical Pregnancy Announcement Video

If you really want to go one step further and surprise your long-distance parents and family in one shot, do a musical pregnancy announcement video. You do not have to be a singer to do this video. This couple in the video may not have the sweetest voice but they definitely are rocking it.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making a video, not to worry. Read on.

Ways to Announce Pregnancy virtually to Parents who Lives Far away

Talking to your parents or family on Facetime or video call is the closest you can as in-person when they are living far away. You get to see their reactions in real-time is the benefit of modern technology.

Here are several ideas for announcing your pregnancy on FaceTime Skype Goggle handouts to your parents (family) that live far away.

17. Wear a revealing T-shirt

Wear a cute Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be T-shirt when you call your parents and casually talk to your parents or family on FaceTime. You just have to wait and see their reaction when they notice the print on your T-shirt. Click on the pattern you like above.

18. Reveal Image                  

Talk to your parents as you normally do on FaceTime and in mid-conversation hold the picture of the sonogram and see their reaction.

Or before showing your sonogram, tell them that you want their opinion on something and then show the sonogram! That will certainly surprise them.

19. Play a Game

Some apps like House Party have games attached to them like Pictionary. Get your family together on FaceTime and pay for House Party. You can draw baby-related things until someone catches on.

You can also play Kahoot with your family. On the Kahoot website, you can create your personalized Kahoot game where you can include all kinds of baby-related questions.

Once your family is on FaceTime share your screen with them and play the Kahoot game you prepared until someone catches on.

Ways to Announce Pregnancy to your Grandparents (The Great Grand Parents)

Considering the age of the grandparent’s something simple without bringing in technology would be a great idea. Keep it simple and straightforward. Here are a few ideas to announce pregnancy to your grandparents.

Birth It Up! Childbirth Class

20. Reveal it with Flower

Next time you go and see your grandparents bring them flowers. Buy one flower for each of the great-grandchildren they have.

If they have 5 great-grandkids buy them 6 flowers. And give them the flowers saying what it represents and at the end give the last flower and reveal that they are going to have a new great grandkid soon. Keep it simple.

21. Bring them Custom Cookie

31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family - custom cookie  for pregnancy announcement
Photo credit- KatherinesCookies

Custom pregnancy announcement cookies for grandparents will get the excitement going. Here is where you can get your custom cookie made. You can have a custom message written on the cookies.

22. Make them Simple Video

As mentioned above, make a simple cute video and play it when you are with your grandparents. They will watch without getting too involved.

23. Reveal Mug

Offer them coffee or tea in this or this customizable ‘promoted to Grandparents’ mug. And let them notice it and spend the rest of the time celebrating. Or get it from Amazon.

Or you can also bring them revel t-shirt like this one & this one and make them wear it.

Pregnancy Announcement to Family In-Person

There is no other joy than announcing your pregnancy to your family in person. There are many things you can do to surprise them with the big news. You can tell them you are pregnant at family dinner, or family activity, or call them for a family meeting.

Ways to Announce Pregnancy at Family Dinner

Announcing pregnancy at family dinner is a unique opportunity without the family guessing it beforehand. You can get really creative to reveal your pregnancy at family dinner.

Hide your message in a backed food item or tell them before dinner or after dinner or send them home with a hidden message.

24. Announce Pregnancy Before Dinner

When you have your family over for dinner, there is always a last-minute thing that you have to do in the kitchen.  

I don’t know about your family, but when I have a family over for dinner, ladies in the family hang out in the kitchen to help out with last-minute food preparation or bringing an appetizer to the table.

You can prop your kitchen with baby-related things and let them discover it from all over the kitchen.

Act surprised as they start discovering the items until they figured it out.

31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family- custom front page pregnancy reveal news
Photo credit- LyonsPrints

You can also have your pregnancy announcement message get printed out as front-page pregnancy news. Here is the shop on ETSY that can print custom front-page photo pregnancy announcement cards for you. You can prop this card on a central table where your family hangs out.

Bring up the conversations of the newspaper while having appetizers with your family.  Once someone finds this front-page pregnancy news with your photo, expect some tears, and screams from excitement.

Frontpage pregnancy news announcement is also a great idea when your family lives far away. Have this custom new paper delivered to your family and expect the phone call as soon as they read your news.

If you have a TV on in the background when your family is over at your house, you can stream a very subtle custom message on your TV screen from the computer and let it be in the background.

Either they will get your message right away or may never get noticed until you settle in to watch a movie or sport.

25. Announce Pregnancy during Dinner

Announcing pregnancy during dinner is the easiest way you can surprise your family with the news. Here are some of the ideas.

Click on images for more information

A custom printed wine bottle label is the easiest way to announce your pregnancy. Pour the wine into everyone’s glass and the chance is that someone will catch the label of the wine bottle. If no one notices, leave the bottle on the table while you are having dinner.

You can edit these custom wine labels with Baby’s Last name and due month to give it a personalized touch for your pregnancy announcement to parents. The labels are easy to edit at home and very affordable. Choose your design and click on the link above to find out more.

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family - custom baby foot print red plate
Photo Credit- ThePartyEnthusiast

The custom plate is another easy way to slowly reveal that you are pregnant. Thing is that everyone has to finish the food from their plate to read the message. But if you decide to get custom plates, you need to prefill the plates before your family arrives.

31 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family- custom serving plate for pregnancy announcement to family
Photo credit- CERAMIXOLOGY

If you don’t want to do that then you may get a custom serving plate that you can easily prefill with food and leave on the dining table. Or fill the custom serving plate with finger food that everyone can snack on before dinner. But make sure that, your guest finishes everything on that serving plate to reveal your hidden message.

You can also save the news until they are done with dinner and waiting for dessert. This customizable spoon will help you reveal your pregnancy news when your family is having their dessert.

26. Announcing Pregnancy to Family after Dinner

Once dinner is over and everyone is settling in, you can play a game and give them clues until they find out the news.

Pregnancy Announcement Games

Apple to Apple – Apple to Apple game comes with four empty cards that you can customize beforehand with your pregnancy announcement message like “I am expecting” or “We are having a baby”. You can include these 4 custom cards when you are starting the game or slip those cards in later if you want to play for a little longer.

Pictionary – Gather around in a circle and start playing Pictionary with your family. In the middle of the game, when your turn comes, start drawing a circle and build it on it until you have drawn mom-to-be.

Scrabble – If your family enjoys playing scrabble, play few rounds of scrabble and then spell out “I am expecting”.

Charades – Play few rounds of charades. And when your turn comes, give them clues about pregnancy with hand gestures.

27. Puzzle Hunt

If you are looking exciting way to tell you’re your family that you are pregnant other than during dinner, arrange a family picnic. It doesn’t have to be far away from your home, you can plan something in your backyard. You can hide clues all over the yard.

 These clues don’t have to be complicated but as simple as letters hidden all over the backyard. You can DIY pregnancy clues such as letters written on cups or plates, or buying custom mugs, custom plates.

This may be hard to pull off, but it is the most breathtaking and entertaining for your family. Once they put the puzzle together and find out the news, the reaction on their face will be priceless. Keep your camera ready to capture those moments!

28. Straightforward Pregnancy Announcement

If you are not so interested in taking the time or effort to create a puzzle hunt for your family, there are other simple ways you can tell your family that you are pregnant without going overboard.

You can go as easy as a walk in the door for dinner at your parent’s house wearing these adorable pregnancy announcement printed t-shirts designed to just drop the bomb.

29. Custom T-Shirt

If you don’t want to just drop the bomb with a pregnancy announcement printed t-shirt and make it a little more exciting, buy these custom t-shirts for everyone in the family with a hidden message.

When everyone wears it and try to unscramble what’s written on their chest, they will jump with joy.

Second Pregnancy Announcement to Family

If your parents are already grandparents, or if this isn’t your first involve your kid or kids to announce your second pregnancy to your family in person.

As simple as you can use the word “again” in any of the above pregnancy announcement ideas listed above.

30. Printed Outfits for Kids

When it comes to the second pregnancy announcement, involving a big sibling adds a whole new creation. You can get some really cute, printed outfits for your kids for announcing your baby#2 to the family.

31. Chalk Floor Announcement

Simply write your message on your driveway on behalf of your kids. Something like “ Big Brother or Big Sister 2021” or “Mommy is due 2021” or “I am being promoted to “Big Brother or Big Sister Aug 2021”.

Time your chalk floor birth announcement when you are inviting your family for dinner. They can read the message on your driveway and walk into your house with excitement.

Check out this article for 25 ways to Announce Pregnancy to Parents who are already Grandparents.

BONUS : Announce Pregnancy to Family via Text

Texting your family with pregnancy news may not be as exciting as telling them in person or over facetime, but it may work for family members to who you don’t talk frequently.

But before you text your family, make sure you tell your close family first as they may find it rude to announce pregnancy to the family via text.

I have announced my second pregnancy to my family via text after a ridiculous experience of some extended family members whining about how other people were told before them. So, with our second one, we announced the pregnancy to the family via group text, done!

  • You can include rhyme or riddle with your ultrasound photo or positive pregnancy test photo and send them a group text.
  • Rhyme or riddle to send in a text to your family – Roses are red, Violets are blue, On (due date Month), Our baby is due!!
  • Text them a Recipe worth trying-
    Instructions: Preheat the oven. Mix ingredients romantically. Cook bun for forty weeks. Sprinkle with love and serve to the world. I’M PREGNANT!!
  • Text then a picture of Prego spaghetti sauce and picture of your pregnancy test.
  • Back some cookies in the shape of the baby onesie, rattle, or diaper or write the due date on it and text it to your family.
  • If you have older kids, you can dress them up in a “promoted to Big brother or Big sister” outfits and send them the picture.

Pregnancy Announcement Captions/Quotes

Not everyone has the talent to come up with words for their custom puzzles or custom t-shirts to announce a pregnancy. Here are some quotes that you can use to tell your family that you’re pregnant.

  • I grow humans. What’s your superpower?
  • Pink or Blue? We simply can’t say. We’re so excited for you.
  • We are pregnant! Don’t be sad for us. It was on purpose.
  • You can stop asking when we’re going to have a baby now…
  • The best is yet to come”¦ (your due date here).
  • How cute are these parents-to-be?
  • After every storm, there is a rainbow. Expecting our rainbow baby (your due date here)!
  • Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our hearts with love that overflows.
  • A grand adventure is about to begin… in (baby’s due month and year).
  • We’re adding a new little pumpkin to our patch in (baby’s due month and year).
  • The cutest announcement for travelers! 

Second Pregnancy announcement Captions

You have already through the first pregnancy announcement, but the second time is just as special, but you need some quotes to spice things up to reveal baby#2 to your family.

  • I am being promoted to Big brother or Big sister.
  • I will have someone to boss around soon (Due date here).
  • My partner in crime coming soon.
  • The only Minion is not enough. Expecting Baby#2
  • Thing 1 (Thing 2 pending)
  • Every superhero needs a sidekick. Sidekick due (date here)

What do you need to Consider While Announcing Pregnancy to your Immediate Family?

Regardless of what setting you end up picking from the above list to announce pregnancy to your family, here are several tips, to make things easy and exciting for you.

  • If you want to use custom products like t-shirt, puzzles, plates, or spoon, don’t wait too long to order them. It might take weeks for it to arrive.
  • Arrange your pregnancy reveal around your parents’ birthday or anniversary or other normally scheduled get-togethers to your reveal less obvious for your family.
  • Keep your camera and phone ready on video mode when you finally announce your pregnancy to your family.
  • If you are announcing pregnancy to a family who lives far away, don’t forget to leave a note for them about FaceTime you when they open the pregnancy reveal gift box you sent.
  • Arrange pregnancy reveal for a family in a well-lit space to get better quality photos and videos.
  • Keep a close eye on how much your family is struggling to solve the puzzle or figure things out. If they are not getting it, it’s okay to give the clue. Remember, it may be easy for you to figure out as you planned it, for them, it might not be easy.

It is also okay if it doesn’t go as planned. Getting your message across to your family is more exciting than the method of delivery.

Announcing Pregnancy to Immediate Family: Conclusion

Here you go! You have enough clever ideas to announce pregnancy to the immediate family. Whether you are planning to announce pregnancy to your family in person or virtually, this list includes modern, cute, funny, and emotional ideas to surprise your immediate family.

Pregnancy is a special time in a women’s life and makes sure she joy with her family. Life gets really busy but taking time to celebrate little moments in your life with family makes relationship bonds stronger and gives you the energy to keep going.

Before you go, check out this post on Creative pregnancy journal ideas and prompts to preserve the memories of your pregnancy. And if you are a planner like me and interested in pre-planning your baby’s birth announcement, here are cute birth announcement ideas that you want to start considering now.

Good Luck, Mama!

Do let us know, which idea you end up picking from this list? Or if you have announced your first pregnancy, share how did you do it in the comment section below? We love to hear from you.

Sharing is Caring!

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