32 Clever ideas for Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement to Husband

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You’ve found out you are pregnant, but your husband is not home. Keeping the ‘big news’ to yourself can be tough. But what do you do if your husband lives far away? We’ve put together a fun long-distance pregnancy announcement to husband ideas to surprise him.

Husbands are the most important person to break your news of pregnancy even before your bestie or mom. So, breaking the news of the pregnancy to your husband has to be unique.

I am sure many of you are just like me and share the news with your husband the minute you see a blue line on your pregnancy stick.

woman in a sofa and talking on phone-Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement to Husband
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But what do you do when he is far away on work assignment, or deployed, or even out of town for the night, and you can’t wait to share the big news?

Yes, you can call and break the news. But why not make it special for him. Whether he will be a daddy for the first time, second time, or fourth time, it’s a big deal for him, and you want to make it as fun and memorable as possible.

A long-distance pregnancy announcement to the husband doesn’t have to be boring; you can be as creative as you want to be in surprising your husband with pregnancy news. Although he won’t be there to hug you when he finds out he will be a daddy, there are ways to make it intimate and memorable.

A pregnancy announcement to a husband who lives far away is certainly not the same as announcing pregnancy to a husband in person, but this blog post will give you few ideas that will make it creative to bring out his sentimental side.

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When to Announce Pregnancy to your Long-distance Husband?

There is no correct answer to that. You can call and surprise your husband with a pregnancy announcement the moment you find out you’re pregnant or wait for a day or two or a week, depending on circumstances happening in your husband’s life.

If you announce pregnancy to your family in person or long distance, some moms-to-be wait for 12 weeks until the risk of miscarriage has subsided. Others announce pregnancy to parents for emotional support if something goes wrong in the first trimester.

So, there are no hard and fast rules for a pregnancy announcement. It’s all about what you are comfortable with.

But when it comes to announcing pregnancy to a husband who is far away or long distance, you need to consider certain things.

When is he Returning?

If your husband is away for a couple of days, it is best to wait it out and surprise him when home. I know you are excited and can’t wait to share the news, but remember, there is no other feeling than a surprising husband with a pregnancy announcement in person. So, wait it out, girl!! You can keep the secret.

What are the circumstances in his life?

You need to find out how he is doing in his life long distance. If he is stressed out at something and you tell him the big news, he might not take it well. Or breaking the news during stressful times may cheer him up. So, you know your husband well, so decide whether it is a good idea to announce pregnancy to your husband long-distance.

How will he feel receiving long-distance pregnancy announcements?

If your husband is the kind of person who would be as happy and excited receiving big news as in person, there is no reason not to tell him. The only thing is that he won’t be able to hug you or kiss you.

How will he receive the news?

Will he be able to receive the parcel? Can you get him on a video call or a phone? If you have those two options, great! Then there is plenty of things you can do to surprise him. Also, consider how long it will take for the parcel to reach him. If it will take several days, it’s better to announce pregnancy on a video call or a phone call.

Creative and Cute Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement to Husband

Nothing can beat the in-person pregnancy announcement to husbands, but if they are away for any reason and you can’t wait to tell him, here are, few awesome ideas for long-distance pregnancy to reveal to husbands.

Pregnancy announcement via Phone call

While a phone call is a most simple and somewhat boring (let’s face it.. you can’t see his facial expression) way to announce pregnancy to your long-distance husband, there is nothing that can stop you from getting a little fancy with the phone call.  

Call your husband when you usually call him so he wouldn’t suspect anything special, and then throw some hint in the conversation and let him figure it out. For example,

I won’t be drinking

Tell your husband that you won’t be drinking with him for the next couple of months.  You can start the conversation like this “I have good news and bad news.” The bad news is I won’t be drinking with you next time he comes home. But the good news is, “I am having a baby.”

Parents are crying

Tell your husband that your parents have been crying to you on the phone. When your husband asks why you can tell him that it’s because “I have told them that I am pregnant.”

Send him picture

While you are casually talking to him on the phone, in the middle of a conversation, tell him that “I have sent you something, look at it now.” And wait for his reaction.

Not feeling well

Tell him that you are not feeling well lately and need to see a doctor. He will be naturally concerned and ask why then you proceed and tell him that you need to confirm your “pee stick” result.


You can tell your husband that he needs to take some time off in (Baby’s due date month). Then, when he asks why, tell him, “To have a baby, of course!!”

There are many personal things you can talk about on the phone to make long-distance pregnancy announcements exciting for both of you. But, whatever you talk about, make sure you are recording it!

Video call Pregnancy Announcement to Long distance husband

Video calls are a great option for long-distance pregnancy announcements to husband or family as they will allow you to see their facial expression. Here are some creative ideas to surprise your husband with the news.

Start a video call conversation casually and then give him hints in the background and see if he can figure it out.

Show him Pee stick

Start a conversation with your husband on a video call, and in the middle of the conversation, show him your positive pregnancy test stick. He will be clueless or surprised.

Flash Baby item

Something along the same line, tell him that you have something special to show him, and then flash the baby item or onesie in front of the camera. Wait for his reaction.

Baby Teaser

Keep baby items like toys, stroller, rocker in the background where your husband can casually see it. Then, when he asks why you have baby items in the background or who is visiting you, you can say that “we will need it real soon because I am pregnant.”

Reveal t-shirt

Wear Soon-to-be Mommy or First time Mommy T-shirt during a video call and see if he notices it.

Pregnancy reveal mug

White mug with Daddy -to-be pregnancy announcement to husbad
Photo Credit –StudioSeventeenShop
White mug with shit just got real - pregnancy announcement to husbands
Photo Credit –GracefulGiftings

Video call your husband and ask him while drinking from a coffee mug saying, “Daddy est 2022” or “Shit just got real.” Wait till he notices. If he doesn’t get it, but the mug right in front of the video call.

Eating for two Bowl

Pregnant woman eating from a white bowl saying  eating for two
Photo credit – iligraphy

Get the ceramic pregnancy reveal bowl that says “Eating for Two” and eat in front of a video call while you are talking to your husband, then watch his jaw drop.

Laundry time

Have a basket full of laundry in front of a video call to your husband. Start folding laundry. Then slowly take out the baby onesie and try folding it in front of the camera. And see if he figures it out.

Long-distance Pregnancy Announcement via email or Text

You can also announce pregnancy to your husband via email. You won’t be able to record his facial expression or voice but expect the call as soon as he reads your email (keep your recording device ready!!).

Email from a Baby

Send your husband an email from a baby. Write sentences like “I can’t wait to meet you, daddy,” “We are going to be a family soon.” Don’t forget to attach the positive pregnancy test or ultrasound picture if you already have one.

Sign it

Send him a casual email and sign it like

“Have a great day

Baby 1, and Mommy miss you

U only have a few more hours”

Wait till you get a phone call from him!

Send him a positive pregnancy test picture

Send him an email with only a positive pregnancy test picture and nothing else. And let him figure it out whether it is positive or not. I am sure you will get a phone call minute after he read your email to ask you whether it is positive or not.

Digital Email Scratch-off

Woman holding phone with scratch off card
Photo Credit –MyScratchOffs

You can get creative and have your personalized email scratch card made for your pregnancy announcement to your husband. This digital scratch card can be emailed or texted to the recipient.

Video Pregnancy Announcement

Make a video of your positive pregnancy test and baby item in the background to send to your husband via email or text.

pregnancy announcement message on a white card
Photo credit- HelloMittens

You can also get a personalized video made here for your husband.

Sports theme pregnancy announcement via text or email

If your husband plays any sport, you can get personalized basketball, football, baseball, hockey pregnancy announcement made to send him via email or text.

Let the Sibling spill the beans

If you are pregnant with number 2, you might want to let your first baby announce the news for you with this cute “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” or “I am going to be big brother” t-shirt.

Announce it with the help of Furbaby

Let dad’s best friend surprise him with the big news using this dog bandana. Get your fur baby involved. Let stand in front of the camera in the middle of a conversation and surprise your husband.

Send him a card

Sending him a physical card with a personalized note of pregnancy announcement will bring a tear to your husband’s eyes.

Handwritten cards

You can write your card with some pregnancy riddle in the beginning and then announce pregnancy at the end. Include your ultrasound picture and positive pregnancy test picture in the card too!

Scratch off Husband Pregnancy reveal

Guess who_pregnancy_scratch_card
Photo credit-WITHPUNS

This scratch card may not have anything to win, but certainly offers a way to announce pregnancy to your husband.

Equation Pregnancy Announcement

white card with 1+1 pregnancy announcement card
Photo credit-ErinMurphyDesign

This simple pregnancy reveals card sums up your big news in a simple equation.

Send him a Parcel for Pregnancy Reveal

While we are all in an electronic era, an old-fashioned parcel delivery may make an intimate pregnancy announcement to your husband. Make sure you ask your husband to open the package in front of a video call so you get to see and record their facial expression.

Tiny Pregnancy Announcement

Tiny white card saying  I am pregnant
Photo Credit-LoveMessagesXO

This world’s smallest package carries the biggest news of your husband’s life.

Wood box pregnancy Announcement

wooden pregnancy reveal box
Photo Credit – keepmemory

Want to send something bigger than a tiny box? This cute wood box with your baby ultrasound picture and the custom card says it all and makes it a great keepsake for your husband far away.

Send him a Baby Box

Get a few baby stuff like onesies, booties, small baby toys and pack them in a box. Gift wrap the baby box, include a card with a pregnancy reveal message, and send it to him.

Crack an egg

pregnancy reveal egg
Photo Credit- WOWinside

Let your husband crack this personalised egg and find out the news while recording him on a video call.

Chocolate pregnancy reveal

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Immediate Family -
Photo credit- WhatCandySays

If your husband is a chocolate lover, send him these awesome chocolates, and they will reveal the news for you.

Send him a Book

Send him a dad book to let him know that you are expecting a baby. Wrap this book and include the card for the pregnancy reveal.

Send him a Book and Bookmark

I am pregnant bookmark
Photo Credit – UnderTheSameSky725

If your husband loves to read, send him his favorite book with this pregnancy reveals bookmark placed on the book’s first page.

Pregnancy reveal dad Tshirt

Send him a dad-to-be T-shirt with a pregnancy announcement card. You can also get a mom-to-be matching T-shirt and wear it when he opens his parcel in front of the video call.

Send him Puzzle

pregnancy announcement puzzle
Photo Credit- SBerryBoutiqueShop

If your husband has the patience to piece the puzzle together, send him a puzzle, and he will learn the big news as he fills in the squares.

Knock his socks Off

I am pregnant written on the socks
Photo Credit – SimplyNameItBaby

Why not knock his old socks off with these “I am pregnant” socks? He will love wearing it. IfTheSockFitz

How to Make a Long-Distance Pregnancy Announcement Special for Both of you?

If you are first-time parents or fourth-time parents, pregnancy announcements are special. And even if your husband is far away from you, there are ways you can make them intimate and memorable. Here are several things to consider while announcing pregnancy to a husband who is far away.

Record the Announcement

Whether you announce pregnancy on a phone or video call, you want to record your pregnancy announcement. Set up your phone or camera in a way that both of you are getting recorded, but your husband doesn’t see a camera to record his expression.

If you are don’t have an extra camera on hand, some apps can record your conversations. Figure out all the logistics before your pregnancy reveals to your long-distance husband.

Make the announcement intimate

You may be tempted to call your friend or family to help you set up the camera for your big reveal. But refrain from. But your husband should be the first person to know about your pregnancy, so figure out the recording of pregnancy reveal by yourself to make it more personal for both of you.

A straight announcement or fancy it up?

Some husbands may not like to make a big deal (though it is a big deal!!) about the pregnancy announcement and prefer a simple phone call, but others will appreciate you taking extra time and effort to surprise him with the news.

So, depending on your husband’s personality, decide if you want to spill the beans straight on a video call or make it more exciting for him by giving him clues until he figures it out.

The Final Word 

A long-distance pregnancy announcement doesn’t have to be boring. Yes, it is not as fun as announcing pregnancy to family in person, but you need to get the best out of your situation.

Whether your husband is deployed or away for a couple of days, pick one of these ideas and surprise him with the news. Depending on how long he is gone, how far he is, and the logistic of sending the news, pick the idea that best resonates with you. I love the idea of sending a box of cute baby stuff and have him open it in front of a video camera so you can see his facial expression and record it.  

Before you go, check out cute ideas for announcing pregnancy to parents, announcing pregnancy to family, and announcing pregnancy on social media. And once you are done announcing your pregnancy, here is how you want to reveal gender to your husband and ideas for gender reveal gifts.

In the comment below, let us know how you plan to announce pregnancy to a husband who lives far away.

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