28 Cutest First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

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Family members who get most excited about pregnancy news are your parents. So, if you want to surprise your parents with the news, here are the cutest first grandchild announcement ideas that will indeed bring tears of joy in their eyes.

As soon as you announce pregnancy to your husband, the following immediate family members you want to inform are your parents and in-laws.

sonogram on a couch with light series_ First Grandchild Announcement ideas
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

They are the ones who are as excited about your pregnancy as you are, depending upon how close you are with them.

Regardless, sharing pregnancy news to parents, whether it’s their first grandchild or they are already grandparents, is the most exciting and memorable moment. 

So, if you are looking to surprise your parents with the pregnancy announcement in a unique way, you are in the right place. From mugs to t-shirt to scratch-cards to Christmas ornaments, there are plenty of ways to tell them that they will be first-time grandparents.

We have selected heartwarming first grandchild announcement ideas, so you don’t have to spend hours on Amazon and ETSY looking for a perfect idea. These announcement ideas to parents can also be used for gender reveal announcements to parents as well!

Let’s get started

When do you Announce Pregnancy to Parents (Grandparents-to-be)? 

There are no hard and fast rules on when to announce pregnancy to parents or immediate family. It all depends on you and how close you are to them. I couldn’t wait to tell my parents and in-laws that they would be grandparents after I announced the pregnancy to my long-distance husband. So, announce your pregnancy to your parents when you are ready!

You might need to hold off for a bit of a bit if you are announcing pregnancy to disapproving parents. The first trimester of pregnancy is hard with morning sickness. The last thing you want is any negativity about your pregnancy from your parents. And if you think your parents are difficult and can’t handle the news, send them a pregnancy announcement text message and let them process the news before you see your parents in person.

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Cute First Grandchild Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1.DIY Pregnancy Announcement Gift Box

If you have unique first grandchild pregnancy announcement ideas, why not send your ideas to wrap in this personalized gift box. 

"You are going to be grandparents" gift box with roses as decoration
Photo credit- PinkPositiveShop

This cute, personalized gift box comes in white and dark gray with a magnetic tab to give it a luxury look. You can have your baby announcement message printed inside the lid so when your parents open the box, they will get the news.

You can fill the box with a sonogram photo, baby onesie, rattle, or something that your parents gave you when you were a baby, like a soft toy or something that reminds them of when you were a baby. 

2.Sonogram Photo frame

Sonogram photo frame makes a beautiful keepsake for parents to display year after year. This wooden frame is 9×12 inches and comes with a walnut finish. It has a clip to hold a 4×6’’ inches sonogram photo. In addition, it has “Best Parents get promoted to Grandparents,” and the baby’s the due date written on it.

wooden photo frame with "promoted to grandparents" wroding in white and sonogram photo attached with clip
Photo credit- BettysChoice

This wooden frame can also be used once the baby is here. All your parents have to do is change the sonogram picture with the picture of their first grandson.

3.Custom Lottery Scratcher

If your parents are lottery lovers, a pregnancy announcement scratch-off card can be a fun trick to let them know that you are pregnant for the first time. Also, a lottery scratch card could be a holiday stocking stuffer.

yellow and white lottery sctratch
Photo credit- TheCardGalleria

You can also customize the pregnancy to reveal a message for first-time grandparents to make it more personal when they scratch it off.

4.Fortune Cookie Reveal

Invite your parents for family dinner and, in the end, serve them a fortune cookie with personalized pregnancy reveal the message. They will jump out of joy.

And don’t worry, this pack of dozen cookies contains the same customized message, so leave it in a bowl casually for them to pick.

5.Wooden door Sign

Grandpa &Grandma's house door sign -gray and white
Photo credit- ThisRusticHome

This is the cutest pregnancy reveal frame for your pregnancy announcement to your parents. The farmhouse-style wooden frame with “Grandma & Grandpa’s house” wording makes a perfect announcement and keepsake for them to hand it on a wall or showcase it on mantels.

6.Custom Wine Label

This is a sneaky way to announce pregnancy if your first-time grandparents enjoy a glass of wine. Get the pregnancy announcement label and stick it on their favorite bottle of wine for the announcement.

yellow wine bottle with grandparents to be label
Photo credit- revelryway

You can invite them for dinner, change the label of the wine, and casually put the bottle of wine on the dining table. Then, wait for them to read the fine print. Keep for camera ready to capture the reaction.

7.Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement Memory Book

“The Making of Grandparents” is one of the heartwarming ways to announce pregnancy to your parents.

The making of grandparents journal in black, green and white
Photo credit- JournalsofDiscovery

This is an excellent journal for grandparents to document their childhood, adolescence, family history, and much more to read later to their grandchild. This is such a special gift that I wish I had one from my grandparents. 

If you are not yet documenting your pregnancy yet, its not late. Here is a printable Pregancy planner/journal to jolt down your pregnancy and turn it into keepsake.

8.Grandma Grandpa Baby Onesie

White grandpa & Grandma Onesie which reindeer in background
Photo credit- LilMeStore

Let them find out that you are pregnant for the first time with this cute baby onesie. Then, you wouldn’t have to say anything, and they will know that they will be grandparents.

The onesie is made of organic cotton and is perfect for your baby to wear when visiting grandparents.

9.Grandma & Grandpa Mug set

grandpa & Grandma white ceramic mug
Photo credit- ShopInkpot

Overly used method of pregnancy announcement but still cute for coffee lovers!! Casually pour the coffee when parents come over to your house and see how long it takes for them to read the print.

10.Play a Game

Family game night is a fun way to sneak in your pregnancy announcement to parents. Play Pictionary or charades, and when the time comes, sneak in your pregnancy announcement.

You can bring the whole family together for game night announce your big news after playing several rounds. Everybody is in a playful mood so take the excitement to the next level by revealing your big news. Don’t forget to record the facial expression of your parents when they find out the news.

Check out this video on how a couple announced their pregnancy to their parents with a game of charades.

11.Announcement Puzzle

If you don’t want to act out the news of the pregnancy in a game of charades, you can simply let your parent assemble this puzzle to find out that they will be grandparents for the first time. 

And if your parents are bugging you with the question – “when are you going to have a baby?” this puzzle will joyfully shut their mouth forever.

12.Promoted to Grandma Grandpa t-shirts

Pregnancy announcement t-shirts are another useful and practical way to announce pregnancy to first-time grandparents.

man and woman wearing grandma & Grandpa tshirt
Photo credit- StaycaySupplyCo

Being first-time grandparents is a proud moment for them, and they will love to show off to their friends. So, these t-shirt works perfectly as a pregnancy announcement gift to first-time parents.

13.Pregnancy announcement Onesie and Mug set

custom ceramic mug and baby onesie in a gift box
Photo credit- FadedGardenias

Only a pregnancy announcement onesie or mug set may not be enough to share the best news of your life with your parents. So, why not send them personalized onesies and Grandma/Grandpa mug set in a gift box? The gift box looks cute, and it also has a pregnancy reveal the message inside the box lid.

14.Pregnancy Announcement Cookie

pink and blue gender reveal cookie
Photo credit- VioletaBaking

Make your pregnancy announcement to first-time grandparents sweeter with these baby theme cookies. You can back them yourself or get them pre-made in a gift box and bring them to your parents next time you give them a casual visit. And after dinner, let them open the box of cookies to reveal the news. How sweet!!

Pregnancy announcement cookies work great too for gender reveal to your parents.

First Grand-child Announcement Ideas for Grandma

Grandmas are unique, and they love their grandchild the most. So, if you have only grandma in your life, here are cute ideas to reveal that you are pregnant for the first time.

15.Future Grandma neckless

You can never go wrong with the pearls. This cute, subtle neckless is what your mom or mom-in-law needs to express the joy of finding out that she will be a first-time grandma.

Grandma pearl necklash
Photo credit- BeWished

The pearl represents the love between you and your loved one. And pearls are timeless jewelry that any woman will love regardless of age, style, or fashion.

16.Grandma Bracelet

Here is another beautiful piece of jewelry that any woman will love to wear. This personalized bracelet with the “best mom gets promoted to best grandma” charm, baby feet charm, and pearl charm will be the best gift to surprise your first-time grandma-to-be. And your mom will proudly wear it to show off her excitement.

17.Grandma-to-be Spoon

custom silver spoon with text
Photo credit- andthenagaindesigns

Invite your mom or mother-in-law for dinner and after dinner, serve her dessert with this engraved “Grandma-to-be” spoon. Don’t forget to capture her reaction when she notices the fine print.

18.Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma's kitchen wooden brown chopping board
Photo credit- SerenityCuttingBoard

Grandmas are famous for cooking special meals. And your soon-to-be-born baby will surely enjoy grandma’s food whenever they are at grandma’s house. So, give her this Grandma’s Kitchen cutting board to let her know that she will have a new guest coming over for snack, lunch, and dinner in just a few months.

In addition, you can announce your pregnancy using a custom grandma-to-be t-shirt, mug, custom pillow, or scratch card.

First Grand-child Announcement Ideas for Grandpa

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have grandparents together to share the news. So if you are announcing your big news to first-time grandpa only, then here are cute ideas just for future grandpa.

19.Pregnancy Announcement for Golf Lovers

If your father is a golf lover, then a pregnancy announcement using a customized golf ball is the way to go. He will have no clue until he reads the fine print on the golf ball. And it is an excellent keepsake for him for life.


Fishing is a hobby for many grandpas-to-be. They will be glad to find out the news with this fishing lure. He will be happy to know that his fishing buddy is coming soon.

21.Grandpa Keychain

black custom keychain in a brown box
Photo credit- GiftIdeasShop

First-time grandpa will love this “Grandpa Established” keychain to hold his car key.  These key chains are resistant to sunlight and scratch. The message is printed on brown leather with a metal element. And it also comes beautifully packed in the box.

22.Grandpa Established Pillow

Dad and grandpa white pillow
Photo credit- LimKreativeGifts

Who wouldn’t like to rest on the personalized pillow after a long day of work? Of course, your dad will love to add this “dad and granddad established” pillow to his existing décor.

23.Grandpa’s Workshop

wooden papas workshop wooden sign board
Photo credit- ArizonaCraftCo

Babies like to break toys. And their only resource to fix the toys will be a grandpa. So your dad will be happy to know that he will soon have someone requiring his services. And he will gladly provide his service for free.

You can also get custom promoted to granddad onesie or custom mug for first grandchild announcement to your dad or father-in-law.

Christmas First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

If you find out you are pregnant close to Christmas or holiday season, who not wait for holidays and make your announcement to parents part of the fun.

Christmas pregnancy announcement makes the holiday season more special for your parents as they will get excited about next Christmas to celebrate with their first grandchild.

Here are some of the ideas for the Christmas pregnancy announcement to parents.

24.Promoted to Grandparents Ornament

Christmas or not, grandparents love personalized ornaments. They will love the “Promoted to Grandparents” ornament to hang on the Christmas tree every year. This is a great pregnancy revealing the gift that they will remember year after year.

Grandma & Grandpa white Christmas ornaments
Photo credit- TasselledTwine

What makes this gift extra special is the due date on the ornament for them to remember when they became grandparents for the first time.

A grandparent ornament is a perfect gift for the Christmas pregnancy announcement to the parents.

25.Sonogram Christmas ornaments

What is better than proof of your pregnancy on a Christmas ornament for your parent? Surprise your parents with a sonogram photo with the baby’s due date on a ceramic Christmas ornament.

grandparents Christmas ornaments with sonogram picutre
Photo credit- LilStinkerDesign

You can personalize this ornament with “Baby’s last name and due date” and send it in a gift box to your parents. But, of course, they won’t be expecting the big news wrapped up in a gift box over Christmas.

26.Christmas Scratch card

Christmas scratch card in white and silver frame
Photo credit- TheCardGalleria

Send a special Christmas card to your parents this year and let them scratch to reveal the big news. The great thing about this card is that you can customize the message to send to anyone in the family for the pregnancy announcement over Christmas.

First-time grandparents will impatiently scratch the card to reveal the best news of the year.

27.Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Booties

Christmas pregnancy announcement booties are a memorable way to reveal your big news to first-time grandparents. The booties are handmade with soft wool blend yarn. It has authentic suede soles and repurposed sheepskin insoles.

red and white baby booties in a brown box
Photo credit- FoxAndPineDesigns

And it is a perfect bootie for your soon-to-be-born baby when they visit grandparents.

28.Christmas Baby Onesie

Christmas onesie with green and red pregnancy announcement wording
Photo credit- AboutASprout

Parents do not like their kids to spend too much money on Christmas gifts for them. So, instead, send them this pregnancy announcement onesie. Pregnancy announcement onesie will be the best gift that they have received this year.

First-time Grate Grandparents Pregnancy Announcement ideas

Ideas are endless for pregnancy announcements to great first-time grandparents. You can use any ideas listed above by simply changing the wording to “promoted to Great-grandparents” on a mug, sonogram frame, Christmas ornaments, keychain, or “Great grandparents” on a t-shirt to announce first-time news great grandparents.

But before you announce pregnancy to your grandparents, consider their age and health. You want to announce your pregnancy in a way that it is not too much for them like – they can find out by sitting on a couch. Keep it short and straightforward. You don’t want to play a game of charades with them.

Something like a pregnancy reveal t-shirt that they can read or a pregnancy announcement photo frame that they can hang on a wall to remind them that they will be a great grandparent.


I hope you have got some ideas on the first grandchild announcement gift for your parents and parents-in-law.  The news of being first-time grandparents is itself enormous, and you going over to announce your pregnancy is a massive deal for them.

So, you want to make it special by planning. Put some thought into what they like and sneak in your news to make this moment memorable for you and your parents. Even when your parents are leave far from you, you can still make it unique by sending them a personalised gift box or card and opening the gift in front of facetime.

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