The All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal

Pregnancy is an exciting time and with it comes lots of planning, lots to do, and lots to get prepared for. It could be overwhelming to do everything you need to do each week, on time before the arrival of the baby.

The All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal offers plenty of space to plan, stay organized with pre-filled checklists, and space to write your most intimate feelings as an expectant mother. The journal prompts you to get creative with your thought process through questions like how you found out you are pregnant, what was the best part of 1st trimester, and more.

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Palnner/Journal

Are you Ready to be prepared and stay organized during pregnancy?

This 90-page printable Pregnancy Planner/Journal will help you……

  • Stay organized
  • Save time
  • Be Prepared
  • Express your feelings
  • Create memories for a lifetime
  • Avoid overwhelm of pregnancy

The 90 page All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal is a carefully laid out planner to note every stage of pregnancy. This planner features checklists, blank sheets to record precious memories and stay organized, a weekly journal to record your memories and symptoms plus much more.

Pregnancy Planner/Journal Includes

First Trimester

  • Cover page
  • Pregnancy milestones page
  • “I’m pregnant!” page
  • Positive Pregnancy Test picture page
  • Pregnancy Announcement
  • First ultrasound
  • Trimester Countdown
  • First trimester cover page
  • First trimester checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Baby Registry wish list
  • First trimester cravings and aversions
  • Fit pregnancy plan
  • Weeks 4-41 journal

Second Trimester

  • Second trimester cover page
  • Second trimester checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Second trimester cravings and aversions
  • Letter to a Baby
  • Nursery Planner
  • Gender reveal party checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Baby names page
  • Appointment Tracker
  • Pre-natal vitamin tracker (x2)
  • Pregnancy weight tracker

Third Trimester

  • Third trimester cover page
  • Third trimester checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Hospital bag checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Third trimester cravings and aversions
  • Birth plan
  • Baby shower checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Baby Shower Guest list
  • My Baby shower
  • Baby shower gift log
  • The Big day”
  • Baby is here!
  • Birth story page (x2)
  • Breastfeeding log
  • Diaper and sleep Log


Printable Birth Affirmation Cards

In addition to getting you prepared for your pregnancy, I want you to be confident whether you are giving birth naturally or using pain relief medication.

And because you are an awesome mom-to-be, I want to give you 17 beautifully designed Birth Affirmation printables FREE of charge when you purchase this Pregnancy Planner/Journal.

Now let’s go into detail about what this planner/journal includes.

Remember your Pregnancy Milestones

Pregnancy is an exciting time and you want to remember each milestone as you progress in your pregnancy. Pregnancy milestones pages included in this planner/Journal will help you create memories for a lifetime. Let’s face it, you are not going to remember when you first found out you were pregnant in a couple of months.

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

Pregnancy Milestone pages included in this Journal are

  • Pregnancy Milestone Date page
  • ‘I am pregnant’ page
  • First pregnancy test picture page
  • Baby’s first Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Announcement
  • Baby Shower page
  • ‘The day I went in Labor’ Page
  • Baby is here! page
  • Birth Story Page (x2)

Journal your Feelings

Pregnancy is a period full of emotions, cravings, and aversions. Each week, each month, and each trimester brings about so many unique feelings, thoughts, and emotions that can feel overwhelming to keep everything inside you. Journaling each week of pregnancy is a wonderful way to keep a record of all the experiences (both the amazing and the stress-inducing) you are going through. It also includes fruit and veggie size comparisons of your growing baby along the way.

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

Pages included in this Planner/Journal to jot down your feelings include

  • Trimesters Cravings and Aversions (x3)
  • Weeks 4-41 Feelings Page
  • Write a letter to your baby

Pregnancy Checklists

The All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journals includes pre-filled pregnancy checklists so you are ready and know exactly what your need to do in each trimester. This means you can relax more and worry less.

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

Checklists Included in this Planner/Journal are

  • First trimester Checklist
  • Second trimester Checklist
  • Third trimester Checklist
  • Gender reveal Checklist
  • Baby Shower Checklist
  • Hospital bad Checklist (Mom, Dad, and Baby)

Pregnancy Trackers and Planners

Pregnancy tracker and planner will help you track, plan important things and events during pregnancy as well as postpartum.

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

Pregnancy trackers and planners included in this Journal Includes

  • Appointment Tracker
  • Medical and Insurance Tracker
  • Prenatal vitamin tracker (x2)
  • Baby name planner
  • Baby Registry wish list
  • Baby shower guest list
  • Baby sower gift log
  • Nursery Planner
  • Weekly meal plan
  • Pregnancy weight tracker
  • Birth Plan
  • Fit pregnancy plan
  • Breastfeeding log
  • Diaper and sleep Log

12 Month Calendar and Cover pages

The 12-page monthly calendar (January to December) allows you to plan your month in advance. Write down your monthly doctor’s appointment, special events, your massage appointment, to-do lists, or anything you want for the month and stick on the freeze because pregnancy brain is a thing.

Empiricalmama Pregnancy Planner/Journal

This Pregnancy Planner/Journal comes with each trimester cover page for you to separate each trimester as you start putting it together.

Total 90 Pages Pregnancy Planner/Journal for you to download and Print

Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Use

  • Download your digital PDF file from your email after confirmation of payment. 
  • Print it on a A4 size printer paper (Print all at once or print as you progress in your pregnancy).
  • Place your Journal in a 0.5 inch 3-Ring Binder (you can get it from Amazon).
  • Bring it at your local store (Staples or Office depot) for binding

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Physical Product?

This is not a physical product and will NOT be shipped to your house once you purchase it. You will receive PDF files of the Pregnancy Planner/Journal after confirmation of payment, which you can print at home on A4 size paper or get printed at Office Depot.

Do you offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? 

Because of the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and non-refundable.

Can I print Pregnancy Planner/Journal multiple times once purchased? 

Yes, Once you purchased this Planner/Journal, it’s yours for life. You can print it as many times you like and use it for second, third, or tenth pregnancy. However, you can NOT sell, share, republish in any format without the express written consent of the author. You will receive it as a PDF file that you can print at home or have it printed professionally.

Are you ready to take overwhelm out of your pregnancy?