The Best Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages to Spread the News!

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Are you experiencing writer’s block for your baby birth announcement text messages? You don’t want to just send boring text messages to your friends and family for the most important announcement/s of your life. Read on.

The joy of sharing your baby’s birth with your family and friends is what you look forward to once the baby is born. But if you haven’t planned your traditional baby birth announcement well in advance, birth announcement text messages are the way to get your message to your friends and family accurately and quickly.

Technology has made it easier to spread the news around the world in no time. For example, you no longer need to mail your birth announcement card or send a mass email to friends and family once the baby is born.

Now, you can send the cutest custom text messages to your friends and family for your baby’s birth announcement while you are feeding your baby. How convenient!!

Although sending birth announcement cards to family and friends once you bring a baby home from the hospital has its own perks, birth announcement text messages are still great for modern and busy parents.

If you are thinking about sending birth announcement text messages, this article is for you. We have listed birth announcement text messages ideas for boy, girl, twins, and preemie for your inspiration.

Are Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages rude?

There is no etiquette on how you announce the birth of your baby. It’s all depending on parents how they want to share the news with friends and family.

The new parents are very busy with their new bundle of joy. Taking care of a newborn is very demanding. The mom is busy feeding the baby around the clock, and the dad is often back to work and/or busy taking care of siblings and household or both.

First-time parents face many challenges like lifestyle adjustments, role change, financial hardship, additional demands from other kids if they have them. So, it is not surprising that modern parents are moving to text message birth announcements than traditional birth announcements.

Also, with advanced technology, it is easier than ever to spread the news all around the globe. In this digital era, people are also welcoming important news via text messages. So, in modern society, sending baby birth announcement text messages is appropriate and not rude.

What to include in Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages?

A baby birth announcement text message is no different than what you would include in a birth announcement sent via photocard.

Here is what most birth announcement message includes

  • Newborn’s picture
  • Newborn’s full name
  • Gender
  • Birth weight and length
  • Date of birth/time
  • Place of birth (optional)
  • Parents’ name

Again, it’s all up to parents what they want to include in a baby’s birth announcement. Some parents also have a specific theme like woodland, sports, or princess in mind for their birth announcement.

Some parents include sibling names for their 2nd baby birth announcement text message, while those with pets include their fur baby in a birth announcement.

In addition to baby name and stat, most parents include personalized quotes or custom remarks to highlight their baby’s affection or show off their family personality.

Wording for Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages

Whether you send a birth announcement text message or birth announcement card to your friends and family, the most difficult part is finding appropriate words to introduce a new addition to your family.  And when you are sending “the birth announcement text message” with no additional plan of sending birth announcement via card in the next few months, you want to make it special.   

When choosing a custom word to write a birth announcement text message, you want to show your affection toward your baby and your family’s personality. For example, if you are a religious family, you want to include words like “by the grace of almighty, we are blessed with.”. If your family is in sports, use sports in your announcement. If your baby is a rainbow baby, you want to mention that in your announcement.

Now let’s look at the ideas for the wording you can use to make birth announcement text messages personal and unique.

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Text Messages

In addition to including basic birth announcements like baby’s name, birth date, weight, height, location, time of birth, parent’s name, and siblings (if any), here are wording to introduce your baby boy in a text message to your friends and family.

  • We are bouncing in joy, meet our baby boy
  • O, SONshine!  The most precious addition to the family
  • Our Little SONshine!
  • Our long-waited gift arrived in blue!
  • Mommy’s Little Helper and daddy’s little Man! ..Introducing
  • Love, Joy, and Dreams, All the sweet things a baby boy brings!
  • Say hello to Our Newest Football fan
  • There is a new Sheriff in town!

If your baby boy has a sibling, you can use wording for an announcement like,

  • Oh, Brother! We have another
  • Cody has a new brother to hold!
  • Sophi Welcomes her new baby Brother!
  • Our Superhero needed a sidekick!

If you are religious family, you can use wording like,

  • By the grace of God, we are blessed with a Baby Boy!
  • We’ve been embraced by God’s grace! Introducing Baby boy!
  • Our prayers have been answered! We are blessed with a Baby boy!

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Text Messages

For baby girl birth announcement text message, use feminine tones like

  • Sugar and Spice. She is everything nice!
  • We’re tickled pink with the arrival of (baby’s name)
  • Our world is filled pink over the arrival of our darling Daughter!
  • Our little girl has arrived!
  • A New Princess has just joined our family!
  • Mommy’s love and Daddy’s heart! Introducing our little girl…
  • Ten fingers and ten toes. Welcome our little girl with ribbons and bow!
  • Our fairy tale has the most magical Beginning! Introducing Baby Girl…

If your baby girl has a sibling, you can use wording for an announcement like,

  • Love Keeps Growing… John has a sister to hold!
  • The sequel continues… Lucy has a hand to hold!
  • Lucy’s only child title has expired. Introducing a new sister…

If you are religious family, you can use wording like,

  • Daughters are a blessing, and we have been blessed with one!
  • God has blessed us with a little angle!
  • The little angel has just arrived from heaven!
  • Every Good and Perfect Gift is from Above! Introducing baby Girl…
  • We prayed for the precious little girl, and God has granted our wish!

Twins Birth Announcement Text messages

You will have to get everything double for your twins, but you don’t have to do double is sending twin birth announcement text messages. Also, don’t forget to mention whether they are fraternal or identical twins, as most will want to know.

You can write your twin birth announcement text message like

  • The more, the merrier!
  • Twice the love and twice the joy!
  • We’re Two excited to introduce our Twins!
  • Double the Trouble, Twice the fun!
  • Two is the new One!

If twins have siblings, you can announce it like,

  • John’s football team is grown by 4 feet!
  • Cassie is thrilled to announce two little sisters or two little brothers!

If you are religious family, you can use wording like,

  • Rejoice! Heaven has sent us a cute angle X 2
  • God has blessed us with TWO miracles!
  • God is too generous! We prayed for one and were blessed with two!

Multiple Birth Announcement Text messages

If you are blessed with triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets, here is an example of wording you can use for your announcement.

  • The best things come in three!
  • Our family is grown by 6 feet!
  • Our football team is grown by four!
  • Five is the new One!
  • God has blessed with a Baby Boy x 5

Preemie Birth Announcement Text Messages

When your baby decides to show up early, you can use wording like below to announce your baby’s birth.

  • (Baby name) couldn’t wait to meet us!
  • Our little angel has decided to come early!
  • Olivia couldn’t wait to meet her new brother/sister, so he/she arrived a little early!

2nd time Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages

When you announce your 2nd baby, you can use the same wording you used to announce your first baby and add ‘again’ at the end. Here are some examples of wording for your 2nd birth announcement text message.

  • We are blessed with a baby girl…Again!
  • Here we grow again!
  • Love keeps growing…We are blessed again!
  • We have a new life to mold, new life to love…Again!
  • Ten more fingers and ten more toes. Introducing another little girl!

Basic Birth Announcement Text messages

For those who like the simple and straightforward birth announcement, there are some generic wordings that you can use to announce birth via text message.

  • Meet the love of our lives, (baby name)
  • We are blessed with the arrival of (baby name)
  • The Wilson family is thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter (baby name)
  • Welcome to the world (baby name)
  • Big sister Laura is proud to present (baby name)
  • (Mom) and (Dad) are proud to introduce their new bundle of joy (baby name)
  • Please join us in welcoming (baby name) to the family!
  • I’m Here! (baby name)
  • Hello, World! (baby name)
  • Hello, I’m new here!

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Ideas for Designing Baby Birth Announcement Text message

Baby Birth announcement text messages can be as simple and as fancy you want them to be. If you don’t care about the design of your birth announcement, you can just go ahead type the baby’s name, baby stat and send a photo as a text message or SMS message to your friends and family. It is the easiest way of spreading the news, but some people might ignore the text if they are used to receiving too many text messages.

But if you want to make your baby birth announcement unique, you might need to design using your computer or your phone. Smartphones are equipped with everything you need to do to edit your photo with custom text messages.

If you like to design your own text messages, you can use a program like Canva (free to use) and their free element to design a baby birth announcement text message to send to your family and friends. You can also use a program like Mixbook to design your personalized birth announcement SMS or text messages.

Life gets really busy, and you won’t have enough time to come up with the best design and words for your birth announcement text message once the baby is here. So, if you want a unique birth announcement, plan it in your third trimester. Then, once you choose the design and wording for your birth announcement, all you have to do is add your baby’s picture once the baby is here.

If you are not tech-savvy, there are options to get your baby birth announcement made in advance. Here are some of my favorite options for getting your birth announcement text message designed.

Digital Birth Announcement by SarandipityDesigns

birth announcement digital template in a phone screen
Photo credit-SerendipityDesings

This is a simple yet cute digital birth announcement template that you can customize with Canva. You can send it as a text message, SMS message and use it for social media birth announcements.

SMS Text Message Digital Birth Announcement by DigitalRstudio

birth announcement text messages template on phone screen
Photo credit-DigitalRstudio

This cute design can be easily personalized using your phone and computer. And if you don’t want to edit it yourself, ask them to do it for you.

SMS Birth Announcement by abbeygatedesignes

birth announcement text message template with a picture of newborn in a basket on a phone screen
Photo Credit- abbeygatedesigns

Here is another cute SMS birth announcement digital template that you can edit on your own easily.

Birth Announcement Video Text/SMS message by Karristondesigns

Birth announcement video template on phone screen with newborn sleeping on white blanket
Photo Credit – Karristondesigns

Make your birth announcement unique by sending a video text/SMS message to your friends and family. You can send the baby’s name, baby stat, and your custom wording, and a designer will edit the video for you to share via text or SMS message. You can also use this video for social media birth announcements.

When to send Baby Birth Announcement Text/SMS message?

Sending birth announcement text/SMS messages is different from sending traditional photo cards to friends and family. For example, a photocard birth announcement can be sent within the first year of a baby’s birth, while a birth announcement text message should be sent as soon as you can. Also, a birth announcement text message can be seen as a less personal way of sharing the big news with immediate family. But it is a perfect way to announce the birth to friends, distant family, and co-workers.

Here is what you need to keep in mind when sending a birth announcement text

  • Send the birth announcement text/SMS message to close family and friends soon as you settle in the hospital with a baby.
  • You can send a group text message to friends and co-workers.
  • You can also ask your immediate family members to send SMS to distant families on your behalf if you like.


Baby birth announcement via text/SMS message is the easiest way to introduce your newborn to friends and family. Just make sure to take a perfect picture of your newborn and choose wording that highlights your family’s personality. Also, make sure that you send a birth announcement text message or SMS message to your immediate family and close friends individually.

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