The Best Outfit to bring a Baby home from the hospital in Summer

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Looking for an idea of the best outfit to bring a baby home from the hospital in summer? Read on to find out the best outfit ideas for your newborn, so they are not too hot on their way home from the hospital in summer.

Packing a hospital bag for labor requires careful thinking because you don’t want to pack clothes you will not wear at the hospital. The same goes for clothes that you are packing for your newborn.

Weather is an important factor when you are packing outfits for your baby. For example, you don’t want to pack heavy clothes or fleece onesie or flannel onesie when you have a baby in the summer.

Also, you don’t want to under-pack. The newborn can not regulate their body temperature just yet, so you need to pick an outfit that will cover their body but not overheat them.

This comprehensive guide is for you if you are a first-time parent and don’t know which outfit to bring a baby home from the hospital in the summer.

In this article, we have talked about the best homecoming outfit ideas for babies and other important things to consider when bringing a summer baby home.

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How to bring a Baby home from the hospital in Summer?

The best homecoming outfit for your newborn depends largely on the weather and their comfort. Also, a homecoming outfit is special as you are most likely same this picture in your baby book or share it with your family and friends.

Deciding on a homecoming outfit for a newborn in summer is less stressful than a homecoming outfit for a baby in winter.

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You can dress your baby boy in the cutest short sleeve onesie hat, socks, and baby girl in the cutest pink dress, socks, and hat.

However, you should also remember that hospitals are cold regardless of whether outdoor. So, you want to have a light blanket, long-sleeve onesie, pants, or sweater with you to dress them or cover them in a car seat while you are at the hospital or in a car.

Baby Homecoming outfit essentials for Summer

Deciding ahead of time on the outfit to bring a baby home from the hospital in summer will save you from stress the day you bring the baby home.

Now let’s look at the baby outfit essentials for summer


Organic cotton long-sleeve or short-sleeve onesie is the best outfit to bring the baby home from the hospital in summer. It will cover the baby from shoulder to toe, so you don’t need to worry about air conditioning in the hospital or car.

You also want to keep different sizes of onesies with you if your baby is too small or too big for the size of the onesie. Most onesie comes in newborn or 0-3 months size, so one of each. If you are having twins, you also want to pack a preemie-size onesie in your hospital bag.

Bodysuit and pant

If you don’t want to dress your baby in a onesie, you can opt for a cute print bodysuit and pants for a baby boy and a dress for a baby girl.


The hat is one of the most important pieces of clothing for your newborn because it keeps a baby from losing heat from its body. The hospital provides hats for the baby, so you do not need to pack a hat in your hospital bag unless you want the matching hat to go with the baby’s homecoming outfit. But most of the time, a hospital hat fits the baby perfectly than a store-bought hat.


Socks or booties that match with homecoming outfits for the baby will keep their feet covered.

Light Blanket

You will have to be prepared for the weather. Even though it is summer, babies like to be covered to feel secure. So, a light blanket or organic swaddling blanket will come in handy when you are in a car.

You also want to make sure that the outfit that you put on your baby is easy to put on and off. Because sometimes baby needs two diaper changes in 30 minutes, so, something simple, all in one outfit, will make your life easy on the way home from the hospital.

In addition, you also want to keep extra pair of onesies, socks, bodysuits in a diaper bag in case of an accident.

The best Outfit to bring Baby Home from the Hospital

The material you are dressing your baby in summer is also important. You want to dress your newborn in a breathable, organic cotton material than heavy flannel or fleece material.

I like to avoid conventional clothing brands for babies and toddlers as they are treated with toxic chemicals like flame retardants, phthalate, insecticides or pesticides, ammonia, PVC, petroleum, DMFs, and others during manufacturing processes. And exposing your baby to these toxic chemicals can hurt their developing organ system and sensitive skin.

So, dress your baby in certified organic cotton clothing for at least the first year of their life.

Here are a few of my favorite certified organic clothing brands for babies and toddlers.

Burt’s Bees Baby


Colored Organic

CastleWare Baby

Lamaze Organic


Pact Baby

Nui Baby

Hanna Andersson

Tips for finding out if your baby is Too Hot or Too Cold

Unfortunately, newborns can not express how they are feeling just yet. So, as parents, we need to make sure that they are comfortable with what they wear.

Also, newborns can not regulate their body temperature yet, and they lose heat from their heads. So, keeping their head covered with a hat is very important when they are young.

You also don’t want to overdress them as overheating is a risk factor for SIDS in babies. So, rather than dressing babies in a heavy cloth, dressing them in layers is much better to keep them from overheating.

Whether it is summer or winter, keep your newborn in 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18-21 degrees Celsius) and dress them appropriately.

As a general rule of thumb, your newborn needs one more layer of clothing than you would wear in the same weather.

And if you are worried that your baby is too hot, here is how you can check

Check your baby’s toes. If it feels hot, place your hand on the baby’s stomach. If it feels warm too, then your baby is overheating.

Other symptoms of the baby overheating are

  • Sweating on head
  • Dump hair
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Fast breathing
  • Heat rash

If you feel your baby is too hot, remove one of the layers of clothing.

On the other hand, here is how you can check your baby whether they are too cold.

The Baby’s feet and toes will feel cold to touch. You will also find their hands cold.

Other symptoms of the baby being too cold are

  • Baby less active
  • Baby lethargic
  • Hand and feet turn bluish

If you feel your baby is too cold, add extra layers for the warmth.

How Can I keep my baby Cool in a Car in the summer?

If it is too hot the day you are bringing your baby home from the hospital, in addition to running AC in the car, here are tips to keep your baby cool on your way home from the hospital.

Get your Car Ready

Before you bring your baby in a car on a hot summer day, make sure that your car’s temperature is around 65- and 72-degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t want your newborn in a car where the temperature is around 100-degree Fahrenheit in summer.

Block the Sun

Get your car window tinted. Certain types of tints block UV radiation. You can also use a reflective sun shield for the front window to keep your car cooler for summer days.

Use Car seat Sunshade

Keep the car seat sunshade up when you are in the car to block the sun coming from the window.

In Conclusion

The Outfit to bring a baby home from the hospital in summer is special as you will be keeping that photo of your baby in a baby book and sharing it with your friends and family. So dressing them in breathable organic cotton clothing is best for a hot summer day. Also, don’t forget to keep a light blanket with you to cover them as they like to be covered for security when they are little.

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