What to Wear at Hospital after Giving Birth (From Head to Toe)

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Wondering what to wear at hospital after giving birth? Here is your ultimate guide on clothing, so you feel comfortable from top to bottom after giving birth.

If you are in your third trimester and packing your hospital bag, you need a few postpartum outfits to wear after giving birth to your baby.

mom carrying swaddled baby- what to wear at the hospital after giving birth

You don’t want to be in an open-back hospital gown until you leave the hospital. Trust me, the postpartum body is the most uncomfortable feeling you will have for your body, plus breastfeeding won’t make it easier either. So, you want to be in the most comfortable and breastfeeding-friendly clothes you can find.

If you haven’t thought about what you will pack in your hospital bag, this article will guide you through comfy and cozy clothes to wear in the hospital to be comfortable and look good after giving birth at the hospital. You also need to think about the best outfit to bring the baby home from the hospital. Don’t forget to check out the best homecoming outfit for a baby in summer or the best outfit to bring the baby home in winter.

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What to Wear at Hospital after Giving Birth

This list includes what you will genuinely need and wear from head to toe at the hospital after giving birth.  We have carefully chosen comfy and cozy postpartum outfits and essentials to help you feel comfortable and look good after giving birth at the hospital.


Let’s start this checklist with hairbands. Open hair is annoying when you are in labor. The last thing you want is your hair on your face when you are going through contractions. While hair ties will do the job, but hairbands are particularly useful if you have short hair.

Hairbands also come in handy when you are breastfeeding. However, hair falling on your face when you are learning to breastfeed is annoying. So, make sure that you pack hairbands or hair ties in your hospital bag.

Huachi Headbands for Women 

This stylish knotted headband is cute and absorbs sweats, so you can use it during labor and beyond. It is also available in a different color so that you can match it with your labor gown for that first picture with your baby.

DRESHOW 4 Pack Cross Headbands

Another cute, crocheted headband serves two purposes. First, it keeps your hair from falling on your face, and second, it keeps your ears warm and comfy.

Postpartum Bras

Choosing the right size maternity bra is very important to avoid common breastfeeding issues. Too tight or underwire bra puts pressure on the breast and can lead to milk bleb or clogged milk ducts.

Usually, I do not prefer buying maternity bras well in advance. The main reason is that once breastmilk comes in after 3-5 days after giving birth, breast size changes. And until your breastmilk regulates (a couple of weeks), you won’t know the actual size of your breast to invest in a good quality maternity bra.

That being said, you do need a maternity bra to support your changing breast anatomy until your breastmilk regulate. So, get 2-3 maternity bras that are stretchy and comfortable. And once your breastmilk regulates you can get good quality maternity bras in bulk (trust me, you will need it!)

I loved the Kindred Bravely organic cotton nursing bras and used them postpartum after both my babies. In fact, it is made from organic cotton so, you don’t need to worry about skin irritation or your baby coming in contact with it. And they are too comfy that I was not ready to go back to my wire bra three years postpartum.

If you are looking for something affordable until your breastmilk regulates, this full-coverage pack of 3 nursing bras is a great option. One-hand access to your breast makes breastfeeding easy when trying to figure out the breastfeeding initially.

Nursing pads

You also need to pack an organic nursing pad in your hospital bag. Because you are going to leak once your baby starts latching and milk comes in. I like these GOTS certified organic cotton disposable nursing pads to pack in a hospital bag, so you don’t have to worry about washing them.

Then, you can opt for an eco-friendly, re-usable organic cotton nursing pad that you can wash and reuse once you are home.

Nursing Tanktop

I don’t blame you if you don’t like to wear a bra at night or home alone. The postpartum body is uncomfortable! But you do need something to support your heavy breast once your breastmilk comes in.

So, if you are looking for something comfortable and providing support to your breast, you need a nursing tank top. The nursing tank top has built-in cups to support your breast and hold the nursing pad to catch the leaking breastmilk.

SUIEK Women’s Nursing Tank Top

This fashionable nursing tank top is great for supporting your breast as well as hiding your postpartum tummy. It has easy one-hand drop-down cups for easy, quick feeding. You can totally go braless with this nursing tank top. Bust with elastic bands and adjustable shoulder straps make this nursing tank top suitable for all breast sizes.

KUCI Maternity Nursing Tank Top

KUCI nursing tank tops are great for both pregnancy and postpartum. This V-neck sleeveless nursing tank top is soft cotton and has built-in pouches to hold nursing pads. It makes a great sleep bra when you are breastfeeding.

If you are looking for a lightweight, super comfortable, and breathable tank tops, then I highly recommend checking out these Kindred Brevely collections of maternity and nursing tank tops. They are a little pricey, but organic material and softness make it worth the price. To make it affordable, get two Kindred Bravely tank tops and others from Amazon.

Postpartum Gown

A postpartum gown is the best postpartum hospital outfit right after delivery. Because you will uncomfortably right after giving birth, and the last thing you want is to wear anything waist down except underwear.

Also, nurses often come in to check your private part, so it is better to have easy access with the postpartum gown.

Hospitals do provide gowns to change after delivery but trust me, and you will be more comfortable in your gown than the open-back hospital gown. In addition, a postpartum gown provides easy access to your breast for breastfeeding. And the best part is, your after-birth photographs will be cuter in the following postpartum gown.

Here are some options for maternity gowns.

Kindred Bravely Universal Labor and Delivery Gown 

If you are looking for modesty and total coverage, I highly recommend getting this Kindred Bravely 3-in-1 labor and delivery gown.

This gown is great for wearing during your labor as it has a Velcro closure that extends the entire length of the front and back of the gown for easy access for your c-section incision checks or epidural access during labor. This gown is also great for breastfeeding because of its easy access shoulder snap.

Another great feature of this gown is that front Velcro makes skin-to-skin with your baby easy and quick.

Ekouaer Women’s Nightgown

Another comfy gown in cute print that you can wear in the hospital and after coming home day and night is from Ekouaer. This nightgown is also 3-in-1, soft, breathable, and super stretchy. The V-neck design and easy pull-down access to the breast make it great for breastfeeding.

Postpartum Robe

A postpartum robe is another option if you don’t want to wear a gown right after birth at the hospital. Robes are great for privacy because you will have lots of visits from nurses right after delivery. Also, wearing a robe over your nursing top or nursing t-shirt will keep you warm at the hospital.

Here are a few options to consider.

Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe

This fabulous flower print maternity robe must-have in your hospital bag. This stylish robe is made of cotton and provides the comfort you need postpartum. Easy access to the breast makes it great for breastfeeding.

The rob looks excellent when you are posing for the first picture with your baby. And you don’t have to worry about how you look when visitors are in the hospital.

Check out these real-life mamas rocking in their gorgeous robe.

Matching Labor and Delivery Robe and Swaddle blanket

This cute adorable matching robe and swaddle blanket is what you want if you plan newborn photography at the hospital. The mommy maternity robe is stylish and comfortable for your stay at the hospital after birth and when you come home. The added matching swaddling blanket makes your first picture with your baby worth keeping in your baby book.

If you are not into totally matching with your baby, here is another option with a contrast swaddling blanket to go with your floral robe matching set. I love this combination better than camouflaging your baby with a matching swaddling blanket.

Matching maternity Robe, swaddling blanket, and Dad t-shirt

Why leave dad out of a picture-perfect first photograph with your baby? This adorable matching maternity robe comes with a contrast swaddling blanket and dad t-shirt.

The matching set is made of 95% cotton that you will love wearing beyond your hospital stay. And dad can proudly wear his “DAD” t-shirt to show off his joy of becoming a father.

Breastfeeding top

Postpartum or breastfeeding tops or t-shirts are great if you don’t want to be in your robe and gown all day.

Loose-fitting breastfeeding tops provide comfort and ease of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding shirts are a great option if you want to skip the robe altogether (though robes are great for right after delivery). So, if your budget is tight, you want to consider breastfeeding t-shirts that you can wear in the hospital after birth and use them when you come home.

You do need many breastfeeding shirts if you are planning to breastfeed your baby for the long term. For example, I wore breastfeeding shirts for 15 months after delivery for easy access to breastfeeding or for easy pumping access when you are out.

Here are some of the cute, stylish, and comfortable options to consider

Short sleeve Breastfeeding t-shirts

If you give birth in summer or live in a southern part of the US, you need a short sleeve breastfeeding t-shirt.

This breastfeeding shirt is made of 95% cotton, soft, breathable, and easy to access your breast. These shirts are great whether you are home, shopping with a baby, or doctor’s appointment. The set contains 3 short sleeve t-shirt, and the price is affordable.

Long sleeves Breastfeeding t-shirt

You want to be warm and cozy if you have given birth in the winter. This long sleeve breastfeeding t-shirt will keep you warm and comfortable in the hospital because regardless of the season, hospitals are always cold (I have worked in a hospital for 15 years and have given birth twice in the hospital).

This set of 3 long sleeve t-shirt is affordable, comfy, and made of stretchy material.

Postpartum Pajamas

If you are not into robe or gown and want full coverage, postpartum pajama is what you need. You will be in a bed recovering after giving birth, so full coverage and lose postpartum pajama will keep you comfy and cozy. Postpartum pajamas are also breastfeeding-friendly.

Just make sure that the pants are not too tight.

Here are much loved postpartum pajamas that you will love to wear in the hospital and beyond.

Short-Sleeve postpartum Pajama

This cotton, short-sleeved pajama set is perfect to hear after delivery at the hospital in the summer months. The fabric is soft, stretchy and the pants come with an elastic band to adjust the size.

Long Sleeve postpartum Pajama

A long sleeve pajama is an excellent option if you are giving birth in a winter month. It will keep you warm at a chilly temperature at the hospital. This long sleeve pajama is made from a cotton blend, which is lightweight and available in many sizes. The top-down button in front gives you easy access to your breast with a button in the front.

Postpartum Joggers and Lounge Pants

The postpartum period is the fourth trimester, and your body will be uncomfortable for the first few weeks. In addition, you will be bleeding a lot, so you need loose-fit postpartum joggers or loose-fit pants to feel comfortable.

Here are the best postpartum joggers or stretchy pants options to consider

Postpartum Joggers

This super cute and stretchy jogger will keep you comfy all day long. It is lightweight and features pockets to hold all your essentials.  I love the tapered cut at the ankle, so it doesn’t come in your way when you get up and down for breastfeeding or run between house chores and baby.

Here is another postpartum jogger made of cotton that you will love wearing after birth.

Postpartum Belly bend

Your postpartum belly will look like a pregnant belly after giving birth until your uterus goes back to its original size, which takes at least 6 weeks postpartum. Postpartum belly bands help accelerate this process if you start wearing postpartum belly bands 2-3 days after birth.

If you want, you can start wearing a postpartum belly band when you come home. But in case you end up staying in a hospital longer, pack a postpartum belly band in your hospital bag. And if you take a belly band in the hospital, make sure to ask your doctor before you start wearing your belly band.

Postpartum Underwear to wear after Giving Birth in the Hospital

Maternity underwear is the first thing you need to pack in your hospital bag. Hospitals do provide disposable maternity underwear for the first day. Still, you are on your own until you stay at the hospital (my hospital provided 2 maternity underwear that I used the first day after birth).

So, pack your maternity underwear to be on the safer side if your hospital does not provide extra for the next day.

When it comes to maternity underwear, you need high waist underwear that is comfortable to wear, accommodate maxi pads, and provide support to your midsection.

Here are some options

High waisted Postpartum Underwear

This high-waisted postpartum underwear holds a maxi pad in place and provides support to your midsection.

The cotton and spandex blend underwear are soft, breathable, and give you enough stretch and comfort during early postpartum days.

And this underwear is voted true to the size of many real-life moms.

C-section recovery Underwear

For c-section mamas, this c-section recovery underwear is a great option. This high-waisted underwear protects the incision area and reduces irritation. It is also breathable without being too binding for everyday use.

Disposable Underwear

The disposable mess underwear that the hospital provides is the most comfortable, hassle-free underwear to wear after giving birth. I loved them, and I wish hospitals were more generous in giving them to postpartum mothers.  

Here is the disposable underwear that is closest to the ones you get in the hospital. This mess underwear is high-waisted, comfortable, and adaptable to hold a maxi pad. In addition, the disposable mess underwear is affordable and comes in a pack of 6.


Another must-have to pack in a hospital bag is socks. Hospitals are generally cold regardless of the weather outside, so socks are essential to keep you warm and comfortable after giving birth.

Here are a few warm, non-slip socks options to consider

These non-slip socks are comfortable and will keep you warm after birth. They come in a pack of 12. So, you have enough in case you lose your one sock in the laundry (I lose one sock in the laundry all the time!). 

If you are looking for warm, fluffy socks, these non-skid socks will keep you warm after your labor and delivery.


Comfortable, non-slip footwear is a must-have when you spend 2-3 days at the hospital after labor and delivery. In addition, you will need footwear to get around at the hospital.

You can pack flip-flop or slippers in your hospital bag in addition to warm socks for your feet.

These shoes are comfortable to wear to the hospital for labor & delivery and after giving birth. And they are great walking shoes once you are ready to stroll with your baby or for postpartum exercise.

Going Home from the Hospital Outfit for Mom

Going home from the hospital outfit should have to be special. You can wear the same clothes you came wearing at the hospital or wear a breastfeeding t-shirt or nursing tank top and postpartum joggers listed above. It’s all about feeling comfortable in those first few days.

If you are looking for a going-home outfit after a c-section, you want high-waist, loose pants, so the pant’s elastic does not irritate your incision. You can pair you high-waist pant with any weather appropriate breastfeeding t-shirt or nursing tank top.

Those mamas, who are going home in winter, make sure to have a hat and warm jacket to keep you warm because the last thing you want is to come down with a cold while caring for a newborn.

Before you go, check out this snack to pack in a hospital bag so you don’t have to rely on hospital snacks.

Get your free complete hospital bag checklist to help you pack your hospital bag without forgetting essentials.

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