MUTU System Review: May not be for your Diastasis Recti Healing

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Diastasis recti can cause many postpartum issues. But there are ways you can heal diastasis recti from the comfort of your home. Read this MUTU system review to find out whether it’s the right system for healing diastasis recti.

I had about a 3.5 finger gap around the umbilicus at 10 weeks postpartum. After my pelvic floor physical therapist has confirmed that I have significant diastasis recti, I decided to do something about it. Also, I did not wear postpartum belly band until I was 12 week postpartum.

While I prefer a one-on-one treatment plan with a physical therapist, it wasn’t financially and physically doable for me as I cared for a 10-week-old baby and other obligations. My physical therapist recommended the MUTU system postnatal fitness program that fits my budget and schedule.

When I took this program, I had no intention to write my experience about this program; hence I did not take “internet worthy” before and after picture. Honoring my reader’s request, I decided to write about how this program has helped me. But it wasn’t all easy for me to get through the program.

The purpose of this MUTU System review is to help you decided whether this online program is right for you to heal diastasis recti at home. My goal here is to make you aware of the pros, cons, and challenges of this program, so even if you decide NOT to take this program, it will be well-educated.

Without further ado, here is my MUTU System Review.

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What is MUTU System?

MUTU System is an evidence-based, medically trusted, and recommended diastasis and pelvic floor program for pregnant and postpartum mamas.

This program is a 12-week postnatal core program specially designed to heal diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues affecting almost 100% of women postpartum.

The main goal of the MUTU system is to provide you evidence-based, proven techniques to improve diastasis recti, pelvic floor, and other abdominal problems if you just had a baby or you are 6 years postpartum. This program also helps you lose weight through healthy diet choices.

What is the Structure of the MUTU System?

The MUTU System is a web app that you can download on your phone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV. You will only need to download the app from the app store once you purchase the membership using the link in this article.

Once you enroll in this program, you get clear instructions on how to download the app and add the MUTU MAMAS to your home page on your phone or any other device.

I downloaded the MUTU MAMAS on my iPhone to make it easy for me to access it when I want. The exercises are easy to follow pre-recorded videos split into core intensive and walk, with a clear instruction and tracking system to guide you on how many raps of each exercise you have to do and monitor your progress.

You also have the option to download and print in the food and instruction section of the app.

Web Program detail

  • Cost: $$
  • Length of Course: 12 week
  • MUTU Core workouts –12 minutes a day
  • MUTU Intensive workouts – 25 minutes (3 times a week)
  • Access: 1 year
  • 60 days 100% money-back guarantee

Main Modules of the MUTU System

In addition to strengthening your core and pelvic floor postpartum, the MUTU System also recommends eating healthy food. They provide some food rules to incorporate into your daily life to see the best result.

Here is a highlight of the MUTU MAMAS workout Program


The MUTU System starts with a daily walk of only 15 minutes, suitable for any women postpartum when they feel ready. This part is mostly to get you started with some form of activity postpartum. 

Core Workout

This module includes slow, gentle Pilate-style exercises that just take 12 minutes a day and be done daily. The exercise in this module is suitable for postpartum mamas who have received medical clearance to exercise at a 6-week postpartum checkup.

This module includes 4 phases of exercises designed to help with diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. Each phase of the exercise is explained well, and techniques are shown clearly in the video. Also, you have the option to download and print the instruction to perform the exercise.

Intensive Workout

As you progress and improve your pelvic health through gradual and mindful movement, you are introduced to intense workouts in this section.  Exercises in this module are more intense and complex. The 4 phases of exercise in this module take 25 minutes to complete and be performed three times a week.

The core and Intensive exercises are a mixture of Pilates type exercise, low impact aerobics, and pelvic floor exercise.

When you login into a web app, you will also find several videos about proper posture, how to engage your pelvic floor muscles, motivational videos to keep you going, and much more.

MUTU Food Guide

There is also a big section on MUTU Food Inspiration. The program recommends making a healthy choice for food you eat on an everyday basis. Rather than counting calories and starving yourself, MUTU System suggests several food alternatives: avoid processed and refined food, add lots of fruits and veggies to your diet, add protein in each meal, and more.

You also have an option to download and print a weekly shopping list, which I found really helpful.

You can access all the workout videos, food guides, motivational videos, and a community at one very high-quality web app. You also have access to a digital journal to track your progress and journal things as you progress week-by-week.

Why do you need to take MUTU System Postnatal Fitness Program?

Having a baby changes your body for real. Physical problems postpartum range from diastasis recti to urine incontinence to weakened pelvic floor to back pain to painful sex to other abdominal problems.

The most significant of all for most mamas are “mummy tummy.” Most moms, I included, can’t wait to get rid of their pooch after the birth of their baby. When I had my second one, I had urinary and stool incontinence for the first 6 weeks, and I was diagnosed with significant diastasis recti at 10 months postpartum. For me, these were all great reasons to take MUTU postnatal fitness program.

I usually prefer an instructor-led workout program, but I opted for MUTU System because of a time constraint (caring for a newborn and 6-year-old). The flexibility of doing exercise whenever I want was the most important factor for me.

Also, there is no other online program out there that is evidence-based, like the MUTU system. And the recommendation of the MUTU System by my pelvic floor physiotherapist was the biggest reassurance for me about the techniques to improve pelvic and abdominal symptoms.

And I also felt that the program is reasonably priced compared to what you pay for a one-on-one classes with a physiotherapist.

Who is this MUTU System Postnatal Fitness Program for?

The MUTU System is for any woman who wants to strengthen their core, improve Diastasis Recti and lose fat.

MUTU System Review - Is MUTU System for you?
  • Complete Beginner
  • Postpartum mamas wanting to lose the mummy tummy
  • Postpartum mamas who have Diastasis Recti, weakened pelvic floor muscles, back pain.
  • Mamas who have urinary incontinence postpartum
  • Mamas who just wants to lose weight postpartum – whether you are 2 months postpartum or 10 years postpartum
  • For anyone who what to lose mommy pooch with Pilate style, low impact HIIT exercises
  • Pregnant women who want to be active during pregnancy

Who this program not for?

This online program is not for someone who needs an instructor-led, classroom kind of environment to exercise. If you are not self-motivated to do exercise every day, you shouldn’t take this program.

The MUTU System is also not for someone who is into HIIT workouts; they will find MUTU System slow and boring.

How Long is the Accessibility of the MUTU System once Purchased?

You can access the MUTU System for 1 year from the time you purchased the program. One year is enough time to restart the program if you fell off track. When I started this program, I couldn’t go through the 12-week program in one go. I fell through twice but could restart and finish the 12-week program before my accessibility for the course expired.

You also can purchase lifetime access to the course if you feel the need for it.

What if I am NOT Satisfied with the MUTU System?

If, for some reason, if you are not satisfied with the program or find the exercises too slow, you have 60 days to get 100% money back. So, there is no risk at all if you want to purchase this course.

But this fitness program is really helpful if you are serious about improving your diastasis recti, and I highly recommend completing 12 weeks to see the difference.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. Enroll today and get started!

PROS of MUTU System Fitness Program

Online, Self-Paced, and 24/7 accessibility

You may not find time to go out and exercise when you are caring for a newborn. Therefore getting access to an online fitness program specially designed to improve diastasis recti or pelvic floor is like a dream come true.

This fitness program is well guided and easy to follow. The web app is easy to download to any device and easy to operate.  The core exercise takes only 12 minutes/daily, and intensive exercise is only 25 minutes/3 times a week. And if you are determined to follow this program, you will find time to do these exercises when your baby is napping or just after feeding your baby. I also like that there was no-one to yell at you when you didn’t do x number of rep.

Beneficial for Diastasis recti and pelvic floor Problem

The MUTU System is specially designed for postpartum mamas in mind. The core exercises are Pilate-style workouts that are easy to follow and great for those early postpartum days to strengthen your core muscles. The first 2-weeks are a very detailed and simple 12 minutes breathing and ab exercise series that will help you build a strong foundation for an intensive workout that follows as you progress. In addition to learning guided workouts, you learn about proper body posture, muscle balance, and healthy eating.

Ability to download and Print

You have an option to download and print your shopping list or workout cheat sheet in your member area of the app. This is great when you want to exercise with music on. You also have access to a digital journal to track your progress and write your personal notes as you progress through the program.

You can also download the exercise videos and PDFs to watch or read it later even when you don’t have access to the internet.

Do not need Expensive Exercise Equipment

When you purchase a program, they do up-sell a MUTU Kitbag. This bag contains a resistance band, resistance band loop, Pilate ball, yoga cotton strap. Whether you decide to buy this kit or not but for performing exercises, you need this equipment.

This equipment is easily available in any store or Amazon if you decide not to buy a MUTU kit bag. Some of these things you might already have in your house before spending another $47 on this bag.

Access to the MUTU community

Access to like-minded mamas is great to keep you motivated in your fitness journey. Although I never had time for online chitchat, it was interesting to read people’s threads. It did motivate me to read other mamas’ progress with the program. 

CONS of MUTU System Fitness Program

No one-on-on Guidance

Like any other pre-recorded online classes, MUTU System is designed to target postpartum women at different stages of healing.

This fitness class won’t cater to your individual need depending on the status of your diastasis recti or other abdominal problems. So, with MUTU System, you need to identify your body limit while performing the exercises.

However, the program has a video on performing the exercise properly and a video on proper posture. Also, the first two weeks with the MUTU System are gentle. You may find the first two weeks very slow and boring, but I highly recommend taking it slow as it builds the foundation for the intense exercise as you progress.

Keeping yourself Motivated is big Issue

Unlike instructor-led fitness programs, keeping yourself motivated to exercise every day with the online program is a big challenge. When I first started MUTU System, I felt it was too slow and boring, so I didn’t continue with it. Then I started again, and after a couple of weeks, I gave up. But after a couple of days, I started again and determined to finish the program. But as I progressed to the more intense workout, my body wasn’t ready for it as my symptoms relapsed. So, I kept doing gentle breathing and ab workout.

Although MUTU System has a motivational video to keep you on track, I felt you really need someone to push you to go through the 12-week program. It actually took me 9 months to complete the 12-week program.

A challenge in Finding a time to do Exercise

The biggest challenge during the early postpartum period is to find an uninterrupted time to work out when you are caring for a newborn. Although the MUTU System core exercise takes only 12 minutes a day, exercising with kids is a big challenge. You will be either screaming, “don’t do that,” or they will want to climb on you while you are exercising. It was hard to find those uninterrupted 12 minutes a day with two kids needing your attention.

I find it much easier to work out when kids are not around. Going to a scheduled appointment for physiotherapy will be more effective than working out with kids at home.

My Thoughts on MUTU System postnatal Fitness Program

Overall, I found this program well designed, keeping postpartum body status in mind. The exercises are beginner-friendly, and anyone in any stage of their postpartum journey can benefit from taking this program.

How did MUTU System help me?

My main goal with MUTU System was to heal my diastasis recti and improve my weakened pelvic floor muscle.

So, let’s see how it improved my diastasis recti.

I started with a 3.5 finger gap around the umbilicus, and after completing this 12-week program, I was able to close the gap to 2.5 fingers. I was not 100% satisfied with the result, but 2.5 was much better than the 3.5 finger gap considering that this was my second pregnancy. Also, when I press the finger in the gap, it no longer goes deep as which means that underneath, connective tissues are getting stronger.

In addition to seeing improvement in my diastasis recti, I stopped leaking urine when I sneeze or cough, which was such a relief. And getting a break from wearing a pantyliner whenever I went in public was a big win for me!

Would I recommend MUTU System?

If you are a postpartum mama looking for an evidence-based, genuine, at-home fitness program to heal your diastasis recti and strengthen pelvic floor muscle, I highly recommend giving MUTU System a try.

Even if you are a beginner or never workout pre-pregnancy (guilty! Nothing more than walking a lot each day), you will benefit from this program. The MUTU System starts at very basic and builds up as you progress, truly honoring your postpartum body’s need.

However, I DO NOT recommend MUTU System to those who are not self-motivated to commit to workout every day. Because with an online program, no one is going to come and kick your butt to exercise other than email or text from MUTU to remind you about your due workout.

I had a hard time keeping myself motivated to complete the 12-week. I fell through the program twice for the other obligation like – kids are sick, going back to work, or just plain boredom!! I am not very proud to say that it look me 9 months to finish this 12-week program!

My healing would have been much faster if I had finished the 12-week program as soon as I purchased the MUTU System. This is something that you need to consider before purchasing this program. Taking only 1-year access to the course was a little push for me when I fell through the program the first two times.

Is MUTU System Worth it?

Yes, it is worth 100% for improving diastasis recti and pelvic floor function. If core and pelvic floor strengthening is your main goal with the MUTU System, I highly recommend this in-home fitness program.

MUTU System Review - evidence of MUTU system working

The fact that MUTU System is evidence-based and clinically proven diastasis, and the pelvic floor program gave me confidence in investing in this program and recommending it to my readers.

I improved diastasis recti from 3.5 to 2.5 and strengthened pelvic floor muscle with the MUTU System. I strongly feel that my core is stronger than before, my posture has improved, and back pain is significantly reduced.

With this program, you can learn and make some healthy diet choices if you are motivated enough. I am vegetarian and take lots of fruits and vegetables in my diet, but this program helped me cut processed food weekly.

Overall, this course is worth it only if you are committed to doing daily workouts and following through with the program.

The MUTU System Review: Conclusion

I hope this MUTU System Review has helped you decide about investing in this online fitness program. This course is the only clinically proven, safe in-home program to heal diastasis recti and pelvic floor, honoring your postpartum body.

But before you start your 12-week program, wait until you are cleared to exercise by your doctor at a 6-week postpartum appointment. And during exercise, if your body is not supporting you, it is okay to take a break and honor your body. The last thing you want is further stressing your postpartum body.

If you are ready to take the MUTU System, click the button below and sign up today!

Good Luck, Mamas!!

Do let us know if you have any questions about the MUTU System fitness program. I will be happy to answer your question.

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