13 Creative Uses of Leftover Nursing Pads

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Don’t get rid of your stack of leftover nursing pads just yet. Here are 13 creative uses of leftover nursing pads other than catching breast milk.  

Any hoarder in here??

As my baby got older, I started storing more and more baby stuff. I just find it hard to let go of stuff. I hold on to it until I find an alternative use for it.

So far, I have turned leftover breast milk into breast milk soap, started using leftover nipple cream as a lip balm (loved it, it keeps my lips moist!!), upcycled wipe box into crayon box and craft box, donated my breast pump to mom in need, and upcycled baby clothes into a keepsake.

When writing this article, I am thinking about what to do with a couple of (only 20 diapers!) leftover diapers since my baby is diaper trained. I haven’t found the time to think about it yet, but if you know any creative ideas for using a leftover diaper, please leave your comment below at the end of this article.

Meanwhile, I came up with several alternative uses of leftover nursing pads I recently found hiding at the back of the cabinet.

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Creative Uses of Leftover Nursing Pads

1. Makeup Remover

Leftover disposable nursing pads are great as a makeup remover. Put some coconut oil or other oil on the nursing pad to remove makeup from your face. It works great and fits perfectly in a wide-mouth mason jar. I drizzle baby oil on a nursing pad and use it to remove eye makeup.

2. Wear it under Camisole

When you want to wear a camisole without a bra and don’t want your nipple to show, use nursing pads. They work great.

3. Get some Padding

Nursing pads are great when you want some natural padding with your special dress. Looks excellent and way cheaper than a push-up bra.

4. Use as a Coaster

I use it as a nighttime water bottle coaster to protect the night table from moisture. They are super absorbent!

5. Use it as Wash Cloth

I regularly use a washable nursing pad as a washcloth during bath time. Soak the nursing pad in water, put some bath gel on it and scrub away! They are great for bathing your baby as well!

6. Nail polish remover

Disposable nursing pads work best as a nail polish remover. Put some vinegar on the nursing pad and remove your nail polish in no time!

7. Great for cleaning Mirrors

Washable nursing pads are lint-free, so they work great for cleaning mirrors and windows. Use two nursing pads at a time if you want to get the work done soon!

8. Cold compress

Soak the nursing pad in water, toss it in a Ziplock bag and freeze it. You never know when your toddler wants to use a cold compress for his tiny bruises (almost every day!!).

9. Hemorrhoid Pad

A disposable breast pad soaked in witch hazel works excellent as a hemorrhoid pad for pain relief down there.

10. Underarm Armpit Sweat Guard

I never tried it, but willing to give it a try this summer! I read somewhere on Facebook about using a leftover nursing pad as an armpit sweat guard. Stick the adhesive of the disposable nursing pad into the inner side of the t-shirt sleeve that goes underarm. I am not sure whether it will stay in position, but worth a try. I will update once I try wearing it outdoor for a couple of hours.

11. Use it with your High Heels

Use a leftover nursing pad with your high heels to protect your skin from rubbing while walking.

12. On-the-Go Cleaning Cloth

I kept the last couple of leftover nursing pads in my car for emergency use during the long drive to clean up the messes.

13. Use them for Artwork

I used disposable nursing pad to do water color art with my toddler. I set him with watercolors, few nursing pads, and a dropper. He spent the next half hours dropping colored water on the nursing pad. The nursing pads absorbed all the color water and they turned out very color full after drying.

If you are not into any of these ideas, donate your leftover nursing pad to a mom in need or sell it on a local buy and sell Facebook group.

Before you go, check out the article on what to do with leftover breastmilk other than dumping and repurpose baby clothes into a keepsake.

If you have any better ideas for using leftover nursing pads, leave your comment below.

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