19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes

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Don’t know what to do with outgrown baby clothes? Here are 19 creative ways to repurpose old baby clothes into keepsakes.

Most of us have old baby clothes stored in boxes somewhere in the basement.  And if you are a first-time mom, you have more than enough baby clothes purchased or given as a gift.

But the thing with the baby is, they grow overnight! Before you know it, the cute onesie does not fit anymore.

I had so many of those cute baby clothes with tags attached that I didn’t get a chance to dress my newborn into (now 3 years old).

Although some of those brand-new onesies were passed down to babies born in the extended family, what to do with old baby clothes that hold a sentimental value?

Rather than putting them in a big bin and storing them under the staircase in the basement, here are creative ways to upcycle baby clothes into useful items and keepsakes or something meaningful that you can cherish every day.

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19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes

It is hard to let go of baby clothes because they are cute and above all, memories attached to them are priceless. 

Let’s look at ways to repurpose old baby clothes into a keepsake that can be used, displayed, and cherished.

1.Make a Quilt out of Baby Clothes

19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes - memory quilt made from baby clothes
Photo Credit- KenziesQuiltShop

Making a quilt out of baby clothes is a great way to repurpose baby clothes that your baby wore when he came home from the hospital, during his first step, or “ ‘I’m going to be big brother onesie’ that your oldest wore to announce your pregnancy to the family.

If you can sew, then there are great tutorials on youtube to make a DIY memory quilt from baby clothes.

But if you don’t trust the free video, you can do it yourself as a beginner by following this step-by-step information from the memory quilt pattern.

If you are someone like me, who can’t sew, you may want to have it made from this ETSY shop. All you have to do is pack the baby clothes and ship them to the shop owner.

2. Make a Memory Bear from an Onesie

19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes
Photo Credit – MemoryBears2Treasure

This is an excellent way to hand it on to your favorite sleeper or onesie. If you can sew or know someone who can do it for you, then this easy-to-follow sewing pattern is what you need.  

This pattern is to make a patchwork memory bear from pre-loved baby clothes that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

Alternatively, there are plenty of places like this one to have it made into a keepsake that your kids can use as a sleeping buddy, and later on, you can pass it on to your grandkids.

3. Onesie Dinosaur

Are your kids into a dinosaur? Give them a gift of dinosaurs- not just any but Dinosaur T-rex or Triceratops made from their outgrown baby clothes. Here is the shop where you can have it made. 

4. Keepsake Memory Pillow

What is better than a memory pillow from your favorite baby clothes that you can keep forever? You can have it made from JackandEmilyStore.

If you are looking into a more adult-like pattern then this one is great to make customizable keepsake memory pillow to upcycle clothing from your significant others.

Even better, if you are DIY kind, then follow this pattern to make a keepsake memory pillow. This way you can make as many as you like to add to your collection.

4. Wall Hanging

Repurpose old baby clothes into beautiful, quilted wall hangings to add them to your kid’s room décor.

When you are getting your custom quilted blanket from pre-loved baby clothes, ask them to add ribbon hooks at the one side of the blanket so you can use it as a wall hanging once your kids outgrow it.

5.  Upcycle baby clothes into Ribbon block

19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes
Photo credit- bornimaginative

Another great creative way to repurpose old baby is to turn them into a ribbon block. You kids will have a fun time playing with it and once they outgrow playing with it, you can save it for your grandkids.

This ribbon block is easy to make. If you know how to sew, then to make it, you need to outgrow baby clothes, some ribbon, quilt stuffing, or baby cloth stuffing.

You don’t have to stick to any particular theme other than making your block as colorful as possible. The full instructions for this creative idea can be found here

6. Soft Slippers for your Baby

Soft-soled shoes are great for babies who can not walk yet. How about upcycling your newborn’s cloth into a soft slipper that your baby can wear.

If you can sew, then this project is pretty simple for you. In the above video, she used fabric, but you can totally replace it with old baby clothes and turn it into soft slippers for your baby and later save them as a keepsake.

7. Christmas Stocking

19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes
Photo credit-ApronsNBows

Maybe not during their first Christmas, but you can upcycle your baby’s Christmas clothes into Christmas stockings to remember their outfit every year.

You really don’t need Christmas-themed clothes to make Christmas stockings. Use any of their ‘first’ baby clothes and decorate them afterward.

This is something that your child can use year after year and pass it on to their kids. Here is the place where You can get it done for next Christmas.

8. Christmas Ornaments

Grab your baby’s tiny mittens, attach some yarn and you have a simple keepsake that you can cherish every year.

9. Create an Activity Book

19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes
Photo Credit- fortytworoads

Another creative way to repurpose old baby clothes into a keepsake is turning them into an activity book. Attach a small zip-up top or button top teach your kids how to zip-unzip or how to open a button, Very Clever!

Learn how to make an activity book from baby clothes here. It is a great way to develop their fine motor and cognitive skills using their outgrown baby clothes.

10. Create a Memory Game

19 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Keepsakes
Photo Credit- applegreencottage

Board games are a great way to bond with your family. It is even better when it is DIY from old baby clothes.

You can give it to your kids as a first birthday gift. Check out this link for an easy tutorial on how to make a fabric memory game that you can keep as a keepsake once your child outgrows it.

11. Frame it

Display your most treasured baby outfits by framing them. Simple yet clever way! Choose a large frame, so the baby outfit can fit into it.

To make a frame, remove the backboard of the frame and place a white paper. Carefully attach newborn outfits and newborn socks to the backboard and hang in on the wall.

It is a wonderful way to display and preserve your favorite newborn outfits.

12. Repurpose Baby clothes into Headbands

This one is a winner when you have a little girl in the house. Why buy those expensive headbands when you can easily DIY using her baby clothes?

In the above video, they have used adult clothes to make headbands for babies, but you can certainly use your favorite onesie and turn it into the headband.

If that looks hard to you, then just cut the elastic waistband out of her pants or leggings and decorate it with a rose made from the rest of the material. Done!

13. Use them as a Doll’s Clothes

Boy or girl, who doesn’t like dressing up games? Play dress up the large size doll or bear with your favorite outgrown baby clothes.

Once they outgrow the doll and bear, decorate your kid’s room by hanging them off the floor.

14. Repurpose Old Baby Clothes into Decorations

Rather than purchasing your decoration for your kid’s birthday parties, repurpose old baby clothes into decorations like tassels, rose garland, or anything you like.  

These decorations are not only good for parties, but you can fit them into your room décor for that rustic look.

15. Display them in the Shadow Box

The idea behind the Shadowbox is to keep the memories alive forever. You can include your favorite onesie, mitten, sock, hospital bracelet, baby photo, or anything that you want to include in this shadow box.

Make sure your shadow box is deep enough to include your keepsakes. And if you are DIY kind, here is a detailed tutorial on how to make a DIY memory box.

For more ideas on what to keep in your shadow box check out this article.

16. Repurpose Baby Clothes into Snack Bags

Make these environmentally friendly snack bags from old baby onesies or t-shirts. You can use these snack bags to keep crackers, biscuits, or even fruits like grapes. Here is a great tutorial on how to make DIY snack bags.

17. Upcycled Baby Cloth Mittens

Upcycle your baby’s sweater into cloth mittens that your child can wear during spring or fall when it is not too cold.

18. Repurpose Baby Cloth into Bibs

You will need quite a few bibs once your baby starts eating solids to keep them clean while eating. Save money by making bibs from old baby clothes.

19. DIY Baby Onesie and Socks Bouquets

The cute way to upcycle baby clothes is to turn them into Bouquets that you can use as home décor in your kid’s room or anywhere around the house.

These are so easy to make. You can stick with one color scheme or create a centerpiece using different colors of outgrown onesies and socks.


Here you have it, mamas! I hope this list of 19 creative ways to repurpose old baby clothes into keepsakes has inspired you to upcycle baby clothes into something useful that can be treasured for years to come.

This list contains ideas that are comparatively easy to DIY or have made outside. I haven’t included ideas like upcycling baby clothes into fabric alphabets, fabric numbers, fabric shapes,  baseball hats, clothing wall art, which requires lots of sewing. But if you can sew, then the sky is the limit. Let your creative juices flow.

So, grab the bin of stored baby clothes from the basement and turn them into homemade baby clothes keepsakes using one or a couple of these ideas. Before you go, check out what to do with leftover breastmilk instead of dumping and 13 creative Uses of Leftover Nursing Pads.

Which idea did you like the most? Or do you have any creative ideas to upcycle baby clothes into keepsakes? Leave your comment below!

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