21 Free Educational Websites for Kids

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How fair it is to say “no-screen” time to your kids when their education at school is screen based. Here are 21 free educational websites for kids, that are not only fun but perfect for all things learning.

Current coronavirus pandemic has caused school closure all over the world. Keeping them busy throughout a day is important to keep sanity around the house. While some kids do have schoolwork to complete, there is still large chunk of the day that needs to be filled with activities.

With current situation with coronavirus, it looks like that kids going to stay home for a long time. Meanwhile, it is important to ensure their day is full of activities that is fun and educational to cover for prolonged school closures.

Whether your kids are eager for knowledge or they need a push for homework, they do like activity that is fun.

In today’s age, what better way to educate them with these free educational websites? Not only it is fun for them, but it enhances their learning at home.

So, without a further ado, here is a list of free educational websites for kids;

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Free Math Resources

Cool Math 4 Kids

Full of fun math site can help your child with addition, subtraction, division, decimals, money and more. It is appropriate for ages 3 to 12. The sister site CoolMath.com is geared towards learner ages 13 and up. For pre-schooler they also have fun math games on CoolMath-Games.com.


Pokemon-style free math game that has been proven to improve student scores and confidence. It is highly recommended by teachers and covers the Ontario and other State curriculum for grades 1-6.

Khan Academy

The best free educational site for math with self-pacing content for student. Khan Academy has put together schedules that are meant to be templates for you to adopt, copy or modify to better suit the needs of your children, classroom or district. Access the file here:


Math Game Time 

Make learning fun and engaging with math game time’s free math games, puzzles, games based on activities they enjoy everyday. The activities are designed to enhance children’s logic and critical thinking skills. There are variety of math games designed for pre-K through 7th grade.

Free Science Resources


San Francisco’s Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts showcases a website that teaches kids about science and art in innovative way. If your kids are hungry (always for food!!) for exciting science activities, they will enjoy some hands-on, teacher-tested activities to satisfy their curiosity that too with use of cheap materials.

They do have COVID-19 online resources, that teaches kids everything about novel coronavirus and your kids can make one for you too!!

Science Bob

This informative site is for science nerd in your house. Its will be your new go-to site for all things science, with cool experiments to try, science Q & A, science fair ideas and research help.

Mystery Science

Mystery Science is offering its most popular science video lessons for anyone to use for free. No account or login is needed. Their mini science video (only digital) and  full video (with hands-on activities) will give your kids 15-90 mins of science fun and are suitable for kindergarten to grade 5.

NASA Kids’ Club

How cool is to see astronauts do puzzles and games and learn about the space program.

How Stuff Works

If your little one is constantly asking why and how, then this is the place for her.Do dogs feels embarrassment when you dress them up to would sonic hedgehog be able to survive his speed, they have answer for all.  

Free Reading & Writing Resources 


Designed for young readers, the site features tools and games that align with the school curriculum. This educational site is so fun that your kids will want to go back to it over and over again.


Take an advantage of free access to Newsela’s entire product suite for rest of the school year for distance learning. Engage your kids with thousands of texts on topics they care about most, with lesson supports.


Keep your child updated with current news where articles are written specifically for a younger audience. Created by a San Francisco mom, this kid-friendly news site is the perfect place for curious minds to catch up on current events. 


Dreamscape is a literacy platform for Grade 3 to 6 students. Kids can read short passages and answer questions and practice ELA skills. As kids successfully read passages and answer questions, the level of reading goes up, (and down when they are not successful) without the students even being aware of it.


Scholastic is offering free digital learning platform to support virtual learning plan for kids due to recent school closer. Suitable for Pre-K to Grade 9+ allows open access to daily learning.

Other Resources 

Touchable Earth App

Always free, the App lets kids between the ages of 8 and 11 teach each other about the world through short videos. It allows kids to share their experiences to normalizze diversity.  

Brain pop

BrainPop covers a number of subjects. Consider using BrainPOP’s animated movies, assessment resources, and creative tools for distance learning. 

Free typing skills resources

Typing Club

TypingClub offers free games and activities meant to improve your kid’s typing skills. It is designed for children 7 and up .

Kidz Type

KidzType offer free access to typing games and that go from super-beginner to quite-advanced. They also offer other resources like

 Free Coding resources:


This easy to use programming language is designed by MIT students for children ages 8 to 16. Instead of coding line, kids arrange and put together Scratch blocks. It also has online community who swap ideas and inspiration.

Swift Playgrounds

Designed for iPad, this sophisticated app is free to use. It provides learn to code lesson for kids to master the basics of coding. It requires iSO 12.0 or higher.

Code Monster

Code Monster features two adjacent boxes for kids to learn coding. One displays code and the other shows what that code does.  

There you go Mama, keep your kids busy with these fun and education websites and most of all keep them healthy and happy during this difficult time!!

Over to you mama, do you know of any free educational website? Please share free resources for other moms in comment section below.

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