8 Best Non-Toxic Baby Bouncers for Infants to get you some ‘me time’

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Newborns are so adorable, but you possibly can’t hold them all day long. Here are the best non-toxic baby bouncers to get you some worry-free ‘me time.’

Baby bouncers come in handy when you have a newborn. Leave them in a bouncer to take a quick shower or a washroom break or eat. When they are around 3-4 months, you can leave them safely in their bouncer, and you will get time to cook or do chores.

I found baby bouncer really useful until my son started crawling. So, if you are debating whether to get a baby bouncer for your little one, I highly recommend getting one. They are very useful for the first 5-6 months of a baby’s life.

And because the baby is going to spend some time in a baby bouncer every day, I prefer a non-toxic baby bouncer over those overly fancy conventional baby bouncers. Also, take a look at non-toxic baby play mats that your baby can use in toddlerhood.

Let’s look at the best non-toxic baby bouncer available in the market.

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Does my baby need Baby Bouncer?

The baby bouncer is an essential baby gear to make a mom’s life a little easy when you have a newborn. They are a safe place for the baby to hang out when you need a washroom break or when you want to eat your meal peacefully.

While you want to cuddle your baby or wear them as much as you can during the newborn phase, there are times when you need another cozy, comfy, and safe place for your baby.

The baby bouncer comes in very handy when you have visitors, and you don’t want all of them to carry your newborn. I used to keep my newborn in a baby bouncer so visitors would still be able to look at them from a distance. Also, the baby bouncer is a safe place for an infant to hang out when they have siblings.

Type of Baby Bouncers

There are three types of baby bouncers available.

Reclining Bouncers

Reclining bouncers are designed with an extended back to support the newborn’s head and neck. So, this kind of bouncer is great for newborns who do not control their head movement. The gentle rocking and bouncing motion of the reclining bouncer are safer for a newborn.

To get the most use out of a bouncer, you need to get a reclining bouncer. Different model has different weight limit but looks for the one that has the highest weight limit so it can be used when your baby grows.

Upright Bouncers

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncers for Infants to get you some 'me time'
Photo Credit-ThreePearsINC

Upright Bouncers are useful when your baby has good head and neck muscle control. Upright bouncers are called Exersaucers and can be of great use to keep your baby occupied and develop motor skills when they have enough neck muscle control.

Doorway Bouncers

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer
Macrame Swing

As the name suggests, doorway bouncers are hanged from doorways in your house. This kind of bouncer is used when your baby has proper neck muscle control. They look like a bouncy swing and are fun for babies.

They are mostly made of fabric, so you will find many non-toxic /safer options if you consider a doorway bouncer for your five-month-old baby.

Best Non-Toxic Baby Bouncers

Now that you have decided which kind of non-toxic baby bouncer you want for your baby, here are some options you have as there are not many varieties for non-toxic baby bouncers.

Reclining Non-Toxic Baby Bouncers

1. Baby Bjorn Bouncers

The first non-toxic baby bouncer in this list is Baby Bjorn bouncers. This simple yet trendy bouncer will go with any modern nursery décor. The simplicity of this bouncer is its unique feature. It does not require batteries or power to operate. Baby’s movement is all it needs to bounce. You may need to gently push to bounce your newborn, but as your baby learn how to make the seat bounce on their own, they will enjoy their time in Baby Bjorn bouncer.

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer
Baby Bjorn Bouncer – Balance Soft

The bouncer features three different angle settings from lie flat for newborn to fully upright to flat for travel or storage. Baby Bjorn bouncer is very sturdy and comes with a 3-point harness which is easy to fasten and keeps your baby secure.

Baby Bjorn is designed to give proper ergonomic support to a newborn with its extended seat. You can use the lowest recline setting for your newborn, and as the baby learns how to control head and neck movement, you can convert this bouncer into a chair by positioning it in its upright setting.

One of the best features of this bouncer is that it is lightweight. It only weighs 1 pound! It is easy to move from room to room with one hand. Set this bouncer anywhere – near the dining table or washroom, you will have no problem carry it along with you anywhere you go!

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer is designed to hold 8 lbs to 29 lbs, which means you can use it for your newborn to 2 years old Baby.

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer
Baby Bjorn Bouncer – Balance Soft

The bouncer comes in two different models: the Balance Soft and the Bliss. The newest model, The Bliss, features the same design as the Balance Soft. And both models are available in cotton, mesh, or snuggly jersey fabric. The only difference is that the Bliss has a quilted cotton fabric that is very soft to touch.

In addition to fabric choice, you also have an option to choose different fabric colors to go with your nursery décor.

The great thing about Baby Bjorn bouncers is that it uses Oeko-Tex Standard certified fabric in their bouncers, which is such a peace of mind as you don’t want toxic chemicals touching your newborn’s skin. The manufacturer also complies with ASTM and EN safety standards. The seat covers are easily removable and machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s drools or spills in a bouncer.

Overall, Baby Bjorn bouncers are the safest and coziest place for your baby to play. The only downside to this bouncer is that it doesn’t come with any toy bar or music or vibration to keep your baby entertained. If you have a colicky newborn -who might get soothed by music or vibration, you may find this Baby Bjorn a little boring. However, you can purchase a cute wooden toy bar specifically designed to go with the Baby Bjorn Bouncer.


  • Lightweight (only 1 pound!)
  • Made of Oeko-Tex Standard certified fabric
  • No battery or power needed
  • Easily removable and machine washable fabric
  • Available in different fabric options
  • Variety of fabric color to choose from


  • The weight limit is only up to 29 lbs
  • Does not come with a toy bar (sold separately) to entertain Baby
  • Fussy babies who like vibration or music to soothe may find it boring

2. Nuna Leaf  Grow Baby Seat

The Nuna Leaf Grow Baby seat is another innovative modern reclining non-toxic baby bouncer that will blend seamlessly with your nursery décor.

This modern bouncer does not require any batteries or power to operate. It requires parents to push the bouncer to achieve a side-to-side swaying motion. The manufacture claims that the bouncer will maintain a swaying motion for over two minutes once pushed.

The Nuna Leaf is designed to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler until they reach 130 pounds. It has three reclining positions: laying flat for newborn, sitting upright and in-between, and locked in a stationary position to feed your baby. The three-point harness system is easy to fasten and keeps your newborn secure in the seat.

You can move this seat to an upright position once Baby has proper head and neck control and climb out of the bouncer. And as your baby grows older, remove the seat pad and harness, adjust the recline position for your child to relax in the chair.

The fabric pad of the seat is made of Oeko-Tex certified fabric and GOTS certified organic insert.  The removable fabric pad is machine washable and easy to care for.

Unlike Baby Bjorn, The Nuna Leaf Grow Seat comes with a toy bar to keep your baby entertained in the bouncer. However, it is not as lightweight as Baby Bjorn. Nuna weighs 15.6 lbs, and while it still may be easier to move from room to room, it may not be ideal for traveling with the seat.

The biggest benefit of getting a Nuna Leaf Grow Seat is that it will last you from birth until your child is 130 pounds, unlike other brands you can’t use once your baby is 30 lbs.


  • Designed to grow with your baby
  • Side-by-side swaying motion
  • No batteries or power needed
  • Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified
  • It comes with a toy bar
  • Removable and washable seat pad
  • Three-point harness for securing Baby


  • Not Portable
  • Some consumer found that swaying motion does not last 2 minutes once pushed, depending upon the weight of the baby

bloom Coco Bouncers

bloom makes a couple of different baby bouncers that are simple yet savvy in design and function really well. Bloom Coco makes two main bouncers: bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 bouncer and bloom Coco Stylewood Modern Baby rocker.

3. bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 bouncer

When you have a fussy baby, who can only soothe by continuous motion, you need something more than a bouncer that bounces with Baby’s movement.  If you think you need a non-toxic baby bouncer that gives you some additional features like vibration, you need a bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 bouncer.

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer
bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 bouncer

Coco Go 3-in-1 bouncer is a lounger, rocker, and fixed seat-all in one. It has 2-speed vibration and 3-recline position – fully lie-flat for a newborn, semi-reclined, and fixed upright for when your baby can sit straight.

The bouncer comes with a 5-point padded harness with one push smart-buckle for easy operation and keeps your baby safe in the bouncer. The best part of the Coco Go 3-in-1 bouncer is that it folds up super flat so that you can carry it anywhere with you in a coco travel bag.

The bloom Coco bouncers are made keeping Baby’s safety in mind. Their products are free of lead, BPA, phthalates, PVC, formaldehyde & flame retardants. This bouncer’s machine washable seat pad comprises 100% organic cotton front-facing and is not treated or sprayed with flame retardant. The Coco bouncer complies 100% to California Technical Bulletin 117. The base of the bouncer is formed from birch wood and is available in cappuccino and natural finishes.

The Go 3-in-1 bouncer is designed for newborn to 25lbs.


  • Free from Flame Retardant and other toxic chemicals
  • Battery operated – vibration only
  • 2-speed vibration and 3 recline position
  • Lightweight and fold super slim for travel purpose
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Comply with CA117 standard
  • 1-year warranty
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • solid birch wood construction 


  • Expensive
  • only 25 lbs weight capacity

4. bloom Coco Stylewood Modern Baby Rocker      

Another rad-looking bouncer from bloom is Coco Stylewood Modern Baby rocker. This rocker is perfect for savvy parents looking, minimalist baby bouncer.

What is unique about this bouncer is it’s curvy, made from a single piece of solid birch wood frame. The cushion is made of organic cotton and has a polyester rear lining. As mentioned earlier, the bloom bouncers are free from formaldehyde, BPA, phthalate, latex, and lead.

The curved design of the frame allows the gentle rocking motion as your baby moves in the rocker or when the parent gives a gentle push. The rocker has a 5-point harness for safely securing your baby in the rocker.

Just like the Go 3-in-1 bouncer, this bouncer is also designed for newborn to 25lbs. The only downside to this rocker is that you can’t fold it flat, so it may not work for you if you have small space. And this bouncer is only suitable until your baby learns how to seat straight as there is no height adjustment for the seat, which is a bummer for the price you pay for this gorgeous piece of baby gear!


  • Rad looking gorgeous rocker
  • Free from Flame Retardant and other toxic chemicals
  • The baby movement led to rocking
  • Comply with CA117 standard
  • 1-year warranty
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • 5-point harness system
  • solid birch wood construction 


  • It can’t fold flat, not for travel and small space
  • No height adjustment for the seat

5. Bamboo 3Dknit™ Bouncer

Bamboo 3Dknit bouncer is another non-toxic baby bouncer with engineered 3D knitting with ALTOR 99.9% antibacterial yarn. The antibacterial properties of ALTOR yarn are based on copper particle infusion, which is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. The major benefit of this bouncer is that the engineered yarn reduces the growth of bacterial and inhibits the growth of mildew in case you didn’t get to wash the bouncer seat cover.

Bamboo 3Dknit bouncer is made in Italy and complies with US and EU bouncer safety standards (ASTM and EN16120). It is also free from harmful chemicals following the standard REACH, CPSIA, and EN71-3.

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer
Bamboo 3Dknit™ Bouncer

The Bamboo bouncer is made to last and grow with your baby. You can use this bouncer from newborn up to 5 years old. The bouncer does not require a battery or power to bounce. It bounces gently with Baby’s body movement. The frame of the bouncer is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, and it is strong enough to withstand multiple impacts of 100kgs, meaning you don’t need to yell at your toddler when he gets on the chair and bounce in it holding the backrest! Or maybe you want to relax in the bouncer after a long day of caring for the baby!

The backrest’s position of this ergonomic bouncer fully adjustable. Your child can choose their position by shifting their weight.  You can also adjust, lock or release the backrest when your child is sleeping without waking them up.

Overall, this non-toxic baby bouncer is of great quality, will last you forever. If you are planning to have more kids, I highly recommend getting this high-end baby bouncer.


  • Engineered 3D knitting with ALTOR 99.9% antibacterial yarn
  • Comply with US and EN bouncer safety standard
  • REACH, CPSIA, and EN71-3 standard compliant
  • Fully adjustable resting angles
  • Child movement powered bouncer
  • Fully Collapsible for travel and storage
  • Designed for newborn to 5 years old


  • Expensive

6. Natural wood Baby Bouncer/Rocker

This handmade Natural Wood Baby Bouncer is another non-toxic bouncer that I found from ETSY. The wooden baby bouncer is simple yet elegant and will go with modern nursery décor.

The bouncer is made of child-safe material. The cushion of the bouncer is made from GOTS, and Oeko-Tex certified high-quality organic cotton and has polyester filling. The cushion is machine washable.

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer

The frame of the bouncer is made of natural wood with no paint or finish. You have an option to pick from 6 different wood finish and 8 different fabric color to match with your nursery décor. Also, they use non-toxic paint or finish for coating baby bouncer.

Most importantly, the bouncer from this ETSY shop is EN 12790, DIN EN 71-3, and vegan production certified. And if you are not aware, European chemical safety standards are more stringent than North American.

This bouncer is designed for newborns up to 12 months. Just like bloom’s Coco Stylewood rocker, this handmade bouncer does not fold flat, and you can’t adjust the height.


  • Made in Turkey
  • Made from natural solid wood
  • 100% organic cotton -GOTS, and Oeko-Tex certified.
  • EU standard EN12790 certified
  • Available in 6 different wood finish and eight different cushion option
  • The cushion is machine washable
  • Designed for birth to 12 months


  • Expensive
  • Can not flat fold (not portable)
  • Can’t adjust the seat height

Upright Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer

Non-toxic Upright baby Bouncers are hard to find. I spend several hours looking for a wooden upright baby bouncer, and I was able to find only one handmade upright baby bouncer.

7. Bobbin Triple Play Center – Natural

This gorgeous baby play center is made in Canada. This one-of-a-kind triple paly center is very functional. Bobbin Triple Play center changes from a baby play center to a toddler activity table to a kid’s table.

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncers for Infants to get you some 'me time'
Photo Credit-ThreePearsINC

Bobbin Play Center sits on the floor and is made of solid wood. The seat is made of leather to support and comfort Baby as they learn to sit up. It has 5 adjustable height settings to fit your baby as she grows.  You can also purchase a different kind of toys to go with the table depending on your Baby’s interest to keep them engaged during their time in this bouncer. Also, 360-degree rotation of the baby play center makes it easy for your baby to access toys.

The Bobbin comes with a chalkboard insert for the activity table stage, and later you can use it as a kid’s table as your baby outgrows the chalkboard activity stage.

Most importantly, this product meets the US ASTM F2021 stationary activity standard and conforms to the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act.

Overall, this 3-in-1 play center is an adorable and functional upright non-toxic bouncer that will last you forever.


  • Made of Solid Wood
  • Leather seat
  • 3-in-1 baby play center, activity center, and kids table
  • Comes with a chalkboard insert
  • 5-height adjustment


  • Expensive
  • Toys for baby play center sold separately

Doorway Bouncer

Doorway Bouncers are for babies who can sit straight.

8. FINN + EMMA Macrame Swing

The Finn + Emma Macrame Swing is handmade with 100% organic cotton yarn and solid wood by artisans in India. This swing will look beautiful in any room and will keep your baby entertained.

Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer
Macrame Swing

The Finn+ Emma products are made with all-natural dyes, framed by natural wood with baby-safe finishes.

The swing is easy to assemble and can be hung to any sturdy support to hold weight up to 50lbs. Check out this video on how to hand this Macrame swing.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety while swinging. The macrame belt will keep your baby safe and secure. However, you are not supposed to leave your baby in the wing unattended.


  • Handmade from organic cotton and Solid wood
  • It can be used up to 50 lbs
  • It can be attached to any sturdy support
  • Affordable
  • Free from toxic chemicals


  • Only for babies who can sit straight
  • Proper assembly required for the safety
  • Hanging the swing could be a little hard if you are not handy


How to Choose Non-Toxic Baby Bouncer?

To make sure you’re buying a baby bouncer that is not only safe but non-toxic, here are some features to consider.


You will use a bouncer for your newborn, so you want to make sure that you are purchasing a non-toxic baby bouncer.

Your baby will spend 15-20 minutes at a stretch in her bouncer 2-3 times a day, so you want to make sure that the baby bouncer is free from harmful chemicals.

While there is no 100% non-toxic baby bouncer available in the market, you can look for one that is at least free from PVC, BPA, phthalates, polyurethane foam, formaldehyde, flame-retardant, and VOCs. These toxic chemicals are linked to endocrine disruption, cancer, and developmental delay.

While it is hard to find a baby bouncer that does not contain synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester because of its lightweight, water-resistance properties, you can look for polyester material that is not treated with flame retardant.

Lightweight and Wider Frame of the Bouncer

You want to look for a baby bouncer that is lightweight yet sturdy with a wider frame to make sure it doesn’t tip over. The wider frame will support the bouncing motion.

Removable Seat Cover

Babies are messy, so you want a baby bouncer with a removable, washable seat cover. My baby had reflux, and I remember washing the seat cover almost every day.


Ensure the non-toxic baby bouncer is lightweight to allow you to move easily from upstairs and downstair or while traveling.

Additional features

The bouncer comes with varieties of features depending on your need. Some baby bouncers come with an additional toy bar, newborn insert seat, music, or vibration.

However, for a non-toxic baby bouncer, you may not find all the additional features you are looking for in a bouncer.


The most important factor when it comes to purchasing a non-toxic baby bouncer is the price. Because it isn’t cheap, it does cost significantly higher than convectional bouncers. In this case, look for a non-toxic baby bouncer that can last you longer. Look for a weight limit for a bouncer. For example, Nuna Bouncer’s weight limit is 130 pounds, so your baby can use it as a lounge chair once she grows up.

Can you put a 2-week-old in a Bouncer?

Depending upon the Baby Bouncer’s design, it can be used from birth until they outgrow it, usually around 5-6 months. Baby bouncer with newborn insert is the safest option if you want to start using bouncer for your newborn or 2-week old baby.

Baby bouncers are designed to have an angled seat with a fixed frame to limit the baby’s movement and keep your newborn safe while in their bouncer. As your baby moves, it bounces a little to soothe the baby.

The baby bouncers are safe for newborns or your 2-week-old baby with its extended seat to support the baby’s head and neck and straps to secure them while they are in their bouncer.

Always look for a bouncer that can be used for newborns. That way, you can get the most use out of it.

Is it Bad my that my baby Sleeps in her bouncer?

Baby bouncers should not be used as a place for your baby to sleep. Most medical professionals discourage using a bouncer, swing, or jumper as a pace for your baby to doze off because of a potential risk of SIDS. The angled position of the bouncer can contribute to SIDS. 

The study published in 2015 found that sitting baby gear like swings, bouncer, and car seats can lead to injury and even death if babies are allowed to sleep in a bouncer overnight. Bouncers are great for laying your baby for a short duration when you are supervising them. If Baby falls asleep in a bouncer, transfer them to their crib.

A safe sleep practice set by AAP always places Baby on a flat surface with a firm mattress in a crib or bedside bassinet for sleeping.

How Long can a Baby Stay in a Bouncer?

Bouncers are not for your baby to sleep overnight. But bouncers are great for comfortably laying your baby for a short duration of not more than 15-20 minutes at a stretch.

Between baby play-yard and baby bouncer, we used baby bouncer two times a day for not more than 20-30 mins at a stretch. When my baby dozed off in a bouncer, I transferred him to Lotus play yard if I was downstairs and didn’t want to go upstairs and lay him in his crib.

Can Baby Bouncers cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?

No, because Baby is securely strapped into a bouncer, and Baby’s head and neck, if fully supported by an extended bouncer’s seat, bouncers are safe to use for your infant when you are supervising them.

Baby is at more risk for Shaken Baby Syndrome if the caregiver is not supporting their head and is shoving them or throwing them in the air rather than a gentle rocking, bouncing, or swinging from a baby gear.  

Best Non-Toxic Baby Bouncers: Conclusion

Newborns are very cuddly, but I am sure you don’t want to carry them 24/7. Baby bouncers are great for when you want to take a washroom break or dinner break. They are very comfy and soothing as your newborn, and as they grow a little older, they will love exploring their surrounding while relaxing in their bouncer.

I know you don’t have many options for a non-toxic bouncer. But trust me, the ones listed here are the best baby bouncer for the safety of your baby. If you are looking for a comfy, simple, lightweight bouncer, go for the Baby Bjorn brand. For long-term use, go for Nuna leaf or Bamboo 3dknit bouncer.

If you want something more than baby movement-led bouncing, go for bloom Coco 3-in-1 bouncer. The battery-operated vibration movement will keep your fussy baby entertained.

And as your baby grows older, I highly recommend checking out the one-of-a-kind wooden Bobbin triple play center.

I hope this article has helped you decide on a non-toxic baby bouncer for your baby. If you know any other brand that makes non-toxic baby bouncers, let up know in the comment below.

Before you go, check out the best non-toxic strollers or non-toxic cribs if you haven’t yet added that to your registry.

Good Luck, Mamas!!

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