You have prepared for months before the arrival of your baby and before you know it you will be celebrating first birthday of your little one. Time flies!!

So, how do you hold onto those precious memories of first year and beyond?

My Baby Book: Memories and Moments digital journal is a great way to record milestones, photos, and stories of your baby’s first year and beyond.

My Baby Book - Baby memory book

Are you ready to create memories of lifetime?


This 49 pages Digital Baby Book will help you……

  • Create memories for lifetime
  • Highlight your baby’s early emotions and milestones
  • Track your baby’s growth
  • Express your love for your baby
  • Create Something to show grandparents who aren’t with your baby day-to-day.

The 49 pages My Baby Book is carefully laid out digital journal to jot down your baby’s milestones month to month and beyond. This Baby memory book features pages to introduce parents and sibling before arrival of the baby, baby’s birth story, monthly journal to record your baby’s first year milestones, growth chart, family tree, first to fifty birthday milestone page and more.

My Baby Book includes

Before Baby’s Arrival

  • Cover page
  • All about my Mommy
  • All about my Daddy
  • My Parents
  • All about my Brother
  • All about my sister
  • When they first find out the news
  • A letter for baby

Welcome to the World

  • Cover page
  • Hello! Little one
  • My Birth story
  • Coming home
  • My tiny hands
  • My tiny feet
  • Growth Chart
  • Teething Chart
  • Family tree

Milestones + Birthdays

  • Cover page
  • Milestones
  • Month 1-12 journal
  • Month 12+ beyond journal
  • My first B’day to fifth B’day Milestone pages
  • My first B’day to fifth B’day party memories
  • My first B’day to fifth B’day cake memories

Let’s go in details what this Baby book includes

Before Baby’s Arrival

Life changes a lot (in a good way) once baby arrives. You may not be able to enjoy same thing that you used before baby’s arrival. This digital baby book includes pages for parents and siblings to jot down what you liked and how you looked.

My Baby Book - Baby memory book

Welcome to the World Baby

Baby’s first year flies really quickly. Before you know it you will be celebrating your bundle of joy’s first birthday. This Baby Book gives you plenty of space to write down everything from baby’s birth story to baby’s birth stat to bringing baby home to space for your little one’s hands and feet prints. Growth chart and teething chart is also included.

My Baby Book - Baby memory book

Monthly Milestone + Birthdays

First year of baby’s life is full of milestones. There are many FIRSTS that you don’t want to miss documenting. This Baby Book includes month by month journal (1-12 months) with prompts to help you document their milestones, likes, dislikes and memorable moments, and photos. You can also keep documenting your baby’s journey beyond 12 months if you desire with provided page. This Baby memory book also includes First Birthday to Fifth Birthday milestone pages and plenty of spaces for their birthday party and cake pictures.

My Baby Book - Baby memory book

This beautifully designed, jungle theme My Baby Book comes with front and back cover page. It can be great for preserving precious memories of your baby or it can be a great baby shower gift to your loved ones.

Total 49 Pages of My Baby Book: First Year & Beyond for you to download and Print

Easy Step-by-Step guide for Use

  • Download your digital PDF file from your email after confirmation of payment. 
  • Print it on a A4 size printer paper (print all at once or print as you need)
  • Place your Journal in a 0.5 inch 3-Ring Binder.
  • Bring it at your local store (Stapes or Office depot) for binding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Physical Product?

This is not a physical product and will not be shipped to your house once you purchase it. You will receive PDF file of the My Baby Book after confirmation of payment, which you can print at home on A4 size paper or get it printed at Office depot.

Do you offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? 

Because of the digital nature of this product all sales are final and non-refundable.

Can I print My Baby Book multiple times once purchased? 

Yes, Once you purchased this journal, its yours for life. You can print it as many times you like and use it for second, third or forth baby. However, you can NOT sale, share, republish in any format without express written consent of the author. You will receive it as a PDF file that you can print it at home or have it print professionally.

Are you ready to create memories of lifetime?

My Baby Book - Baby memory book