60+ Perfect Gender Reveal Quotes and Sayings to go with your theme

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Don’t know how to break the news to your friend and family? Here is the perfect gender reveal quotes and sayings to make the gender reveal party memorable.

Once you announce pregnancy to the family, everybody eagerly waits to know the gender of the baby, especially grandparents, regardless of they are first-time grandparents or already grandparents.

And throwing a gender reveal party with a perfect gender reveal quote or saying is a fun way to announce whether you are having a boy or a girl.

regnant woman holding cupcake at gender reveal party, indoors

Finding a cute gender reveal wording or quote will make your life super easy planning a gender reveal party. You can use the gender reveal quote or wording on invitation, backdrop, cake topper, decoration, games, and help you and your guest dress for the event.

Even when you have your intimate gender reveal with your husband before you tell the world, cute gender reveal quote related to something personal you both share will make it even more intimate.

Gender Reveal Quotes and Sayings

Gender reveal party has been modernized a lot lately. It used to be a pregnancy announcement followed by a baby shower function. But now, the gender reveal party is what expectant parents look forward to celebrating their joy with friends and family. And they get gifts too!!

And with the availability of many fun things like confetti cannons, burnout powder, gender reveal eggs/candles, fireworks, etc., it makes it even super fun to announce whether you are having a boy or a girl.

So, if you are planning a party with a specific theme in mind, you need a perfect quote to go with it. For example, theme-based gender reveal shows the interest of mom/dad and adds a personal touch for announcing the gender of the baby.

You want to choose a quote that resonates with you, excite your invitees, and make this event memorable.

Here are theme-based gender reveal quotes and sayings to go with your theme-based gender reveal invitation, gender reveal games, and to get your creative juices flowing.

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Quotes or Sayings

“Boy or girl” wording is simple yet cute to go with any gender reveal party theme.

He or She?

Prince or Princess?

Jedi or Princess?

Girl or Boy?

Little boy or Little Girl?

Little Man or Little Lady?

Lord or Lady?

Mister or Miss?

Senor or Senorita?

King or Queen?

Cowboy or Cowgirl (for summer outdoor theme)

Bow or Beau?

Blue or Pink. What do you think?

Pink or Blue. We love you!

X or Y. We can’t wait to say hi

Guns or Roses?

Gears or Glitters?

Beauty or Beast?

Woodland theme Gender Reveal Quotes and Sayings

Get your guest excited about your woodland (animal) theme gender reveal party.

Buck or Doe?

Buck or Doe. Soon We’ll Know!

Colt or Filly?

Waddle, it be? Is your Duckling he or she?

What the Duck is it?

He or She. What will Baby BEE?

He or She. What will our Honey BEE?

Guess Whooo?

Mermaid or Pirate?

Mermaid or Fisherman?

Pirate or Pixie?

Micky or Minnie?

One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish

Sports themed Gender Reveal Quotes and Sayings

Announce the gender of your baby using sports you are interested in. Here are sayings to kick off the reveal.

Bows or Arrows?

Buckets or Bows?

Lures or Laces?

Team Boy or Team Girl?

Team Blur or Team Pink?

Ballet or Baseball?

Team Ballet or Team Baseball?

Touchdown or Tutus

Nuts or no Nuts

Wheels or Heels?

Sports or Sparkle?

Staches or Lashes?

Team Staches or Team Lashes

Racecars or Ruffles

Bikini or Short

Clothing and Accessory Theme Gender Reveal Quotes

Gender reveal quotes related to clothing and accessory can be a fun way to get guests involved in the party. Don’t force the guest to wear tutus, but they can undoubtedly wear Hairbow or Bow tie to cast their vote.

Tie or Tutu

Tutus or Tuxes

Hair bow or bow tie?

Boots or bows?

Reels or Heels?

Bowties or Pearls

Beards or Bows?

Food-Based Gender Reveal Quotes or Sayings

You can’t go wrong with food-based gender reveal quotes. It will give guests a sense of what kind of party it is going to be.

Cupcake or Stud Muffin?

Cutie Pie or Stud Muffin?

Taco Bout, a Baby

What’s in the Oven?

Bun in the oven. Will it be sweet Cupcake or stud Muffin?

Baby-Q (for Barbecue party)

Fall Theme Gender Reveal Quotes

Fall is a wonderful time to celebrate your pregnancy. Beautiful fall colors, pumpkin, and Halloween makes a perfect theme for gender reveal.

He or she, what will this pumpkin be?

Boo-y Or Ghoul? (Halloween)

Classy Gender Reveal Quotes

If nothing listed above resonates with you, go with traditional gender reveal quotes. They are still cute.

Twinkle Twinkle Litter Star. How I wonder who you are?

Little Mister or Litter Sister?

A Bouncing Little He or a Pretty Little She?

Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Who you are, we don’t know!

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Ways to Incorporate Gender Reveal Quotes into a Party Theme

Once you find a perfect quote for announcing the gender of your baby, here are several ways you can incorporate it into your theme or work around it.

Invitation card

Whether you want a sports-theme gender reveal or animal theme gender reveal, or traditional gender reveal, you need to plan your invitation accordingly.

For example, If you are going for a Bee theme or sports theme gender reveal, you want to use the quote “He or She. What will you BEE?” or “Touchdown or Tutus”  into your invitation card.

You can easily get customize gender reveal invitation cards or e-card designs. Here are a few examples of digital initiation cards with theme-based gender reveal quotes.

Pink or Blue Theme Gender Reveal Invitation Card

Pink or Blue gender reveal invitation card on brick background

Bows or Arrows Theme Gender Reveal Invitation Card

Bows and arrows gender reveal invitation card
Photo credit-TouchdownsOrTutus

Touchdown or Tutus Theme Gender Reveal Invitation Card

touchdown and tuts gender reveal invitation card
Photo credit-TouchdownsOrTutus

Waddle it be Theme Gender Reveal Invitation Card

Waddle it be gender reveal invitation card
Photo credit-TouchdownsOrTutus

Lures or Lace Theme Gender Reveal Invitation Card

Lures or Lace gender reveal invitation card
Photo credit-TouchdownsOrTutus

The best part of getting digital gender reveal invitation card is that they are way affordable, ease of printing at home if you want to, and you can send it via email, text message, SMS message to friends and family.


Once you have sent out the gender reveal invitation cards, next comes decorating the place to go with your theme.

You can get backdrops with gender reveal quotes, or he or she balloons, or banners/garland (with choice of quotes), boy or girl foil balloons, confetti popper, and gender reveal pinata.

If you have a simple blue or pink theme, pinata as a centerpiece goes really well with it. You can get pink and blue pinata and get it filled with pink or blue candy for gender reveal once you crack it open. It is fun for adults and kids. And you can also get a confetti popper filled with blue or pink for your gender reveal.

Here are a few examples to get thinking.

Bee Theme Decoration kit for Gender Reveal

77 Piece Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Balloons and Banners

Halloween Theme Gender Reveal Decoration

blue and pink ghosts garland for gender reveal
Photo Credit- RSVPpartydecor

Cake for gender reveal

A gender reveal cake with pink or blue filling is another way you can announce the gender of your baby. And your gender reveals quote will go as a cake topper. You can check out bows and arrows, Glitter He or She Snowflake, Guns or Roses cake topper here.

Quotes on Gender Reveal t-shirt

Gender reveal t-shirts for parents-to-be can be a fun way to announce what they are having. In addition, you can have guests wear a t-shirt to cast a vote for either Team Blue or Team Pink.

There are plenty of gender reveal shirts to choose from. Whether you want only to mom-to-be, couple, or the whole family to wear a gender reveal t-shirt, you won’t be disappointed with the choice. You will find plenty of designs on Amazon or ETSY based on your theme.

Here are some of the designs that I like

I love this What’s in the oven? individual t-shirt or family t-shirts. Individual t-shirt is unisex and works great for the couple. And if you have other kids, you can go for a family t-shirt.

Usually, dad likes to show how much he loves his kids. This t-shirt will express dad’s feelings at the party.  

Pink and Blue gender reveal
Photo Credit – zaintshirt

Get the whole family involved in gender reveal party fun. These Pink or Blue gender reveal family t-shirts for siblings, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and parents are adorable and super cute for your gender reveal party.  

Gender Reveal Quotes and Sayings – Conclusion

There are many ways to announce the gender of your baby, and these ideas are a glimpse of possibilities you have. In addition, you can come up with your own gender reveal quotes to show off your family’s personality and interest.

I hope this post gave you some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

And congratulations on your pregnancy! Have fun, Mama!

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