Best Pregnancy Planners and Journals for Moms-to-be

9 Best Pregnancy Planners and Journals for Moms-to-be in 2020

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If you haven’t started documenting your pregnancy yet, you may want to start with one of these 9 best pregnancy planners and journals for moms-to-be to create memories for a lifetime.

Not only pregnancy is an exciting time in women’s lives, but it can also overwhelm the first-time moms-to-be. There are many things that you need to do during the first trimester of pregnancy while coping with the not-so-happy side effect of being pregnant (morning sickness).  While during the second and third trimester, you are busy with multiple doctor’s appointments and getting ready for the baby’s arrival. It can really get overwhelming for first-time expectant mothers.

Yes, you can search on google and get all the information for free, but it will leave you with an overload of information.

Pregnancy planners and journals are great in helping you guide step-by-step through each trimester and record those sentimental moments. It includes everything from to-do-lists, to how to plan a doctor’s visit, to how to create a birth plan, to prompts to help you start thinking and record those memories.

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Why do you need to keep a Pregnancy Planner or Journal?

A pregnancy planner or journal is a great way to keep you focused, organized, and space to write down important milestones and memories.

Going through the nine months of pregnancy is a unique experience that you will never get to live again. Even if you have multiple kids, no two pregnancies are similar.

But once you have your newborn with you, all you going to remember is your first trimester morning sickness and nothing else. And pregnancy journey is easily forgotten as you get into a new role as a mom of a newborn who won’t sleep at night or other overwhelms of life.

The best way to capture those memories and feelings as they happen as you go through pregnancy is a great way to keep those memories alive.

Pregnancy Planner Vs Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy planner is usually heavy on planning and preparation with step-by-step to-do-lists/checklists for EVERY step through pregnancy and even after the birth of the baby. A pregnancy planner is good for first-time moms who want to avoid the overwhelm of pregnancy.

While Pregnancy Journals includes space for you to write what it felt like when you found out you are pregnant, the gender of the baby, the baby’s first kick, and everything in between. A pregnancy journal is a great space for pregnancy memories and milestones that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Don’t get disappointed if you want something middle ground that includes both planner and journal!! Keep reading.

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9 Best Pregnancy Planners and Journals for moms-to-be

1. Lovely Momhood Pregnancy Planner

Lovely Momhood Pregnancy Planner and Journal is designed by RN and a mom for those soon to be mamas who want to stay organized, prepared, and track pregnancy milestones on a weekly basis.

This 35-page pregnancy planner includes EVERYTHING that expectant mom truly needs without many bluffs.

Best Pregnancy Planners and Journals for Moms-to-be -Lovely Momhood pregnancy planner

The Lovely Momhood Pregnancy planner includes the following:

  • Resources Page
  • Pregnancy Weekly Journal x1
  • Monthly Outlook Calendar x12
  • Trimesters To-do List x3 (pre-filled)
  • Prenatal Vitamins Tracker x1
  • Medical Provider & Insurance Info Sheet x1
  • Appointment Tracker x1
  • Baby Names Ideas List x1
  • Gender Reveal Planner x1 (pre-filled)
  • Baby Shower Checklist x1 (pre-filled)
  • Baby Shower Gifts List x1
  • Baby Registry Checklist x1 (pre-filled)
  • Nursery Planner Checklist x1 (pre-filled)
  • Hospital Bag Checklist: Baby, Mom, Dad x1 (pre-filled)
  • Hospital Bag Checklist x1 (empty)
  • Postpartum Care Kit Checklist x1 (pre-filled)
  • Baby Birth Journal Page x1
  • Baby Birth Story Page x1
  • Hospital Visitors List x1
  • Diaper Tracker x1
  • Notes Page x1

This is the perfect pregnancy planner and journal if you are looking to avoid the overwhelm of pregnancy because we all know about the challenges of pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of the baby.

Check out more information about Lovely Momhood Pregnancy Planner HERE.

2.  bloom Pregnancy & Baby’s First-year Planner

Pregnancy brain is a real thing, so make your life easier with bloom Pregnancy & Baby’s First-year Planner and keepsake journal!!

This planner is unique and will serve as a journal, guidebook, medical log, and scrapbook to record memories throughout pregnancy and way up to your child’s first birthday, all in one place.

This 196-page journal has seven tabbed sections that separate everything and make it easy to access. It also has places for your partner to write every now and then!!

The pregnancy tab includes everything from the family tree to pregnancy tips to meal plans to birth plans and much more. There are also tabs for each trimester, which includes daily to do’s, appointments, baby’s size, cravings, vitamins and water intake, feelings, and milestones.

As a bonus, this book comes with 2 pages of cute little stickers to help decorate and enhance your planner.

3. The First-Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal

The First Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal is a very cute and fun way to create a lifelong keepsake of milestones and memories of pregnancy.

This pregnancy journal is a trimester-by-trimester guide and includes various checklists, reminders, photo slots, journal prompts, fun activities each month, and much more!

There are spaces in this journal to write about -the first person you told about the pregnancy, the first time you felt your baby move to the first time you saw your baby.

This journal is straight forward and fun way to record memories from all nine months of pregnancy without it being overwhelming with useless pages.

4. The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

If you want to record your memories from each day of pregnancy rather than each month, this pregnancy journal is for you.

This 206-page journal is packed with helpful pregnancy tips, information about your growing baby, and a space to jot down your reflection.

This pregnancy journal includes not only day by day 5-min summaries of what was happening with your baby that day but also give information about what was happening with the mother.

So, if you are looking for more of an educational kind of journal then this is for you.

5. My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la giraffe

My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la girafe® is one of my favorite pregnancy journal cum planner.

This cute little journal has a space to jot down every important milestone and for that, you will get multiple-choice types of writing prompts for parents-to-be to get you started.

This 120 pages journal covers everything from your reaction when you found out you are pregnant to family’s reaction to the news to your craving to doctor’s appointments to bringing baby home with a ton of space for photographs.

It comes with a designated place for ultrasounds, baby shower invitations, lots of pockets for keepsakes, and much more!

This journal is very well structured but not repetitive like some of the other journals with the same questions on every other page.

My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la girafe® is very functional with monthly to-do lists, baby supply checklists, tips for morning sickness, and much more.

This journal is more of a keepsake approach but lacks in education part. If you are looking for an education version than this is not for you.

6. Studio Oh! Guided Pregnancy Journal, Bump for Joy

This cute little pregnancy journal is perfect for creating a unique keepsake filled with the memories of your pregnancy.

It is arranged by trimester to trimester and has lots of space for ultrasounds photos, bumps photos, and writing about your feelings.

This journal has 144 pages and features a variety of prompts to initiate writing, fill in the blanks, make a parent’s family tree, and much more!

It is a perfect journal if you are looking for a keepsake to cherish the memory of nine months.

7. My Twin Pregnancy Week by Week

For those moms who are fortunate enough to carry twins, this pregnancy planner is perfect for you!!

My Twin Pregnancy Week by Week is a pitch-perfect pregnancy planner that keeps track of your weekly weight gain, your doctor’s appointments, and much more!!

It also has enough space to write about your thoughts and feelings as you go through your pregnancy and a very helpful master checklist that has everything you need to accomplish before the arrival of the baby.  

This 120-page planner makes an excellent keepsake for your twin pregnancy journey. Although, if you are looking for an educational journal, then this is not for you.

8. Bump to Birthday, Pregnancy & First-Year Baby Journal

Bump to Birthday is a great journal to memorialize your pregnancy and baby’s first year.

This award-winning and bestseller journal includes spaces to document weekly things that happen during pregnancy, ultrasounds pictures, room for jotting down your own thoughts, birth experience, baby’s first moments, and much more!

However, the journal does not start pages for recording until the nine weeks of pregnancy.  But it does have spaces for jotting down how did you find out you were pregnant and how you felt.

9. Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting  

This pregnancy journal is unique in the way that it takes you through your pregnancy in godly ways.

Waiting in Wonder is of high quality with devotional, spiritual focus, and encouraging scripture verses. It will educate, inspire, and empower moms-to-be for the wonderful journey of motherhood.

This isn’t your normal Pregnancy journal with space for photos and writes your progress. But it has enough space to write about your opinion to given prompts that are well structured and very relatable for various situations.

This journal is 400 pages and covers week by week baby growth charts, guided prompts to for journaling personal thoughts, prayers, and even love letters to the growing baby.

DIY Pregnancy Planner and Journal

If you want to document your journey creatively, you can DIY Pregnancy Journal!

All you need is a blank scrapbook, tape, colored pen, stamps, pregnancy stickers, tape, and your imagination. This way you can document as many or few details, thoughts, and experiences as you want without being restricted to one page or few lines.

Check out this video of the DIY Pregnancy Journal to get some ideas.

The DIY approach may not be for moms-to-be who wants the Pregnancy organizer as well.

But Don’t get disappointed if your heart is set on making your own best pregnancy organizer. We have a solution for that too!!

All you have to do is purchase a printable pregnancy planner like the Lovely Momhood Pregnancy planner, a binder, blank pages for DIY part, and your imagination. Start adding those 35 pages of lists, checklists, trackers, calenders as you need along with your own pages to make it a unique custom pregnancy planner and journal.

What goes into a Pregnancy Journal?

Journaling is about self-expression. You write about your fears, hopes, thoughts, and dreams for your child. Some mamas like to write about their prenatal appointments, how their pregnancy went, birth plan, and what’s going on in their heads when they are pregnant.

You can also write about your baby’s milestone after birth if your pregnancy planner has scope for it.

How can I improve my Pregnancy Memory?

Pregnancy journal and planner are great ways to build a keepsake that you treasure for the rest of your life.

In addition to keeping a pregnancy journal, you can make a plaster cast of your baby bump that you can hold and keep for the rest of your life.

This Pearhead Belly Casting Kit is great for creating a memory of your pregnancy. This kit includes 5 rolls of plaster tape, belly casting lubricant, plastic drop cloth, non-latex gloves, and a sanding screen.

Casting a belly can be time-consuming, but it is a great way to capture those memories for a lifetime. Once you cast your belly with this kit, decorate it by painting and use it creatively at a baby shower or use it for a birth announcement.

9 Best Pregnancy Planners and Journals for Moms-to-be: Conclusions

I hope you find what you are looking for from this list of 9 best pregnancy planners and journals for moms-to-be.

These cute pregnancy planners and journals are a great way to start jotting down your pregnancy journey even if you are not big on journaling. You want to pick the one that suits your style.

If you can’t write, pick the ones that have lots of prompts to get you started or if you like to collect lots of pictures then choose one that allows you to do that.

Whichever journal you decide to purchase, make sure you have fun journaling your pregnancy journey that you will treasure lifelong.

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  2. I really found this helpful especially if it’s your first baby! You would really want to buy something so store the memories of your very first child!
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