5 Best Non-Toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillows for Restful Sleep at Night

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The most tiresome part of being pregnant is not getting enough sleep. So let one of these best non-toxic organic pregnancy pillows help you get much-needed clean sleep before the baby comes. 

One of the not-so-happy parts of pregnancy is the impact that a little baby in your womb has on your ability to sleep, even before they wake you up for nighttime breastfeeding.

With your body changing and life growing inside you, finding the perfect sleeping position becomes more of a challenge – especially in the second and third trimesters.

Some women just find themselves wide awake at night and nap during the day; others are kept awake by the physical discomfort of pregnancy: heartburnsciatic nerve pain, back pain, and trying to find a most comfortable position.

If you’re desperate for comfortable rest, read on to learn about some of my strategies. Many women – me included – have found that body pillow for pregnancy body pillow provides you with the support just where you need it for comfortable, good night sleep.

Just like you need a non-toxic and natural candle to relieve your stress and anxiety at the end of the day, you need a non-toxic pillow pregnancy pillow for restful sleep at night.

Choosing a perfect pregnancy pillow is sometimes challenging. Not only shape and feel but safety matter too. You are going to sleep 8-10 hours with a pregnancy pillow at night for the most sensitive period of your life.

So, just like your organic, non-toxic makeup, body lotion, shampoo, lip balm, and beauty masks, it is essential to make sure that the pregnancy pillow is also made from organic and non-toxic material and does not off-gas toxic chemicals.

While not many, few good brands offer non-toxic, organic pregnancy pillows for those who want to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy.

In this article, we talk about types of pregnancy pillows, the benefits of using a pregnancy pillow, the 5 best non-toxic organic pregnancy pillows, plus all the information and details you’ll need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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Why Do You Need a Pregnancy Pillow?

The pregnancy pillow, also known as a maternity pillow or body pillow, is a specially designed large pillow to support changing shape of your body during pregnancy to facilitate better comfort and sleep.

There are varieties of body pillows in the market; some support your back, some support your knees, others only belly, and a few support all of the above.

A growing fetus puts an increased amount of pressure on the body, causing back pain and leg cramps in many pregnant women, making it difficult for them to sleep comfortably at night. And even in your most relaxed sleeping potions, you don’t feel comfortable.

As the pregnancy progresses, sleeping positions become limited. 

Back sleeping during pregnancy is not recommended as the uterus will compress major blood vessels that carry blood to the growing baby. It can also cause backaches, breathing, the digestive system, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure (1).

Also, the study published in BMJ in 2011 found a potential increased risk of stillbirth for women who slept the entire night on their back (2). 

Stomach sleeping is off the list because of the apparent reason-bulging belly. You are left with only a side sleeping option!! That too left side to maximize blood flow to your baby.

Sleeping in one position for an extended period creates pressure points that cause significant discomfort – and that’s where a pregnancy body pillow comes in handy. The pregnancy body pillow provides support where you actually need it while sleeping.

Using a pregnancy pillow can make you comfortable while sleeping and help you cope with the hard work of growing a baby. You deserve it, mama!!

What are the Benefits of using Pregnancy Pregnancy?

The pregnancy body pillows are specially engineered to cushion your body from head to toe and created to eliminate the sleeping problems of pregnant women.

Here are a few health benefits of a pregnancy pillow

It can help alleviate aches and pain

Body aches and pain are common ailments of being pregnant. The reason being, ligaments in your body, are becoming softer and stretchy to prepare you for labor. This process, along with added body weight, can cause your lower back, pelvic joints, hips to become painfully strained.

Not only it affect your day-to-day activity, but it impacts your sleep at night. The cushion and softness of the body pillow give support and comfort these body part needs to minimize the pain.

They make you more comfortable in your sleep position

Being uncomfortable is an inevitable part of pregnancy. Hormonal changes, increased body weight, aches and pain, and insomnia can lead to sleepless nights. Using a body pillow to support your belly as your bump grows helps to prevent tossing and turning.

It is specifically designed to support you while sleeping on your side. So, if you are not a side sleeper, worry not!! The body pillow will provide you with all the comfort you need to stay in your left-side sleeping position.

Helps in blood circulation

Sleeping on your left side is recommended for pregnant women to improve blood circulation to their growing fetus and get the baby in the optimal position for birth.

However, sleeping on the side is not comfortable; that’s where a body pillow comes in handy. You can adjust the pillow to your abdomen or knees or other parts that need cushioning for better sleep at night.

It can help relieve heartburn or acid reflux

Heartburn or acid reflux is common and very troubling discomfort of pregnancy. In addition, as the uterus expands for the growing baby, digestive juices and contents from the stomach back up into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in your throat and upper chest, or it can lead to nausea.

This can be particularly bad when you sleep in a horizontal position. One very easy solution to ease heartburn and acid reflux is to use the specially designed v-shape body pillow to elevate your upper body while you sleep.

It can also be used as a nursing pillow after the baby arrives

Body pillows are so versatile that you can use them in plenty of ways after the baby arrives. A certain design of body pillows or 2-in-1 pregnancy pillows can be used as a nursing pillow once you don’t need belly support.

Overall, a pregnancy body pillow supports body parts where it is needed to alleviate aches and pain and promote better sleep.

What to look for in a Non-toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillow?

Now that you know what to avoid in a body pillow, let’s look at choosing a non-toxic organic pregnancy pillow.


When choosing a non-toxic organic pregnancy pillow, consider the following material as a fill.

Organic Cotton

Sustainably grown organic cotton is what you want in your body pillow than the mainstream cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of any pesticide or herbicides. However, manufacturers can add chemicals and dye during the making of the pillow.

To ensure that the fill of your non-toxic pregnancy pillow is free from flame retardant, formaldehyde, phthalates, dyes, and other toxic chemicals, choose a GOTS-certified pregnancy body pillow.


Another safe fill in your non-toxic pillow is wool. Wool is an excellent thermoregulator and keeps your body warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also naturally fire-resistant, so manufacturers do not need to add fire retardants while processing and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Also, choose GOTS certified wool in your pregnancy pillow as it ensures that it is organic and free from added toxic chemicals while manufacturing. The wool filling is a great choice for your pregnancy pillow if you are not allergic to wool.


Kapok fill is a vegetable-based fiber from seeds of the Kapok tree and apparently the most popular fillings for the pillows. The Kapok tree is naturally pest-resistant, so it does not need pesticides or herbicides at all.

Kapok is also hypoallergenic and mold resistant.

Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat hulls are a by-product of buckwheat milling and an excellent alternative for filling your non-toxic organic pregnancy pillow.

The hulls are hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and naturally pesticide-free. The only downside to getting buckwheat hulls filled pregnancy pillow is that the crunchy feeling when you sleep requires getting used to it.

Natural Latex

Natural Latex is made from the milk of the rubber tree. This rapidly renewable latex is hypoallergenic, provides good body support, and will not compress like other filling materials.

Also, look for GOLS certified natural latex as certification ensures ethical practices during manufacturing or processing.

GOTS/GOLS and Okeo-Tex certification

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) ensure the fabric and latex are sustainably made and do not contain toxic chemicals harmful to humans and environments.

Okeo-Tex certification is mainly for the textile industry and their standards are not as stringent as GOTS standards.

Having GOTS/GOLS/Okeo-Tex certified product is at least a peace of mind that you are not exposed to harmful levels of toxic chemicals from your regular use of the product.

Types of Pregnancy Body Pillows

There are different shapes, sizes, and styles of the pregnancy body pillow. They are designed to support your changing body during pregnancy, and they are roughly “U,” “C,” or “V” shaped. One end of the pillow supports your head and arm while the other ends go between your legs, and your belly is supported by the length of the pillow.

Let’s look at the different types of pregnancy body pillows available.

1. Wedge-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

As the name suggests, a wedge pillow is a tapered piece of foam raised on one side and flat on the other side. It is most frequently used under your belly for support to alleviate back and hip pain.

It can also be used on your back to prevent you from rolling over if you have a habit of sleeping on your back.

You can also use this pillow to elevate your upper body to relieve heartburn and reflux.

2. Full-length Pregnancy Pillow

They are designed to support your entire body. They look like a regular pillow but extra long to support you from head to knees.

There are two types of full-length body pillow: Straight and flexible.

You can use the straight pillow as a single unit or in addition to a regular pillow for extra comfort. To use this pillow, place it along your side and snuggle it along.

The flexible pillow can take any shape you want it to be for your comfort. The flexibility comes from the microbeads or Styrofoam fill, which may make noise while you move at night.

To use this pillow, place it along your side, fold the top part of the pillow to use it as a regular pillow for your head, and bend the bottle between your knees for a good night’s sleep.

3. C-Shaped Pillow

The C-shaped pillow is designed to support your pregnant body. It is the only pillow you will need to snuggle, replacing the need for an additional pillow. It not only supports your head but runs down along your back and wedges between your legs.

Depending on your need, you can place the long edge of C along your side or run along your back. The benefit of letting it run along your back is, it can refrain you from tossing and turning at night.

4. U-Shaped Pillow

This pillow is the most supportive of all pregnancy pillows. It looks like two full-length body pillows attached in the middle to snuggle your body from everywhere. It offers support to your belly, back, legs, and knees, keeping you in your sleeping position.

You can use one side of a U-shape pillow along your side to support your belly, and the other side supports your back. You can rest your head in the middle of the U-shape pillow.

Removable Cover

Choose a pillow that has a removable cover that you can wash in the washing machine. An oversized pillow may not fit into your washing machine, so having a removable cover helps maintain the pillow’s cleanliness.

5 Best Non-Toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillow

1. Holy Lamb Body Pillow

Holy Lamb is one of my favorite brands for beddings, pillows, mattress toppers, and comforters in my household. Holy Lamb body pillow is an excellent choice if you are looking for a full-body pillow.

The Holy Lamb Body pillow is made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton and filled with GOTS certified wool batting. The organic cotton is sustainably grown, milled, and finished in a GOTS-certified facility without using any harsh chemicals in India and assembled in the USA.

This full-length body pillow is designed for full-body support and provides good support between legs and arms during pregnancy.  The medium density pillow is very comfortable to use without being too firm and will help alleviate the potential for shoulder and neck pain.

This organic pregnancy pillow will provide a neutral spine position, allowing you to relax and restful good night sleep. Also, the wool is a natural thermoregulator and won’t make you too hot or cold at night.

The manufacturer recommends periodically exposing the body pillow to the sun to keep it refreshed and revitalize wool. In addition, the pillow is only wipe clean but a separate washable pillowcase is available to purchase to protect the pillow from night sweat.


  • Measures: 17″x53″
  • Weight: 3.49 lb


  • Made in the USA
  • Made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton and filled with GOTS certified organic wool
  • Medium-density firmness
  • Great for full-body support and neutral spine position


  • Pricey
  • Only Spot clean
  • Do not come with a pillow case (available to purchase separately)

2. Woolland U Shaped Wool Pregnancy Pillow                               

Non-toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillow
Photo Credit- The Woolland

This made in Bulgaria wool pregnancy pillow is created to provide total support to the pregnancy belly and back.

The Woodland U-shaped pregnancy pillow is filled with 100% natural Oeko-tex certified wool without chemicals or bleach and dye during processing.

I would have liked this pillow better if they were GOTS certified. Oeko-Tex certification tests the final product for harmful chemicals, but their criteria are as stringent as GOTS certification. The cover of the U-shape body pillow is made with 100% soft luxurious cotton sateen fabric.

This U-shape pregnancy pillow is mouldable and designed to wrap completely around your body, keeping your neck, shoulders, spine, and pelvis aligned to minimize neck, back, and hip pain.

The wool filling is great for keeping you comfortable at night. The great thing about this non-toxic pregnancy pillow is that the inner cotton case has a zipper to freely fill in and out the wool filling allowing you to modify the shape of the pillow according to your comfort level. 

The outer cotton case is available in different colors and has a zipper to remove it for washing purposes.

The Woodland pregnancy pillows are also available in c-shape as well if you do not have a huge bed for a U-shape pillow


  • Measures: 59 inches x 31.5 inches
  • Weight: ??


  • Handmade in Bulgaria
  • Made of Okeo-tex certified Wool
  • Available in U-Shape or C-Shape
  • Zippered Cover allowing you to adjust filling depending on your need
  • It comes with a cotton pillowcase


  • Made with Non-organic cotton fabric

3. White Lotus Home Kapok Body Pillow

Best Non-toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillow for Restful Sleep at Night
Photo Credit – White Lotus Home

This kapok-filled non-toxic organic pregnancy body pillow is an excellent alternative if you are allergic to wool and want down-like material. Kapok filling is a vegan and sustainable alternative to down pillows. It is also naturally pest-resistant and hypoallergenic.

The manufacturer imports Kapok from a GOTS-certified factory in South Asia and assembles it in the USA.

White Lotus Home Kapok body pillows are organic Kapok filled and encased with GOTS certified sateen cotton. This non-toxic pregnancy pillow is hand-stuffed to avoid lumps, and the company offers zippered pillow option to allow you to add or remove filling depending upon your need. It is also available in two sizes for those who do not like a full-size body pillow.

The cylindrical shape of the pillow hugs the body provides support and keeps the shoulder, hips, knees, ankles, and feet aligned for rested night sleep.

Just like a wool body pillow, Kapok body pillows are spot clean only. The washable pillow covers are available to purchase.


  • Size: 20” X 72” (body pillow) and 20” X 52” (Body Jr)
  • Weight: 9 or 5.6 lbs


  • MMade in the USA
  • Filled with natural Kapok and encased in GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Zippered case option available


  • It does not come with a Pillow case (available to purchase)

4. Bean Products 100% Organic Kapok Body Pillow

Best Non-toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillow for Restful Sleep at Night
Photo Credit-BeanproductsInc

Another option for purchasing a Kapok body pillow is from this small business owner. It is an affordable option if you are finding a White Lotus home body pillow a little pricey.

The main difference between the two brands, hence the price difference, is that Bean product Organic Kapok pillow is not made of GOTS certified organic cotton. Instead, they use organic cotton, so there are chances that they are sprayed with chemicals during the manufacturing process. But at least it’s better than mainstream body pillow.

The naturally organic Kapok is lightweight, soft, and silky like goose down and provides better body support.

In addition, the cylindrical shape of the pillow hugs your body, keeps your shoulder, hips, knees, ankles, and feet in a perfectly aligned position, and gives you much-needed restful sleep during pregnancy.

This Kapok body pillow is mouldable and can be of great use for supporting your pregnant belly when you are reading and watching a movie. The pillow is medium-firm in density, and zippered case allows you to adjust the filling for your comfort.

The kapok filling is covered by organic cotton, and additional pillowcases are available to purchase.

This cylindrical body pillow is a great affordable alternative if you think Holy Lamb body pillow is too expensive for you.


  • Dimensions: 5.5 ft long x 10 inch diameter
  • Weight:?


  • Made in the USA
  • Made from organic Kapok and organic cotton
  • Density Medium to firm
  • The zippered cotton cover allows you to adjust filling depending on your need


  • Cotton is not certified Organic
  • Does not come with a Pillow case (available to purchase)

5. Lifekind Certified Organic Body Pillow

For your total support at night-pregnant or not- Lifekind body pillow offers everything you need for better sleep at night. Lifekind body pillows are generously sized and available in certified wool or certified cotton filling.

The all-wool body pillow is soft, springy, and offers medium support, while the all-cotton pillow is firmer and flatter.

The main difference between filling the pillow is that wool filling will compress one-third overtime, and the cotton filling will compress one-half.

The generous size of the Lifekind body pillow provides support from head to toe in a side-lying position and will provide you with much-rested sleep during the second and third trimester and beyond.

The envelope-style pillowcase is available to purchase separately, and the manufacturer recommends exposing the pillow to the sun to renew and deodorize it. Like other body pillows in this list, Lifekind body pillows are spot clean only.


  • Measures: 20” X 60”
  • Weight:?


  • Made in the USA
  • Certified Wool or Certified Cotton filling
  • Density medium (wool option) and firm (cotton option)


  • Do not come with a pillow case


What kind of materials/fills to Avoid in a Non-toxic Organic Pregnancy Pillow?

Unfortunately, the many mainstream pregnancy pillows are filled with toxic materials, and you want to avoid contact with those toxic chemicals as much as you can during those nine months for the safety of your growing baby.

And because you will be in close contact with your pregnancy body pillow for many hours at night, your risk of inhaling toxic chemicals released from the mainstream pregnancy pillow increases.

So, here are the material or fill of the body pillow you need to consider avoiding before choosing the best non-toxic pregnancy pillow.

Polyurethane Foam

Most mainstream pregnancy pillows that provide good body support and adapt to body curves are filled with polyurethane foam, also known as memory foam. Polyurethane foam is a petroleum-based product and can release VOCs in the air while you sleep.

I like to avoid anything made with polyurethane foam, at least during pregnancy, even when a reputable brand makes them. Because you never really know whether the polyurethane foam contains any flame retardants.

Polyester fill or Poly Fiber Fill

Polyester is a plastic or petroleum-based product, not as bad as polyurethane foam but not good for your health either.

The main toxic chemical in polyester is ethylene glycol, which gets absorbed by our body through our skin and inhalation. It can damage your central nervous system and kidney.

Organic cover with polyester fill

You also need to avoid mainstream brands offering “organic” pregnancy pillow that has only an organic outer cover and underneath is polyester fill. Although you want organic cover, too, the main concern is the material used as a fill.

Non-Organic Cotton

Mainstream cotton is loaded with pesticides and herbicides during farming. And unfortunately, these toxic chemicals can stay on cotton even after multiple washing.

When should you get a pregnancy pillow?

There is no perfect time to get a pregnancy pillow. However, you can start using it as soon as you feel uncomfortable.

Some women start using body pillows in their third trimester, where they are most uncomfortable, while others start using pregnancy pillows as soon as they find out they are pregnant. After all, a pregnancy pillow is comfortable!!

Being pregnant, you don’t have much choice for your sleeping position. Sleeping on your left side increases blood flow to your growing baby.

If you are not a side sleeper, you need to start thinking about getting a pregnancy pillow to get comfortable on your left side because you have to sleep on your left side for the remaining 36 weeks. So, you need a pregnancy pillow at 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Here you go, mamas!! I hope this article about the best non-toxic organic pregnancy pillow has helped you find the one to improve your sleep at night. I highly recommend you Holy Lamb organic body pillow if you want something clean and comfortable.

I really like the U-shape body pillow at it gives support from head to toe during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

However, it does take a lot of space in a bed. If you have a kind size bed, then only it is a good idea. Otherwise, you won’t be able to share a bed with your husband.

Before you go, check out this article on whether a solid headboard or upholstered crib is safe for a baby to help you decide which crib to buy for your baby.

How About You?

Did you pick any from this list? Do you have any tips for better sleep during pregnancy? Please leave your comment below.

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