Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist: Your Ultimate Guide

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You have made it to the third trimester, mama!! Get ready to welcome your little one with this ultimate Third trimester Pregnancy Checklist, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You are getting bigger by day and labor looks more real now that you are in last stretch of your pregnancy. The third trimester of pregnancy is still far from giving birth, but it is important time to get ready for the arrival of your baby and preparing for the life after baby. If you do this now, your postpartum recovery will be easy.

I spent most of my time making sure nursery looks pretty and buying stuff for baby during my third trimester with my first one. Which is necessary but there are other super important things in the list that needed to be done – going on a date with your husband or spending quality time with your other kid/kids. Trust me, you won’t be able to do that soon or ever when your baby arrives.

Second time around I was super prepared. I not only made sure nursery was ready but also spend quality time alone and with loved ones.

So, mama! This third trimester pregnancy checklist includes everything from making life easier when baby arrives to life after baby to making sure you maximize your free time in the last stretch of your pregnancy.

Let’s go right into this.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

Get things done around the house

Clean and Declutter

Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

If you are like me- a clean freak, you want this to be done first in your list. This is the best time to clean, declutter and organize before baby arrives.

I would first go after pantry. I like to make sure what canned goods and dry things I have and what need to be purchase, so I don’t need to worry about it for next couple of months. It also helps your postpartum freezer meal planning. Focus on an easy to make food, real ingredients that will keep you full and satisfied, because you will be very hungry as a breastfeeding mother. Stock up on granola bars, rice, beans, whole wheat pasta, train mix, oatmeal and nuts.

Also stock up on household supplies like, paper plates, plastic spoons, paper towels, dish shop dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent etc.

Second, I would go after cabinets under the washroom sink. While you are cleaning this area, make sure you have enough body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion for next couple of months. While cleaning the washroom if something smells harsh, stay away from it.

If you can afford it, you can also hire a house cleaner to deep clean your house toward the end of the third trimester.

Or if you are not incredibly tired, and decide to do it yourself, make sure to take a help from your partner or loved ones. Even then, stay away from moping and vacuuming because chores that requires leaning forward can aggravate sciatica- inflammation of sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down the leg. Sciatica during pregnancy is very common due to weight gain and/or pressure of the uterus on the nerve.

While you are at it, why not declutter, mama!

I mean, get rid of stuff that you haven’t used for a while. I know, its hard to throw stuff away but trust me, it will feel so good getting that extra space.

Don’t forget to get a Free Nursing Pillow using discount code empiricalmama40

Get Cooking Baby!

This is a lifesaver! Especially when you don’t have help after you bring baby home.

Get this thing off the to- do list during early third trimester if you can! It will be hard to chop off that much veggie and cooking for couple hours when you have big belly that is about to burst at 8.5 month, isn’t fun at all.

You don’t have to do this alone. Ask your partner or a friend to help you out and it will be done in no time while chatting.

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Get Prepared for Birth

Pack your Hospital Bag and For Dad too!

This must be done around 8th month. Pack stuff that is absolutely necessary. There are tons to article out there, that tells you to pack the hospital bags with music/movie DVD and nursing nighties. You are not going there for vacation so keep this in mind. Trust me, you will hardly have a time to think about music or nighties.

Pack only stuff that you are actually going to use like, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, lip balm, water cup with straw, hair tie, comfortable pants, shirts, nursing bra, socks, phone charger, nursing pillow etc.

Also, pack a stuff for your husband like cloths, snacks, blanket, pillow etc. For baby, pack outfit to bring baby home, blanket and car seat.

Do a Labor Prep

Labor is a scary process. I have been through twice. No wonder, why so many women goes all and above prepping for labor.

For me too much knowing about the labor, makes me nervous. I like to trust the people who I choose to deliver my baby with – ob-gyn or midwives. Not having a detailed plan, made me less nervous when things didn’t go as planned.

I prepared myself for labor by discussing with my ob-gyn in detail about what to expect and how they do things. I also toured the hospital and taken an online prenatal course. Taking a prenatal class prepared me and my partner for my labor and delivery, however it unfolded.

I did not take a boring and long, free prenatal class that is offered by hospital. I preferred to take an online prenatal class for convenience of taking it whenever I want and not having to leave my bed. Who has that much energy when you are carrying that extra 25 pounds around your belly?

Read my review about this super affordable online childbirth class offered by Labor and Delivery nurse HERE.

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Download a Contraction track App

First time around, I had a hard time keeping tract of contraction and asking a husband to tract was a big mistake. So, second time, I downloaded- Contraction timer- Time labor. It is easy to use one button interface to keep tract of duration and interval between each contraction.

Make sure, you figure out how to use it before you go in labor.

Get prepared for Breastfeeding

Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

There is a lot you can do to get ready for breastfeeding in your third trimester. Trust me, it isn’t as simple as it looks. There is steep learning curve and it takes a firm determination to continue breastfeeding. Here’s how you can prepare yourself for breastfeeding in your third trimester.

Take an online Breastfeeding Class

You must be wondering, isn’t it too early to take a class. Trust me, knowing what to expect will prepare you mentally and physically for breastfeeding success. Here is the link to good article on what to expect breastfeeding in first few days.

Once you have a baby, you will have hard time finding a time to chit-chat or looking for an answer to your breastfeeding question. You will be feeding your baby around the clock (literally!!) and catching up on your sleep (hopefully!).

Do yourself a favor and take the online breastfeeding class in your third trimester. I took this amazing 90-minutes The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by milkology. This class teaches you

  • most effective breastfeeding position to get a deep latch
  • how to increase your milk supply
  • when your baby has enough milk
  • common mistakes that mama makes when breastfeeding
  • and much more

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Prepare a Nursing Cuddy

This post contains an affiliate links. As an affiliate and Amazon associate, I earn commission on qualified purchase at no extra cost to you.

You want to make sure you have all breastfeeding essentials in place for easy access when you are feeding your baby. Get one basket and keep all supplies that you can carry around the house. Ideally you should pick a quite room with low light for breastfeeding. Here’re supplies that you will need,

Also, you should have nursing station right beside your bed for those nighttime feeding. Along with supplies listed above, nursing pillow and side table to keep your supplies will be really helpful at night.

Pack Breastfeeding Supplies In your Hospital Bag

While you are packing your hospital bag, do not forget to pack nipple cream. Who know, you may need it after a very first feed. I was bruised right after feeding my firstborn. I needed a nipple cream to continue nursing with initial discomfort. Also, pack nursing pillow and other supplies listed above for your breastfeeding comfort.

Get Ready for Baby

Prepare Baby’s Stuff

I am sure you are ready for the baby’s stuff by your third trimester. At least I was. Do not go overboard with baby’s stuff. Babies do not need much stuff in the beginning. Do not spend fortune buying everything available in store for baby.

All you want to make sure is, you have purchased a car seat and installed it, decide where baby will sleep, and purchased the basic stuff for baby,

  • Diaper
  • Wipes
  • Outfits/sleepers (washed and ready to be worn). If you have received lots of newborn/0-3 months outfits in your baby shower, wash only few pairs that you think you will use, because babies grow really fast. Most of the time, days are literally too short, and you do not have time to put cute cloths on baby. You will only care about feeding your baby and catching up on your sleep initially.
  • Diaper rash crème
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Baby monitor
  • Baby bed (Initially I used DockATot Delux -The all in one baby lounger for first 1-3 months, then switched to Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper. Both are great for comfort and safety.
  • Bottle for breastfed baby ( For introduction of bottle to the baby when breastfeeding is well established)

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Pack the Diaper Bag for Baby

Do it in your third trimester so you don’t need to worry about it, when you need to go for baby’s first pediatrician appointment. Here’s what you need to pack,

Pick out a Perfect name for Baby

You must be thinking about it since you found out your baby’s gender, right!! But you haven’t finalised it yet. Its about a time to get serious, look at your’s and your partner’s list, sort out your favorites and decide. You don’t want to end up thinking about a perfect name when you are on delivery table at the hospital.

Get Yourself ready for showdown

The third trimester of pregnancy is really uncomfortable with extra 25 pounds around your belly. With 10 hours of working day and not sleeping well at night makes it tough to manage. For this reason, you need to take it slow and listen to your body.

Take care of yourself

You’re probably too tired to cook and even move around in your third trimester but help your body to get ready for birth by making sure you are eating a nutritious food, drinking enough water and taking prenatal vitamins.

We all get too busy checking off that third trimester to-do list, but make sure to find a time get a prenatal massage, pedicure and visit your friend or do something that makes you happy.

Don’t forget to get a haircut. So, you don’t have to worry about it for next 3 to 4 months once baby arrives.

Once baby arrives, you will you won’t have a ‘you’ time, so pamper yourself while you can.

Spend a Quality time with your other Kids and Husband

Once you have a baby, your baby will need all your attention and you will not have a time for your loved ones. So, to make up for that spend some quality one on one time with your other kid/kids.

Also, schedule couple of date nights with your husband before your due date. The more connected you two feel, the better you’ll be for new life after a baby.

Prepare for your Postpartum recovery

Getting ready for a baby is our top priority, but don’t miss the train on prepping for recovery! Postpartum recovery is a big deal and there are so many things that you need to stock up in your third trimester.

Make sure you have at least these things on hand,

  • Giant absorbent pad
  • Mess underwear
  • Peri-bottle
  • Numbing spray
  • Tucks pad
  • Epsom salt and lavender essential oil for sitz bath
  • Pad-sicle
  • Advil/Tylenol

(Complete postpartum recovery tips and checklist)

Get other things done

Take care of your Recurring Bills

Once you have your baby, you’ll not have a time to think about paying your bills. You may end up paying interest on your unpaid bills and also bad for your credit.

If you are like me, who doesn’t pay a cent of interest, set automatic payment for your recurring bills (only if things are not tight in your budget).

Take a look at your financial situation and how it will change after a baby

Hopefully you have started thinking about your maternity leave by now and discussed the plan for return to work or possibility of staying home.

If you are thinking about going back to work, you need to search for childcare. Finding childcare can be time-consuming.

First, look at your monthly budget and added expenses associated with having a baby. Try to cut back where you can. Also, determine if you have enough money coming in while you are home.

Think about your option of going on extended maternity leave by working from home like I did after delivery of my second child. I started tutoring kids from home and also started this blog with help of Wealthy Affiliate – an online training community, that prepares you for how to start a blog and earn a full-time income out of it.

Start checking things off the list mama!

There you go mama! You have your third trimester pregnancy checklist. There are plenty of things to go through in your third trimester to-do list. Don’t stress about it, just organize and prioritize your task week by week. You will be set for your big day and life after baby. Take a good care of yourself, mama!!

How about it?

Did I miss any super important thing in third trimester pregnancy checklist? Leave your comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist: Your Ultimate Guide”

  1. Hi Pranali,
    Very informative article. I couldn’t agree more with the all the point you listed here. Pre-preparation is very important for stress free first 2 month with the baby. I didn’t know about contraction app to tract contraction during labor. Neat idea! For second baby, I am downloading it for sure, No need of husband for this !!

    1. Hi Lopa
      Thank you for the comment. Yes, contraction app is very helpful. But make sure you figure out how it works so you don’t have to struggle to use it when you actually need it.

  2. This is a great post and well thought out.

    I tried to get as much of this done prior to my daughter’s birth, and I was so glad that I did. Especially the food prep. Things are so chaotic those first few days home from the hospital…it is nice to have a healthy meal available.

    While I had several names picked out, I did not decide until I saw her face 🙂

    1. Hi Irma,
      Thank you for your comment. It is very important to get things done before the arrival of baby so you can bond with your baby without being stressed about other thing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  3. Great Advice and article. I would like an actual checklist to print. I guess I could print this page. So many mothers would appreciate this. I do. Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment. currently i do not have printable version but certainly i can work on it. Third trimester is very important time to get ready for your “forth trimester”. If you are well prepared you will have stress free couple of months and you can bond with your baby. Also taking care of yourself is important as your body has gone through so much trauma of giving birth and taking care of your body and recovering is prime important. To learn more about speedy recovery check out this post,
      Thanks again.

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