VBAC Lab Birth Course Review : Increase your Chance of VBAC Success

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Are you considering trying a VBAC? Increase your chance of success for VBAC for your next birth by taking this comprehensive VBAC Lab birth course.

I have had an experience of epidural and natural vaginal birth with both my kids. I was fortunate not to have to go through a c-section birth. But I have seen my best friend went through her first c-section birth and wanting to try for VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) for her second one.  

She was drugged heavily for her c-section that she couldn’t see, feel, experience, or understand was what was going on. Although she came home with a beautiful baby girl, the trauma of an unplanned c-section stayed with her for a long time. She wanted to go for VBAC for her second child, but it didn’t happen because of constant pressure from her OB for a c-section. And till date, she talks about the birth trauma she went through.

This review of the VBAC Lab birth course is an attempt to spread the awareness of genuine resources available to empower and prepare pregnant women who want to go for VBAC for their next birth, third birth, or seventh birth.

Those mamas who want to go for VBAC might have bazillion questions like, How to prepare for VBAC birth? Who to talk to? How will you find a doctor that is VBAC friendly? What to expect during VBAC birth? How do you overcome the trauma/emotions of your last birth?

The answers to your burning questions are professionally laid out in this very comprehensive VBAC Lab birth course. VBAC lab birth course is your one-stop solution for knowledge and empowerment so you can take charge of your birth.

In this VBAC Lab Birth course review, we will cover course content, pros and cons, and whether it is worth your money?

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What is VBAC Lab Birth Course?

VBAC Lab Birth Course
The VBAC Lab Birth course

VBAC Lab is an online prenatal class created and taught by Trish Ware, a high-risk labor and delivery nurse. She has helped countless moms go through VBAC for the last 15 years. From her experience in a labor room, she believes that educated mama and proper support during labor are two critical factors for avoiding c-section in your next birth.

In addition to helping moms delivering their babies in person, she has prepared and empowered thousands of mamas for their VBAC virtually. She is very knowledgeable and will prepare you for VBAC in just a couple of hours.

What is the Structure of the VBAC Lab Birth Course?

VBAC Lab Birth Course is offered online using the Kajabi platform. This platform is most user-friendly for online learning. The class is offered in two formats.

Live course Launches

  • Which is open for enrollment only 4 times a year
  • One-on-one birth plan, course module, fears/concerns consultation with Trish
  • Weekly coaching/support with Trish via Zoom
  • Access to bonus mini-courses

Baby Can’t wait Option

You can enroll in online courses in between live launches if your baby is due soon and can’t wait for the live launch of the course. When you register in the Baby Can’t wait for Option, you get access to an online course ( not one-on-one with Trish) taught by instructional videos, slide-over voice overlay, and PDF downloads.  

The best part is that the lessons are broken down into small chunks so you can go thorugh whole course in one sitting or watch it in chunks. Each Module is easy to navigate – you can jump to any section you want! (but I do not recommend that because each word coming out of her mouth is golden nuggets).

Highlights from the video also accompany each lesson.

Course Overview

  • Cost: $$$ (differs based on live coaching vs. online course)
  • Length of Class: 6-8 hours total
  • Bonuses: You will find out soon
  • Access: Lifetime
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee

Course Content

VBAC Lab birth course is one-of-a-kind courses specially designed keeping c-section mamas in mind. This 8-step course is all about getting prepared and empowered for VBAC birth.

Here is a highlight of few topics that this course covers.

Healing from Previous Birth

VBAC Lab Birth Course

One of the most important modules of the VBAC Lab course is learning how to heal from your previous traumatizing birth experience so it does not cause fear over your impending VBAC birth. In this module, Trish goes over the causes and symptoms of birth trauma and shares some resources to find help with birth trauma. What I like the most about this module is the printable worksheet to process your birth trauma or emotions associated with your previous c-section birth.

Navigating VBAC Choice

There are many roadblocks in the form of family, friends, and doctors when you decide to go for VBAC for your next birth. And you will also be presented with the worst-case scenario and threats of risking the baby’s life. This module will walk you through facts and stats about VBAC birth and VBAC consent to help you make an informed decision about the birth you want. She also goes over the benefits of VBAC birth to your little one.

Spoiler’s Alert – VBAC is often safer than a repeated C-section, and your risk of uterine rupture is minimal.

Preparing for VBAC

Your VBAC success is highly dependent on the provider you choose. But it is hard to find a provider who will be on board to try VBAC with you. In this section, Trish goes over how to choose your provider and asks them to find out whether they are a VBAC-friendly or tolerant provider. You also have access to a PDF printable with questions to ask your OB.

The second part of this module discusses how to prepare your body and mind for your VBAC birth. I like how she encourages you to believe in the power of your body to do things that it is meant to do. Then she goes into detail about preparing your body for VBAC, emphasizing preparing your pelvic floor and perineum. In the last part of this module, she teaches how to mobilize your cesarean scar tissue throughout your pregnancy to prepare it for VBAC.

Understanding Labor and Birth

This module goes over everything you need to know about stages of labor, from signs of labor to when to head to the hospital to triage and admission to the postpartum period.

VBAC Lab Birth Course

She goes into detail about breathing techniques and the importance of breathing during labor. This is an essential part of the childbirth process, and she did a great job explaining it in this module with tips on what to do when you hit a ring of fire during active labor.

Recommended Reading: 7 Practical Ways to avoid Ring of Fire during Childbirth?

VBAC style Labor

Trish talks about what you need to ask precisely if you find yourself required to be induced in this module. I particularly enjoyed her take on inductions and interventions. She goes over the pros and cons of induction and guides you to which induction method you need to choose.

Trish talks about how to wisely compromise on interventions when you are offered in your delivery room as you progress in this module. I like how she encourages you to have a plan when you are asking for a compromise.  

VBAC Lab Birth Course

The heart of this module lies in this last section. Trish talks in-depth about how to win over your fear and believe in the power of your body. Whether you want to go medicated or unmedicated for pain management during labor, she has a detailed plan laid out for you. I like the method she teaches in this section to prepare you for unmedicated pain management. She also shares her tips on vaginal tearing and repair in this section.

In the last part of this module, Trish goes over the signs and symptoms of uterine rupture, which is a significant concern when you decide to go for VBAC. I am so glad that she went over this topic in detail, even when the odds of it happening are very low. Chances are, you won’t have to deal with this situation. But, should you find yourself at that point, you will at least be able to make an informed decision.

VBAC Roadblocks and concerns

The arguments against going for a VBAC begin even before you know it is an option and certainly doesn’t stop when you cross your due date. In this section, Trish talks about what you need to ask for when your provider insisting on inducing or doing a repeat c-section.

She then talks about special circumstances like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, a sign of preterm labor, decreased fetal movement, GBS positive that you could potentially be faced with. In case you find yourself dealing with these situations, you will be at least aware of circumstances and make an informed decision.

Repeat c-section

Although the VBAC Lab birth course is all about avoiding repeat c-section, a whole mini section is dedicated to repeating c-section. The purpose of this section is to prepare you in case your VBAC didn’t go as you planned and you needed to undergo a c-section. Trish goes over what to expect in your c-section, what you can ask for, to make it a family-centered, gentle cesarean.  

Sneak peek at the Bonuses offered through VBAC Lab Birth Course

  • Access to VBAC Lab only private Facebook Group

Once you purcashe this course, you will get immediate access to the VBAC Lab member-only Facebook group, where you can ask questions and share your experience.

Here you will find support from like-minded moms, who will help you through this last stage of pregnancy.

  • Access to the Mini Course when you enroll in the Live Coaching class

When you enroll in live coaching with Trish, you get access to two bonuses after 14 days of enrollment.

  1. Support Person 101 mini-course
  2. Postpartum Recovery mini-course
  3. Induction class- Medical or DIY

And when you go for the Baby Can’t wait for Option, you get an access to Induction class as a bonus, opportunity to purchase other two mini-courses at a 50% discount, and you get access to printable PDF such as

  • Limiting belief Printable
  • B.R.A.I.N printable (Reference to weigh risks and rewards for labor choices)
  • Focused relaxation Worksheet

And much more.

Where will you find a VBAC class that has all the information lined up for you in one place?

  • Student discount for Labor Nurse Mama Shop

You get a discount to purchase a beautifully designed Labor Nurse Mama brand labor gown, swaddles, nursing covers, and other goodies.

Why do you need to take VBAC Lab Birth Course?

Birth matters and you should be heard, respected, and treated well in the delivery room. But in reality, birth is so unpredictable that it doesn’t always go as you planned.  For those mamas, who have had a c-section for their first and want to go for VABC, it is absolutely possible.

However, there are many roadblocks in family, friends, and providers who will not support you in this venture.

Even when you find OB who is willing to try VBAC with you, you will still need to advocate for yourself until you deliver your baby, as you can be pushed into the surgery room at any time.

With all these roadblocks in your way stopping you from getting the birth you want, your only option to stand for yourself is to EDUCATE and PREPARE YOURSELF as much as you can.

When you are prepared with what to expect, know your rights in the delivery room, advocate for yourself, and make an informed decision about your choices, you are much likely to have the birth you want.  

Whether you decide to take the VABC Lab birth course or any other course out there, your success is highly dependent on how educated and prepared you are for your VBAC birth.

What I like the most about The VBAC Lab birth course is that it is very educational and evidence-based. Trish has put her heart and soul into the creation of this course, and her experience as a high-risk L&D nurse is exceptional, and you can clearly see her passion for your VBAC success in every module of this course.

I also find that this course is very affordable with the amount of information she offers through this online course.

Lastly, I want to add that the VBAC Lab birth course is a one-stop solution to your VBAC success!

Who is this VBAC Lab Birth Course for?

VBAC Lab Birth Course is for

  • Expecting mamas who are scared of going VBAC
  • Mamas who are a candidate for VBAC but not supported by their provider
  • Mamas who want to avoid repeated c-section
  • Mamas who want to take birth in their hand
  • Mamas who want to advocate for your VBAC choice

Who this Course not for?

If you are someone who needs a classroom setting to learn things, then an online class is not for you. Baby can’t wait Option of the VBAC Lab birth course is lectured style and was designed to educate and prepare you for VBAC birth in just a couple of hours. So, if you are looking for interactive lessons, Baby can’t wait option is not for you.

For one-on-one consultation, you need to enroll in Live Launch for the VBAC Lab, where you get direct access to Trish, and she will go over each module with you.

But if you are someone who is self-motivated and willing to put into practice what you learned in this online class, VBAC Lab -Baby can’t Wait option is an excellent resource.

When to take VBAC Lab Birth Course?

You should ideally take this VBAC Lab course any time you want during pregnancy or even before your pregnancy to get ready for your next VBAC birth. The advantage of taking this class early in your pregnancy is that you have enough time to find a provider that is VBAC friendly and prepares your body for VBAC success.

What if I am NOT Satisfied with the Class?

I guarantee that it won’t be a case, but if you are not satisfied with the course, the course creator, Trish, will be happy to offer 14 days money-back guarantee.

There is no other VBAC birth class that is reasonably priced yet thorough. I am confident in saying that this course is your only golden ticket to VBAC success.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. Enroll today and get started!

PROS of this Online VBAC Class

It’s Online, Self-Paced, and 24/7 accessibility

Baby can’t Wait Option – The advantage of an online class is that you can go through the class anytime you want! The VBAC Lab birth course has 51 bite-sized videos that vary in length from 2 minutes to 30 minutes for a total of 6-8 hours. You can distribute those hours in one day or over a week; it’s up to you.

Live launch – This option is offered 4 times a year and is not as flexible as online. Here you have a one-on-one with Trish and weekly coaching/support with Trish over Zoom.

This Class is comprehensive

As mentioned earlier, this course covers evidence-based information to prepare you for VBAC birth. What I loved the most about this class is the expert tips from Trish after each module. Those tips are gold nuggets!!

Information for Support Person

Taking this class with your partner is mostly going to get them onboard you. Trish offers the Bonus course: Labor Support Person 101 at a 50% discount for Baby can’t Wait for option if they are still scared. And if you are enrolled in Lie launches, you have access to Labor Support 101 course for free after 14 days of enrollment.  

Combination of Video and Written content

The audio quality of this course is excellent. Each slide with a voice layover is accompanied by written highlights of the module, which greatly help to focus and retain information. You also have access to a printable worksheet to help you prepare for your VBAC.

Bonuses and Money-back Guarantee

As mentioned above, when you purchase the VBAC Lab during live launches, you get access to two bonus courses – Labor support-101 and Postpartum Recovery mini-course for free.

When you enrolled in the Baby can’t wait for option, you can still get access to both bonuses at a 50% discount.

With both options, you get access to VBAC Lab only private Facebook group where you can ask a question and get to hear the VBAC experience of like-minded mamas. Also, Trish offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course.

CONS of VBAC Lab Birth course

I couldn’t find any negative points to write about this birth course as this course is truly very educational, evidence-based and will truly prepare you to be successful at your VBAC.

However, this course would have been a complete package if the Labor support mini-course was included as one of the modules rather than a separate mini-course to purchase (at 50% discount) for the Baby can’t wait for option. Regardless, this course is still great at a price point with the amount of information this course has to offer.

 My thought on VBAC Lab Birth Course

I found this course very educational, evidence-based, comprehensive, and includes everything you need to know to increase your chance for a successful VBAC.

I found Trish very knowledgeable, relatable, and trustworthy. And tons of expert tips she shares at the end of each module show her passion and expertise about the subject matter.

 And if you are wondering whether VBAC Lab is worth the money?

I would say, if you really want to avoid repeat cesarean, then this course is for you.

If you think you can be successful at VBAC without knowledge, empowerment, and preparedness, you make a huge mistake. Your success at VBAC is highly dependent on your knowledge, preparedness, and proper support during labor. And when you take this course, it will get rid of any fear you have about the VBAC process, change your mindset, prepare you to stand for yourself, and I think that is all you need to get the type of birth you want.

I hope this VBAC Lab Birth course review has helped you decide if this class is right for your need. And if you are ready, click on the link below and increase your chance for your VBAC success!

Should you have any questions regarding the course content or anything in general, please comment below. I have gone through each module of this course, and I will be happy to answer your question.

Good Luck, mama!!

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