7 Best Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattresses (+Tips to make them Affordable)

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Your baby doesn’t really care what kind of mattress she is sleeping on, but as a parent, it’s our responsibility to make sure that they are safe and comfortable in their crib. So let us help you find affordable non-toxic, and organic crib mattresses for your babies.

Babies love to sleep, and they spend maximum time in their cribs. So having an eco-friendly, truly non-toxic, and the organic mattress is a priority to keep them away from toxic chemicals.

The traditional crib mattresses available in the market are loaded with toxic chemicals. As a parent, the last thing you want is to expose little babies to mattresses that off-gas toxic chemicals at room temperature. It pollutes indoor air quality in addition to posing a health hazard to babies.

However, finding an affordable non-toxic crib mattress can be challenging, but there are some truly non-toxic crib mattresses that you can get for as little as $300, and with some adjustments in a budget, you can have a safe place to sleep for your baby.

Another thing that I want to mention before we talk all about non-toxic crib mattresses is that choose your battle for non-toxic stuff for your baby.

If money is constrained, go for a conventional stroller rather than compromising on getting a non-toxic and organic crib mattress.

Baby is not going to spend much time on the conventional stroller, and occasional longer hours in stroller outdoor is less toxic than baby spending a significant amount of time on crib mattress indoor. So, choose your battle, mama!!

In this article, we are going to talk about what kind of material to look for in crib mattresses and a list of the best affordable non-toxic, and organic crib mattresses.

Also, be sure to check out my post on the best non-toxic cribs, and whether to get a crib with a solid headboard or upholstery.

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Is a Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattress Necessary?

Best Affordable Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattresses

Yes, absolutely. Babies sleep for 12-18 hours a day, and they are likely to be exposed to higher concentrations of volatile organic compounds releasing from the crib mattress.

So, a non-toxic and organic crib mattress is the most important investment for the safety and comfort of your baby.

The release of volatile organic compounds is highly dependent on the sleeping microenvironment characterized by temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration.

Therefore, emission of VOCs in the sleeping microenvironment is important considering that babies sleep long duration on their mattress and direct proximity of their respiratory inlets to the VOC emission source.

The research study published in 2014 conducted a small-scale experiment to investigate the area-specific emission rates of VOCs in 20 new and used crib mattresses.

The study identified more than 30 VOCs in the mattresses, including phenol, fragrance enhancer, and other chemicals.

The most shocking observation from this study was the significantly higher level of VOCs in an infant breathing zone than in other areas of the room because infants sleep long duration and inhale substantially higher air volume per body weight compared to adults making them 10 times more vulnerable to VOCs exposure (1).

A similar study published in 2019 investigated the influence of sleeping conditions on VOC emission from polyurethane mattresses. The researcher tested 8 types of polyurethane mattresses in a continuous flow chamber and concluded that elevated heat during sleep is a major contributor to enhanced VOC emission (2).

Exposure to toxic chemicals may not cause immediate harm to a baby, but there is a huge concern of increased lifelong risk of cancer. So, it is essential to invest in a non-toxic and organic crib mattress to keep your baby safe.

And also, not all organic crib mattresses are made equally. Just because they are labeled as an ‘organic crib mattress’ does not make them safe for your baby.

For example, some of the organic mattresses made with the wool still have flame retardant and chemicals added during processing.

Therefore, I have carefully created a list of these truly non-toxic and organic crib mattresses, so you don’t have to spend hours researching.

If you like to know which toxic chemicals to avoid and what features to look for in a crib mattress, plus how to make crib mattress affordable, read the entire article.

Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattresses

This list starts with the non-toxic and organic crib mattresses that are GOTS/GOLS certified and moves on to affordable organic crib mattresses. However, it is hard to find an affordable crib mattress that is truly non-toxic.

But if you make it to the end of this list, I give you some ideas on making a truly non-toxic and organic crib mattress affordable with some compromise.

1.Naturepedic Mattress

Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattresses
Naturepedic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic is a well-known company that makes safe and affordable non-toxic crib mattresses. They offer a variety of USA-made crib mattresses in a prize range from $259-$379. I have used it for both of our kids, and it is still going great for my toddler.

The Naturepedic mattress is GOTS certified (GOTS) and meets GREENGUARD Gold emissions standard. It is also MADE SAFE certified and is certified to be Formaldehyde-free.

These mattresses are made without harmful chemicals and free from polyurethane foam, flame-retardants, latex, soy, vinyl/PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates, flame retardant, antibacterial treatment, glue, GMOs.

In addition, the Naturepedic mattress is made with non-GMO PLA batting to meet the flammability requirements. PLA is a type of polyester that comes from non-GMO sugarcane. So, it is much safer than the conventional mattress with flame retardant chemicals.

All the materials used in making a Naturogenic mattress are locally, ethically sourced and have 30-day return policy and lifetime limited warranty.

The Naturepedic mattress is waterproof, and they achieve this by using food-grade polyethylene made from non-GMO sugarcane. Unlike PVC/vinyl, polyethylene is one of the safest plastics and does not contain phthalates, heavy metals, and BPA.

Naturepedic makes a variety of mattresses. First, let’s look at the types.

Innerspring Mattress: The spring-coil Naturepedic mattresses come in 150-252 coil options and weigh about 18 pounds. They are available in single or dual firmness, seamless, or non-seamless type.

The outstanding feature of the Innerspring line of Naturepedic mattresses is that they do not contain foam of any kind (soy or polyurethane) or latex. Instead, they use organic cotton batting.

Breathable Mattress: Naturepedic makes the safest breathable mattresses for babies compared to other brands out there.

These mattresses allow better airflow and eliminate the risk of overheating, which is an essential factor for preventing SIDS.

Lightweight Mattress: The lightweight line of Naturepedic mattress line is made with a food-grade polyethylene foam core and weighs only 2 pounds.

They provide a firm sleep surface, but if you are like me, who likes to stay away from any kind of foam in a mattress, stick to their Innerspring mattress.  

Breathable Ultra Mattress: Breathable Ultra mattress is the luxurious line of Naturepedic mattresses.

Ultra line is a breathable, lightweight, dual firmness mattress. 2- stage dual firmness provides a firmer side for infants and a medium-soft side for toddlers.

However, they are a bit expensive than the other lines but can be used through toddlerhood.

Even when you are ready to transition your toddler to a Montessori-style floor bed, all you have to do is flip the side of the mattress, and you are done!

The only caveat of using a 2-stage dual firmness mattress is that the medium-firm side of the mattress is not waterproof.

You will need to purchase an organic cotton waterproof mattress pad to protect the mattress from accidents.

We have been using Ultra Breathable 2-Stage Organic Crib Mattress (Innerspring) for my baby. And it is in the 3rd year of use, still going strong without the sign of sagging on the medium-firm side with all that jumping on the mattress.

For more info read my honest Naturepedic crib mattress review.

NATUREPEDIC CLASSIC / LIGHTWEIGHT27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″10 lbsLatexDual$259BUY NOW
NATUREPEDIC CLASSIC / LIGHTWEIGHT / 2-STAGE27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″11 lbs LatexDual$289BUY NOW
NATUREPEDIC CLASSIC / INNERSPRING / 2-STAGE (150 coil)27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″19 lbsInnerspringDual$299BUY NOW
NATUREPEDIC BREATHABLE / LIGHTWEIGHT / 2-STAGE27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″14 lbsLatexDual$349BUY NOW
NATUREPEDIC BREATHABLE / INNERSPRING / 2-STAGE (252 coil)27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″19 lbsInnerspringDual$379BUY NOW
NATUREPEDIC BREATHABLE / ULTRA / 2-STAGE27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″14 lbsLatexDual$399BUY NOW
NATUREPEDIC BREATHABLE / ULTRA / INNERSPRING/2-STAGE (252 coil)27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″19lbsInnerspringDual$429BUY NOW

For my readers, I have arranged special 15% discount off the entire cart on any Naturepedic mattress. Use code EMPIRICALMAMA15 at checkout.

2. My Green Mattress

Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattresses
EMILY Organic Crib Mattress

Emily Organic crib mattress from My Green Mattress is another excellent and affordable option.

This made-in-the-USA mattress company was founded by the owner’s urge to find a non-toxic crib mattress for daughter Emily’s eczema and allergies.

The Emily organic crib mattress is a 150-coil innerspring mattress made from GOTS certified organic cotton, wool, coconut coir pad, and GOLS certified latex.

The GOTS certified organic wool layer underneath the GOTS certified organic cotton acts as a natural flame retardant, avoiding adding toxic flame retardant chemicals during processing.

Organic wool also acts as a natural barrier to mold, dust mites, and mildew, but you do need a waterproof pad to protect your mattress from excessive wetness.

Unlike other mattresses in this list, the Emily Organic crib mattress has identical composition and firmness on both sides. The firmness of these mattresses (adult and baby) is outstanding, and there is no review of sagging after long-term use.

The Emily Organic crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified and meets CPSC requirements, eco-friendly, sustainable, and California Prop 65 complainants.

What I like about My Green Mattress is that they came with a solid 120-night sleep trial, 20-years limited warranty, and free shipping when you purchased mattresses directly through the manufacturer’s website.

In addition, they offer one free return and exchange per household if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

And they also offer interest-free payment plans if you decide to invest in this affordable EMILY Organic crib mattress or adult mattress.

EMILY ORGANIC CRIB MATTRESS (150 coil)27 1/4″ x 52″ x 6″15 lbsInnerspring
Single$259BUY NOW

3.Avocado Crib Mattress

Another trustworthy brand for the non-toxic and organic crib mattress! Avocado mattresses are handmade in California, USA.

Avocado offers two types of organic crib mattresses: GOTS/GOLS certified, and GREENGUARD Gold certified.

Their GOTS-certified organic cotton and GOLS-certified latex are also Okeo-Tex certified. In addition, they go through annual testing to ensure that the material is free from toxic chemicals.

The company also avoids the use of any kind of glue/adhesive, foam (polyurethane or soy), and flame-retardant in manufacturing their mattresses and are certified formaldehyde-free.

These eco-friendly mattresses are also MadeSafe certified and do not contain chemicals that could harm humans, animals, and aquatic life.

Let’s look at the two lines of Mattresses offered by Avocado.

Organic Green Crib Mattress : Organic Green Crib mattresses are an affordable option from Avocado. It is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and wool, GOLS certified latex.

The organic wool acts as a natural fire retardant avoiding the need for added flame-retardant chemicals during manufacturing. This mattress has a dual-sided design, making it great for use with an infant and a toddler.

Organic Green crib mattress comes with 30-night sleep trial. It is made to fit standard crib size and weighs 28 lbs. 

Luxury Organic Crib Mattress :  The luxury organic crib mattress is way too expensive for a crib mattress. They use premium material for the making of this luxury line of the crib mattress. T

he Luxury model has an additional layer of cotton-wrapped coils supported by an organic flax pad and 1 inch of organic latex in addition to what they have in their regular mattress line.

Another feature of a luxury brand is its coconut fiber core to support the edge to protect it from sagging over time.

Like their regular line, the luxury organic crib mattress is dual-sided and grows with your baby. In addition, the luxury line comes with a pretty impressive 100-night sleep trial, so you have nothing to lose if you want to take a test drive.

However, be aware that this mattress weighs 36 lbs, so returning the mattress won’t be easy.

Both types of Avocado Green mattress are heavy and requires waterproof pad to protect the mattress from urine, spits, drools.

Avocado crib mattress comes with solid 25-years limited warranty

AVOCADO LUXURY ORGANIC CRIB MATTRESS (150 coil)28″ x 52″ x 6″36 lbsInnerspring
Dual$1249BUY NOW

4. Savvy Rest Organic Crib Mattress

Savvy Baby is made in the USA, a clean mattress to consider for your non-toxic nursery. It is a bit expensive than the other affordable options on this list but a great alternative to consider.

The Savvy Baby is a GOTS certified crib mattress made of a single, solid 5″ layer of firm natural Dunlop latex; GOTS certified organic wool and cotton.

Organic wool works as a fire retardant avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in the mattress. Organic wool is also a natural barrier to mold, mildew, and dust mite.

The outer zipper cover of the mattress is made of GOTS certified cotton and can be removed for spot cleaning. However, the mattress is not waterproof and does require a waterproof pad to protect the mattress.

Unlike other mattresses in this list, the Savvy Rest does not offer a return or exchange once you purchase their mattress because of a sanitation issue. However, they do provide a 20-year limited warranty.

Overall, the Savvy Baby is a great choice if you look for an organic latex crib mattress at an affordable range.

SAVVY BABY CRIB MATTRESS 27.5″ x 52″ x 6″?LatexDual$399BUY NOW

5. Soaring Heart Organic Crib Mattress


Soaring Heart organic crib mattress is a little expensive than Savvy Rest but fits my definition of the non-toxic and organic crib mattress.

Soaring Heart mattresses are handmade in Washington, USA. The company has had a history of making organic and non-toxic mattresses since 1982.

Their crib mattresses are made from GOLS certified natural Dunlop latex, GOLS certified organic cotton from Texas, and organic wool from New Zealand.

The mattress passes the fire safety tests owing to its organic wool composition. This make-to-order mattress is designed for the slatted crib and measures 285/8″ x 523/8″ x 31/2 “in size, slightly bigger but thinner than standard size crib mattresses listed here. So, it will be a little snug on a standard-size crib.

The 100% organic Soaring Heart Crib mattress is free from toxic chemicals and provides firm support to your baby.

In addition, they provide a 30-night sleep trial and a generous 20-year limited warranty.

SOARING HEART ORGANIC CRIB MATTRESS 28 5/8″ x 52 3/8″ x 3 1/2″?LatexSingle$419BUY NOW

6. Green Cradle Crib Mattress

Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattresses

This would not be complete without the mention of the Green Cradle Crib Mattress. Green Cradle is a well-known manufacturer for making eco-friendly, non-toxic furniture and mattresses.

The quality of their product is top-notch, and that’s what you pay for. Their mattresses are made in the USA.

Green Cradle makes three kinds of crib mattresses.

Innerspring Crib Mattress: The innerspring crib mattress is made from 26- firm coil core wrapped with multiple layers of GOTS certified organic cotton and GOTS certified organic wool.

Organic wool is free from pesticides, defoliants, or mineral oils. It works as a natural fire retardant with the added benefit of being a heat regulator protecting your baby from overheating.  

Organic Latex Crib Mattress: Green Cradle Organic Latex Crib mattresses are made from a 4″ extra firm GOLS certified latex core wrapped in 100% GOTS certified organic wool and two layers of GOTS certified organic cotton.

Organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton are free from pesticides and provide firm support to babies and toddlers.

They also offer organic latex crib mattresses in a 6″ height option, so you don’t have to bend much to access your baby in a crib.

Like any other mattresses in this list, Green Cradle mattresses are not waterproof, and you need an organic mattress pad to protect the mattress from accidental wetness.

Green Cradle mattresses are one the best non-toxic and organic crib mattresses on this list. In addition, the mattress comes with a 1-year limited warranty and free curbside delivery within the USA.

GREEN CRADLE INNERSPRING CRIB MATTRESS (260 coil)52″ x 28″x 4.5″ ?InnerspringSingle$495BUY NOW
?LatexSingle$630BUY NOW

7. OMI Organic Innerspring Crib Mattress

OMI Organic Innerspring Crib Mattress is another GREEENGUARD Gold certified, GOTS/GOLS certified and made in the USA crib mattress to consider for your crib.

What makes the OMI crib mattress is that the materials used in making the mattress are non-toxic, but it is made in a facility where no one is allowed to wear fragrance, smoke, or use fabric softener.  

The company offers two types of mattresses.

Certified Organic Innerspring Mattress: Certified organic Innerspring mattress is made from 280-coil innerspring covered with GOTS-certified organic cotton and GOTS certified organic wool padding and then crested between four layers of GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.

Certified Organic Natural Rubber Mattress: For those who don’t want a coil mattress for their baby, OMI offers certified organic natural latex mattresses.

It is crafted from GOTS certified wool and cotton. It is one of the purest mattresses that you can use without worrying about dust mites.

OMI is one of the top eco-friendly mattresses if the cost doesn’t make prohibitive. The company is certified GOTS, GOTS, GREENGUARD Gold, USDA organic, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100. And they aren’t afraid to openly show their certification online.

In addition, the OMI offers a 90-night sleep trial and a limited 20-year warranty and has a financing option. They also provide a purity guarantee for their mattresses.

If quality matters to you, and the cost isn’t your main consideration, I highly recommend getting the OMI crib mattress.

OMI ORGANIC INNERSPRING CRIB MATTRESS (280 coil)28″x52″x6″?InnerspringDual$599BUY NOW
Natural Rubber
Dual$599BUY NOW

4 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Crib mattress


The mattresses made of polyurethane foam, soy foam, and memory foam are the main source of VOCs emission.

As mentioned above, more prolonged exposure and heat generated while sleeping are two main culprits for higher VOCs emission from mattresses.

Babies are more vulnerable to the toxic effect of VOCs because of their increased air volume inhalation compared to the adult. VOCs have been linked to headaches, organ damage, eye, nose, and throat irritation.

Long-term exposure to a high level of VOCs such as formaldehyde, benzene, and acetaldehyde has been liked to causing cancer.

Other soy foam-based mattresses are marketed as ‘organic mattresses.’ But they are not non-toxic mattresses. They are mostly a mix of polyurethane foam and soybean foam, so do not consider crib mattresses with soybean foam.

Flame Retardants

Flame retardants are highly toxic chemicals found in many products, including crib mattresses, car seats, strollers, couches, carpets, electronics, and insulation materials.

In the USA, it’s a law that every crib mattress passes open fire flammability testing to meet the federal flammability standards.

So, manufacturers use chemical flame retardant to meet the federal CPSC standard. And because most of the commercial crib mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, which is highly flammable, the manufacturer started using flame retardants including Firemaster 550, TCEP, TDCPP, TCPP, and chlorinated Tris.

Unfortunately, there is no requirement to disclose the type of flame retardant used in a crib mattress.

And it is why many manufacturers are getting away with labeling their product as ‘non-toxic,’ ‘eco-friendly,’ or ‘natural’ even when it contains flame retardant.

There are significant concerns associated with the use of crib mattresses with flame retardants. 

Firstly, flame retardant chemicals are highly toxic and have been linked to causing cancer and reproductive toxicity in the California Proposition 65.

Many research studies on animals and humans have linked brominated flame retardant to thyroid disruption (3), delayed mental and physical development (4), lower IQ (5), advanced puberty(6), and reduced fertility.

Secondly, flame retardants may not effectively reduce the flammability of crib mattresses and can actually make fires worse. The concentration of flame retardant in a treated product is not sufficient to prevent the spread of the fire.

The best option for avoiding flame retardant in a crib mattress is to stay away from crib mattresses containing polyurethane foam, soy foam, or vegetable-based foam.

The best alternative for a non-toxic and organic crib mattress is those that are made of wool. Wool is naturally fire-resistant and the safest option compared to synthetics materials.

PFSA Chemicals

PFSA is a man-made chemical and is generally used for its water and grease-proofing properties. PFSA can be found in Teflon non-stick products, paints, cleaning products, stains and water repellants, firefighting foams, and food packaging.

These ‘forever chemicals’ are highly persistent in the environment and your body. The research studies have demonstrated potential adverse health impacts with PFSA exposure, including thyroid disease, obesity, high cholesterol, liver damage, and cancer.

You need to avoid PFSA as much as possible as it can easily migrate into the air, dust, food, soil, and water.

Unfortunately, PFSA chemicals are highly prevalent around us. The best you can do for your baby is avoid the crib mattress that says water and stain proof or ask the manufacturer about the process of water or stain proofing.


PVC/Vinyl are primarily used in waterproofing crib mattresses. It is a highly toxic plastic containing phthalate and heavy metals.

It is also known to release harmful chemicals that are liked to causing birth defects, endocrine disruption, and cancer. 

Although it may be hard not to get a crib mattress that is not waterproof because of knowing how messy babies are.

If you think you need a waterproof crib mattress, go for a wool crib mattress or those that contain plant-based polyethylene as a waterproof material.

What features to look for in a Non-Toxic and Organic Crib mattress?

Now that you know which toxic chemicals to avoid in a crib mattress look at what features to look for in a non-toxic and organic crib mattress.

GOTS certified Crib Mattress

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. This standard imposes worldwide requirements that ensure that textile and latex are indeed organic.

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) is a materials and processing standard for organic latex and finished latex foam.

These standards ensure that manufacturers follow the set requirements for their manufacturing processes, from harvesting the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labeling.

GOTS prohibits the use of toxic chemicals used in textile processing linked to birth defects, cancer, and hormone disruption.

Unfortunately, out of many mattress brands in the USA, only about 5% are GOTS and GOLS certified production facilities.

You will find many manufacturers claiming their product to be ‘organic,’ but in reality, it is treated with chemicals during manufacturing processes.

So, purchasing a GOTS-certified crib mattress is peace of mind for the safety of your baby.

Some manufactures would falsely represent themselves as ‘GOTS certified’ when they are not. So to be on the safer side, ask them their GOTS license number and verify it through GOTS Public Database.

GreenGuard Gold Certified Crib Mattress

GreenGuard Gold certificate tests the emission of harmful chemicals in a product and ensures that the products emit a low level of VOCs.

For example, having a Greenguard Gold-certified crib mattress is an excellent thing to keep the emission level of formaldehyde, and other VOCs at a low level, but it does not make a mattress non-toxic.

In addition, baby’s are more susceptible to even the lowest emission of VOCs indoors as they breathe more per body weight, so they get a bigger dose of whatever chemicals you have in your indoor air.


The firmness of the mattress is very important to prevent SIDS. According to AAP’s safe sleep guideline, crib mattresses should be firm.

Baby should be laid on their back on a flat and firm surface to sleep the prevent the risk of SIDS.

Single or Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

Crib mattresses are available in a single or dual firmness. A Single-firmness mattress is firm on both sides, while a dual-firmness mattress has one side firm and the other side soft.

The advantage of a dual-firmness crib mattress is that you can flip the side of the mattress when your baby is a toddler. However, even you can use this dual-firmness mattress when you transition your toddler to a floor bed.

The mattress has Snug Fit

Before you buy a mattress, make sure you have decided on a non-toxic crib you want for your baby. It will help you to make sure that the mattress is a snug fit in a crib of your choice.

Made in the USA

It is also important to consider when the mattress is made. The brands that have manufacturing plants in China should be avoided as the quality of those mattresses is compromised because the regulations are not as stringent about the manufacturing process in the USA vs. Asian countries.

Guarantee and Warranty

Considering checking the warranty and guarantee policy of the brand of the mattress before purchasing it.

You may not like the mattress once you start using it, or it may not fit your crib, so it better to check their policy on returns and exchange. Many good brands offer extended warranty on the crib mattress.

Latex or Innerspring

Depending upon your choice and budget, go for latex or innerspring mattress. A latex mattress is made with a natural product from the sap of the rubber tree and they are soft, breathable, and have natural bounciness to them.

In addition, latex material is naturally mold resistant and dust mite resistant without needing to add unwanted chemicals to it.

However, if you have a family history of allergies and sensitivities, you might want to avoid latex mattresses (natural or synthetic latex) altogether.

In contrast, an Innerspring mattress is a spring coil mattress made of metal coils surrounded by supportive foam.

They are lightweight, affordable but there is a whole issue of ‘Radiation antenna risk‘ associate with the metal coil. It’s been talked about a lot lately.

The metal of the coils is said to be able to act as an antenna and amplify electromagnetic radiation. However, there is no definitive research to back up the theory.

And coil is said to amplify already present EMFs in your home, so you are not protected from the main source of EMFs anyways.

How to make Non-Toxic and Organic Mattress Affordable?

Quality costs money! I have spent many hours looking for an affordable non-toxic crib mattress but haven’t found any truly non-toxic, chemical-free mattress yet.

Most of the mattresses listed here start from $250 and I found that a clean crib mattress does not get cheaper than this.

One thing that you can do to lower the cost of the crib mattress is to keep your eye on a sale. Or add a gift card to your baby registry and use that money towards the crib mattress purchase.

Many brands like Naturepedic, My Green Mattress usually offers 5-20% off on their mattresses from time to time; you just have to keep your eyes on them frequently.

Use code empiricalmama15 at checkout to get a 15% discount on any Naturepedic mattress when you buy directly from Naturepedic.

And as I mentioned earlier, you can compromise on getting a not-so-expensive non-toxic stroller, and money you save from the stroller budget, use it toward getting a crib mattress you want.

You are going to use a stroller outdoor and not as frequently as your baby would use a crib mattress. So, I would instead invest my money in the crib mattress that I like than the stroller.

Another option is going for IKEA SNIGLAR untreated crib ($79) rather than other expensive non-toxic cribs and pair it with a non-toxic mattress of your choice from this list.

If you think IKEA SNIGLAR is too simple for your nursery, you can paint crib with non-VOCs paint well in advance before your baby arrives to go with your nursery décor.

The crib mattress is one thing that I do not like to compromise on quality over the cost. I know,

I know, there are many other expenses when you are having a baby but think about how much time your baby is going to spend on their mattress indoors. Is it worth the risk?

Is IKEA Crib mattress Non-toxic?

When I was looking for a non-toxic crib mattress, I started my search for an IKEA crib mattress. I thought, while IKEA SNIGLAR untreated crib is good for my nursery, why not IKEA crib mattress?

After browsing IKEA crib mattress on their website, I found that all of the IKEA mattresses are foam-based.

They are made from polypropylene, polyester, and polyurethane foam. Although their website says beds are ‘flame retardant free,’ having polyurethane foam as a core material in a mattress would likely give off VOCs, which is the last thing I want near my baby.

So, IKEA crib mattresses are not non-toxic, and I don’t recommend them.


I hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about the type of truly non-toxic and organic crib mattress you want for your baby.

A non-toxic crib mattress for your baby is the first thing you need to consider buying for the safety of your baby. Considering the amount of time your baby will spend in her crib, it is of utmost importance to pick a truly non-toxic crib mattress.

And beware of Greenwashing. Many manufacturers are misleading their customers by labeling their product ‘organic’ or ‘eco-friendly.’

Lack of regulation on the use of the word “organic” makes it easier for the manufacturer to call their product “organic” when the only outer cover of the product is organic, and toxic chemicals are lurking underneath that cover. So, beware!  

Do let us know which Non-Toxic and Organic Crib Mattress you end up choosing for your nursery in the comment below.

And before you go, check out the article on the best non-toxic crib or best crib alternatives if you haven’t thought about it yet.  


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