The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology Review

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If you are a new mom or expectant mom and weighting on whether to take online breastfeeding class, read the Ultimate breastfeeding class by Milkology review.

Lack of education can jeopardize your success if you plan to breastfeed your baby. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology is the best online breastfeeding class to learn everything you need to know before baby arrives.

The obvious things that someone does when they find out they’re pregnant is getting ready to welcome the baby. This readiness includes checking things off of their checklist: buy all the things, sleep as much as you can, prepping frozen meals and getting house ready.

However, sometimes we ignore most important thing that is going to be needed the most when baby arrives: knowledge about breastfeeding.

When we see someone breastfeeding their baby at the mall, we assume that it is an easy and natural process. But this natural process doesn’t come naturally to most mothers. It is actually a learned process -for both mom and baby – comes with lots of challenges. Breastfeeding can be hard, without the support system and knowing how-to’s.

That is why you need a breastfeeding course that can take you through hows and whys of breastfeeding journey.

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate and mother of 2 amazing boys who were exclusively breastfed. With my first one, I have made common breastfeeding mistakes because of not knowing what to expect as I did not take a breastfeeding course.

I suffered from a low milk supply, painful clogged milk ducts and not to mention I had a flat nipple. Breastfeeding in the first few days was super hard. At one point, I had a thought of giving up too!!

Fortunately, I discovered The Ultimate breastfeeding Class by Milkology on right time (3 weeks after the birth of my baby). It helped me tremendously to boost my confidence for breastfeeding and I was able to troubleshoot my breastfeeding issues. (Just to let you know, I exclusively breastfed my babies for 15 months)

In addition, it is thorough, short, and covered every aspect of hows and whys of breastfeeding and best of all, it is super BUDGET-FRIENDLY.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Being a successful breastfeeding mother?

By the end of my – The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class review, you will know that it is the best online breastfeeding class for you.

What is The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology?

Best online Breastfeeding class -The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology

The Ultimate Breastfeeding class was developed by Stacey Stewart. She is a CAPPA certified lactation educator. Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) is an international organization that certifies lactation educators to educate, counsel and support families who needs assistance with breastfeeding and lactation.

Stacey’s website Milkology has tons of information and great resources for breastfeeding mom.

Stacey is mom of 3 and has herself experienced breastfeeding, so she knows what she is talking about. She is a breastfeeding advocate and has a passion to educate and help moms discover the benefit of breastfeeding.

Milkology also offers 2 other excellent classes: The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class and The Ultimate Exclusively Pumping Class for moms who need to go back to work or stay away from baby for other obligations.

What is the Structure of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class?

The class is offered online using Teachable platform. This platform is the most user-friendly platform for online learning. The class is taught using voice-over slideshows, written material, fun visuals, graphs and video demonstration.

Course Details:

  • Cost: $$
  • Length of Class: 13 videos, 90 minutes total
  • Lots of Bonuses: You will find out soon!!
  • Plus: A 30 day no risk money back guarantee and no questions asked.

Now let’s look at the Course Content:

This course covers everything you would want to know about breastfeeding and the best part is it is easy to navigate – you can jump to any section you want! Here is a highlight of few topics that this course covers.

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding to mom and baby
  • How your breast produce milk?
  • Latching and Positioning
  • Expressing and Pumping
  • Breastfeeding Challenges
  • What to expect (first month and beyond)
  • Amazing Bonuses!!

And, you also get to see how breast milk dance under the microscope!! How exciting!!

Sneak peek at the Bonuses offered by The Ultimate breastfeeding Class 

1. The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

The printable guide contains everything you need to know about the most common issues you might encounter during your breastfeeding journey. (trust me, you will need it a lot!!)

For example, It goes into great details about alcohol and tobacco consumption and its impact on your milk supply.

Also, there is a whole section about oversupply, mastitis, clogged milk ducts and more for moms and baby issues such as tongue tie or lip tie and much more.

2. The Little Back Book of Breastfeeding Secret

The MOST useful resource, I guarantee you will need it in your breastfeeding journey. My absolute favorite!! Great tips!

I am not going to give this out! You will need to take a course to find out the secret ????

3. Ultimate Class Notes

Very useful, printable, quick reference notes from 13 videos, that will come in handy when you need to quickly refer to the lessons!!

4. Discounts for other useful classes for mom

5. Free breastfeeding Gear

More than $40 worth of breastfeeding gear for free plus other free stuff and 50% discounts on high quality stuff that you will absolutely need when you are breastfeeding.

Just the Bonuses alone are worth the cost of course!!

If you are still not SOLD, keep reading mama!!

Who is this Online Breastfeeding Course for?

This course is for mamas who lacks either experience or confidence with breastfeeding in general. More specifically,

  • Pregnant women who wants to learn as much as they can about breastfeeding before baby arrive.
  • New mom who is struggling to breastfeed
  • Moms who have had a bad experience with breastfeeding first time and wants to give it a try with second or third baby
  • Mom like me who have a long gap between two kids and want to take a refresher course
  • Mom who are returning to work and have no idea where to start with pumping and storing breastmilk
  • Doulas and Nurses who wants more knowledge about Breastfeeding

This post contains affiliate links. As an affiliate and Amazon associate, I earn commission on qualified purchase at no extra cost to you.

Who is The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class not for?

Most mamas who are open for learning online, can benefit from The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class. If you are a mom –

  • Who needs instructor to show you breastfeeding positions
  • Who purchases the course and does not complete it
  • Who needs a classroom environment to learn something
  • Who do not prefer learning from watching video and listening to someone.

-may not benefit from taking this course.

If you are a mom who likes reading the book –The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League International. This book is very comprehensive and provides you with everything you need to know about to breastfeed your baby.

When to take The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class?

This course could be taken anytime during your breastfeeding journey. For example, I took this course 15 days after my baby was born because I was struggling with breastfeeding.

Ideally, you should take this course during third trimester of your pregnancy.

So, when your baby arrives, you still remember what you have learned from each module and apply when you need it. Also, as mentioned earlier, this course comes with free ultimate class notes. These quick notes come in very handy when you are busy with a baby.

How Long is the Accessibility of this Course once Purchased?

What if I say LIFELONG Accessibility?

Yes, you heard me right!!

You can watch this video as much as you want. You can pause, rewind, fast-forward and skip the module to go the next one!!

No two babies are alike, so what you have learned from this video for your first baby may not be applicable for your next one. And I promise, you will learn something new every time you watch this video.

This little investment is worth every single penny!!

What if I am NOT Satisfied with the Course?

There is no other online breastfeeding course that offers very practical, thorough understanding of hows and whys of breastfeeding. I am 100% confident in saying that this course will leave you more prepared and confident about your breastfeeding journey. But if you are not satisfied with the course, you can get full refund within 30 days.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. Enroll today and get started!

PROS of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

1. It is Online, Self – Paced and 24/7 accessible

Pregnancy is tiresome and who has extra time to go outside for class when you can take the course in comfort of your own house in your pajama!!

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class has 13 videos that vary in length from ~3 minutes to ~12 minutes.

I guaranty that it won’t be a case, but in case you are not, the course creator Stacey will be happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no question asked.

Beauty of online class is you can take whenever you want and wherever you want. You can distribute your 90 minutes in one day or 7 days, is all up to you, unlike in-person class. The Greatest benefit of any online class!!

2. The breastfeeding class is comprehensive

As mentioned earlier, you will learn everything from how your breast makes breastmilk to mastering your milk supply to how to tell if baby is eating enough. The best part is you do not need to take notes while going through each video because you will get class notes as a bonus!!

Unlike the video tap on breastfeeding you get it from library, The Ultimate Breastfeeding class is modern, fresh and fun.

3. Fun Visuals and Voice Clarity

Best Online Breastfeeding Class -The Ultimate breastfeeding Class by Milkology

Narrator Stacey is very clear and precise in delivering the content to her audience. Audio quality is excellent. The engaging visual video graphics of the course not only makes it entertaining for mama to watch but dad can enjoy it too.

4. It covers a Section on Pumping

Yes, it is a breastfeeding class. But for the mamas -who needs to go back to work or stay away from the baby for other reasons- Stacey included a section on pumping as well. It gives you great tips on power pumping and breastmilk storage to get you started with your pumping journey.

Although, it is not in great details as expected because it is a breastfeeding class. But if you will be pumping a lot, you need to check out two other classes offered by Milkology, The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class and The ultimate Exclusively Pumping Class

5. Mama Budget Friendly

One maternity pants cost more than this breastfeeding course!! This is the only budget friendly course you will find out there with amount of information that it has to offer.

For some mama $19 for 90 minutes may sounds too much, but when you look at the benefits that course has to offer, it exceeds the expectation.

Yes, you can find everything on you-tube these days for free but are you confident that it is coming from a reliable source. I do not recommend that.

You can check the free breastfeeding course available at your local hospital, but those courses are super boring and not comprehensive. When I was pregnant with my second child, hospital did not even offer free breastfeeding class because of a hospital budget cut. I was fortunate that I took this breastfeeding class otherwise I would have been in limbo. So, check with your local hospital about availability of the course.

If you are looking for a free stuff, then there are tons of freebies and additional resources on Milkology website. Stacey, creator of this course offers  5 days email course for breastfeeding for free which covers preview of the full course.

6. Course comes with multiple Bonuses and 30 day money back guarantee

CONS of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Like any other class, this class has it cons too. It is totally anti-formula!! So, if you have given formula to your baby, you will feel guilty about it. But wait, I can’t complain about it as this course is solely based on Breastfeeding. You are paying to learn about breastfeeding, so better it be about breastfeeding!!

And, this is it!!

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology Review: Conclusion

Breastfeeding is the greatest experience for both mom and baby to connect during the first year of their life. When I weaned my baby, I was actually missing that one on one time with my child. You can really get addicted to breastfeeding once you get a hang of it.

But truth is, it is the toughest job and it hurts especially during the first few weeks after baby arrives (I have done it twice, so I know how it feels). There are going to be days when you feel like a failure. But if you are equipped with what to expect at each stage of breastfeeding, and how to handle situation you will feel more confident and less stressed.

Let Stacey take you through the entire process of breastfeeding via The Ultimate breastfeeding Class.

You might think that there are mothers out there, who are surviving breastfeeding without taking an online class. Yes, its true. But have you seen those messages on Facebook breastfeeding support group?

Moms who hasn’t invested time on learning about breastfeeding, are constantly looking for solution for their breastfeeding problem and advice they get from everyone is not even reliable. If you choose this route, I bet you will survive, but at a cost of dreaded first few weeks of motherhood.

Taking breastfeeding class ensure that you are acquainted with all the information you need before baby arrive.

For $19 I think, The Ultimate breastfeeding class is truly amazing resource for a new mom or veteran mom, who is looking for a peaceful breastfeeding experience to start with.

If you are ready to take The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class, I have provided a link below and couple of times within the article.

I have gone through the course couple of times, so please let me know if you have any question about the course in comment below.

Have a good one, mama!!

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