Birth It Up! Epidural Series Review (Coupon+Signing Bonus)

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If you have opted to receive an epidural for more comfortable labor but have a fear of receiving one, let me introduce you to Birth it Up! Epidural series – a most comprehensive and affordable online childbirth class to ease your fear and get you excited about your labor and delivery.

Most women get anxious when it comes to giving birth because of the anticipated pain and discomfort. Some women opt to receive an epidural for pain management. But there is still a fear of getting an epidural in addition to when to go to the hospital. What do contractions feel like? How to push? How to breathe? and most importantly, growing fear about the side effects of epidurals.

Worst of all is fear of the unknown!

Giving birth can and should be an enjoyable experience. For that, we have childbirth classes. Childbirth classes prepare you for what to expect during your labor and delivery and empower you to get rid of the fear of childbirth.

Today, I am doing to introduce you to Birth it Up! Epidural series, a course created by Liesel Teen, a labor and delivery nurse.

This course is famous among thousands of moms-to-be because of its affordability yet comprehensive course content.

In this review, we will talk about what this course covers, the pros and cons and whether it is worth your money, and much more.

So, let’s go right into this,

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What is Birth it Up! Epidural series?

Birth it Up: Epidural series is an online prenatal class created and taught by Liesel Teen, a Labor and delivery nurse. In the last 6 years, she has helped thousands of moms go through labor and childbirth. You will get to experience her passion for pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood throughout this course.

Although she didn’t receive an epidural for her own childbirth (you will get to hear her childbirth story, too!!), she educates you in a very nonjudgmental tone about the epidural childbirth process.

She is a very “pro-whatever-you-have-decided-to-do” kind. That’s what I love the most about her class. Otherwise, there are many online prenatal classes that are very anti-epidural.

She has created two Birth It Up! courses,

As the name suggests, the Natural series focuses on the childbirth process without the aid of an epidural, and the Epidural series focuses on going through childbirth with the aid of an epidural.

Liesel has also included NEWBORN CARE BASICS for first-time parents looking to gain education about what to expect when bringing a baby home! 


When you purchase any Birth It UP course through the link in this article, you will receive a $10 AMAZON E-GIFT CARD in addition to a discount code.

Keep reading for detail……

What is the Structure of Birth It Up! Epidural series?

Birth It Up is offered online using the user-friendly Teachable platform for online learning. The class is taught through instructional videos and written materials.

Instructional videos are very thorough and will make you even feel like Liesel is sitting right beside you and educating you about details of the childbirth process.

The lessons are easy to navigate and broken down into small chunks.

Each lesson is also accompanied by a narrative at the bottom of the video making it easier to refer back to if needed.

Course Details

  • Cost: $$$
  • Length of Class: 10+ hours total
  • Bonuses: You will find out soon!!
  • Access: Lifetime
  • A 30-day money back guarantee
  • Coupon CodeEMPIRICALMAMA (to get 10% discount)

Course Content

The course curriculum is comparable to hospital-grade prenatal classes. The best part is, class is created only for women getting an epidural, unlike most in-person classes for childbirth.

So, if you are terrified by the anticipated pain and discomfort of labor or getting an epidural, this course is for you. I am confident that this course will get rid of some of your fears.

Here is a highlight of a few topics that this course covers.

Choosing a Hospital

In this section, Liesel guides you on finding the right provider for you and what questions to ask your health care provider. She also talks about advocacy in the labor room.

The Anatomy of Labor

This section of this course is very interesting. Liesel talks about the stages and length of labor and what happens when your water breaks.

Anatomy may sound boring to you, but this section is very informative for first-time moms, who have no idea what happens to the body before, during, and after labor. It will prepare you for what to expect at each stage of labor.

She also talks about how to prepare your body to be labor-ready.

When to head to Hospital

You may get anxious to go to the hospital when the time comes, but wait, Liesel has tips for you about when to head to the hospital, so you are not sent home, just like I did.

The Epidural Procedure

This is the most important section of the course. Liesel goes into detail about how it works, when should you get one, what the anesthesiologist does to you and why, how long it takes to show its effects, and what to expect after receiving an epidural.

Birth It Up! Epidural Series: Online Childbirth Class Review 2020 - women teaching with hand gesture

When I completed this section, I felt like she is sitting with me during my labor. Her tone of voice is like, “I do need to complete some pre-procedure tasks before you are able to see the anesthesiologist.”

She also goes over the benefits of receiving epidural and most importantly side effects and long-term effects that you need to consider.

The Epidural Labor Positions

Once you receive epidural, you may not employ your favorite labor position that you have seen on Instagram. The reason being you are numb from the waist down and may not feel when and how to push your baby out.

Worry not mama! Liesel talks about the best labor positions to employ after receiving an epidural and techniques of pushing when the time comes.

A “Crash Course” on Natural Childbirth

Even though this is an Epidural Series, Surprisingly Liesel goes into detail about how to cope with epidural-free natural childbirth in case you are unable to get an epidural.

She wants you to be ready in case you accidentally go natural. It happens!!

In this section, she goes over what to expect going natural, how to cope with pain, tips for getting rid of the fear of going natural, and what to do if you can’t bear the pain anymore.

A “Crash Course” on Postpartum Life

One whole section of this course covers what to expect soon after birth. She talks about the delivery of the placenta, what to expect first 24/48 hours postpartum and postpartum care in the first six weeks after you go home.

I loved how she covered the postpartum part in detail so you can be confident about your faster recovery.

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Newborn Care

The real fun starts when you bring the baby home. Suddenly you have a little human being with you 24/7 who can’t even communicate. I am not here to scare you, but there will be a lot of sleepless nights and constant crying.

Fortunately, this labor course includes a dedicated section on everything you need to know about caring for a newborn once you bring them home with real-life demonstration. The following topics have been covered in this section,

  • Baby Gear and Home Essentials
  • Newborn Characteristics/Normalities
  • Tummy Time
  • Breastfeeding
  • Formula Feeding
  • Burps, Gas, Spit-Up, Reflux & Dairy Allergies
  • Diapering
  • Bathing & Skin Care
  • Cord Care
  • Circumcision Care
  • Newborn Sleep (very basics)
  • Crying, Pacifiers & Colic
  • Illness, Fevers & Colds
  • Safety/Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Postpartum – Your Body Changes
  • Adjusting To A New Normal – Parenthood Challenges
  • Introducing Siblings

Special Circumstances

Liesel goes over special circumstances such as induction, c-sections, posterior babies, breech babies, VBACs that you could potentially be faced with.

Signing Bonus

As an appreciation for purchasing Birth it Up childbirth class (Natural, Epidural, C-section) through a link in this article, I am offering a $10 Amazon e-gift card when you sign up for this course now. It’s not much but still something to bring down the cost of the course. You also get a $10% discount using code EMPIRICALMAMA at the checkout.

Once you purchase the course, reach out to me with a receipt of your purchase and I will send you your gift card ASAP.

To claim your gift card, email me at and leave your comment in the comment section about the review below so I don’t miss sending you a gift card.

Sneak peek at the Bonuses offered by Birth It Up! Epidural Series

Access to the private Facebook Group

Once you enroll in this course, you will get immediate access to an exclusive member-only Facebook group of over 3,500 members, where you can seek support from like-minded mothers.

Bonus Videos

The updated version of this course now contains a video dedicated to teaching your partner how to be your support person during labor. There are three videos on Induction of labor, VBAC (for those who want to go natural after C-section), and how to give birth to twins.


You will get access to 13 printables like

  • Birth Affirmations
  • Provider Interview Questionnaire
  • Hospital Tour Questionnaire
  • Birth Plan Templates
  • Hospital Bag Checklist
  • Natural Induction Cheat Sheet
  • Contraction Tips
  • Baby Registry Checklist
  • Postpartum Essentials Checklist
  • Pediatrician Interview Questionnaire
  • Breastfeeding Tracker
  • Baby Growth Tracker
  • Support Person Cheat Sheet

and much more, all at one place.

Why do you Need to take a Birth It Up! Epidural series?

The anticipated pain and discomfort of giving birth are stressful for some mamas. Even if you have decided to receive an epidural for pain management, there are still lots of unknowns of labor and fear of getting an epidural.

As I mentioned earlier, fear of the unknown is real.

While childbirth is very unexpected, the best you can do is prepare yourself beforehand.

Birth It Up! Epidural series class covers everything you need to know about labor and delivery with the aid of epidural. The class will prepare you to go to the hospital confidenty and make a difficult decisions if you need to.

Another thing about this class is that it is SUPER AFFORDABLE. You won’t find this much information for this price anywhere.

In this course, the lessons are neatly organized in a specific order and give you to-the-point information without bluffs.

Hopefully, I have convinced you to take this online childbirth class.

Who is this Online Prenatal Class for?

Birth It Up! Epidural series is for

  • First-time moms who wants to be prepared for labor
  • Mamas who have a large gap between two kids and want to take a refresher course
  • Mamas who had a c-section and wish for a vaginal delivery for a second one
  • Mamas who are a week away from the due date and want to go over childbirth class in a couple of hours

Who is this Course not for?

This course is not for mamas who want to go natural for childbirth. While this course covers a thorough section about pain management, it is not a natural course. It only covers essential information in case you are unable to get an epidural.

If you want to go natural, I highly recommend Liesel’s Birth It Up: Natural Series.

If you are someone who needs a classroom setting to learn things, then an online course, in general, is not for you.

This course is lectured style, and if this is not your learning style, then this course is not for you.

But if you are getting an epidural and okay with an online lectured style course, then Birth It Up! Epidural Series is an excellent resource.

When to take this class?

You can take this class whenever and wherever.

Ideally, take a birthing class during the early third trimester. That way, information is fresh, and you can apply what you have learned when needed.

How Long is the Accessibility of this Course once Purchased?

LIFELONG accessibility

You can watch it multiple times and it is a good investment if you are planning to have more kids.

Is Birth It Up HSA/FSA eligible?

All Birth It Up classes (NaturalEpidural, and C-Section) are eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement under most insurance plans. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about coverage and documentation requirements.

What if I am NOT Satisfied with the Class?

I assure you that, you won’t be disappointed with the course content, but in case you are unsatisfied with the course, the course creator Liesel will be happy to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. Enroll today and get started!

PROS of this Online Prenatal Class

  • Online, Self-Paced, and 24/7 accessibility
  • Covers the entire birthing process
  • Combination of Video and Written content
  • The narrative included after each video lesson
  • Includes Birthing Tips for Your Partner
  • Budget-friendly
  • Bonuses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

CONS of this Online Prenatal Class

  • Lectured style course
  • Not interactive, no accompanying exercise, or homework for you to do
  • You won’t learn hands-on things like changing nappies or swaddling.
  • Minimum visuals

My thought on Birth It Up: Epidural Series

If you are a first-time mom or mom of five, the thought of giving birth to a baby terrifies you. But the availability of childbirth classes empowers you and eliminates some of those fears, making this process a little scary for mom.

I found Liesel very relatable and passionate about preparing mothers-to-be for their big day.

Birth It Up: Epidural series course carries a wealth of information and is super affordable. I think it is a great investment if you want to go for an epidural.

I hope, this Birth It Up! Epidural series: Online Childbirth class review has helped you decide if this is right for you.

Should you have any questions regarding the course or in general, please comment below. I will be more than happy to answer those questions for you.

As a bonus, if you sign up below via my link, you get an additional 10% discount on this course using my coupon code EMPIRICALMAMA.

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