51 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids : Fun Way to Build Memories for Lifetime

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One of the most exciting part of Christmas is getting out all the Christmas ornaments and decorating Christmas tree. It is even more exciting when you have little helper around the house. Christmas ornament made by kids are my absolute favorite things to hang on the Christmas tree. As each year passes, DIY Christmas ornaments become more precious.

Not only you get to spend quality time with your kids doing Christmas ornament crafts but also you are building fantastic memories that will last lifelong.

To make this year extra special, I have decided to DIY Christmas ornament for kids starting from December 1st. One each day until Christmas! I know its big commitment, but this year I am determined to do it with both of my kids.

It is important to let our kids know that Christmas is more than just getting gifts. It’s about the act of giving, spending quality time with loved ones and being kind to one another. Christmas season is a great time to remind ourselves about these attributes and to live by it year around.

Because of these reasons, i have decided to make Christmas ornaments with kids this year. I have started compiling ideas for homemade Christmas ornaments for kids from wonderful crafty/innovative bloggers out there. I like to thank all of them whose craft ideas I have incorporated here as well as those who didn’t make it to the list, for coming up with these great ideas and sharing it with rest of the world.

All the DIY Christmas ornaments for kids in this collection are too cute and easy to make (except 1 or 2). I have listed them according to material used to make them. You will find 51 ornaments for your kids to make, if you decide to make one each day until Christmas just like us this year.

Christmas Craft using Pom Pom

Christmas-craft-using -pom pom


  1. Pompom and pine cones Christmas ornament – one little project
  2. Pom Pom balls – Frugal fun 4 boy
  3. Pompom wreath and balls – north story
  4. Pom pom snow globe – we have aars
  5. Pom Pom gnome – Lia Griffith
  6. Pom Pom snowman – Lia Griffith

Christmas Craft using Popsicle SticksChristmas-craft-using -Popsicle -sticks

  1. Popsicle Stick sled – clean and scentsible
  2. Popsicle Stick Santa hat – buggy and buddy
  3. Popsicle Stick reindeer ornament – craftaholics anonymous
  4. Popsicle kit – ideas.evite.
  5. Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees – one little project
  6. Popsicle Stick snowflake – the best ideas for kidsChristmas-craft-using -Popsocle -stick 2
  7. Popsicle Toy soldier ornament – fireflies and mudpies
  8. Popsicle Stick snowman hat –fireflies and mudpies
  9. Popsicle Stick Reindeer, Santa & Elf Ornament – happy hooligans

Christmas Craft using Paper Plates

Christmas-craft-using -Paper-plate

  1. Paper Plate Christmas tree – i heart crafty things
  2. Paper Plate Santa – arty crafty kids
  3. Paper Plate Christmas tree whirligig – red ted art
  4. Santa beard Christmas Craft – i heart crafty things
  5. Paper plate wreath – reading confetti
  6. Paper Plate Christmas tree craft – nontoygifts

Christmas Craft using YarnChristmas-craft-using -yarn

  1. Yarn Beard Santa Craft – non toy gifts
  2. Handmade Yarn Trees – easy peasy and fun
  3. Yarn hat ornaments – easy peasy and fun
  4. Yarn tree – fantastic fun and learning

Christmas Craft using Salt Dough


  1. Olaf salt dough ornament – i heart arts n crafts
  2. Clay Christmas tree – fun at home with kids
  3. Santa Handprint – the best ideas for kids
  4. Clay Snowman – rhythms of play
  5. Salt Dough Star Ornaments – the best ideas for kidsChristmas-craft-using-play-dough-2
  6. Christmas Tree Ornaments – red ted art
  7. Salt dough donut – a beautiful mess
  8. Pine stamped salt dough ornaments – easy peasy and fun
  9. Salt dough ornaments – style at home
  10. Santa handprint ornament – messy little monster

Christmas Craft using Candy cane


  1. Candy Cane Christmas Tree – amen photography
  2. Candy Cane Christmas Mice – between naps on the porch
  3. Christmas Tree Topper  – Hansen chronicles
  4. Candy cane reindeer – fun learning for kids
  5. Candy Cane Reindeer – one little project
  6. Candy cane snowman sleigh – wiltonChristmas-craft-using-candy-cane-2
  7. Candy Cane Christmas Trees – mom on timeout
  8. Candy Cane Elves – the crafty blog stalker
  9. Candy Cane Snowman – instructables
  10. Candy Cane wreath – all free Christmas crafts

Christmas Craft using Clear ball


  1. Clear glass ball ornaments – plain vanilla mom
  2. Minion ornaments – crazy little projects
  3. Upcycled CD craft – creme de la craft
  4. Disney princess Baubles ornaments – as the bunny hops
  5. Sequin snow globe – mad in crafts
  6. Mickey-Minnie- ornaments – this fairy tale life

If you don’t want to make your ornaments from scratch and still want to spend quality time with kids and build up those memories, worry not mama ! Head over to this post to get 15 awesome DIY Christmas ornament kits for kids, that not only give your Christmas tree a more homemade – even better than homemade, look but also add wow factor without doing much of a work !!

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4 thoughts on “51 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids : Fun Way to Build Memories for Lifetime”

  1. The Salt Dough Ornaments and the Candy Cane Christmas Tree look really tasty and fun to make!
    Will the Salt Dough Ornaments work just as well with Halloween decorations?

    1. Hi Kylie,
      Thank you for reading the article. Salt dough ornaments are fun for kids. you just have to make the dough and let them do rest of it. Candy cane Christmas tree is my favorite too. It could be several days projects for older kids to keep them busy.
      Absolutely, Salt dough ornaments can be definitely used as a Halloween decorations. Just give them spooky look and you are ready for Halloween.

  2. My kids are always looking for fun activities to do after school. So I came across your website when I was searching for DIY craft ideas. We tried making the clear ball decorations for Halloween. My kids enjoyed making them so much and they proudly hang their decorations around the house! Thank you very much for the ideas.

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