12 Ways to Baby Proof a Christmas Tree

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If this is your first Christmas with a baby or toddler around the house, you may be wondering how am i going to keep them away from a Christmas tree.  Follow these 12 great tips to baby proof a Christmas tree until Christmas.

When you have a little one in the house, who is on a mission to grab, keep, take everything in sight, the idea of putting up a Christmas tree and decorations makes me cringe a little.

I have 2 years old running around the house this year. He will likely get super excited and curious about all the ornaments and Christmas tree and start investigating everything by touching or licking. While the holiday season is fun for curious little kids, Christmas tree and all the magical Christmas decorations can cause risks of falls, choking, poisoning or entanglement. So, it is important to pay attention in baby-proofing a Christmas tree. Ornaments, lights or tinsel anything on the Christmas tree that they can get their hands on can create a serious hazard.

I am been thinking since October how I am going to keep my Christmas tree safe from him (rather keep him safe). Yes, Sometime I do get carried away with my perfect looking Christmas tree. But this year I am going to take it down a notch to make it a baby or toddler friendly Christmas tree. Keep reading if you have a toddler or a baby.

Here’re my 12 tips to baby proof a Christmas tree.

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1. Get a Fake Tree

As much as I love having a real Christmas tree every season, I hate the mess it creates as it starts drying up and my Little A is going to want to make it into an even bigger mess. I spend enough time cleaning after my 2 years old, and ain’t going to clean up more this season. So fake Christmas tree, it is.

While we are on the topic of a synthetic tree, make sure it is lead-free (specially of you have toddler putting everything into mouth) and fire resistant to avoid any risk associated with it.

2. Or Go Tree-less… almost:

Most parents will find it too extreme as it goes against the lots of expectations of holiday season.

But stick with me…

I have an option… that will look just like a Christmas tree….okay..almost without having to deal with all the headache of a  safety for kids.

Create a visual representation of Christmas tree that can be affixed to a wall. I saw these two cool DIY Christmas tree ideas that are toddler-friendly and so easy to do.

  • Advent Christmas Tree
12 ways to baby proof a Christmas tree
Image Source : ohhappyday

If you have a lot of wall space (64” x 72”), than what’s better than this Christmas tree..nothing. A Christmas tree with an advent calendar..two in one. Super way to celebrate holiday season.

  • Tape Christmas Tree
Image Source: Bettina Holst

If you want a really easy and fun option, go for a tape tree. It could not get easier than this. I absolutely love this idea. I am definitely going to do this and decorate it with ribbon or DIY Christmas ornaments using paper plates, Popsicle sticks, pompom and much more.

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3. Shatterproof Ornaments

you have toddler like Little A, who will find a way to get to ornaments that are hung high and throw it on the ground, then you certainly want to go for shatterproof ornaments. Worry free!! Let little one touch, play and grab, it won’t break.

4. Decorative Ribbons

Just skip the ornaments this year!! It’s hard not to see your Grandma’s heirloom ornaments out at holiday season but trust me, its better to keep’em safe then shattered in pieces (I do have an idea on how to showcase them, even with toddler in the house).

No ornaments? Then what is my option to decorate?

Use plaid ribbon or festive decorative ribbon to decorate the tree. Tie the bows to the branches of the tree, and you are done. Pretty and safe !!

5. Bells

I get it, you don’t want to go ornament free. Another option that go with decorative ribbons are bells. They are fun addition to your Christmas tree. Little A will definitely want to grab it and play with it, but that’s okay! They are safe and he will love hearing them jingle.

It could also be used as an alarm system. Whenever your toddler touches it, bell will jingle, and you can check on them to make sure they are safe.

6. Avoid Metal Hooks

Image by M W from Pixabay

Metal hooks that comes with ornaments are not kids friendly. They can swallow small parts of it or cut themselves. Rather then being worried about, replace metal hooks with ribbon to tie your ornaments. It’s a work but well worth it.

7. Avoid Lights

Lights used to decorate Christmas tree is also a concern. In addition to threat of electric shock or entanglement, it contains small amount of lead or it can scratch or cut your little one if bulb is broken.

With Little A round the house this year, I am not taking any risk and I am avoiding Christmas light this year.

8. Give your Kids their own Christmas Tree

Get them a mini version of their own Christmas tree that they can decorate the way they like with some shatterproof ornaments or DIY Christmas ornaments. If you are not crafty mama, not to worry try these Christmas ornaments craft kits to make your own ornaments. This way they can keep their hands off of the family Christmas tree.

Another option is to buy them a felt Christmas tree with felt ornaments that they can decorate over and over again.

9. Put your Baby Gates to Good Use

Baby Proof a Christmas Tree

Use baby gates or child safe indoor fencing to create a perfect barrier to keep your younger ones ways from the Christmas tree. It doesn’t look so great but keeps your child safe and gives you peace of mind. You can always it is away when you have guests over or want to enjoy your Christmas tree when kids are asleep.

10. Secure your Christmas Tree

Secure your Christmas tree with wires or straps and attached it to window or ceiling to avoid tipping and pushing over.

11.Place your Christmas Tree out of the Way

Find a place in your house that is not super accessible (in the corner). Sometime putting bigger and heavy presents in fronts of Christmas tree can help to barricade it. I know it won’t work for me because Little A will climb on those presents, to touch the Christmas tree!!

12. Decorate up high

Photo by Sarah Holcomb on Unsplash

If you want to display your fragile ornaments or family heirloom, decorate it up high on a mantle or counter or get a ornaments display stand. Here you go, you can still have your fancy ornaments for display even with toddler.

The Takeaway

Christmas is fun when you have a little one around the house. Most people consider holidays to be stressful, specially worrying about safety of their babies or toddlers.

Following these tips on how to baby proof your Christmas tree will help you eliminate source of potential problems.

Whether you decide to get a fake Christmas tree or even go tree-less, remember that babies or toddlers don’t need a Christmas tree to appreciate the holiday season.

Holiday season will be merrier for babies and toddlers if you have gentle atmosphere at home rather than constant bombardment of don’t do that…don’t touch that..from stressed out mamas!!

How About You?

How did you baby proof your Christmas tree? Please leave a comment below.

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