8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom

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When babies are teething, you need something to relieve their sore gum. Here are the 8 best Non-toxic teething necklaces for mom to help relieve their teething pain.

Teething pain can trouble babies as young as 3 months. Although, it takes days and weeks before the first teeth cut through their tender gums.

The first sign that gives you a hint about teething is excessive drooling. As their first teeth cut through, a baby may become irritable and inconsolable with sore gum. And they can’t even tell you what is wrong with them! Poor babies!

To relieve their sore gum, offer them to chew on these non-toxic teething necklaces for mom whenever they come to you. These teething necklaces are made with non-toxic, natural, organic wood and food-grade silicone, so you don’t have to worry about babies chewing on them. And most of all, these non-toxic teething necklaces for mom are very effective in helping your baby soothe their gum.

Also, these teething necklaces for mom are for you to wear not the baby! Putting anything in your baby’s neck is a serious choking hazard.

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What is a Teething Necklace for Mom?

A teething necklace for mom is jewelry that mom can wear while their baby chews on them. It is made of a baby-safe firm, chewable wooden, silicone, or plastic beads to soothe their tender gums when they are teething.

Necklaces for babies are usually made of firm, chewable plastic beads to soothe those tender gums. 

How Do Teething Necklaces Work?

There are endless remedies for soothing a baby’s sore gum and a teething necklace is one of them. It works the same as a teether. Chewing on the teething necklace helps baby soothe their gum. The only difference between traditional teether and the teething necklace is that it is worn by a mother as fashion jewelry.

Naturally, when babies are in pain, they will cuddle to mom only for comfort. And while you are cuddling, offer them a teething necklace to chew on. Chewing on the necklace relieves the pain in their tender gum.

What to Look for When Buying Teething necklace for Mom

Your baby is going to chew on a teething necklace, so it is important to consider the following points before buying one.

Non-Toxic – First thing to consider is the type of material it is made from. Look for a non-toxic, natural, organic teething necklace. I prefer wooden teething necklaces that are coated with natural oils. Avoid teething necklace or teething toys that are made from plastic, and one that contains BPA -which are known to cause endocrine disruption, and the most toxic PVC or vinyl.  Another safe alternative is 100% food-grade silicone that is free from BPA, phthalate, lead, cadmium, and latex.

Cleaning – Choose a teething necklace that can be washed and cleaned easily. Unlike traditional teether, teething necklaces are worn by mothers, so you don’t have to worry about disinfecting them because of your baby through it on the floor.

Effectiveness – Some babies prefer hard material to chew on while others like soft material to soothe their sore gum. Try both kinds of materials and see what your baby prefers.

8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom

Now that you know how to pick your non-toxic teething necklace for mom, here are the 8 best non-toxic teething necklaces for mom.

1. Personalized Natural Wood Teething Necklace

This simple natural wood teething necklace is all you need to help relieve the sore teething gum of your baby.The natural untreated wooden ring and bead of this teething necklace are made from natural maple wood. The soft and sturdy suede cord keeps wooden rings together. The cord is fully adjustable with sliding knots.

non-toxic teething necklace for mom
Photo credit- AlexaOrganics by ETSY

You also have a choice to keep this necklace plain or have it engraved with your message on the wooden ring.

It is easy for your baby to chew on when you are holding your teething baby. It is completely safe for your baby to chew on this all-natural and organic wooden ring and bead.

2. Crochet Wooden Teething Necklace

This stylish crochet wooden beads teething necklace is not just pretty but provides teething relief to your little one. This handmade natural wooden and 100% organic cotton teething necklace will also keep your baby occupied during breastfeeding. Wooden beads are handmade in Estonia and it has not been varnished.

Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom
Photo Credit – HibiscusSK by ETSY

Another good thing about this teething necklace is that it is easy to adjust around your neck as per your requirement and you can safely wash it when it is covered with baby’s drool.

3. Beech Wood and Silicone Teething Necklace

Teething or no teething, this gorgeous piece of jewelry can be very trendy out and about. This teething necklace is a combination of handmade natural wood and chemical-free food-grade silicone.

8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom
Photo Credit- AlexaOrganics by ETSY

Different sizes and shapes of beech wood bead and silicone bead are put together by a soft and sturdy silk cord. You also do not need to worry about it becoming loose when your baby pulls too tight while nursing or chewing on a teething necklace because of the breakaway clasp holding it together.

The most attractive part of this teething necklace is the wooden bird pendant. Your baby will most likely chew on this bird part to soothe their sore gum before reaching to silicone beads.

Also, the maker of this teething necklace offers the service to engrave it. It can make a perfect personalized gift for a baby shower.

4. Rainbow Juniper Nursing Necklace with Wooden rings

This rainbow necklace serves the double purpose of keeping your distracted baby occupied while breastfeeding and relive painful gum when teething.This neckless is made entirely of natural material so your baby chewing on it is not a concern.

8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom
Photo Credit – LenkaForBaby by ETSY

All-natural juniper wooden beads and wooden rings are looped on the durable knitted cord. Also, 100% cotton is used to crochet the wooden beads.

It is safe for your baby to fiddle with their finger and chews on them while teething. You can also ask the maker of this necklace to design it as per your need.

You can also hand wash it in warm soapy water.

5. Organic Teething Necklace and Teething toy set

This set of an organic teething necklace and teething toy is perfect for your baby to chew on or to keep her engaged whether you are holding her, or she is away from you. Teething necklace and toy are made entirely of natural juniper wooden beads and 100% cotton. The beads are looped on a durable knitted cord making it safer for chewing and for your baby’s fingers.

8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom
Photo Credit- LenkaForBaby

Also, you can order your necklace and teething toy in any color you want. All you have to do is send the seller a message.

The cotton cord is long enough to adjust the length of the necklace as per your desire. You also don’t need to worry about your baby throwing a teething toy on the floor, as you can easily disinfect it with soap and water.

 This trendy teething necklace for mom and the teething toy can also be used as a perfect baby shower gift for your friend.

6. Wooden Maple Ring Necklace

This simple teething necklace for mom will meet your baby’s teething needs.The hard maple and birch wood beads, and maple wood ring are all finished with homemade, organic olive oil and beeswax wood butter. So, safe for your baby to chew on to relieve teething pain.

8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom
Photo Credit – KarmaPharma by ETSY

The beads and ring are strung on a 100% organic cotton cord. This teething necklace for mom is not washable wipe clean beads and ring with a damp cloth and for conditioning use any safe to consume organic oil such as coconut oil, avocado, or olive oil.

7. Wood Teething Necklace for Mom

Simple yet elegant, this wood teething necklace for mom would go with your outfit plus provides teething relief to your baby. This wooden teething necklace is made from 100% natural, organic material, and completely safe for your baby to chew on.

8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom
Photo Credit – EcotoysStudio by ETSY

It is available in different yarn colors too. The knitted yarn as a cord is comfortable for the back of your neck and give you additional security should your baby decide to pull tight. Also, the different textures of knitted yarn pendant will make your baby comfy against her tender gum.

8. Silicone and Wood Teething Necklace 

This little stunning teething necklace for mom is sure to win your and your baby’s heart. It had a hard wooden ring, soft silicone beads, so your baby will find something to chew on that feels right for their aching gums.

8 Best Non-Toxic Teething Necklaces for Mom
Photo Credit – emHappyBaby by ETSY

It is made out of food-grade silicone and free from BPA and toxin. Also, you have a choice to pick the color of the beads and those soft colors are sure to go great with your outfit.

This teething necklace for mom has a breakaway clasp that gives you security in case your baby is pulling it too tight. Also, a silky cord won’t damage your hair at the back of your neck.


I never thought of getting a jewelry stand until I started wearing a teething necklace or nursing necklace. I always had a question about where to hang my teething necklace after it has been washed and cleaned. I wanted to keep separate from everything else to avoid getting it contaminated by other stuff. That’s when I found this gorgeous handmade wooden jewelry hanger. I used it to hang my teething necklace and later on I used it to hang my regular everyday jewelry. It was a cute addition to wall décors in my bedroom. Alternatively, you can use it as a key hanger.

How Do You Know if Your Baby is Teething?

Here are some common symptoms to looks for

  • Baby fussier than usual
  • Baby drooling a lot
  • Loss of appetite. She may not eat and drink as much as she normally does
  • Frequent waking up at night.

Are Teething Necklaces Safe?

They are two types of teething necklaces available. One for mom and one for baby.

A teething necklace for babies is not a safe option. They can cause strangulation and choking. In 2010 Heath Canada, issued a consumer product safety warning highlighting the strangulation risk associated with a baby wearing a teething necklace. Also, another country like France and Switzerland has banned the sale of necklaces in pharmacies.

So, teething necklaces for mom are a safer option. While choosing a teething necklace for mom, go for one that is made of non-toxic, organic, and free from BPA, phthalates, and other chemicals. The best choice would be a wooden teething necklace or food-grade silicone teething necklaces.

When you are shopping for a teething necklace for mom, find a teething necklace with a breakaway clasp. So, when the baby pulls on it, it will open but won’t become loose.

Safe Alternatives to Teething Necklaces to relieve Teething pain in Babies

Here are comfort measures other than a teething necklace to relieve teething pain in babies

Cold Compress – Freeze a washcloth and apply it to the baby’s gum. Alternatively, there are soft teething toys that you can freeze and give to the baby to chew on. Or make a breast milk popsicle for your baby.

Soft food – If you have started solids,cold food like yogurt, any cold vegetable, or fruit puree can help ease gum pain.

Amber Teething Necklace – Amber teething necklace has been long touted for its effectiveness in easing teething pain. It is said to works by releasing succinic acid, -which is a natural pain reliever, to ease the teething pain when your baby wears it around her neck.

However, science does not support this hyped claim, and there is also strangulation and choking hazard associated with it.  

Amber teething necklaces are not for your baby to chew on. They are simply be worn around your baby’s neck under your supervision.

There are mixed opinions on whether it really works or whether it is safe for a baby to wear it. I never tried it for my babies, but other moms swear by its effectiveness in relieving teething pain in their baby. If you want to give it a try, buy this authentic Raw Natural Baltic Amber necklace.

If you are not comfortable putting it on your baby’s neck (suffocation or choking hazard), have it made as an anklet. Regardless, only put it on your baby when she is awake and when you are watching your baby.


Teething babies are cranky babies, and they need as much help as you can offer to relieve their teething gum pain. Teething necklaces are the best option because they will want to cuddle all the time when they are in pain, and while they are with you, offer them to chew on it.

Teething necklaces can be so adorable but what matters the most is the material they are made from as your baby is going to chew on it. I hope you find a list of these non-toxic teething necklaces for mom helpful in choosing one for your baby.

Which one did you pick? Leave your comment below.

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