5 Best Non-Toxic Gliders and Rocking Chairs for your Nursery

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When it comes to finding non-toxic gliders and rocking chairs, there aren’t many options out there, and the truly non-toxic nursery chairs are costly. But worry not, here are the 5 best nursery gliders that are non-toxic, eco-friendly and yet, won’ break your budget.

Whether to get a nursery glider or not is a question that comes to every first-time parent’s mind when decorating their Nursery. Some parents can easily do without one, while it is must-have for those comfortable nighttime breastfeeding for others.

For me, it was worth the investment. I used it from the day I brought my first baby home from the hospitalIt was very comfortable in the early few days postpartum when you are still getting the hang of breastfeeding a baby. Most importantly, the back and forth movement of the rocking chair soothes a fussy baby and helps them go to sleep. Win. Win!!

When you are looking for an eco-friendly and non-toxic glider, you won’t find many budget-friendly options. But getting a nursery chair that won’t off-gas toxic chemicals in the Nursery or your home is essential for your newborn’s safety. Below is a list of carefully selected best non-toxic gliders and rocking chairs that are Greenguard certified and made with better materials.

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Why Should you Buy a Non-Toxic Glider or Rocker for your Nursery?

You will be surprised to find out how many types of toxic chemicals can be lurking in a conventional nursery glider chair. From polyester fabric to polyurethane foam cushions to flame retardants, it is loaded with toxic chemicals. Even glue used for creating the gliders and kind of finish on the chair can be a chemical hazard. The toxic chemicals that are used in the process of making chairs include volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, benzene, and chlorine. These toxic chemicals can off-gas from the nursery chair into the air in your Nursery and home, which is a health concern for your babyès still developing organ system.

Exposure to these toxic chemicals found in glider chairs is linked to asthma, nausea, headaches, damage to the kidney and the central nervous system in adults.

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What Should you Look for in Non-Toxic Gliders and Rockers for your Nursery?

To tell you the truth, In my research, I did not find nursery gliders or rockers that are completely free from toxic chemicals. Your best bet for buying non-toxic gliders or rockers is getting a retro, classic wooden rocking chair. Even then, you have to be careful with the kind of glue and finish used to put the chair together. But when you are looking for comfort while breastfeeding, the wooden rocking chair does not offer any support.

The best we can do is find a Nursery glider or rocking chair that is free from flame retardant chemicals, low-VOC emission, and made with comparatively better materials.

Here is what you should look for in a non-toxic glider and rocking chair for your Nursery.

Look for Greenguard Gold Certified Nursery Gliders

Greenguard Gold certified means that the gliders are screened for over 10,000 chemicals, and VOCs know to off-gas from the chair and pollute indoor air, and meets the chemical emission standards of UL.

Getting Greenguard Gold certified nursery glider ensures you have low VOC emission overall, and it is peace of mind when you are concerned when you are trying to build a toxin-free environment for your baby.

Certain brands use Certipur-US certified foam, which means that foams are made without ozone depleters – PBDEs, flame retardants; without heavy metals- mercury, lead and without formaldehyde and phthalates. Even though Certiput-US certified foam is low emission, but it is still a polyurethane foam.

Fabric Options

Look for a fabric of the glider or rocking chair that is certified by the GOTS or Oeko-Tex. Both certifications mean no flame retardant, carcinogenic and allergy-inducing dyes, heavy metals, or formaldehyde in the finished fabric. Safer fabrics include 100% organic cotton, wool, hemp, and linen.

Chair cushions

Depending on the model of the glider, cushions are removable or attached to the chair itself. Removable cushions are very convenient to clean if you have a spit-up or diaper blowout while feeding. When buying a glider, you want to look for cushions or padding made of 100% organic cotton, wool, or natural rubber. You want to avoid polyurethane foam cushions.

Frames of the Glider

Consider gliders that are made with a solid hardwood frame. Also, find out what type of glue (zero-VOC or no glue) has been used to put the glider together. If glue was not used, find out what adhesives were sued to secure the frame.

Stains, Paints, and Finish

Opt for a brand that has used water-based, zero-VOC stain, paint and finish for glider or rocker chair. Also, gliders labeled as stain-resistant, water-resistant, antibacterial means that they are treated with chemicals.

What’s the difference between a Rocking chair and a Glider?

Another critical decision that you have to make before investing is deciding on nursery rocker vs. glider. The only difference between rockers and gliders is in the way they move. The rocking chair has arched legs that create steady, rocking back and forth motion. While a glider moves in more of a controlled fashion, and the legs are flat. It glides smoothly in backward and forward motion. You can also find a glider that swivels too.

Another type of nursery chair is a recliner. The recliners are the most comfortable than rockers and gliders. However, you don’t want something too comfy that makes you fall asleep while feeding your baby. It can easily happen in the middle of the night feeding, and it wouldn’t be a safe place for your baby to fall asleep.

5 Best Non-Toxic Gliders and Rocking Chairs

1. Babyletto

Bebyletto is part of the Million Dollar Baby brand of baby products. They make high-quality, non-toxic, Greenguard Gold certified nursery gliders and recliners. The chairs are of excellent quality and feature a modern design to suit your need. They come in different styles, colors, options, and price ranges.

5 Best Non-Toxic Gliders and Rocking Chairs for your Nursery

We love the Babyletto Toco Upholstered Swivel glider. It’s a stylish, modern wingback glider, perfect for style and comfort in any nursery. It is made of a solid wooden frame. The glider is crafted and upholstered by hand using eco-performance fabric that includes recycled fibers.

This glider is very comfortable with a generous sitting room, a tall wingback, armrests, a removable lumbar pillow for additional back support, and an ottoman to rest your foot. It swivels effortlessly and glides back and forth to help the baby fall asleep.

Bebyletto makes several other gliders, recliners, and rockers, and all of them are Greenguard Gold certified. Check out the Bebyletto Kai RockerKiwi Glider and Tuba– an excellent option for your Nursery.

Check out the Babyletto at Amazon here.

2. DaVinci

Just like Bebyletto, DaVinci is also a part of the Million Dollar Baby brand of baby products. Their nursery gliders and rockers are Greenguard Gold certified. The gliders and rockers come in varieties of color, style, and price ranges.

Best Non-Toxic Gliders and Rocking Chairs for your Nursery

We like the DaVinci Owen Upholstered Swivel Glider with a side pocket and storage ottoman. This modern, wingback glider looks great with any nursery décor, provides tons of storage -side pockets and removable bin top ottoman to keep baby accessories.

The glider has a metal base that allows smooth 360-degree swivel and forward/backward gliding to lull the baby to sleep. It has enough sitting room and comes with a lumbar pillow for extra support while feeding.

It is crafted in polyester upholstery that is free of chemical flame retardant (PBDEs and formaldehyde). And, paint and finish used in Davinci products are lead-free.

Check out DaVinci made other Greenguard Gold certified gliders and rockers – AdrianPiper, and Maya.

Check out the DaVinci at Amazon here.

3. Dutailier

Dutailier is a Canadian company known for manufacturing high-end, stylish gliders and rockers. The gliders are non-toxic and of excellent quality. However, Dutailier is not Greenguard Gold certified, but their high-end gliders are free from flame-retardant, and CertiPUR-US accredited certification. More affordable gliders are made with polyester. The Fabric used in making gliders are not treated with anti-stain chemical and paints is formaldehyde-free and water-based.

 Best Non-Toxic Gliders and Rocking Chairs for your Nursery

We like Dutailier Ruby Glider Chair and Ottoman Set. This modern glider and the ottoman combo are very stylish. This glider is hand-crafted in FSC-certified hardwood in Canada, which means that products come from responsibly managed forests, and the finish is non-toxic. The gliders and other furniture from Dutailier meet CAL117 and TSCA standards which means that no flame retardants and no carcinogenic chemicals are used to make the gliders.

Dutailier’s gliding system with ball bearings provides smooth horizontal gliding motion and a 45-degree reclining backrest. This glider is very comfortable with a generous sitting room and multi-position lock mechanism to allow you to sit back and get safely while holding a baby.

You may also want to check out another style of Dutailier’s Gliders – Modern 0407 Glider, and Sleigh 0400 Glider.

4. Monte Design

The Monte Design is a Canadian manufacturer. The business was started by husband and wife wanting to build a Nursery for their baby. Monte Design’s products are of the highest quality and suit any modern nursery décor.

The foam used in gliders is soy-based, high density, low VOC, and free from flame retardants (CertiPUR certified). It does not contain any halogen, mercury, lead, or any other heavy metal. The wood used in making gliders is LEED-certified and does not contain any urea and formaldehyde; glue used in frame construction is water-based. Also, the fabric in their products is Okeo-Tex certified.

Monte design gliders are available in different colors and styles. You may not find all of their design on Amazon as they mostly sell through children’s stores. The Monte design gliders are an excellent option for non-toxic gliders in your nursery.

Check out the Monte Design Gliders at Amazon here.

5. Delta Children

Another clean, non-toxic option for gliders is the Delta Children Nursery glider. For over 50 years, Delta Children is creating safe, high-quality, comfortable, and stylish products. Their products are rigorously tested to ensure that it is non-toxic and free from lead, heavy metal, phthalates that could harm your newborn.

Delta Children is a family-owned business and runs more tests on their products than any other brands out there. Also, Delta Children gliders are affordable, and they give back 10% of their profit to under-privileged kids and other communities in need. Another reason to buy from them!

Best Non-Toxic Gliders and Rocking Chairs for your Nursery

We love the Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel. The polyester upholstery is high quality and can be easily cleaned with Sponge. The wooden frame is sturdy for smooth swivel and back/forth gliding.

There is plenty of sitting room, wide armrests, and wingback that provides the support you need for feeding your newborn comfortably. Ottoman is not included with the chair but available to purchase.

Check out other Delta Children at Amazon here.


The best non-toxic gliders and rockers provide a comfortable place to feed your baby and provides peace of mind of being non-toxic. Our clear winner in this list is the Babyletto gliders. It is made of solid wood and crafted with eco-performance fabric. Above all, having a Greenguard Gold certified glider is peace of mind.

Also, price is a factor when you are trying to build a non-toxic nursery. If you are looking for a non-toxic and affordable nursery glider, you may want to consider Delta Children’s gliders. Although they are not Greenguard Gold certified, their gliders are tested for many chemicals that other brands don’t do. While you are decorating your nursery, do check out this non-toxic paints to paint the crib or wall of your nursery and geometric wall paint ideas.

I hope this guide helped you make your decision. If you have any questions or have a suggestion about any other brand or model, we would love to hear about it in the comment sections.

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Featured Image : Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

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