19 Positive Affirmations Cards to Inspire the New moms


Motherhood is hard and caring for a newborn 24/7 can take a toll on your mental, physical and emotional health.

These daily affirmations for overwhelmed mom cards will help replace your negative thoughts into motivated and inspiring thoughts.

You deserve to feel happier!

Positive Affirmations Cards


After going through these Positive Affirmation Cards for 30 days…you will

  • Believe in your capability of caring for your newborn
  • Feel like a good mom
  • See joy and optimism in each day

  • Enjoy your baby even when you only got few hours of sleep at night
  • Not see motherhood as a challenge
  • Stop stressing over your mistakes

Total 38 Positive Affirmation Cards for you to download and Print

Positive Affirmations Cards

These 38 pages of beautiful watercolor designed postpartum affirmations cards will help you build confidence, positive self-belief and self-worth. Each card contains ‘I am’ statement with positive messages and space for your self-reflection.

Easy Step-by-Step guide for Use

  • Download your digital PDF file from your email. 
  • Each card is 5′ X 7′
  • Using your home printer, print the affirmation cards on photo paper or cardstock.
  • Print ” I am” statement and corresponding self-reflect page on front and back of the photo paper.
  • Cut out the cards. 
  • Place the cards on your night table.
  • Choose one affirmation card per day. 
  • Place in a spot you will see multiple times per day (bathroom mirror, or nightstand.)
  • Repeat the affirmation aloud 2-3 times each time you see it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Physical Product?

This is not a physical product and will not be shipped to your house once you purchase it. You will receive PDF files of the cards, which you can print at home on cardstock or regular paper.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? 

Due to the digital nature of the product, we are unable to refund your money once purchased.

Download Today and get the happiness you deserve!

You are what you think!

Train your subconscious mind to think positive with these positive affirmation cards and solidify your thought process by self-reflecting each day.

These daily affirmation cards are perfect way to inspire and motivate you through the hardest time of your motherhood journey.